Stella Dimoko Musician Timaya Baby Sits His Son....


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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Musician Timaya Baby Sits His Son....

Awwwww.....This is how it should be!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Baby sitting kwa, is the baby not for you Timaya ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜?
      Nonsense and ingredient.
      Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew ๐Ÿ˜

    2. He could have just said "daddy duties? I had to go back up to check the lap.
      Cute baby ๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. So why should it be news that he babysits his son, is he waiting for a
    lion to babysit his son for him?
    Hope he married the mother of that child? ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•

    1. Lol at is he waiting for a Lion...
      That was how my mom was telling me that I'm a lucky woman bkos my husband is always carrying his own baby. I told her, he's lucky too bkos I also carry d baby... In fact I'm d key carrier๐Ÿ˜ณ.
      Women are not slaves.
      She said my dad never carried us. Na u marry DAT kind man now.
      So I'll back d baby and be cooking in d evening while he sits and do nothing or watch Tv ... Oshey my brather’

    2. @17:18
      There is a reason why God gave breasts to women and not to men.
      So if your husband is babysitting, thank God for that blessing.
      Do not take it for granted.

    3. Animal 18:04 it’s only blacks people that make ur kind of comment.. oyibo man go de wonder the rubbish wey u just type even some black men too go de wonder

    4. What does breast have to do with babysitting, think before you comment abeg.

    5. 18.04 you are seriously mad but you don't know. She should thank God that her husband, the head of the house, the man whose helpmate she is, is helping in carrying his own child? And that she should not take it for granted? Who even trained people like you? Your parents failed in raising an adult who thinks like you. ๐Ÿ‘Ž☹๐Ÿ‘Ž
      So your sense of reasoning is because of breastfeeding? God forbid your thinking. Gerrout of here with your wack asf thinking and foolishness.
      Don't touch your own pickin naa as the Lord and Master that you is naa, don't carry them, don't help feed them or play with them because you don't have breasts or if you are a woman, don't allow your husband touch them you hear?

    6. @18:37
      I am not calling anybody names here. Are you sure I am the animal?
      Breasts have nothing to do with babysitting; really?
      So when the baby begins to cry, you fill his mouth with gravel?
      Okay, I forgot that we are "black people" and we eat only Garri from the cradle.

    7. Annon 18:37 you mean anonymous I guess? Lol!!!! Animal.

    8. He is yet to marry her jare !
      They are still doing exchange parenting, and this week is his turn, hence it is news worthy.

    9. I hope the grown ass woman waited for marriage before popping out a baby. I hate when people in this part of the world make it the man’s responsibility when two consenting adults decide fuk irresponsibly.
      We preach women empowerment but still expect to be married and taken care when I born for you. My dear you born for yourself because as an adult you should have thought of all the good, bad and ugly before making such decisions and stop acting like it’s your right to be wifed and offended and angry when it does not happen. That’s why some men will never respect or see women as equal.
      Why would a woman want to marry anybody simply because you have a child( especially if that was never discussed). Let the man marry you because he cherishes you above all and not out of pity or pressure. Later, you complain when he behaves like he did you a favour and treats you like trash. Then I hope you will endure it all for the sake of the kid/kids.
      If you want to be respected you have to respect yourself first. If you want equality, start by acting like an adult by taking responsibility for your actions and stop making statements like I committed abortion or have a child for you.

      And before anyone will come and say I’m a bitter single feminist. I’m married with kids but my husband knows I will not hesitant to walk out the day he disrespects me. That’s why I made sure that I was financially independent before marriage.

    10. @20:50
      "Financial independent"
      Those two do not mix
      I put it to you woman that you are
      co-habitting. You do not understand what
      marriage is; the two are one and there is nothing
      like "independent" not to talk about financial ("my money, his money").
      The money is for both. Sad to know that you will not
      hesitant [sic] to walk out of this your co-habitting nest.
      Good wishes.

    11. She shouldn't take it for granted that the father of the baby is carrying his own child? lol. He is doing her a favour shey? Very senseless talk.

      She should back the baby in the kitchen whilst cooking and expose him to all sorts of hazards and dangers?? Oshey virtuous woman.

    12. See long epistle.

      Even if the man refuses to carry/watch the baby while she cooks, there's nothing she'd do rather than rant and rant, and at the end she will still give him(husband) his food.

  3. I don't understand why some men use the word 'baby sitting' when caring for their children... I mean is the boy not his?

    1. So wht word shld he call it

    2. @18:23 he could just simply say I'm looking after my son. Babysitting means taking care of children when the parents are away and in most cases require payment. If you are a parent you're not babysitting. You don't hear mothers say I'm babysitting my child do you?

  4. The baby is so big and cute. Nice one Timaya
    I love chubby babies

  5. Wow... See how handsome and cute the boy is.

  6. Parents don't babysit their children naw. Abi am i wrong?

    1. You are not wrong my bro/sis
      Men can be funny, okay my worst job as a mother is feeding time, omgosh, like these kids will refuse to eat food, they can spend hours eating food, so frustrating, i will beg, cajole, pet, scream, my goodness!
      Surprisingly whenever my hubby is feeding them, they eat every bite and ask for more,(i don't know what i am doing wrong sha). Hubby will be gloating as if he has done so much๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ, if his phone rings and it is his friends, he be like can't come out now, i am busy, i am feeding my kids๐Ÿ˜.
      Now i don't bother myself till they ask for food, when i dish, they eat it all up.

  7. The baby is huge mehn...

    Cute and handsome

  8. Oh my ovaries. This baby is super cute

  9. the baby’s fingers tho

    1. Na real wa. Black knuckles at such a young age.

    2. See this very cute baby. I wonder why his mum is using harsh substance on his skin. Smh

    3. These comments are disgusting!. You suddenly judged the little boy because he has dark knuckles (which i had to look again to see what you lots were so quick to see/hold on to to asides his cute chubby body/face).

      I'm even more disappointed at Cynthia's comment considering you come across as a less judgemental person with your numerous one-liner comments/"i holy pass you" personality (going by what you display on the blog over the years).

      you already know his mum uses "harsh substance" aka "cream" on him ba? as the boy's mother that you are!.

      Mind you, i'm not the child's mum, just a pissed off BV who couldn't "waka pass" after the insensitive things you lot wrote about a child!.

      Not everyone with dark knuckles, knees and elbow use bleaching cream, let alone a child. Maybe i'm passionate about this because i have dark elbows but only use cocoa butter since forever..
      However,people like you will clearly perceive this as "bleaching" when sighted..STOP JUDGING PEOPLE< WORSE STILL A CHILD AND HIS MOTHER YOU DON'T KNOW!!!

  10. How can a biological father bee calling spending time with his own child babysitting? As if parenting is not also his job and responsibility? Tueh.

  11. All I see is a cute and chubby baby๐Ÿ˜˜

  12. You don't "babysit" your kids, you are taking care of your kids because that is your responsibility, you do not clock out from that duty.

  13. Orobo baby. Lol

  14. It is called parenting.

  15. Baby sitting ke? Next slide please!


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