Stella Dimoko Comedian Alibaba Says Entertainers Who Encourage Crime Should Be Dealt With


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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Comedian Alibaba Says Entertainers Who Encourage Crime Should Be Dealt With

Entertainers in Nigeria have been urged to collaborate with the EFCC, by using their creative arts to fight against financial and internet crimes in Nigeria by living a life worthy of emulation for young Nigerians, who look onto them as role models. 

Veteran ace comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, aka Ali Baba, who spoke in Lagos in an interview with EFCC, at the weekend enjoined the Commission not to spare any of his colleagues in entertainment industry who uses his or her work of art to encourage Internet fraud popularly known as yahoo-yahoo.
Ali Baba, however, tasked his colleagues to use their profession to rewrite the narrative in the fight against corruption and urged them to stay out of crime adding that the EFCC shouldn’t take it lightly in dealing with entertainers who encourage crime especially, cyber crime.


  1. The day I uninstalled my IG is the day I began to have peace of mind....
    Too many fake lives on SM,
    fake it till you make it...

    1. It’s a lie, you didn’t uninstall it and if you did uninstall it, be very honest with yourself, do you have peace of mind? It’s your ojukokoro that’s make you think people are living fake lives. Iya ti je weyrey!

  2. OK...O that's if he is not secretly doing his own wire wire

  3. Yeah good step in the right direction

  4. He should also advise his fellow colleagues to use their works and arts to discourage bad political leadership i.e corruption, bigotry, nepotism, favoritism, money laundering, electoral misconducts, unlawful arrest etc. Ali Baba let our politicians be dealt with first,job opportunities should be made available and our economy should be made great again. And I promise you no Nigerian youth will take to the internet to defraud anybody.

  5. Onye zuru baa, o si na oga ama iwu ohi. If one stole to make it, he will say lets put a law against stealing

  6. Sometimes Alibaba makes sense, sometimes he says thrash. We agree that fraud is bad and people should be punished for it but do you listen to all these American rappers that glorify drugs, gang? Do they get punished for it? I’m not saying it’s good to glorify it but do they get punished for it?

    Nigeria thinks it can arrest its way out of this fraud menace or bully musicians that are also fighting to make it to support efcc’s fight. You fund and beg them to use their platform to help you. US government that we all like to copy paid good money through DEA to fund Hollywood movies that will show the end of drug dealers and users in negative ways. They even used big names as a face of campaign but alibaba wants to resort to bullying. Don’t you know that young people love resistance? But what do I know? Shebi I’m just a commenter on SDK


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