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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Amebo Column -Rumour Peddlers

Rumour mongers are very busy people but they are not productive.

 They see you from afar, add up one and two together and make up stories about you that only suits their imagination.

Those who believe that every rumour has an iota of truth in it, are yet to meet story developers. What is the best rumour about you? some rumours can hurt our image while some are not in existence at all. Imagine some persons spreading rumours that you had hit a jack pot when in reality, you had no dime?

I was handling a little job, six years ago. Poor me! I leave home and return home in Peace. No one knew my income. Like a wild fire,the news went round that I was earning so big!

The salary quoted was almost three times my exact salary. I laughed within me. The person who generated this story swore with his life in order to convince his listeners. He neither saw my appointment letter nor made his findings.

Eevery minute,someone somehwere is battling with lies told about them and i tell you it is not easy.........

And to all the people saying Amebo column is not sweet,why should it be sweet?na soup?..Abeg make you read waka pass!!!

I cannot drink water and mind my business.

Na me -Amebo.


  1. I gossip my neighbor that has fuck plenty in my area to my distance friend.that one contacted her and also eat part of her goodies.
    The lady later asked my friend how he got to know about her,he told her from me.the lady came to my place and started I amebo?

    1. Why not correct your English before you you use it to gossip?

      I gossip my neighbor = I gossip about my neighbor
      Distance friend = distant friend

      let's stop here so far. Your punctuation marks are weird.

    2. No, you be aproko ��

    3. You be self employed marketer

    4. That has fuck plenty in My area = that has fucked plenty men

    5. Anon 13:37. If you got the gist then drop cup after drinking. Some people here will be forming English prof. When they cross Heathrow airport they will turn deaf and stammer like kolode. Abeg English is not our language if you were able to master it thank God. If you want to correct do it with respect and leave the insult and sacarsm aside. I only blame our leaders that allowed us to speak and write in another man's language. I will always respect China, and other countries of the world that did not allow that nonsense.

  2. Someone spread rumours that I was withdrawn from my first university bcos I was caught stealing meanwhile I left bcos I got a better federal university with the course of my choice. I was bitter when I found out but I left everything to God. She's still paying for her sins. Three different universities, no certificate to show for it bcos they've been sending her away due to poor performance. Almost 12yrs later no medical degree,husband ran away,nothing good to show for her life. The last time I saw her I wept and I begged God to pls forgive her and give her a clean start. Hmmmm!! Orimilegan. I've realized nobody dare hurt me and go Scot free. They always end up paying dearly for it. Bvs pls let us be guided while peddling rumours about innocent people least our mouths should put us into hot pepper soup. There are some people that God is very jealous over them.
    Be watchful and guided guys.

    1. Because you are who??? As in you are perfect???

    2. Its not about being perfect Anonymous 14:31, some ppl have special grace that you cannot hurt them and your life will remain the same.

      In my experiences, lost my mum 12yrs ago, still in uni and my lil sister primary school, I innocently gave my mum's sister everything in the house(mum's box of wrapper and the house properties)

      At a point things were hard for us, my kids sister stayed with her in the village and she was maltreating my sister.

      Can you believe just last year, someone told me of one particularly chief that kept asking of us for years now and my aunty never told us, even the chief is late now. That was when I knew what she has been doing for years.(cutting off people that would have helped us)

      The irony of it now is her first son, the one who would have been more useful to her has been mad for 6yrs now and everywhere she takes the boy to, they tell her she's responsible for his sickness.

      Seems she was cutting of people that would have helped us as orphans, she wanted us to enter the streets, now she's the one chaining her son from entering street. So it's not about perfection, make some people no just cry to God for your matter.

  3. Amebo, your yarns no add up this time around. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
    How can persin wey amebo (gossip +salt + pepper) be her
    occupation be complaining that someone is serving her her
    own cooked meals?
    Okwa ajuju ooo ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    Those who are complaining about amebo column na Naija girls
    who complain about any and everything that shines light (truthful yarns)
    about their "escapades and sexcapades" ๐Ÿ˜Š
    That Oyinbos mean the earthquakes them dey carry them nyanshes and tohtohs cause
    Very soon the chant go begin that you are "a man, mad, judgmental,
    olosho (whatever that one mean)...sanctimonious ...them go throway
    kitchen sink, arrows, bullets ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ..." shuoooorrrrr!
    Naija girls jiri nu nwayoo -make una take am easy oo
    Welcome to my familiar terrain inugo?

  4. Someone said my sister aborted 8 months pregnancy and we all was shocked cos no matter what, you cant hide 8 months belle

    1. ๐Ÿ™‰. That amebo doesn't know what 8 months pregnancy is.

    2. Onstelly
      Okay, we understand she aborted but not 8 months?
      Abortion is abortion, it is killing, so?

  5. Rumours...years back when i was still in secondary school, my friend's younger sister who attends a boarding school came back to tell us the hottest gist in their school. What was the gist? They said I had an abortion for one serial baby daddy in my neighbour hood. The originator of the story even said she was ready to take them to the place where i did the abortion if i dare deny. Small me that was yet to see a live penis fa.
    I wasnt bothered one bit. I asked my friend's sis if she believed and she said no and that was that.
    I later got to know the person that started the rumuor, confronted her and she blamed the usual culprit, the devil. Me and my friends bullied the hell out of her till they moved out ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  6. I once helped someone who was disgraced out of school for fake results and stranded. This person lived in my room, ate my food,drank my water, wear my cloths asking and began bringing men to my house behind my back and more importantly, giving them my name as her name without my knowing until the day I caught her red-handed. Didnt know she was a public dog. I vehemently warned her to desist and even had to beg one of the men for over 2 hours not to harm her one night for deceiving him. I kept all these from the public but guess what, this same person began to spread fake news about how she feeds, cloth and give me money she doesn't have me yet I am not satisfied; how I had been aborting pregnancies for my boyfriend who I never had sex with, how poor I am and not fashionable etc. Till date I no talk anything. Thank God for good character and people who knew can could vouch for me. This was many years ago. That story never changed and I didn't bother to admit or deny even when those close to me asked or even opened up about how she was spoiling me behind my back while living under my roof. I saw her last December at the market looking like a mad cow with the dirty handbag and slippers she was wearing while pricing a 7th grade okirika on the floor. I even had to stand aside to look at her very very well before walking away asking myself how this once reigning fashionista ended up this way-pretty serpent without brain and what was she out to achieve by spreading lies about her benefactor? I felt bad then, but not hate or pain when she did that and still didn't feel same when I saw her. I am so grateful to God how far he has brought me even though I haven't gotten to my destination yet. But that experience alone has made me keep ladies at serious arms length such that my friends complain I am very elusive but that's the only way to protect my person and move faster. Why do people envy, hate and badmouth others for no reason?

    1. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'16 November 2019 at 14:45

      Hmmmmmm the gospel truth is that, you just can't please some ungrateful soul.

  7. I just feel gossips either have no entertainment in their lives or don't enjoy the lives they live! Unfortunately, I was banned from the family group(just biological sisters) because of this. It just seemed what was discussed was other people's misfortune/gossip ..just for the fun of it! I reminded them that they had husbands who were cheating, emotional abusive and even the ones whose husbands had never contributed financially. This didn't go down well with them and i got blocked.'s easy to gossip about others but takes a lot of guts to talk about your own sh*t.

  8. I have heard orisirisi and presently I have block my ears to Dem peddlers. I heard they said I left my hubby when he caught me on top of a man despite him begging me to say I still left. I heard that a very popular man in my street just got married to me at the ikoyi registry..... I heard that my sister is now a coded olosho..... presently,the person who always tell me about all the rumors I purposely put him at arm's length and now for 3months now my ears are free from wonsope mogbope

  9. I dont expect any bv to get mad at rumours about them. Afterall we have orgasms on RHI about celebs. Nobody ever died from rumours spread about them.

    1. Lols. I lurv you after all you didn't die after having a boy for Kelechi

  10. I was gossiped by my colleagues at work that i did abortion and almost bled to death,hence the reason i was growing pale and 'white'. That was period i almost died of anemia before i had my myomectomy. Some even said i had no womb after the abortion...i look at them now and i smile...My wedding was last month. God will put shame on their faces by blessing me with kids of mine.

  11. They gossiped when I was single that a church person like me was dating a married man. That I was only pretending to be a good Christian and I got STD from the relationship. Well God showed up for me.

  12. Rumors are carried by enemies, spread by ignorants, and accepted by fools.


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