Stella Dimoko Saturday Spontaneous Post.


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Saturday, November 02, 2019

Saturday Spontaneous Post.

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Good Morning!!!

Did you know that some people are so poor that all they have is money?..Now you know!!!

Hope the Night was good?..I ask because of the updates from the Friday night post..Na wah!!!

BV Tenth,please edit your blog ID otherwise your comments will continue to get lost...When i made the announcement for people to edit their blog IDs,you are the only one that did not..edit your blog ID as soon as you read this,it is too long and cuts comments short from being read before being wont understand but please edit it....

I am pleased to announce that Blog visitor Martins Aboy (about to become Martins Aman) is set to Marry his girlfriend of three years this November 2019...
Martins has been a member of this Blog since his University days and has invested time and love working for me all these years.
Martins' very beautiful wife to be is also a BV but a very very quiet one.

He is starting with nothing but where there is love everything is possible....

Please if you are willing to donate your widows mite to assist him with planning his wedding,the time is now,please call his number on his Glossymart ID or send me a mail for his account number.I will also be contributing my widows mite to the big step he is taking...Thank you.
Congratulations in advance Martins Aboy (to Martins Aman to Martins Apapa)lol

Have a great Saturday and may lots of love come your way as you rejoice with those who rejoice!!!


  1. People will see me washing my clothes and instead of minding their business, they'll say Ahh Oga Samuel, go and marry so you'll stop washing. They'll see a man cooking and be like Bro Obibi John, you need to get married so you can stop cooking. They'll see a man going to the market and be like Ahh Bro Edet Edu you need a wife. They'll see a man at his 40s and be like Ahh Uzo Eze you need a wife.

    A mother will look at his 35 years old son who cannot wash his own boxers, boil water for tea or even make his own bed, a 35 years old that cannot take his plates to the kitchen after eating and tell him James, you need to settle down, get a woman to take care of you. In different ways, the society subconsciously tell men that they don't marry women for any reason other than Cleaning, Cooking and Child bearing.
    I begin to wonder does the average Nigerian man need a wife or a glorified maid?

    Many women look 3times older than their age because of stress and exhaustion. You sit down in front of the TV with your phone and watch your wife work until she's about to pass out. Men, who told you that it is wrong to wash your own plates? Who told you that it is wrong to wash your own clothes? Who told you that it is wrong to dress your bed when you wake up? What will it take to help your partner with chores in the house?
    If a man wanted to be adopted as a child to be pet, pampered, fed and nursed. Then he need not to seek marriage, he should rather offer himself up for an adoption at a motherless home to be pick up. If you want a wife, then get wife. But if you are getting married because you feel you're becoming too old to do your own chores then get a maid.

    Don't Punish someone's daughter in the name of marriage.


    1. Great news coming from Martin's corner. Congratulations dear. May God use us to make your wedding great. You deserve it.

    2. nice one pat,
      Biko there is this bv( cant rem her blog id but she stays in ghana) the last time i saw her comment was when she said her dad had passed on, i hope she is okay.

    3. Madam park well. I dey my own jeje dey do my things, but it's you ladies that will be telling me I'm not doing it right, I shuu goan marry. "Dante, Maggi did not catch in this your stew, you need a girlfriend", "Dante, see how you're getting slim, you need a woman with flesh like me to compliment and take care of you". "Dante, you said you mobbed and clean this house, see dust inside the screw hole at the back of the TV, you need to marry oh" etc etc.
      There's this girl, since I know her, anytime I chat her up or call her since about 4 years now, she would always tell me she's doing house chores, "I just finished washing the toilet, I'm about to wash momsi and sibling clothes now after cleaning the house".. lol.. wife material.. person weh no know say "someone I know" know her paroles, may she dey deceive herself.
      When una won sell market, na una dey always talk all those stuffs unaselves. See you trying to change the narratives. Nonsense. You better be guided this morning cos we men are not taking any insult and blame whatsoever, if we're not at fault. We also have serious issues we dealing with, don't comman be transferring aggression on us.


  2. Good morning everyone, happy weekend to us.

    I had a very longgggggg movie like dream this morning and it's very surprising. I think I needed to treat malaria as soon as possible.

    Please read this my movie dream till end, it's very long and interesting o

    A corps member with a girl of less than 2 years rented a room where she was serving, nobody knew any of her family or even friends. One of the co-tenants loves her baby, the tenant has 4 boys and because of that, she loves this little girl like her own daughter. The corps member do keep her baby with this tenant whenever she's going to work.

    Then one day in the morning, she kept the baby with the tenant and left the house, that was the last time they saw or heard from her. The landlord reported at the police station, visited her PPA and it was all fruitless, they still could not get her whereabouts.

    The tenant continued taking care of her baby with the hope that she would come home one day.

    After few years, the tenant moved to their own house with the baby who had grown a little and began to see the tenant as her mother.

    Then after 17 years, the corps member regained her sanity, she had been mad for 17 years. (my dream did not show me while she was still mad o or what caused her madness).

    Then she went to her parents house, demanding for her baby girl as if it was just yesterday. Then her parents told her she had been mad for 17 years and they couldn't locate the baby because they didn't know where she was staying and she refused to take them there while she was still mad.

    *Larry was here*

    1. Na real movie ooo, like superstory.
      Big congratulations Martins! The Lord will perfect your plans.

  3. Congratulations Martins, May God make it a successful one.

  4. Nothing is impossible when GOD is on your side. May this month of November bring you and your family testimonies that will make people serve your God in Jesus name. Welcome to your month of supernatural breakthrough.....AMEN

  5. Happy married life to you, Martins. May God bless your marriage abundantly...Amen!

  6. Wow congrats Martin. Good morning all.

  7. She and her family left for the town where she was serving before her illness, she could not easily locate the place because many things has changed.

    She finally found the house, met some people and asked for the landlord, those people showed her the landlord's grave. She demanded for her co-tenant but nobody knew what she was talking about. She told them she once lived in that house 17 years ago and those people were laughing that they don't know anyone that could be her co-tenants then.

    One of the new tenants suggested the landlady, but her children already took her to the city, she's no longer living there. Then one of them suggested to give her the landlady's contact. (what a sign of relief)

    She called the landlady immediately, the woman can't remember her again, she explained everything with her baby, the co-tenant she gave her baby to, that was when the landlady remembers who she was.

    The landlady told her the tenant took her baby with her when they moved to their own house, the landlady told her she will come home in 3 days time and take her to where her baby is.

    They all left the house, at least, a little bit happy.

    The landlady came and they got to the former tenant's house. She was surprised to see them as she could only recognize the landlady among them.

    They sat and the landlady introduced Bisi, the former copper that left her baby girl 17 years ago, the woman was surprised and started crying, saying they all thought she had died and they tried their best to locate her and her family then.

    She told them the then baby girl is now 19 years studying Engineering at the university. The tenant is now so rich that she said one of her sons is now a commissioner in Minna. (how I came about all these in my dream is still a mystery)

    *Larry was here*

    1. Mehn you have got to conclude this dream ooo

    2. Nigeria Joe. Ur dream carry weight this oneno b Malaria again.

  8. My two year old daughter uses both left and right hand to eat,write and do other things. I have been trying to study her to pick a particular hand for her. Her school decided that she shld be using left to write but i now observed that when she get home from school,she uses right hand and later left hand. Should we still be observing her? I don't just know what to do anymore and I don't have money to see a therapist. Those this thing has happened to WHAT DID YOU DO AND WHAT CAN YOU ADVICE WE DO? Thanks

    1. Allow her be. You should be lucky she can use both. Leave her

    2. Please don't force her. Since she's comfortable using the two, then let her be. When she's older she will choose one herself.

    3. Please, let her be,google has a name for such talent, don't let illiteracy control u.

    4. She is ambi dexterous (uses both hands effectivekt). Let her be.

    5. Don't let her school decide for her.leave her alone.when she grows older she will pick one or continue to use both. I use both my hands for everything and can write with both hands clearly and I am an adult. Don't choose for her so u won't stunt her growth mentally.

    6. She's gifted. She's ambidextrous. It means that she thinks from both sides of her brain. She could be a genius. Study more about it.

  9. Where do you go every time I touch you down there,
    Whispering love, ain't nobody gotta hear,
    He lost control cos he know you'd be here,
    Nobody knows, I just keep it in my head

    I don't say too much, baby baby yeah,
    I'm just her to touch, baby baby yeah,

    I make you go, uuh oh oh
    You make me go, uuh oh oh
    You know when I uuh oh oh
    You like when I uuh oh oh ๐ŸŽถ ๐ŸŽต ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ
    Song be making me go pineapple ๐Ÿคช

  10. Awwww congrats to Martins. Bold step you're taking but God has ordered them already. Amen.

  11. Congratulations Martins darling, Wow getting married already? Ok that's a good step.

  12. Spontaneous~

    Still in bed. Watching 'Merry Men'. Still trying to find the bearing. Jim Iyke is boring.

    Also saw this nice movie 'sleepless'...for the third time. The movie so much reminds me of our country's degraded security system.

    Am I the only person that dozes off when watching a movie?๐Ÿ˜ฒ

    1. No you are not the only person. I am the WhatsApp admin sef.

    2. The movie is so freaking boring, i could not finish it and had to delete it from my phone. The same goes for Bling lagosians, total waste of time.

    3. Awwww Martins is about to get his legal certificate to fornicate. A big congratulations. See as I dey smile here.

    4. No my dear, i used four days to finish that merry men,

    5. You are not alone,I'm alone in your group
      I can watch a film for 2weeks,at times I would have forgotten the title sef. I will stop any time I'm feeling sleepy. I can't kill myself,infact this days movies is part of my sleeping pills.

    6. 8:38
      Are you OK? Or English is your problem?
      How can a married man be committing fornication with his wife?
      What do you mean by "legal certificate to fornicate"?
      How can legal and fornicate be in the same sentence? Professor Olodo

    7. When all you do is lie around in bed to watch Nollywood,
      I wonder.
      Is this how a girl will become a wife?

  13. Awwww....congrats Martins, legal bed breaking in view๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ pls get a good Carpenter, u need a mahogany bed n mouka foam, strong one..๐Ÿ˜

    1. Blackberry minister of bed and s*x matters๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ™Œ

    2. Lmao, you are the boss of bed breaking ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฟ

    3. Hahahaha๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Congrats Martins

  14. XP I saw your comment late. You said others should list their own rich man title. Well , unu amarokwanu kamsi kwado.
    Well here are some titles maka ndi bu ike, ndi ogiliga walu na nwa.

    1. Ofia afulu ego
    2. Ori ego n'uko ego
    3. Oriri egbu nwa
    4. Ego rie nsi
    5. Okwu oto ekene eze
    6. Nwa ana ayo eze
    7. Aku na atakasi
    8. Baba nku
    9. Aku kalia
    10. Aku luo uno
    11. Onwa n'etiri Ora
    12. Omelu Ora
    13. Ukwu zowalu ini ego
    14. Onye mmemme
    15. Onye ego
    16. Udo eji eke ego
    17. Onye ababa nna
    18. Elibe agwu agwu
    19. Nwa ka ibie
    20. Nwa Chi mere eze
    21. Omechalu rie
    22. Nwa Chi n'emelu
    23. Oke osisi n'ami ego
    24. Aku n'esi obi ike
    25. Oji ego nwe mba
    26. Odi nfe eme ile / odi nfe anyi alo.
    27. Odogwu n'epe mpe.

    Congrats Martin Aman

    1. Haha haha, I will start answering No 14, when I hammer. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    2. Everything is about Ego, hiann but money answereth All things

    3. Nwanne Alusi Awkuzu I see you.
      The titles boku na. That post brought back Xmas memories.

      Ebuka and gang with reckless panache.
      BTW Ebuka was in his full elements at the Burial of Late Oba Oniru's burial, he got cameras clicking...Too much sauce.

      @fa amaro kam si kwado...that line comes in while you're spraying crispy note o.
      Iji kwa ego?!

      @ Amanda...your no 14...Reminds me of Paternal Grandma's delicate dance steps when some guy berths every 30th. NNE Onye science erupts in an Enugu song while he sprays her.
      "Aya mma o-o, ihe nke nu atogbuje nu o.

      Ashim gu were nwayo n'enyem okporoko na eze adia mรบ.

      Aya mma o-o ihe nwa atรณpuelem isi.

      Ashim gu were nwayo n'enye m okporoko, na enwedu hรณm eze.

      (Good times are here. I'm loving it).
      I'm begging you to mind the way you give me stockfish because I've got few teeth left in my mouth).

      Hahahaha. Maama is racing to 100 anyway.

  15. Horrific๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ฑ~

    Omg! Just yesterday...I had a family friend who was in the hospital battling for her dear life. She is a sickler and O-. Needed blood urgently and pple were trying to help get a donor. This babe had her first crises as a toddler.

    Yesterday's incidence took me down memory lane, the horror๐Ÿ˜ฑ...back in college we had students that had SCA,,,I could always figure them out. They always had their moment of crises which usually occurred in the class or on assembly ground,,, The next thing was whisk them away to the hospital with a nurse by their side.
    Then came the horror of seeing them going and never to come back. We were mostly greeted with news of their death by our Principal amidst a sorrowful atmosphere.
    I was always distraught!

    I remembered the first day I met this greenish eyed guy in University. I just knew it....few weeks later Kess passed on.๐Ÿ˜ญ

    Now, I will be going back to another hospital to get my Genotype and BG rechecked. I once had two diff results...also checked for the third time. Will be doing the fourth next week.

    No child deserves pains.

    1. I was only 13 and in boarding school. This new girl came and we became friends. One night she started complaining of pains. The school knew she was a stickler but as children we didn't know what it really was. This night she was so much in pain, I had to keep massaging her body, I did it alone until about 4am when I couldn't take it anymore and had to wake everybody up.
      We all went on vacation and upon resuming we heard Vero had passed. That was my first experience but there was more later.
      It is pure wickedness to know you are AS and insist on marrying an AS. We should not put God to test. The physical pain and torture these children go through is not fair. I can never support anybody saying otherwise. Love is not enough when you knowingly beget a child with SS. Our parents were ignorant but we are no longer ignorant of this anymore.

    2. Oh this hurts.
      Lost many cousins to the sickle cell scourge.

      God rest their souls.

      Medical School no be beans. Me I rannnnnn o, my plimsols still dey there jare. Never looked back.
      Too much stress all for a Stethoscope. Me wey like to flanjor. Oriegwu!

    3. But Vero's parents sef, how will you put a sickle cell patient in all these pako government boarding secondary schools.

    4. Come goodness and mercy... Did you graduate from Abu zaria, I know kess or rather knew. Such a sad loss.

  16. Polite ways to say "no" when a guy asks for your number?

    Met this guy in the supermarket yesterday and he came to ask for help in getting something because he didn't understand what was written on the label. I helped and as i was leaving, met him too because it was a local supermarket and we lived in same area.

    Anyway, he asked for my number as we were parting. Guys, I don't know how to say no to people. Help me, please! I gave him my less frequently used number, knowing that I wouldn't pick his calls at all. Can you believe that as I got home late that night, guess who called me. I didn't pick. He called 3 freaking times, and just as I was considering blocking his number, he sent a text that its the guy I met in the supermarket (like I didn't know) I didn't reply nor call back though.

    How do I say no when someone asks for my number, biko?

    1. That is how we miss our calling. If you are not dating anybody, there is nothing wrong in making him a friend. If you are dating someone, politely let him know so he will leave you alone. There is no harm in making friends. Learn to politely say NO to people before you become the local bicycle. If you don't even want to be his friend still let him know. It is very rude and crude to give your number out and refused to pick calls.

  17. Congratulations Martins, you will make a great hubs.
    God bless you and your wifey. May he bless you with beautiful kids and the means to take care of your family ❤️❤️

  18. Congratulations Martins and soon to be wifey๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป

  19. Wow congratulations Martins! May God bless your union.

    So I bought ginger yesterday in the hopes of making ginger tea or something similar but I don't know exactly how to. Do I let the water boil first before adding ginger or should I put it in cold water and let both ginger and water boil together? Where does lemon come in?

    1. Which ever way.

      I prefer chewing my ginger raw. I love it.
      I got a bottle of mixed ginger with honey frm Gh.

    2. Allow ginger to boil with the water .

  20. The tenant gave them another day to come as she will invite the girl to come home from school.

    The girl never knew about her story, she knew this tenant as her mom and all her 4 sons and her elder brothers, they shared same surname.

    The day finally came, everyone was seated and they broke the news to the girl, she was devastated, cried and was lost. She rejected her mother and preferred her previous family.

    Everyone begged her, she sha later accepted but insisted she will continue living with her previous family and only visits her new family or they visit her.

    That's where my husband disturbed my sleep with his song and I woke up.

    This dream was around 6am-7:15am after praying my Solat and I slept again.

    If there's anyone that can turn this into a beautiful and interesting movie, I will love to watch it

    *Larry was here*

    1. Nice one! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

    2. One hopes this your story did not happen to someone you know.

    3. See tears welling up in my eyes as I read. This will make a great movie. Turn it into a script and sell it to a movie maker

  21. Listen, whenever you come here calling Nigeria a Zoo, Zoo this, Zoo that, what you are saying is that all of us living in Nigeria are animals. So we'd definitely ask you, WHICH SPECIE OF ANIMAL IS YOUR PAPA, YOUR MAMA and your relatives?

    Yeah, Nigeria is a zoo, but which specie of animal is your FATHER, MOTHER and your relatives?

    1. You're not correct. Are those working in zoos animals? Zoo in the contest they use it is to qualify infrastructural decay, mediocrity over talent and competence, nepotism, tribalism, religious bigotry, cattle over human life etc

  22. Mummy maa:- I make my organic soap myself with black soap, honey and lemon, sometimes I add tumeric, I have been using this for the past two years and it's working for me"
    Question 1- is it for all skin type???
    Q2- where can I get the ingredients, who are those that sells it
    Q3- how do I make it
    Please reply..:

    1. Q1, yes, but don't expect a miracle instantly o, with time you start to glow, please use organic cream also, not when using organic soap you then rub qei and the likes, it has after effects.
      Q2, all those yoruba women in the market just ask around for them, you can get black soap from them and lemon too or you can get lemon from those aboki that sells things for salad, you can buy tumeric powder also or camwood.
      Q3. Me i use dudu osun sha, i grate it, put in a rubber, add very hot water for it to melt, then i add tumeric, honey, lemon(for you to able to get the lemon juice, put the lemon in a bowl add hot water to it and leave for 3-5mins, then you cut and extract the juice, one lemon should be enough. This is okay o, but i sha add rice powder, coconut oil, vit.e oil(these two acts as preservatives), oats, depending in what i have at home.
      Please make small at a time.
      You can browse more about this or join one of those numerous organic classes online

    2. 1. It is for all skin types, I have a caramel skin tone, it doesn’t bleach, with consistent use and a good beauty regimen, it gives you a glowy skin and even out your skin tone.
      2. You can get black soap from all these old mama at any local market close to you, some of them also sell original honey, as for lemon you can get from fruit market or go to the grocery section of a big store(shop rite). I get tumeric from people selling peppersoup ingredients, dry it for 2-3 days and blend it with a dry mill, though they sell already blended tumeric but I learnt most of them are mixed so I prefer to do it myself, like I said It’s not everytime I add tumeric because of the stress but if you don’t mind the stress, you can add it.
      3. 500g of blacksoap, though am not good with the measurement I just use my brain.
      4-5 tablespoons of honey
      2tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.
      3tablespoons of tumeric.(you can do without this).

  23. Congrats Martins. Wishing you all the best.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Congratulations to Martins am so happy and proud of you on this blog wishing you happy married life! Good morning everyone cold Saturday morning here.

  26. Happy married life to you in advance Martins, may this be the beginning of greatness in your life

    *Larry was here*

  27. Congratulations Martins and wife to be, God will seal your union with precious blood.

  28. My friend has been married for 6yrs, sex between she and her husband isn't up to 20times in these 6yrs o. He hasn't touched her since the past 2 and the half years now.
    Dear girlfriend has killed her sex urge as she's tired of begging and cheating isn't an option. She's just 33 o.
    Kai some people are suffering in marriage sha.

    1. Do they have kids?
      How’s she cooing without sex?
      In 6 years, sex less than 20 times ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿฟ‍♂️
      When people are having sex like everyday.
      Why is your friend still holding onto that marriage?
      The man is wicked.

  29. Good morning blog fam... Have a lovely weekend... Congrats to Martin Aman

  30. Wow!!! Congrats to you martins.
    Happy married life to you and yours

  31. November is my month...all round both in marriage anniversary and child delivery.Make una put me for prayer pls.E dey Work

  32. Congrats Martins happy married life in advance.

  33. 2nd Day of RCCG Fasting.
    Accept my Fasting and Prayers God. May Today be the Best Day of my Life. I Trust You Lord.
    # A November To Remember #

  34. I am so happy for you dear martins, i love love.
    I woke up to the sound of bangers, yippee!
    Stella eziokwu uwaezuoke@ what you said about poverty and money.
    Tommorrow is harvest and thanksgiving, i am glad hubby is away i don't have the strenght to entertain anyone biko

  35. Congratulations Martin. God bless your home.

  36. Congrats martins God bless your marriage, good morning all

  37. Awwww,Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well-wishes..

    I really do appreciate,God bless you all..

    For Phones/Fashion Accessories..

    1. May God bless your union. Congrats in advance

    2. Congrats martins
      I wish you and your wifey a successful and blissful marriage

    3. Congratulations dear, May God bless your home. we go see for bending corner.

    4. Congrats so proud of u..God bless ur home..

  38. On the freeway. Rainy Saturday morning, traffic gridlock still ruling the tyres.

    Stella Kork... What's the more you look the less you see? You wan start audio hashtags abi? Why na?
    On behalf of Hashtag Readers.
    We will not take it!

    Or our comments too will become audio comments. Capisce?

    Some people are so poor the only thing they got is money. True that!

    Some ladies are so mean and mannerless they need education to cope. Painfully so.

    Paddy/ Wifey yard materials is half yards. Wahala dey.

    Happy weekend y'all.

  39. Wow! Martins getting married? Congratulations man! Na man you be.
    Don't worry, lines will fall on pleasant places for you & God will uphold you both.

  40. Oh I forgot. My blog frenemy is getting married? Congrats nna.

    Where's your real boss Bloglord because Stella na 2nd base Boss o jare, time for her to pay back some of your "jobs" well done. Hahahahaha.
    Oh my memories!

    This blog, don't fight a woman with a Prayer Plan and a Life Schedule. You'll LOSE.

    Peace out!

    1. Look at this anty Agbaya. Frenemy, prayer woman yen yen yen on a blog? Only God knows the kind of trouble you cause in real life. Mtsheeew

    2. Real agbaya, cho cho cho everywhere. Always talking uncontrollably.

      Congrats jare Martin.

    3. You are actually the one that has lost. See painment ๐Ÿ˜’

    4. Use your id when abusing seniors whether she will not flog your tiny buttocks๐Ÿ˜‚

    5. 12.17 where is your id too? Haha. There is no senior on this blog, you can be doing senior in your house.

    6. A senior that doesn't respect herself will be abused

    7. Anons did i miss anything? What actually happened between XP and martins?

    8. Like seriously? Martins? A child? Your frenemy? Hummmm odikwa egwu o

  41. Beautiful news. Martins now want to legally chop without rushing to lock door and windows hahahahaha. Congrats guy.

    Wishing mmany others the joy of enjoying their spouses. God bless you all as you look forward to your weddings Amen.

    Rainy day, cloudy weather but we thank God. At least rice go dey yanfu yanfu this December

  42. Congratulations Martins.

    May all you need to make this marriage a success be made available for you.

    Owambe mode activated. Party jollof on my mind ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  43. Stella sorry about that,I edited yesterday.martins congts dear.
    I will send you something through Stella.
    Have a great day all

  44. Awwww... Big congratulations to you Martins.. May God provide all you'll need for this new step you're about to take in your life journey. Amen. Wishing you bliss all the way.

  45. Congrats Martins. I love this big step you're taking, you're such a focused young man and I pray your dreams come true. Happy married life in advance.

  46. Congratulations Martins. Happy weekend to all.

  47. Congrats Martins. God bless you with everything that comes with marriage.

  48. Congratulations Martins. May God perfect all that concerns in Jesus name.
    Saturdays are for cleaning.

  49. Wow

    Congrats Martins

    And I dey use small pickin eye dey look you.before

  50. Congratulations Martins. Your marriage shall be blessed.

  51. Congratulations Martins. Your marriage shall be blessed.

  52. Martins I'm so happy for you. May God take control of the planning and event itself. You and your wife are blessed.

  53. Congrats Martins. Your marriage will be Heaven on Earth.

  54. my sister baby is two months plus and having skin reaction nracha in igbo it looks like ezyma pls can be use or apply to stop it ?

  55. Wow congratulations Martins. May God bless your union.

  56. Congratulations Martins.May God bless ur union Amen

  57. XP always typing trash. If you want to congratulate Martins, why not do so normal and move on instead of showing your stupidity once more? So because Bloglord no longer comment on the blog, it means she is suffering or bad thing happened to her as a result of your 'prayers'. Every year, you keep showing your yeye self here instead of

    1. That is not what the woman typed to Martins hunnn.

      Except the guilty are afraid.

    2. What did the woman typed? Calling Martins a frenemy and saying bloglord is his main boss.
      Insinuating that her prayers made bloglord to disappear as if bloglord was feeding from the blog and her disappearance has made her to go hungry.
      She is always looking for trouble. Tell her to grow up.

    3. The guilty are afraid of what? You must think so highly of yourself. You lack attention outside that is why you seek it on the blog. Meaning that all your babbings here are Audio comments


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