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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narative....



Please what you will do in my situation.I need honest and sincere answers as I cant even think straight.

Went for a seminar with my C.E.O and while returning he begged me to please give him an hour that he wants to see his pastoress. I said no problem. When we got there, he got down with the driver and after like 30minutes the pastoress asked him who was in his car.

The driver came to call me.Note:I never told my boss about me and my wife's challenge of trying to conceive.

When I got to where they were, she prophesied that my mother is behind our predicament that is why she is never disturbing my wife. That Infact, my older brother too is trying to conceive which is true. That if I am not careful,she is going to contribute us one after the other. At that moment, I became very scared. The woman said I should fast and read psalms. But I am very scared. 

How can a mother do this.

I have not told my wife till now but my mood says it all.I go to my parents every December with my wife,what should I do.Been married for 5years no child and I love my wife deeply.

*WOOOOOOOOOOW.........I have read  and heard of things that seem unbelievable but are true.....
Why don't you just plain read the psalms?don't go anywhere this December and don't tell your wife oh cos she might also tell her people...that is a very serious accusation and it might spiral out of control....

On the other hand,tomorrow now she will tell your Oga your are a wizard and he will sack you....You get my drift?I have just presented to you the two sides of a coin...use your head,use your heart...God be with you oh.


  1. I don’t believe in all these prophecies but read the psalms to fulfill all righteousness.
    Fast and pray on your own and ask God to speak to you.

    1. Do the prayers poster, it’s not like you’ve been asked to go to a river or anything. Have faith and see how things unfold for you. Keep quiet about all the happenings surrounding your TTC from every member of your family and pray for the best. May God di that which no man can take the glory for. Amen!

    2. Poster don't mind that stupid so called pastor or what ever you call him or her. They are destroyers.i can bet that your boss knows about ur problem maybe from someone close to you at work or are you saying none of your work mate knows u don't have a child after 5 yrs of marriage? He played you to that church.he has gone in first to tell the pastor that the man he is talking about is in the car. I have also been accused twice and both times I just laughed. How can a woman of 49 accuse anybody? An old layer for that matter? Bro how old is your wife? Naturally it's more difficult for any lady above 30 to get pregnant easily, especially if she has not given birth before. It's also possible that you have not fucked your wife at the right time. If you can try and fuck your wife everyday for a whole month, even when she is under her period, some people womb get open for pregnancy only when they are seeing period or as it ends or as it starts,if your wife has never been pregnant that maybe her case. Google all I'm telling you and you will see your self. Their most be a medical explanation to your problem, plz, note: that is not all doctors that has such experience ,just like not all mechanic has solution to a car problem. Some will tell you to sell the car that it can't be fixed some wil Make you spend ur ass out, meanwhile your solution is not more than 2k. I wonder how people believe all this pastors? Do your own underground check on that pastor and your boss, to see if everybody in their family is doing great, no woman In Their family is single over the age of 30 or all the mean has good job or successful businesses? Is just like someone selling a book that says 10 ways to be a millionaire, but he or she has just 5k in his or her account. Finally, in anything g humans do their most be a motive. What do you think is ur mothers motive to not want u to have a baby? If she worry ur wife you go say she is stressing ur wife, now she no talk them say she be witch, she is not saying anything doesn't mean she is not worried.

    3. Oga, if you like, don't goan see a doctor to ascertain the cause of you people's childlesness! Con artists everywhere! Na small small she dey comot, very soon, she or 'they' will do with you all they've planned. Na so e dey start.

    4. I know of a family, the only son. Any girl he brings home the father must reject them. Sighting one excuse or the other, he will complain this one is not calabar, this one is not catholic, this one comes from broken home blah blah. The guy was getting close to 40. He started becoming worried, what is this.
      He then decided to marry without the fathers knowledge and consent and he stayed away, maybe someone adviced him. Not too long after his marriage the father became very ill and died.
      People said its like the boy was not supposed to marry in the mans life-time maybe its an instruction he was given. Things are happening.
      Im not one to believe story of someones parent is doing someone, I don't even believe in going to spiritualist.....but I know smtmes things dey happen. Poster just read the psalms and pray without ceasing. Don't reveal anything to no one. Also stay away from telling your mother your challenges with TTC, but just relate normal with her.

    5. Oga, have you been to a fertility clinic? If yes, didn't they tell you what you need to do? If no, go there.
      You see this prophet, if you believe this, you will start running to her to see what colour of car you should buy, why you saw a cockroach last night (just like your CEO that couldn't wait till he was alone to go visit her). Next, you would be asked to bring money for A or B. Many have been ruined through this.
      If your mother didn't sacrifice her children when you were babies, its now that she will abi? What's the difference between you and those parents in Akwa Ibom who believe that their kids are witches and wizards and throw them out of the house?
      It's possible the infertility is from an illness you and your brother had at a young age which wasn't treated in a timely manner or just coincidence that you both married women that need help conceiving.
      So because your mother is not applying pressure does not mean that she is the person responsible. This is how many prophets of doom have ruined families. You will start neglecting her when she is innocent. Some of these prophets have the ability to tell you a little bit of family history, just like those fraudsters that stop people on the road, tell them a thing or 2 that are correct and before you know it, the person is hypnotized and clears out gold and any available fund he/she can lay hands on. Face your life and never go back to her for anything divination because she must see something. You could have asked her to tell you what colour of boxers you are wearing. How are you sure no one from re office told your CEO your gist? Has anyone asked you if you have any nieces and nephews?

  2. Since the pastor never told you to do anything diabolical, what's now the big issue in reading the psalms and fasting? Just tell your wife to join you in the prayer so that you can both pray and fast together, but don't ever tell her you heard anything.

    Don't bother traveling in December, just continue sending money to your parents as you've always done, God is in control and you will overcome it

    *Larry was here*

    1. The diabolical will follow, and she will start asking for money.. Mtcheew. What if your boss has discussed u with her, and mentioned to her u are married, but don't have a child yet? If these witches have this powers, they would have been holding big big positions all over...

    2. Seconded. Since the prophetess didn't tell you to do anything against your faith, just do as you're told. Pray, fast, read psalms. Include your wife in the exercise but don't tell her about the prophesy. If she asks why, you can say you feel the need to intensify your prayers for children.

  3. Poster I agree with Stella on this...Your boss may be a religious fanatic on the other hand, these so called prophetess and prophets have been pitting people against family members...Please do your due diligence and check if both you and your wife are ok medically?? Read the Psalms and treat everyone with an open mind...Check your medical history?? I know a family that Diabetes run in their family and this affects reproduction.Tread with caution..I pray for God's wisdom upon your life..All the best...

    1. Poster, she spoke a lie! It's even possible she saw you and your brother were childless but at me tell you something; NO ONE CAN CAUSE YOU NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN. NO HUMAN BEING HAS SUCH POWER OVER ANOTHER unless you give to to them by believing so even when the person probably does not know you think your infertility is in their hands.

      Prophets that have broken homes, planted grave hatred in the heart of so many and institutionalised generational enmity among people that should live in love nd harmony.

      Go visit a fertility clinic. Try IVF. Try using a surrogate or donoreggs or sperm if need be. This is 2019 not 1920!!!

    2. I pity u ooo

  4. Ohs do the fasting and pray your psalms

    Don’t visit your family with your wife this December. Go alone! It’s important to see your family! Accusation or not.

    Pray your psalm! If it’s true! It will reveal itself

  5. If u have not seen life you will be in doubts,
    Some people will Tell u she brought u up bla dear you don't know when she entered and the covenant she signed and when that contract with manifest.
    I also you don't know if that Pastoress was sent by God to deliver you and for you to know the truth and source of your problem.
    Again you don't know if the pastor has gone to washed her eyes.
    Go to hospital and make sure you are both ok.
    My advice is to be dedicated to God Nd he will show you the truth.
    Do as the pastor has said.
    My brother for six years of my marriage if I. Tell u the challenges we faced till 2017 I said no more,went to look for a pastor outside my church.w
    were given psalms ,during that three days fasting someone came to tell me sorry physically.
    My dreams nkk.
    My hubby NEVER BELIVED in stuffs lIke this till he saw for himself
    It does exist and could be true!
    Do as I have said and God will reveal more.
    I and my hubby went naked before God.
    my brother now God has been faithful.
    I can't say some thing but sometimes it is true.
    Talk to your wife,
    What is companionship
    What is marriage if you can tell Ur spouse your deepest hurt.
    Pls tell her,live a moral life and you both as one should seek the father

    1. First time I would ever agree with Tenth’s advice. The last two paragraphs sent shivers down my spine. Kudos to you Tenth.👍👍👍

    2. Thank you Tenth, I can’t believe people are saying he shouldn’t tell his wife.
      So he will just command the wife to join him in a prayer she knows nothing about?
      You people should try putting yourself in the wife’s shoe

    3. Thank you both.i am speaking from experience and it was TRUE.
      When I got the visit of a relative who said sorry and the dreams.
      What I was told in my dreams manifested.
      It took less than two weeks for testimonies.
      I am not where I want to be but I am not where I used to be

    4. This poster should just read dis comment from Tenth and discard all other ignorant talks.

  6. Hmmmmm! Thus is very serious and complicated. I cant pretend that I totally understand how you feel at the moment. I am here wishing, hoping and praying that these accusations are not true, because most parents always want the best fr their children and I imagine someone telling me things like this about my mum.
    This is going to be very hard but whatever you do, do not reveal this to your wife, ur relationship with herwill never be the same again, same with the relationship she shares with your mother and even your family. You have been asked to fast and read psalms. Kindly, undertake the task seriously, pray hard and ask for things to be revealed to you. Avoid travelling home just this one time.
    I can imagine the restlessness you are currently undergoing. I pray God grants you peace.

  7. You are troubled so you will definitely find your way back to the pastoress then more bomb will be released and your family will be torn apart.

    Pray, bro but thread with caution. You are not the only one privy to your predicament so don't dismiss foul play.

    1. Them don set work for am. Na your boss tell am everything for your info . That’s how one Alfa that told my mums friend everyone is a witch around her was killed by the same Alfa and her adopted 10yr old daughter they were both buried alive. Rip auntie Angela. Poster be careful na job

  8. Dear poster, what exactly are you scared of? That if you read the psalms and pray something will happen? What do you want? At least she didn't say you should burn candles etc.

    Pray and see what happens using the psalms show gave. Deliverance may have come for you. And as SDK said pls don't go for Christmas.

    Tell your wife to join you in the prayer. Without of course telling her anything.

    You can also pray psalm 101. Read it and pray.

    All the best and God bless.

  9. All well planned by your boss and the pastor. Remember is Africa you don't have to tell people your story struggles before they can know. All planned.

    1. Thank you Anonymous 15:16. All was well planned out by someone that knows something about this poster.

      Please, do not fall for this cheap scam.
      They want to destroy your home.. please, don't give them the go ahead.

      They know you love and adore your wife.

      Gosh, I can never in my life fall for such cheap scam.

  10. Pray and read psalms.
    Dont tell your wife.
    Dont go home this christmas.
    Leave certain information away from your parents for now.
    Tell your brother this in confidence and tell him not to tell his wife.
    Just pray about it and try a different approach.

  11. Read the psalms as directed and also fast and wait on the Lord. Nothing is beyond God.

  12. If you abandon your parents, he'll fire awaits you.
    God please save my children from prophecies like this biko. I have to enjoy the fruit of my labour. Thank you father

    1. Amen!!! Can you imagine prophetess accusing a mother that is on her own of witchcraft. That his mother treats his wife well inspire of her not having children yet has now been turned to a weapon that she is comfortable with the situation being that she's a witch!!

      If he treats his mother like people are advising here eh because of a hungry prophetess, when he gets these children he's looking for, he better pray they don't treat him worse and be a curse on him.

    2. I pray the poster reads this... parents do things like this to their children. It's the world we live. Please do the prayers and have faith. We live in a wicked world . Trust me you dont want to take chances . After the prayer pray more and stick to God. Shalom

  13. hmm serious situation don't hold grudge against your mum yet..besides how does reading psalms profer solution to any problem.

  14. poster i cannot totally agree with what she prophesied to you about your mum. is possible she is saying the truth very possible is not the real truth. All i want you to do is to be strong in prayers, do not be afraid of what the devil plan against you. You need to fight the battle spiritual, weather your mother is behind it or not. Please do not tell your wife yet till you have concrete evidence that your mother is the one. You should also don't start giving your mother bad attitude that will allow your wife or other family members to suspect you for anything.

    This December do not travel any where with your wife. who knows if the normally renew the evil deed during that period. you need a strong pastor that can help you out. please never tell any pastor about this issue till they bring it up to be sure the prophesy is correct.

  15. Well you can read your Bible and pray for your child to come as far as you don't have to go to any prayer house or do anything diabolical.
    What most people fail to understand is that God can answer is individually,you don't need anyone to lay hands on you or do any assignment before He answers.
    So just pray using the scripture and believe God for your miracle

  16. He said how can a mother do this?lmao....if i tell you what my own mother did, you go fear fact generally, I now have a phobia for women, if a woman is evil and you end up having such as a wife or mother re a gonner..... poster, things dey happen o forget

  17. I'll take it with a pinch of salt. Your boss might have given the pastor heads up. It all looks like a set up to me. It happens fair enough but you need not act on it without also seeking God's face yourself

    1. Read and comprehend. He did not tell his boss. Quick commenter

  18. Proverbs 6:16 ...six things the Lord hates...
    18a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that run swiftly to
    evil, 19a false witness who gives false testimony, and one who stirs
    up discord among brothers.

    Matthew 22:29 Jesus replied, "You are in error because you do not
    know the Scriptures or the power of God.

    There is nothing big about a person "prophesying" about the things about
    anyone. Satan is a spirit and has emissary spirits (familiar spirits) policing
    the lives of people on earth. Just like the angels of God encamp around God's people
    to deliver them Psalms 34:7
    So when these foul spirits give your details to one in covenant with them, and they read
    it out, what's the big deal.

    How do you know?
    Yes, that first Scripture quoted up there. God hates it when someone sows discord among
    brothers, relatives, parents and kids etc.
    When God reveals, he does so to save, he does not sow fear but reassurance. That is why
    in the entire Scriptures, the word "Be not afraid" appeared 365 times. Everyday, God's
    reassuring words are "be not afraid". Same word the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary when he
    appeared before her.
    2 Corinthians 11: …13For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as
    apostles of Christ. 14And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.
    15It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness.
    Their end will correspond to their actions.

    What to do?
    Ignore this false prophet who wants you to read only the Psalms and isn't talking about
    being saved by Jesus Christ.
    The challenge of TTC you are having in your family is best tackled by;
    1. John 1:12 -receive Christ as your Lord and Savior so that you will be a member of the
    Kingdom of God. For when we seek first his kingdom and righteousness all other things will be added
    to us.
    2. Seek God, humble yourself in fasting and prayers/repentance with your wife and so on
    and see God move on your behalf. But above
    3. I believe you've exhausted the medical options.

    Do not go and complicate your life by succumbing to fear as demanded by a prophet of darkness.

    1. Please comment like this everyday. You will lead more people to Christ.

  19. There are people that have power to see things. The problem is that it is the introductory practice. One you are roped in, they start running your lives and it never turns out well. If in doubt, go back 3 more times, you will find out that his subsequent prophecies will be off. As it stands, I suspect your boss. What is his ulterior motives? Don't think that he doesn't know your predicament. A victim of gossip/rumour is always the last one to hear it. I suspect your boss. Be careful

    1. God bless you! His boss definitely knows he has no child yet. The first prophecy is to hook him in and then it goes downhill from them.

  20. Most times out of greed and selfishness,some women might delay seeing their grandchildren so that her own kids can be spending on her,the see grandchildren or their kids getting married as distractions. Don't tell your wife but I won't be surprised if she's aware already and she's already working on it from her side. I will advice you do the fasting and prayers with your wife, the power of 2 in 1 is very important. Don't travel home too,send gifts if you can because your mum will know you have been told, avoid her with sweet excuse and beautiful gifts. Pray for more revelations and directions. God will lead you right. Pls note. Don't go back to that prophetess because your boss uses her,tell God to send you an helper. It is well with you

  21. What if the prophet is using a familiar spirit? One thing about the devil is that he lies alot. And the specialty of these spirits are to distort.
    If you truly seek the face of God, He will reveal the real face of the person tormenting you if there's truly a torment.
    Kindly note that some families have weak sperm vitality. I don't know how to explain it, the sperm is to fertilize the egg.
    Don't let anyone fool you.

    Pray on your own, go to the hospital, keep your hands clean and your heart clear.
    God bless you


    Im also trying to conceive. So don't think I want to deceive you

  22. Nothing wrong in reading the psalms while fasting. Do not go back to the pastoress again. %95 of them can "see" ie prophecy but can not remove, cure or clear.

    Do not be scared. I know your fear is confirmation of "can this be true? Is our mother behind the childlessness?" Find a way of talking your wife into doing the prayers with you. Even if you're not the prayer time and even if she asks you how come? Let her know it's been on your mind to fast and prayer together with her over your challenges.

    Good luck.

  23. The fact that she sought you out may very well mean she got a message for you. Her advice was good advice even for those without problems. Fasting and praying is completely free and you do not need anybody to help you do it. Basically, she has inadvertently told you that you and your wife will be parents in the future. I think when your wife conceives you should find a way to keep it secret and do not share with anyone until after the delivery.

    Forgive your mother and move on. There is no point wondering why ppl do the things they do. Even she will pass away from all of this as will all of us,it is all passing, and the sorrows and joys of life are but for a brief moment.

  24. We have seen the fear and divisive tendencies of this false prophet in this story
    and subtle attempts to rope you into Satanism.
    Let us see the genuine interaction of Jesus with a person that has needs:

    John 4:16 He told her, “Go, call your husband and come back.”
    17“I have no husband,” she replied.
    Jesus said to her, “You are right when you say you have no husband. 18The
    fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your
    husband. What you have just said is quite true.”
    19“Sir,” the woman said, “I can see that you are a prophet. 20Our ancestors
    worshiped on this mountain, but you Jews claim that the place where we must worship is in Jerusalem.”
    21“Woman,” Jesus replied, “believe me, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. 22You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews. 23Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”
    25The woman said, “I know that Messiah” (called Christ) “is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.”
    26Then Jesus declared, “I, the one speaking to you—I am he.”

    1. This woman needed a husband; didn't she?
    2. Jesus Identified this need in her life, didn't he?
    3. What did Jesus talk to her about -worship of God, salvation,
    introduction of himself as the Messiah -The Savior! 😊😊😊😊 Hallelujah!

    Look beloved, Salvation, knowing Jesus as Lord is the paramount thing. Every other things
    follow from this. Anybody who is telling you about meeting the needs you have in this life
    but is not telling you about a relationship with God and eternal life is of Satan, not of Jesus.
    Run away from this "pastoress of darkness" 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  25. Market must sell, especially this yuletide period.
    Oga, forget that prophetess, someone (your boss maybe)that knows something about you gisted her and she's acting on it.

    Since you have not conceived for the past five years in your Holy matrimony, have you gone to see the doctor for checkups, run the necessary tests to see if you and your wife are capable of having kids?

    You better don't go back to that prophetess, she's in the game with someone and their aim is to suck you dry.

    Read the word of God yourself, fast and pray with your wife, desist from every form of immortalities and sins.

    You see the words that proceed out of our mouths, never returns none and void. I believe you will have some resentment towards your mother right now, so, I will advise you don't go visiting this December. Tell your wife you want to spend time with her.
    Celebrate with her, go give her a treat and make nice sweet love to her.

    Don't allow a loophole into your marriage.

    God will surely come true for you and your wife.

    P.S. let's hope your wife doesn't read this blog, because if she does, she might just get a clue of who the sender of this chronicle is.

    I wish you strength and courage.

  26. Beware Poster, this is a scam. Many false prophets and prophetess. It is a grand plan between her and your Oga. Be wise and be careful so that they don't destroy your marriage. BE CAREFUL!

  27. Dear sir, does it take that little for a total stranger, whose spiritual background is unknown to you, to convince you that your mother is responsible for the delay in conception? I don't want to believe it would be that easy for you to be willing to throw your mother under the bus. Perhaps, subconsciously you were also thinking in that line. So a mother's silence is now interrupted as guilt? I find this incredible! Isn't a peaceful MIL the prayer of most brides?

    I know the spiritual realm controls the physical realm but I loathe superstition and people who assume every misfortune is caused by someone else, without first doing comprehensive soul searching to be sure they aren't responsible for their own predicament, regardless of how remote their contribution may be. Please be very careful when it comes to all these seers. I have seen lives destroyed and families torn apart because of false prophecies. Be sure to rule out any medical issue on both sides before getting carried away with words from a woman you hardly know.

    I will advise you not to tell your wife about this message because it may be the arsenal she uses against you one day. Some words are better left unsaid. There is no harm in praying by yourself, as a matter of fact, you ought to be very prayerful especially when you are in God's waiting room for a baby. You can pray to God to reveal the truth to you, but my fear is there's already bias in your mind which is prejudicial to your mum. You may believe you're hearing from God that the problem is your mum, meanwhile it's your mind playing tricks on you.

    Bottom line is, whomever or whatever is responsible for your delay, the power of prayer always causes breakthroughs. Perhaps, pray for divine intervention rather than revealing who is responsible. The most important thing is that you guys become parents, no? Please don't be too quick to witch haunt. Today, it is your mum. Tomorrow, you may be the one someone else accuses of being responsible for his/her misfortune. Please be wise.

  28. All these prophetess I fear them more. After this another thing will follow. More fears for you instead of solutions.

    Read the psalms but don't go back to her.

    More fears, more fears. They tell you problems but no solutions

  29. Poster, do the fast and read all the psalms she asked you to. You and your wife should move closer to God, He is the one who has solutions to all your problems. Read the book of Isaiah 49:24-26

  30. Poster read the psalms the prophetess gave to you and pray about this revelation very well , I'm sure God will reveal the truth to you. Just be steadfast in prayers. You can ask your wife to join you in the prayers too because if what the prophetess revealed is true, then you both, including your brother and his spouse needs serious deliverance.

  31. See eh..if you believe this nonsense and ever mention it to your brother or any ears, you would use your hands to destroy your family!!!!
    If you were living in a technologically advanced country and this so called prophetess came to you with this bull crap, would you have believed her? The answer is NO! because your wife and your yourself would have access to quality medical care where the cause of your infertility would have been revealed to you guys and options made available to you.

    This prophetess has sown the seed in you! Now get ready to be milked both financially and otherwise by her. The money you should have been giving to your parents will now go to her. Many people have gone this route you want to go now but have nothing to show for it except heart break, break up of family, loss of finances.

    Throw her revelation in the thrash where it belongs and say your normal prayers like you have always done. In fact pray against the spirit of destruction, disunity, false prophecy in your family. Please don't mention this useless thing ever to anybody especially your wife and brother.
    If your mother is innocent of this useless accusation that has no basis and you carry on as if she is and she finds out, you will break her heart and if she curses you, you deserve it! She's a witch but didn't eat you since you were a baby until now?!!

    Are you aware that there are couples who live for many years without a child and when they divorce and remarry, they have kids with their new spouses? Have you seen this before? I have so many times. It's just nature.

    Don't fall for this scam. Don't say you weren't warned. Go and visit your parents please and don't be a lily livered coward. And I bet you your boss DEFINITELY knows you don't have kids because it's a no brainer that if you have been married for years, you should have mentioned something about daycare, kids birthday party, dedication. school fees, in your many conversations with your boss and if you haven't and speak only of your wife, even a fool will put two and two together and know that you don't have children yet!

    Stay away from people who are always visiting one prophet or the other. Don't use your hands and invite demonic forces into your home.

    1. Anon u just said my mind. I love you for this!!! This is how they breed disunity in harmonious homes.

  32. Poster, fast and Pray, add midnight prayers but please, do not go back to this Prophetess. Pray for protection over you and your family too.
    Stop going to your Parents place for now completely, December or not. Be fervent in prayers and fasting, move nearer to God, you will be fine. I cover you and your wife with the Blood of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  33. Dear Poster,

    Please can you and your wife kneel down and call upon the name of the Jesus to intercede for you.

  34. Poster,there’s one thing you should know. If you do not travel this Dec to your village, your mum will start sensing you’re finding things out if she’s guilty of what she’s accused of. Meaning you need to gird your loins about with more prayer. Just tell God to reveal more of your mum to you and you can take it up from there. There are psalms for this type of prayer. Pls do not go from one church to the other as they can compound this situation for you more. God will see you through.

  35. Poster, this is the time for you to know God and serve Him wholeheartedly!! Please do not go back or speak to the Prophetess again & settle it with God in your secret place!!!
    He is our father and longs for fellowship!!!! All these agents of doom sowing discord have done so much harm to families than you can imagine!!do u know her relationship with God???
    Please be guided by God's spirit not man's. Every challenge in naija is mostly attributed to other people!!! Not their family members abroad!!!
    No man on earth is bigger than God or big enough to hinder you blessing.
    I am speaking from experience as I waited 5yrs before having a child!!!!
    Even if your mom is evil and wicked...the power of God is available to redeem her soul!
    Please enjoy the wife of your youth & maintain your altar of praise...knowing fully well that He who created you neither slumbers nor sleep!!!
    As He blessed us with shallow bles tour clan with as many children as you desire!!!!
    Dont be suspicious of everyone around you....tour case isnt special!!!!!

  36. Read the psalms and pray with your wife. You can start a 30 days challenge of praying every 1am too. Don't tell your wife about what was revealed. Learn to say thank you Jesus everyday. Stop being scared and don't change towards your mum.

  37. So a stranger told you that your mother who most likely raised you lovingly from birth is behind your predicament and you just believed it? All because the person is a "prohetess"?

    Do you know how many so-called pastors and prophets are destroying people's lives? Is it not a pastor that claimed an innocent child is a witch for the parents to abandon him and the boy was picked up by a white woman who chose to take care of him? Do you know how many ladies and men were told by so-called pastors that someone was wrong for them that turned out to be false stories orchestrated for their selfish gains? Na wa for you o!!!

    You think it is hard for someone to come up with your inability to have a child issue considering that you have been married for more than two years which is past the time the average Nigerian expects you to have had a child? Do you know what your boss told her when they were inside?

    How are you different from Eve in the Bible who listened to a serpent that told lies about their loving God?

    May God punish whoever comes to tell me that my beloved parent is behind any misfortune. My mother that can literally die for me?! That's how one evil frenemy of my mother wanted to insinuate that my mother was behind my being single. All because i turned down a certain suitor she introduced to me. All because she assumed my mother was the one who told me to turn him down, not knowing i made the decision without involving my mum as i didn't like the man. Funny thing is, my mum was even persuading me to reconsider.

    And see commenters automatically assuming so-called prophetess is saying the truth. I sincerely pity Nigerians. Always looking for someone to be the reason for their problems rather than finding a solution.

  38. Poster u can’t be married without kids and ur boss doesn’t know. I put it to u that he told that prophetess all about u. He probably knows of ur bro. This is how people start wahala in families. Ur innocent mother will now be blamed. Pls go and check ur sperm count or if ur bro and u had mumps growing up. It reduces fertility. Like Stella says when ur boss says you are a wizard u will know

  39. Both of you pray the psalms, fast and pray deliverance prayers nothing directed at anyone just general whoever is fighting you becoming a parent. Continue to bless your parents so they wont have anything to hold against you. In due time you will know

  40. Poster, If you believe this, you will believe anything. I do not trust your boss. You were in the Car and the Woman asked who was in the Car. I hope your Boss has not taken you there on purpose in exchange for something. Your boss, is the diabolical one here. If your Mom is a witch, you guys would not even get married. So, all the women in the US, who are waiting or trying several rounds of IVF to have kids, are their mothers witches too? There are lots of women who did not get pregnant for ten years and eventually got pregnant. Have you guys even gone for tests? I hope you are not also wearing tight underwear because that leads to problems with the mans semen. Start wearing loose boxers only and stop taking all sugary food. Cut down on alcohol if you drink. Make sure you have no infection too. All these small things affect a man's semen.
    Please, make sure your wife does not hear this. Your mama is not a witch. Does God not have power over witches? Whose report will you believe?

  41. Poster, If you believe this, you will believe anything. I do not trust your boss. You were in the Car and the Woman asked who was in the Car. I hope your Boss has not taken you there on purpose in exchange for something. Your boss, is the diabolical one here. If your Mom is a witch, you guys would not even get married. So, all the women in the US, who are waiting or trying several rounds of IVF to have kids, are their mothers witches too? There are lots of women who did not get pregnant for ten years and eventually got pregnant. Have you guys even gone for tests? I hope you are not also wearing tight underwear because that leads to problems with the mans semen. Start wearing loose boxers only and stop taking all sugary food. Cut down on alcohol if you drink. Make sure you have no infection too. All these small things affect a man's semen.
    Please, make sure your wife does not hear this. Your mama is not a witch. Does God not have power over witches? Whose report will you believe?

    1. Very likely the boss wants to exchange or steal his glory. You need to be very careful about that boss.

      God will bless you with children at the right time, be strong in faith and never give up praying.

  42. If you are tempted to believe your mum is responsible for what she is being accused of. Then why don't you do your findings yourself? Consider yourself lucky you know The prophetess residence. You can as well send a trusted friend to try her out. This female friend of yours who would pretend to be going through some sort of crisis. Make sure this person is married but pretends to be single and claims despite having prayed there exists no suitor in sight. By so doing you check her authenticity. Or you could send one of your male friends to give her a list of three ladies he pretends to be dating whom you both know doesn't exist. He could pretend to be in a dilemma of not knowing who to pick. Based on her responses you can gauge if she is truly who she says she is.

    Make sure nobody knows about this at the moment not even your wife. This is a very grave allegation. Utmost care is needed.

  43. Dear Poster, please be very very careful. Some of these Prophets uses familiar spirits. Once they get you, you are so gone. Go to God in prayers. Pls do not have your mother. Ask God for direction and He will. I pray that God will give you children by this time next year. I didn't say child. Meaning that for all the years of your secret tears He would replace it with double fold blessings. That was how once small Ghanaian yahoo boy told me to give him half a million so that God will settle me maritally. He is a learner. Be careful.

  44. my mum is doing the same tin to me..she dey brag about it too

    1. And, you are still alive? Continue to believe that your mom is a witch.

  45. I thank God that my kids are growing up"abroad" and not under any Nigerianness kinda thing. That's how one day someone will tell them that I am causing issues for them when I'm just here praying for their success in life. I reject such false prophets and prophecies.

    That was how someone told my sister that our mother was the cause of her childlessness even though my sister had fibroids. When she started acting funny, I told her to get the hell out of our lives until she has hers under control especially as our mum was so ill. My mum finally died and till now my sister hasn't given birth.

    1. Thank goodness for you. Hope your Sister has decided to go take out the fibroid.

  46. Nawa ooo. May God see you through. This one no easy ooo. Just pray and seek the face of the Lord more and more over this issue.

  47. All na scam. Even tho you never told your CEO about your challenge, you think he doesn’t know you don’t have a child yet? Or you assume he’d believe you and your wife just decide to delay childbearing. Why is it that the pastoress saw vision while you accompanied your ceo? Issa scam. You’d come back to tell us you’re duped very soon

    1. So the CEO also knows about the poster's brother personal life? Do you know how long your colleagues have been married? I have never heard any coworkers asking the other how long they have been married for to know how soon they should already have had a child,some are so private about their personal lives they would never tell you if they conceived or have a new addition to the family. Maybe a scam as you say, but since the request was for the sender to simply fast and pray and no offer of a follow up visit was made I am leaning towards the end that it was a totally random occurrence.

      I have had someone stopped me in the street to give me a message and I know other ppl who were also randomly selected and got some message. It does happen.

  48. There are cases, although very few, where a parent is the one behind their child's predicament (ask those whose fathers joined ogboni and were ready to mortgage their children's future), HOWEVER with such sensitive matters, God must reveal it to you yourself and not any "prophet".

  49. what all of you don't know is that it's not all mothers that are good, some did not get to have good one.

    I believe if God want to set someone free he'll definitely send someone.
    so if u all advice him against d fasting and prayer"will u be there if d mother finally killed d man??"

    poster I pray u receive wisdom from the Lord so dat u'll not die untimely like d others their mothers eventually killed.Stay away from ur family house for now and sort ur life.
    All these pple advising u wrongly also have their challenges ooo don't let them push you to ur grave o.
    Fast and pray and seek God's face.
    God bless you.

  50. Your CEO took time to have you escort him to a prophet. As what? His bestie? Oga go home and check your kidneys. After Dem done mumurize you, one day you will be invited for overnight prayers. You will never be seen again and CEO will launch brand new G-Wagon. You people trust easily especially if na rich man. Fish swallow fish to be bigger. Stay woke. You are an impending victim of money ritual. Just dey follow big man dey waka anyhow for naija up and down. Na format. Stop being a mugu and take your wife to do IVF.

  51. Poster I pity you if you do not believe that prophet and you believe the people on this blog saying it is scam.

    I am a living witness that my mother is a witch. Yes and I should have been dead LONG TIME ago but lucky for me I gave my life to Christ at a young age and it has been God keeping me. I ran away from my mother and her family and fully follow God now which is why I am still alive. Your mother let you get married, my own mother would tell me i want to kill her everytime i brought a man home. Very recently God revealed that she has use my enemy to make agreement with a married man in her witch coven thats why my enemy is still single but lucky for me I have a child. If i didnt have a child now my enemy would never ever have one in life but because I have a child i will have more and eventually get married by Gods grace. I am still facing my own battles and God is with me but He is not a magician He is God and patience and perseverance is key.

  52. Things happens oo buh don't conclude yet just do the prayers and keep believing in God.In his own time he wil give u a child


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