Stella Dimoko Heart Broken Mother Explains How Her 7 Month Old Son Ralph Died In The Hospital Due To Doctor's Incometence...


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Friday, November 08, 2019

Heart Broken Mother Explains How Her 7 Month Old Son Ralph Died In The Hospital Due To Doctor's Incometence...

This story is so sad and annoying that it should not be sweet under the carpet #JusticeforbabyRalph

That Doctor should have his licence siezed ASAP.......This is a shocking story......Lives that could have been saved are wasted by the minute in Nigeria because of the attitude of some doctors....


  1. But how do people like this divyir here sleeps at night. This is purely evil mixed with heartlessness and incompetence. How can such a human being be in the medical profession? No sympathy no matter how little?

    1. That's how they killed my mum in R-Jolad in Bariga "Shomolu" Lagos.
      Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew 😏.
      Lawless country

    2. They did same to my daughter, telling me no bed space, I saw my daughter getting weaker and weaker. It was my sis inlaw who is a medical doctor that I called and she asked me to give her cold water to drink, you need to see the way she rushed the water, she almost finished that 75cl bottle, then I saw gaining strenght gradually.
      I immediately left the so called government hospital and went straight to a private practitional. May God help us in this country

    3. This is really sad.. Sorry madam may God Almighty Comfort you....

  2. I hate reading about things like this. This death was completely avoidable, look at all that time spent and nothing was done for that poor baby. Why's Nigeria like this? This is so sad, annoying and heart breaking.

    1. This exactly happened to my brother in 2009,
      Only God spared his life , hmm it was a very tragic situation ,
      It's really crazy.

      I pray they Get justice .
      The Nigerian government needs to so better .

    2. Anno 13: 17,are you sure you are not my family member.

      I was about writing the same thing you just pen down. 2009 same thing happened to my younger brother, we went to the general hospital at Isolo, they said no space, they sent us to Luth, we went there(even inside the heavy traffic, and he was so weak and pale) as i was saying we finally got to luth, they said we should buy this and that, going from one far end of the hospital to annother, still they didnt attend to us, all this was from 6pm - 9pm, nobody came to us, if you see my brother then if not for God, we taught he was dead, we were still there crying and confused when our neighbour called to find out how far with him, we told her what's happening, that is how she called a doctor somewhere in Papa Ajao(Mushin Area), the doctor said his in lekki, but she should ask us to come, inside the traffic we got there, fortunately for us, he got there before us, immediately he saw us he took him to the theatre and started the operation on my brother, by then his tummy is swollen already. if not for almighty God, it would have been a different story.

      Madam, please accept our condolences. Please biko the Government should do something serious about all this, the doctors in general hospital behaves lackadiasically to patient.

      May God continue to protect us and keep us healthy in order to avoid all of this.

  3. Heartbreaking story.

    May God comfort you.

    The handwriting was on the wall. She should have left for another hospital.

    1. I wondered why she didnt leave the hospital,
      well doing the right thing in the face of confusion isn't easy .

  4. How is she going to go after a doctor whose name she doesn't know? "He was on night shift and is a Muslim" is not an accurate description. And this is before they start tampering with records, bribing anyone, sacking nurses and files start going missing.

    This incident happened in July. The doctor could have moved on from that hospital to go and repeat this callous, murderous attitude elsewhere. And you don't have his name.

    BTW the NMA is the most useless organisation in Nigeria. They're mainly interested in politicking among themselves and covering their own a**es. When was the last time you heard a doctor was struck off or prosecuted despite all the mess we see and hear everyday? Yet, you don't have a name to start with. Nothing is impossible but this one go hard.

    1. Calm down before you start naming useless organisations. NMA isn't responsible for what you quoted up there. MDCN is. They won't publicise penalties against doctors, but doctors get penalised. Be informed

    2. Lol Anon 13:44 I am informed. So well informed that you should be worried.

      I'm reiterating that not nearly enough doctors get penalised. And virtually none have been prosecuted in ages. Or were the prosecutions that supposedly happened not publicised, too?

      So, tell us, how will a nameless doctor be penalised by anyone?

    3. @RealOA..go and sit down ma/ are not informed. Medical and dental council of Nigeria is not the same as Nigerian medical association! Stop forming what you don't know. Many doctors face charges and are even struck off by MDCN. Ask questions and learn..

    4. The way you can get that nameless doctor is to sue the hospital.
      Your lawyer will start by writing a very strongly worded letter to the hospital board chairman and CMD threatening to sue
      Especially as the case is already public knowledge, they will set up a panel of inquiry to investigate and Trust me, all the names you need will come up.
      Then you take it from there....

      I am happy that this woman s willing to go ahead and do something and not just take her child’s death as an act of God.

  5. That was how they used their incompetence and time wastage to kill my father that was vomiting blood in UCH Ibadan. They kept him in an ambulance for several hours before attending to him and all the while he was loosing blood. When they finally admitted him and transfused him it was already too late. The idiots had the nerve to say he was loosing blood faster than they could replace meanwhile it was their time wastage that killed him. Nigerian hospitals are such a death trap. Its been almost 2years and I am still very bitter because his death was avoidable.

  6. I worked in the Emergency room of a government hospital in Nigeria.
    Imagine calling a doctor that should attend to a bleeding accident victim and
    he tells you that you should not disturb his UEFA champion's league game?
    I saw a lot. Most of them are in
    their private clinics, some do not even show up at all and there is no
    checks and balances from the authorities. Sad!

    1. Jesus!!!!
      How can someone be this heartless UEFA over the life of a patient !!!
      The nigerian government also needs to do better .

    2. Only God can save us in this country.
      UEFA is more important than lives?
      May God comfort the bereaved.

    3. It high time we[individuals] start taking responsibility for our actions.
      Na we dey spoil government. How can a doctor be so callous about the life of patient who needs urgent medical attention and we stand here to blame the government.
      There are still good doctors out there who put their heart and mind to work.
      Such a doctor should be brought to book. He should pay for his incompetence and unprofessional attitude toward work.
      He has placed no value to human life,no compassion and integrity whatsoever that is why he did not show any form of remorse.
      I can't imagine the no of people this man must have killed.
      Gesssss,how can someone who calls himself a doctor be so cruel and mean????

    4. I'm almost afraid of the answer I know is coming but why didn't you report the doctor?

    5. Exact reason my husbands sister relocated and is practising in Canada. She said what her eyes saw in General hospital while working there. You will loose your humanity and it wasn't aligning with with her faith. The place is a rot. No basic amenities.
      From the time they started dilly dallying and couldn't find the DOC, i wld have picked my bag and go elsewhere. Not like treatment is free.
      Even a hospital admits someone and im not getting adequate care, I MOVE. We have once moved a family member cos of inadequate care at a private hospital, they were still slowing leg in discharging her. We just packed her things and off to another hospital. You can discharge the empty bed.
      RIP little one, so sad.

    6. @Real OA
      Report the doctor to the CMD (or HOD) who has his/her own private clinic where probably other doctor go
      to work for him while they are supposed to be on call? I report when I know that a godly man is in charge
      and they are fee, pitiably very few.

  7. I pray God to comfort her, cos nothing anyone will say will make sense. We lost my nephew 3years ago through the negligence of the nurse

    A nurse administer some injection to my nephew and failed to write it down on their chart, she left that morning and someone else took over from her, this is the costliest children private hospital in my state that has 4 consultants working there oh

    Someone else took over, my sis said the doctor came to check the baby later in the day, baby that was planning to be discharged, my sis said she ask all the drugs names before being given to the boy, when the doctor came in, and he said some drugs will be given to him, she asked the doctor what the name? When he mentioned it, she told him the nurse before the present one has already administered it

    Doctor looked at the chart and said nothing is written down and as such wasn't given, my sis insisted and the doctor started getting angry, madam pls allow us do our job i am a consultant in his words.. My sis step back and the injection was given, it wasn't upto 5 minute, baby started convulsing and died withing 5min

    What did they do? nothing. We took our baby home and buried him. Funny enough every of his birthday this hospital will send a birthday message, till the following year my sis couldn't take it.. Had to go and warn them

    We have 6 lawyers in the family and wanted to take the matter up, but we decided to give it to God.. cos that matter will take 6/8 years and we will still be reminded of the pains... inshort let me stop here

    Woman i pray God comfort you. Sorry for errors i didn't proread

    1. Both consultant and nurse are not professionals. Your family is kind, very kind to have let go.
      They should be stripped of their license.

    2. Chai so sad...May his soul rest in peace

    3. This same thing happened to me, thank God I didn't lose my baby, drugs are given but were never written in the folder, I was given injection through cannula, I complained that am feeling pain, meaning its tissued nurse refuse to stop until I started shouting like a mad woman, the next day my hand had swollen, all I hot from dr was sorry, I later found out 90% of the so called nurses are not registered nurses, the doctor is the one training them. This is a private hospital in PH. I would have lost my life or baby if I didn't act like a mad person. Sorry for the loss of your sister child.

    4. Chai 😒😒

  8. This is sad. Instead of saving a life, he went to pray. Pray to who na?
    This reminds me of the parable of the samaritan in the bible.
    May God save us from wicked doctors.

  9. Madame I feel your pain. I would have taken off to a private hospital the moment the nurse said she couldn't do much and the dr wasn't around. Every mother that has a toddler should have a paediatrician that visits. Don't take chances!!! Nigeria's health system is FAILED. FAILED that you have to take extra stamp and PRAY!!!!

  10. Hospital is a scam in this country. That's why the high and mighty always travel abroad for treatment. May God console the family and give them double for their lost

  11. November last year my husband rushed me to the emergency ward of the teaching hospital cos of serious bleeding. I was barely conscious and for more than 3hours NOTHING was done. They just lefte there while sending my husband to buy this and that and pay this and that money. UITH,my eye see something there. Throughout my 1 year consultation in that hospital I NEVER met a consultant one on one and that was the reason I went there in the first place. Their attitude is something else,so much to type but no strength abeg. Sleep on little Ralph

  12. Sorry for your loss, I don't even know what to say about some Nigeria doctors and nurses anymore because am tired of complaining, both government and private hospitals are annoying, is just God mercy and grace that's keeping someone.

  13. This is how these doctors spoil the names of those who actually want to save lives. Maybe na u I resort student doing clinical practice self. Useless man

  14. I respect doctors alot but, I can't say the same for Nigerian doctors.

    Doctors in Nigeria are not held accountable for their negligence, the reason they keep acting as if they are some kind of gods.

    The reason many Nigerians choose that profession is because of the money and not for anything else.

  15. Madame I feel your pain. I would have taken off to a private hospital the moment the nurse said she couldn't do much and the dr wasn't around. Every mother that has a toddler should have a paediatrician that visits. Don't take chances!!! Nigeria's health system is FAILED. FAILED that you have to take extra step and PRAY!!!!

  16. The system has failed us.
    Religion came to the rescue
    When you attend medical school and all you can do is pray to be among the favoured despite reading and working so hard.
    Nigeria has made medical school so difficult that you just have to seek solace in prayer- hence the religious brainwash.
    Rest in peace to the poor boy and may God console the family.
    I'm very much convinced he won't be the last victim of this circumstance as long as Nigeria remains this way,tell the government to help the health system. People who are meant to save life's are frustrated

  17. When you see a dr wasting time to attend to a critically I'll patient, please carry your loved one and run!!! He doesn't know what to do. When you see a Dr attending to a less ill patient and neglects the critically I'll patient, he is tactically waiting for his boss whom he might have called because he is probably at a loss of what to do. But for this one to prefer to go and pray first, walahi e tire me. May God comfort you madame.

  18. Some weeks back, I went to Maitama hospital for business. What my eye saw eh, there and then, I prayed to God to bless me so I won't have anything to do with Nigerian government hospitals.
    Ms. Oyin, I pray the Good Lord comforts you and give you strength to move on. It's a very painful experience.

  19. So sad. May God save us from the hands of incompetent doctors.

  20. My son had colic and I took him to d hospital and d doctor said it was just colic and dat I was complaining too much. I took him there again when he was bringing out so much foamy saliva, I saw him browsing the drug to give me on google. Shey I don’t know how to search google bah? After I paid consultation fee.
    After searching, he gave me a drop I had already used for something else.

  21. Muslim health workers in general, thats the way they are. You'll be doing surgery with them, b4 you say jack, the theater is empty. When they finally come back, they'll tell u they went to pray.Any way, what do i even know.


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