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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Dear SDK,

I need serious advice and comments.

I am currently working with a bank but just got an offer to work in a Federal organisation (Federal University). 

Please should I drop the private work and take the federal offer? Please i desperately need an advice on what to do. I am so confused. Those in the Federal field, please, apart from the salary, do you get other benefits? Thank you.


  1. Abeg leave that bank job start your federal work, start up a small business as side hustle and enjoy your life. Why people like yo enslave their self like this. Bank job that is fill of slavery..

    1. 15:02
      Please leave this kind of rudderless sentences,
      write good English and enjoy the blog.

    2. I tell you. I entered that bank that uses Orange colour with a touch of grey yesterday.. see crowd like a market place. I can bet my November salary that the staff will still be in the banking hall till 9pm except they want to send customers away. To think their closing hour is 5pm. God forbid.

      With a Federal job in a Uni, the pay may not be much especially if you're non-academic, but then you're guaranteed constant salary, you can futher your education, access loans etc.
      Good Luck ✌️

    3. Poster federal jobs dnt pay well but do u kno what u stand to gain?

      U get alot of free time on ur end
      U get job security cos once u are confirmed, u can never he sacked!
      D sure way to go abt govt job is to do business!

      Pls leave dat bank job wer any moment u could be sacked!

      Wait oo..all this people getting federal jobs is it in calabar?
      Cos I heard theres been massive recruitment there.
      Pls someone help me to oo I'm jobless

    4. @15:10,can't you correct @15:02 without being rude?
      Can't you see that it's a spelling error that almost everyone is guilty of?
      Nice one @15:02.
      As a civil servant,its wise to get a side hustle.๐Ÿ˜Š

    5. Why are you assuming that everyone wants to start up a business? So people are okay doing their day job/paid job and that's totally fine too!
      Mind you some people working in banks love their job and don't see it as enslavement.

    6. My dear take it from someone who left her bank job 8years ago to take up a a federal government job and in a University. The only benefit is the little time you will have,depending on the institution and the boss you work with. I am seriously regretting and I am even looking for a bank job because I work very hard but I have integrity and cannot compromise so I don't get to see egunje or do devious things in order to make money.
      Please hold on to your bank job if you are not a contract staff it will get better as you grow. My mates are branch managers and I am still in Federal work jonesing.

    7. Poster take 17.03 advice. If you are not a contract staff and you know you are hard working, hold on to your bank job. There you will grow and know your onus and what exactly do you need excess time in your hands for anyway? You want to waste your youth in laidback government job that has no ginger no spice, no fire, no appraisal and no target (tho it depends as 17.03 said) and sit about practicing witch craft of sitting on people's files and demanding bribes.

    8. All these people advising this lady to leave the bank job and take a federal job because of “more time they will get depending on their boss” are part of the problems of this country.
      We are here complaining that our government institutions are not working and you people are busy advising someone to go get a federal job with the intention of not being committed to the job so that she can have time to do a side hustle.
      After we will blame the leaders for poor governance yet you all have corrupt mindsets and selfish attitude towards your jobs. I really pray they privatize every ministry and parastatal let’s see how you people will come and do this kind rubbish there

  2. You did not mention;
    your; Age, gender, how long you've worked in this bank, what you earn there, why you applied to the Federal agency and which one?
    Your goals in life or is it just money, more money?
    Please you should know that these details are important in giving you advice.
    And what's your relationship with God?

    1. What has God got to do with this?
      Are you the most righteous person on earth?
      Why do you want all the details?
      What's wrong with working for more money?
      Dear poster,leave that bank job for the federal job because its job security.Its also pensonable and yes,there are benefits attached to it.

    2. Pinklady did you just ask what has God got to do with someone taking a decision on the next phase of his/her life? So God is only good for handling sickness and other things but not important in guiding one’s next step because all that matters is money? Continue you hear? May you find God the day you seek Him after you’ve kept Him in the shelf because it’s not everything He should be involved in.

    3. @Pinklady
      So since he/she should "work for more money?"
      Supposing the bank job pays 5 times what the federal job
      will give him/her, since life is all about working for more money
      and no need for details?
      Why do you think this poster is "confused?"
      Supposing he/she is a bank operational manager and has worked for 15 years
      and should be entitled to some severance benefit if he/she should resign?
      YOu see how shallow you are reasoning?

    4. Na wa for you pinklady, anytime you see "God" you just attack

    5. @Pinklady
      Are you an Antichrist or antiGod?
      It is time to ask you this question and
      please check yourself very well. The fury in your comment was unnecessary.
      Absolutely unwarranted

    6. @16:00,I love God more than you can ever imagine and I don't owe you any explanation as to how I relate with him.
      I believe he is with me whenever I go and whatever I do because he created me in his image and likeness,so suck it!
      If the poster wanted God's direction,he wouldn't be here,asking for our opinions.
      I hope you prayed to God before you typed this rubbish?
      @16:14,if you cant type anything reasonable,go and sleep!
      Are you closer to God than I am?
      Yeye dey smell!

    7. Federal job is not for EVERYONE.....
      Just as business is not for EVERYONE!!

    8. Pink lady, you and God dey quarrel?
      I think 15.03 asked because anyone who has a strong relationship with God should actually seek for His guidance on serious matters like this.

    9. Me too, too much God God God God in every comment sickens me! That should be private and don't disgust everyone with your nauseating unhealthy appetite for presnting God so cheaply. It's terrible. If only this shows in your love and charity to your neighbours and not only in your brash and subtle judgement of others.

    10. There is a committee of God haters here.
      Saphire, et tu? Where was any "subtle judgement of others" here?
      Or you read a spiritual unseen script different from what everyone else read here?
      This is sickening. You ladies should please do some subtle and overt introspection.
      When you do, and discover what your pain is, you are half way to solution.
      Who knows, this could be subtle theophobia.

    11. @Pinklady
      No one is dragging who is closer to God here or not.
      All these things you talk about doing using your thing
      while married, is it God that how to get closer to God or
      they are the things you did while far from God?

    12. You know how people who have relationship issues and instability are engrossed in showing off a picture perfect images on social media? That is exactly what I see when you shove God in a distorted, shallow shape all the time in everyone's face in situations that does not warrant such. Majority of you love the idea of God but will never truly settle down to know and internalize Him. That is why you dish out so quickly, very cheap version of Him. It's almost blasphemy. Express yourself sometimes and honour God enough not to shove Him into uncalled-for situations.

    13. Pinklady and Saphire, why did God tell Abraham to leave his father's house to a land where He will show him....and there God prospered him?

      Look at the Prodigal`s son and his self-appointed journey of wastefulness and needless suffering just because he never bothered to ask God. He had to run back home with his tail tucked between his legs.

      Another example was Lot. He saw that the whole plain of the Jordan to Zoar, was well watered *like* the garden of the LORD,... and chose to settle in Sodom and Gomorrah. He never asked God and compromised his faith, lost his wife etc.

      Jonah ran away from the destination God sent him and found himself in the belly of a fish before he obeyed.

      Isaac on God's instruction remained and sowed in the land of Gerar during FAMINE instead of going down to Egypt.God prospered him beyond measure.

      Jesus did not want to travel in Juudea at a certain time even on the prodding of his brothers .....because it was *NOT YET HIS TIME* John 7

      1After this, *Jesus traveled throughout Galilee. He did not want to travel in Judea, because the Jews there were trying to kill Him.* 2However, the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles was near. 3So Jesus’ brothers said to Him, “Leave here and go to Judea, so that Your disciples there may see the works You are doing. 4For no one who wants to be known publicly acts in secret. Since You are doing these things, show Yourself to the world.”.....

      6Therefore Jesus told them, “Although your time is always at hand, My time has not yet come. 7The world cannot hate you, but it hates me, ..... *I am nota going up to this feast, because My time has not yet come.”*

      Ask. Obey.

  3. Everything depends solely on you and your career path. Do you see a future in Banking? Also, if you were so comfortable why did you apply for a Federal govt job? Honestly, going by current economic situation I’d say take the Federal job for job security unlike Bank work where your employer can wake up one day and ask you to leave, it’s hardly happens in Govt jobs.

    The ball is in your court.

  4. Take the Federal university job very fast and dump that your banking job.

  5. i will never advise ANYONE to take up government work. My FIL is a pensioner, having retired in the military and is paid irregular pensions - they can go on for 8 months with no pay, then ask everyone to travel to wherever in this climate to do "certification and verification" before they get paid.

    Then my mum, she retired as a level 14 officer in the health sector and it took 3years to get her gratuity paid after several interventions - eventually had to get someone from House of assembly to write the ministry with the HOA letter head before she was paid.....thankfully, because her pensions were privatised several years ago, she gets paid regularly and on a fixed date monthly.

    Those are my personal experiences i have shared but others may differ.....however poster, na you de wear your shoe so do what suits your personal circumstances

    1. My mother in law worked with DSS and her pension is always paid 20th of every month. This can not be said in the case of NPF.

    2. Thank you jare.. there are a whole LOT of things to consider poster, like your age, aspiration, what being comfortable means to you, career growth, family support, and so on.
      For instance I'm one of those who isn't interested in working in a good number of these government institutions for reasons known to me.

    3. What of bank that has no pension

  6. Federal Government jobs are good, job security , less stress and other incentives but I think it depends on the job itself. Compare take home pays, work hours, job security and other grants. If you are not getting much satisfaction from your present job, Switch to the FG job.

  7. Poster some times you do not only consider the pay of a job but the security in that job. Bank job has no security but federal governmentjob has enough security.

    There is Pension in federal government job than bank. You have rest of mind in federal government job than bank. You have enough time to do business than bank job. In banking everyday target and threat, federal government job is so flexible. You could do two jobs same time while working in federal government, banking s tiring, frustrating, demanding, stressful.

    Take the federal government job not because of it present salary or benefits but because of it security. One more thing you grow in federal government job than bank job.

  8. Taking a federal job gives you time to pursue other hustle that’s if you are the hustling type, although the pay isn’t much. Those complaining about pensions didn’t plan their future well that’s why.

  9. With effects from Friday, drop that private bank work immediately.

    You just won yourself a very good job and if you're good with your job, promotions awaits you.

    You'll also have free time to do personal things.

    Congratulations on your new job

  10. @ Sylvia depend on d govt job, my sincere advise is to take up d government job n bullshit dat bank ooo there is a lot in govt than bank u will have more time to do other things more money n rest of mind matter in life...

  11. Better leave that bank job fast, fast. You will thank God in the future.

  12. @ Sylvia depend on d govt job, my sincere advise is to take up d government job n bullshit dat bank ooo there is a lot in govt than bank u will have more time to do other things more money n rest of mind matter in life...

  13. i have never heard anyone working in the bank say 'i'm enjoying my job' its always one complain or the other. So poster federal job is better bank job does not have guarantee as anything can happen

  14. Take up the federal Government Job immediately.


    1. Federal university is different from Federal ministry o. As a degree holder you start from Contiss 7 step1 or step3 depending on what you have on your appointment letter. With your basic salary and some allowances your take home will be close to 100k or thereabout. Minimum wage is coming so expect little Change on top.

  16. please collect your appointment letter before resigning from the bank.
    I am saying this from experience. I had an offer from an ED of a well know company but to work in a friend's company not theirs. coming from a family friend, I quickly resigned, ignoring all the pleading from my branch manager and the secretary, infact a whole lot of people was advicing me not to compare a bank to a private firm no matter the salary differences but it all fell on a deaf ear, only for me to get the shock of my life after an official resignation from the bank.

    After about a week or so, the HR gossip with someone close to me that am fat and unattractive to work as a customer service representative. I had to stop and hide my face in shame, crying and asking God questions without answers. please, my dear be wise and don't come and join us here on the queue because new members are not welcomed

    1. Pele o.. I just can't help but laugh. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    2. My dear you mean you left ur work bcos someone gossip that you are fat? You no try lalalal!

    3. "Unattractive" you did not represent well that's why. You would have watched your dressing and carriage. Go read up on customer services. Only wearing a good smile can sometimes win for you ..

    4. So you left because of gossip?? If that's the case, then na you by yourself do yourself.. In fact, your village people are strong

    5. Ontop gossip that wasn't even said to your face, you never ready work before because that's not an excuse.

    6. As in you resigned from your job cos someone called you fat and not even to your face. Na wa

  17. Take the federal government job. Is more secure, more money and pensions. Bank job is stressful if you do not meet certain target your boss could ask you to leave at any given moment. God I see what you are doing for others. Bless me too

  18. If you are looking to advance in academics and pace yourself , a Federal University job would be ideal.
    You also have job security with Fed. job.

    If you prefer a career in banking, set a timeline for yourself, go for your Masters degree, ACCA, ICAN and Operational Risk Management (optional). Move around departments for a deeper knowledge of banking.
    However, if you are in a bank that keeps you in marketing with crazy targets, you should just reconsider your career path. Don't get stuck in a rut for years.

    More importantly, get direction from God through personal prayer and go for something you are passionate about.

  19. Take the federal job, but before you resign from your bank job, make sure you've done your documentation and collected your posting letter. Federal will bring you peace of mind and job security compared to the bank.

  20. The ball is in your court really but I would resign if I were in your shoes. The fact that I would be working in a university is all the more enticing. Before you know it, I am starting different programs even on part time basis. There are also other things to consider. Ponder on it and go with what your mind tells you because at the end of the day, any wrong move you make will be all on you.

  21. Here I am thinking about my job when I opened this chronicle. I am tired of this my job oh but the benefits I get is what is keeping me here. I rarely touch my salary. My boss can insult you till you loose your self esteem but God has been my strength and I have been able to tolerate him. I cant count the number of people that resumed work after me and have left and there are also people who have worked with him for donkey years and they are used to the verbal abuse. I heard he used to go physical on his staff before but age has made him stop all that. He is very lucky not to be hypertensive sef because this man can shout for africa. At the end of the day I still have his mumu button when he is in a good mood. just needed to rant because we just finished one of the verbal abusive episodes. Poster, if I were you, i would go for the FG work because of job security even though the pay might not be much and I will also look for a side hustle. God will help you to make the right decision.

  22. Take that federal government job offer and run with, so you can experience job security and peace of mind dear.

  23. Please poster,take the federal govt has security,flexible and you will grow.As your grade level increases,your salary goes up plus you will have rest of mind and freedom. leave that your banking job.

  24. I am baffled at majority of replies. As a level 8 nimc corporate beggar I earn 44k. In this harsh economy?

    I am not being sarcastic neither am i joking, pls google nimc corporate beggar, its all there in black white and its all true. You dare not have a business, we work till late hours and on weekends.

    Poster be very very careful in your decisions

  25. This is very easy, if you are a contract staff at the bank, no think am, take the federal job. But if you are a main staff at the bank, like main main staff, no think am, continue with ur job.

  26. Poster take the federal government job, bank work is draining pls. I prefer to work in Government ministry even if their offer is less than that of private organisation. I need my peace of mind biko...

  27. bank is a multinational job, if you are a full staff trust me you don't need Nigerian govt work cos you will be lazy & poor, cos what bank pay is what govt pay their level 14 _16 workers, so if you are a full staff my der stick to your banking job cos federal work is really overrated except you are ready to collect bribe & compromise your standards

  28. Not all Federal job pays well, but you mentioned federal university which happens to use a consolidated salary scheme and there pay is commendable from level 8 upward. Depends on the university, benefits defers, and with the increase in minimum wage your salary is likely to be 6 digit.
    You will have opportunity to develop yourself in various ways and also have good family time.

  29. Thank you all for the advice and comments and thank you Madam SDK for posting it. I will take all advice and comments to heart but most importantly is for me to ask God to guide and direct my part. Thank you and i appreciate.

  30. If you are a permanent confirmed bank staff. Please hold in to your job but if you are a contract staff, then you can take the federal government job. I am a banker and I tell you for free, I will not trade my job with any yeye federal government job that is not CBN. My salary and other allowances enables me to live comfortably in this hard time. Las Las the decision is yours to take.


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