Stella Dimoko President Buhari Reportedly Fires 35 Aides In Vice President Osinbajo's Office...


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Thursday, November 07, 2019

President Buhari Reportedly Fires 35 Aides In Vice President Osinbajo's Office...

President Muhammadu Buhari has sacked 35 aides working in the office of Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo ....

Buhari, who is in the UK, approved the sack of the aides on Tuesday, the paper claimed.

“Osinbajo is hoping that President Buhari will rescind the decision,” a senior presidency official said, maintaining that the sackings were done by a presidential aide, not the president himself.

Among those affected are senior special assistants, special assistants, personal assistants, technical assistants, and some whose appointments were approved in August.

The affected aides were said to have been posted out to some line ministries relevant to their designation in October, and that they are expected to be issued with disengagement letters on Wednesday.

The development comes amid rumours of a frosty relationship between the president and Osinbajo since the inauguration of his second term.

The president had previously asked Osinbajo to seek presidential approval for agencies under his supervision and also moved the National Social Investment Programme (N-SIP) from the vice-president’s office to a new ministry.

Buhari also inaugurated the economic advisory council to replace the national economic council headed by Osinbajo.
from The Daily Nigerian  


  1. Please let this tenure do n run out.

  2. Oga VP the only advice I have for you is to use your tongue to count your teeth.

  3. If I am Osinbajo, I will just resign & go back to practising law. Politics is too messy.What rubbish ???

    1. No, he wants to do the WE DIE HERE style

  4. What's he doing with 35 aides? He had 35 aides and this country is in this mess? Competing with Ayade of Cross River State.

    Shebi I said before that it's not every pronouncement from God that should cause rejoicing or that warrants an "Amen". This man's own pastor openly said God likened him to King Saul, and he kept quiet. His brain didn't tell him he should start crying and begging God for mercy and direction to remedy the verdict. King Saul that disappointed God, was used to do placeholder for years and eventually died in disgrace. A king that resorted to mediums cos God had stopped speaking to him and he knew it (1 Samuel 28:15). A king that the Spirit of God left and was tormented by an evil spirit that was actually sent by God (1 Samuel 16:14). A king that was deeply envious and afraid of his replacement (1 Samuel 18: 8 - 9), yet was shamelessly chasing David through the length and breadth of the kingdom.

  5. This Man should do the honorable thing and resign but NO, he wants to die there!! He deserves whatever Buhari and APC is doing to him..... Shior!!

  6. They can sack his family join nothing concerns me

  7. Their business.
    Either the sacker,the sackee or the sacked are making a difference in this harsh country.

  8. If he needs to become president in the future, he has to keep the VP's seat. you know what I mean...

  9. Politics is not for the weak minded, cotton livered, slow brained nor the faint hearted. Some say he should resign, lai lai, we die dere.
    He will not resign . They want to force him to, but he will not. The cabals are already mapping their strategy for their own kind ( a son of the bonds woman) to take over rulership after BuBu's 2nd term. So they are secretly digging up dirt and hauling it at the VP. They are placing their own people around him to monitor his every move and stall every good gesture that will make him popular.

    Even to temporary relinquish some power while on his medical personal leave to the VP , no way. They ate so afraid, their is quickly running out.
    We shall see.

  10. The sacked staff in the VPs office don't have names abi? They should first provide us with their names, then we'll believe who ever is concocting this nonsense. Mtschewwwww

  11. He's already endured the humiliation, why resign? Especially when we know the mallam's battery needs recharging every now and then, the battery may refuse to charge at any time before 2023. This seems as pay back for sacking one of the cabal, Dss Daura??

  12. but what in Heaven's sake is he doing with so many people. this is money that should be used for good infrastructure in the country. May God destroy everyone that is disturbing the peace and progress of Nigeria. In one ministry, they have about ministers, minister for state, directors, Permanent secretaries, what are they all doing? on our roads, we have road safety, VIO, LASTMA, police warders, what is it?

  13. They are trying to frustrate him out of the office

  14. what was he doing with 35 aids please. that means BuBu's own will be 100+.. May be na the aids dey pursue kworuption

  15. Common perm Sec sef has a Doorman, Chef, Butler, Nanny, Housekeeper, Laundryman, Driver for Oga, madam and the kids, lawn keeper, Security or gateman, etc Thirty five, is a high number but that’s how these politicians steal money. They get allowances for those positions. They pay those people peanuts compared to what they get for those slots. I personally don’t think it’s PMB doing all these. Na Kyari. Pastor should just resign. Will he remain in that office without any staff??

  16. He fired Lawan Daura in PMB's absence. Now it is pay back time.


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