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Friday, November 01, 2019

Friday Gists Cafe -Freestyle Entertainment

Walk in and gist oh.....................

There is nothing from my side today except to give award to the most Toxic show of the year World wide and the winner is Naija .........
And the show is.....................................*If you know you know*

So do your own freestyle gist........

I dey tish una how to do amibo,una go pay me ooooh.

SDK has still not bought her laptop but na to dey pose for Instagram do like say she too hold pepper...Abeg rest make we hia memo memo.......


  1. New start for me.
    That's all.

    1. You ended a situationship?
      Good for you! I'm in the process of ending mine too.

    2. Wanneka has been in the news lately. A lot of people have accused her of selling fake hair and doing secret "side businesses" but she says all her money comes from selling hairs.

      This is besides the fact that she has been doing huge discounts since the middle of the year. Selling hairs of 70k for half the price.
      Making her profits, paying her staff, buying properties and a brand new peng G wagon.

      I genuinely loved wanneka and she was my role model when I was consdering going into the hair business a year ago. I loved her energy.

      However this abracadabra is too much.This is money doubling before our eyes.

      No one should tell me someone can make profits when they consistent slash their prices into half except they are selling substandard goods.
      If Dangote, Mercedes, Mtn etc cant try it why should a small company claiming to sell " quality" try it.

      It is very well. Whatever is made secret shall be exposed but I'll advice everyone reading this to face their hustle and stop tapping into others blessings.

    3. Your lagos Instagram big girls aka bleaching cream sellers collect up to 2m to do threesomes. Some even agree to foursomes.

      Most of these men who pay are young rich married men. You know those ones their wealth can and can't be traced.

      A man will meet a big babe spoil her knack her well then tell her his friends like her those one's self go shower her with gifts and knack. Later dem go arrange threesomes.

      Both anal and the rest.

      Those of you who envy and want the life these babes are living know that the money is there but you will drop your self worth and dignity by the road side.

  2. I await comments am coming back 🚢‍♀️🚢‍♀️🚢‍♀️

  3. Bbn 😁 Cindy is trying to trend but lai lai..she no get weight.

    1. Hm wey fit make people pull wig na mercy and Tacha
      That one na hen jare

  4. How do you bring a lover to your matrimonial bed? Not as if your husband reside in another state. Now look at the disgrace. Some women got no shame I swear. This gist is so strong to think this persons are popular. *Continue sipping my zobo*

  5. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣waiting to read comments

  6. Pls in trying to conceive a boy. Should sex be on the first day of egg white mucus or second day?

  7. The winner is Naija GIRLS and the show is (STOLEN) HORSE RIDING
    Did I get it?

    1. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
      Someone said O.P

    2. Naija girls keep winning. Wether stolen or not 😝😝

    3. @Sluttychikito

      Yes oo -those "winning chronicles" we read
      okwa ya?πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    4. That Cindy's breakyolk challenge is as dry as Sahara dessert. I checked the hashtag since yesterday no one has done anything. Even as she promised them 100k.

      They know its audio money🀣🀣🀣

  8. Is that man chewing that ukwu anu TeeJay?

  9. BbN not the contestants but the ACS them

    1. Hello pot! you are one of the toxic fan too,even though you hide under others comment a lot of us still see it, so madam stop that holier than thou attitude.

  10. Latest gist from my parish.. .
    A 34 year old lady is being pressurized by her very influential uncle to get married, she has a 16year old daughter ..
    The uncle recently set up a contract wedding with a guy named kola ,he doesn't have a job or family members in this state and the terms of the contract include 3million naira in cash to be awarded to him after the wedding ,a brand new car and an apartment .
    He agreed with no hesitation, and the wedding js scheduled to hold before the year runs out.
    We never knew that he's currently dating the lead choirister and last sunday, she heard about the arrangement... The fight no be here ,she confronted the bride to be ,uncle, uncle's wife and the groom..
    In her words 'I fit die on top kola matter o !!! So make nobody try me for this church'
    We're certain part 2 will begin on sunday.

    1. Ewo
      If I'm the chorister I will continue dating kola instead of the whole drama. Once money enter we chop am together

    2. the 34 year old a dunce that she’ll agree to a contract marriage?
      As for the guy, he’s an idiot.
      If the 34 year old wants to live a happy life, she should call of the contract marriage.
      Kola will make like hell for her.

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..this is serious

    4. @Sugar
      And you are bold to call that place "a church?"
      Make I ask my ajuju n' ese okwu oo
      Is it the church of Satan? 🐍🐍🐍

    5. Lol. Ok na make she die on top him matter.

  11. Hahahahahahaaaa!!!! Oriegwu really!!!

  12. Some kids were shooting bangers all morning in my hood, guess what i saw yesterday?

    Udara aka agbalumo aka cherry aka whatever it is called in your village. Lol!
    Friyaay! Still in a happy mood.

  13. Stellz, my own ish is that i feel lonely in Abuja. I'm wondering if U can organize maybe a meet and greet here, so we can socialize and make friends.
    Please Stellz, consider...
    Boredom might just kill me here.
    I'm an Introvert and dont want to use dating sites.

    1. What you need is a job, my friend.

  14. BBN and when start killing themselves here, i relax, sips my chilled drink and laugh it off.

  15. If you know,you know.1 November 2019 at 14:58

    Let me drop my comment here since I was too busy to that on any of Cindy okafor's post.

    Cindy I know you read this blog, babygirl you better change your ways no man make it big by dragging others down and trying to be smart it always backfire in the end because no man can predict life.
    You watch the game before coming to BBN4 and knew this was a Lady's year and saw also the two top ladies who might snatch the crown, then came to desperately befriend them until one of those lady fall for your friendship scam, then after surviving two to three eviction you felt loved and decided to take away your competitors and cling the price unknown to you that humans can only plan but the final decision is with God! in your heart you know this is true but your 5% fans can argue otherwise I careless. people gave you things and you refused to show common appreciation, but was quick to run to mcgalaxy just because you know he was one of Mercy's backbone in the house, since they have fallen out you want that love and attention showered on you.! when I see stupid Mercy and Tacha fans fighting among themselves, when the real culprit of that whole fight is chilling away I just wonder what the world has turn into.Cindy please change this game you are playing will only swallow you up. you still have time to retrace your steps.

  16. Stella, we no gree o, no gist?


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