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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Wednesday IHN

I salute!!!



I'm pregnant with our 3rd child and my husband is insisting on an abortion without any reason other than the economic situation. We live in our own house and use 4 cars. we run our own business. What do I do? 

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!......Why are you guys not using protection?Madam there is no reason to abort that child.......Dont do it oh....if you even mistakenly die in the process,he will replace you in Months...wicked man!!!



So this is what i thought about,I will do a Santa post sometime next week and all those who are needy for his period will comment without any contact info to avoid them scamming,if someone comments they will help you,you will send me your contact and the person will contact me and i will initiate the contact......Apart from this,i have penned out some BVs who will be receiving something from me..
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  1. Good after everyone IHN is here.

    1. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'27 November 2019 at 14:26

      Some husband get mind o, how can you tell your wife to abort a child just like that? For no reason or whatsoever haba , and to think they can comfortably take care of the unborn child, madame better report him immediately and don't touch that innocent baby, he/she no know when una knack each, what a Man!

    2. Please, Don’t abort that Baby....
      You are more than comfortable, at least you are not paying rent and if worse comes to worst, you guys can sell one of the cars... cos Cars are liabilities on its own...

      Plenty sales to all the Sellers in Jesus name, Amen

    3. God bless the giver for the shoes.

    4. Madam pls don't touch that innocent baby in your womb. There's no mistakes in God's plan. Keep that child and ignore your Hubby's excuses. After this one pls opt for BTL.
      I'm so glad Santa is coming back again.
      Sdk you're my WCW. I wanna be strong, bold and confident like you when I grow up😘😘😘😘😘

    5. The sign out meme is so me for the past couple of months,it will end in praise.

    6. Watching 93 ATM. The tears is rolling freely, maybe because I would have been a victim, giving I was working at the Airport at the time.
      Fashola saved millions of lives with his swift action to deal with this Ebola disease!!! Watching it brought back d gripping fears while attending to customers, the fear at d back of our minds, there was the check process alright but this is Nigeria! Where Sterilizers were adulterated and fake tamometer were sold and d stubborn pax won’t comply.
      It was a HORROR!!!!!!!! This 93days captured it very well, it has the BEST of NIGERIAN actors in display! May God save all d Hero’s that scarifies there lives to us , even as unworthy as we are. May God Grant DR MRS.... eternal life. She was indeed a hero! Insisted on her instinct, held her ground, pushed even with the stupid politics and held Swayer down until that test results came out and confirmed her fears. Even at d risk of losing a high ranking job. I pray I save lots of life in my lifetime IJN

    7. Imagine o
      Babies that people are praying for ...ah

    8. Please Madam do not abort that pregnancy. Three children is not too much. God will see you through.

    9. 3kids is still within range na. I know things are hard now generally but that isn't enough reason to abort your baby please. Just go on your knees and pray about this God will take care of everything.

    10. What about consistent but silent bvs

  2. Good afternoon everyone IHN is here.

    1. Miss ESS let me perch under you
      That husband is very WICKED
      That's same thing my husband did to me
      I have to girls and I got pregnant
      That his two girls are enough
      I should abort my pregnancy because he has planned his life with two kids
      I want to make him go backwards
      A third child will bring poverty
      Ask me if I impregnated myself FOOL!
      I gave birth to my baby boy this year to the Glory of God
      Hmmmmmm even when I asked for money for antenatal
      He said if I knew I will keep the pregnancy, that I should save money to pay for antenatal
      Men are very wicked
      Imagine this man coming now to name my son IHEANACHO
      Very wicked world we live in
      Poster or bv......please keep that the near future it's same him that will praise you for keeping that child
      God help women!!

    2. imagine! Iheachoro has become Iheanacho.Congrats on your bundle of joy

    3. Lol! So he needed the Iheanacho but ask for abortion.Thank God you didn't abort the baby.

    4. Poster pls don't abort that baby. May help you guys decide well.

  3. Hmmm so my friend was supposed to get married to A, they have been seeing the future together!! Oh I envied their relationship at some point...
    A is a CM and son to the church owner, he has a GF in their church which he refers to as EX!
    I saw thru him when he hit on me, I told my friend abt it!! She took it with a pinch of salt, did I blame her no "she is drunk in love".. I knew the guy was up to no good when I learnt he has that girl in church, I told my friend to let go but she wouldn't listen..
    The girl wey dey church Matter na for another day cos that one self esteem don crush, I wish she could get someone talk some senses into her... this girl knows A has another girlfriend which is my friend and she's okay with it...
    so back to the matter....A was in lag some weeks back, she and my friend lodged in an hotel for the period of time he would be around cos he stays far away, it's more like a long distance relationship!! My friend was fiddling with her phone when she got a message on phone, she called the number to know who the person was.
    Lo and behold, it was A's GF in church. She was wowed
    Many questions ran thru her mind, why would she be calling me and what not
    Then she asked, Hope no problem and she replied no wahala actually I just want ask if ur boyfriend had told u abt the function they have in their family and she was like noooo...
    my friend then asked "how is it my business then"
    She replied it is ur business because I and the guy sleeping beside u will be getting married in the coming week. And she said thank you
    She woke A up to ask if it was true, the motherfucker said yes.. in his word " I don't want to tell u because I don't want to break what we have had, I'm only getting married to her in order to get my pastoral certificate, I assure u two weeks after the wedding I will divorce her"!!
    She said she didn't say anything, she stood up,took shower and left for her house.
    I almost exploded when she was narrating her ordeals to me, I told her I'm happy cos u just dodged a bullet if u don't know"
    I was now wondering that if the girl had not told her,A would have go ahead with the marriage and still be dating my friend... chaiii I cried, we cried together!
    She said A begged her for hours not let me know about it..
    I know she's heartbroken but she's not showing it!!
    Men are wicked, they are the bigger devil and to say this boy is in a theology school ooo

    1. And to say that you and your friend are in that church and "sleeping with theologian and having jealous fits for his and her relationships?"
      Are you two not wickedness defined too?
      And to say that you are still in that church of hypocrites isn't that baffling?
      You all are wolves in sheep clothing. Repent.

    2. Revelation 21:8
      But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

    3. Anon... shut ur motherfucker mouth, they were In a long distance relationship
      The guys lives in Kwara while the lady lives here in lagos, u must be mad to think I ever sleep with the guy
      Why are u so judgmental tho, he told her she is an EX and nothing more!! It is ur generation that will go to Hell Fire
      Stella please post ooo 😑

    4. We don’t attend same church, where in the epistle did u see where I wrote that
      Use ur brain sometimes now

    5. @17:37
      Then your friend is wicked too to be fornicating with a pastor/trainee or whatever you call them
      And I never read that you called your friend out or disapproved of her lifestyle.
      So what do you call a friend to a wicked person?
      A case of whom you go with is what you are?
      You were so quick to call the man wicked, weren't you?

  4. Being inspired by others is a helpful way to find yourself. Wanting to be others is a helpful way to lose yourself.

    1. I love your quotes. Keep them coming.

    2. If you keep that pregnancy, you will be glad you did.

      Tell your husband your mother or grandma called you, that it was a strange call and the message was clear. That there is something you are contemplating on doing and that should you go ahead with it the consequences will be sad.

      So tell your husband that you are very afraid and that you cannot go ahead with the plan.

      Even your mumu husband will thank you later for your decision. Some of these men don't think beyond their nose, abort fire!!!

  5. When is the Santa post. I need 1m for something. My helper might be here.

    I come in peace

    1. I need 1 billion thousand dollars too, my Santa please locate me as well.

    2. Yes o. My Santa might be here. My Santa please Don't pass me by...

    3. I know that all will be well with me this year.

  6. The heat in lag is killing, it’s just as though we are prepping for .........🀣🀣🀣
    Olori where are you, hope you are fine

    1. Please don't abort that pregnancy.

      More sales to the sellers.
      Good afternoon bvs.

    2. the heat in Lagos is a learner compare to the one here.

    3. Same here in pH
      Very hot
      I had to let my kids take cold water and ice cream today ooohhh
      Me I'm not understanding the weather!

  7. Pls in trying to conceive a boy. Should sex be on the first day of clear egg white mucus or second day?

    1. Sex should be on your day of ovulation. Download "get baby" ovulation tracker on play store for more information.

    2. From that 14th day through 16yh day
      I did mine next day of that pure mucus
      Best of luck!!

  8. Good afternoon blog visitors...

    @ post with pregnant issue,please don't abort that little Angel,think twice before doing anything.If you die in the process your darling hubby will remarry before 6 months and still have kids with the new wife.please don't oooo...

    Customers fall on the sellers here.

  9. This girl is talking about giving me second chance after requesting for breakup twice

    onto Christmas level

    I cleared her on time that dude ain't ready for relationship psychologically


    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. someone should teach me how to prepare the combo with zobo leave and ginger for infection please.

    3. Danny PH... repping PH

    4. anon 15:16, I am not familiar with zobo +ginger combo for treating infection. However, I know a combo that might work just fine. It doubles as a detox drink, libido booster and helps in weightloss( provided one is on a clean diet and is active). Ginger+ cloves+ turmeric+garlic. If you are TTC, take ONLY when you are on your period. peel and dice your garlic, ginger and turmeric, pour content ( plus cloves) in a 75CL plastic bottle, fill with clean water, cap it and allow to ferment for 3 days. Drink content (small quantity) first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Note that infections will always reoccur if you do not discover the source. Thus, you should consider changing your underwears. Sart wearing the new ones after you are sure the infection is gone, do not douche, wash from front to back, if you are sexually active, your partner should take this combo as well ( he also needs to change his underwears), pee immediately after coitus, change your sanitary towels regularly when your period is on...

    5. Pls ladies let's always tell our men it's one boxers/briefs for just a day not for a week. A lot of men are on this table that I'm shaking

  10. I remember the first day i came in here and saw the picture of in house news up there i kept wondering and concluded that in house news is the particular news the blogger gives while at home..chai

    1. The last part of your comment makes me laugh.😁

    2. 😁😁 me too, I even thought it was newspaper headlines because of the sheet like picture I used to see. One day I mistakenly opened it and I couldn't just believe my eyes I quickly rushed to read previous ones. This was in 2015 or 2016

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. hehehe..Omeh your own should be chronicles @sheet like wa

    5. I have been a Bv since the inception of this blog. Saw it on LIB. It was just 2017 I started reading IHN cos d headline didn’t seat well. Honestly I went wayyyyyyyy back to catch up🀣

  11. The pregnant Bv up there,please DO NOT touch that baby,haba. If you are not ready why not go on family planning??Please dont listen to your husband

  12. This hot sun can fry person skin fa

  13. Good afternoon my town people,

    Pregnant madam please you are both capable of taking care of that child please i beg you never ever abort it. Birth it then try to go on for a better family planning.
    Stella nice idea on the Santa post, God bless givers and receivers.

  14. That abortion question

    Proverbs 6:16There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to Him:
    17haughty eyes, a lying tongue, HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD, 18a heart that devises wicked
    schemes, feet that run swiftly to evil,…

    Madam what you are thinking about is DETESTABLE to God
    Do not rush with your feet into the evil of shedding the blood of an innocent baby.πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»
    If your husband is done with having babies, he should go and do bilateral orchidectomy -
    Yes, the doctors will harvest his two "balls". Then he can pound you legitimately as
    much as and anytime he wants. You see I did not even suggest condoms because I know the
    average Nigerian man does not want to hear that.
    It is time men take up some responsibilities in family planning.

    1. Madam if you die in the process of killing that baby,
      you see those two you already have, they will become
      house helps to the new mistress of the house. You will
      be forgotten like yesterday morning.

    2. in other words are you telling the poster not to shoot off?

    3. @DeHeroine
      Ajuju n'ese okwu

    4. Ma'am, pls don't abort that child oh...

      Say no to 'shoot off'

  15. 'Request for a writer'
    You failed to indicate the discipline.

    I am Arts inclined and can handle English/ Education related assignments.

    All men above 30 should make it a point of duty to keep tabs on their PSA level.

    I don't know who this message is for but I wish I had the information few tears back; my dad would have still been alive.

    Prostate cancer can be treated if discovered early.
    There are several survivors, Wole Soyinka is top on the list.

    Stay safe

  16. Pls in trying to conceive a boy. Should sex be on the first day of clear egg white mucus or second day?

    1. It should be on the first day, have sex around 4 or 5pm, wait for 5hrs before the next sex.

    2. I don't know about the mucus, but have sex a day before and/or on the day of ovulation.I have two boys.
      For girls 3-5 days before ovulation.

  17. In House News is Here...
    Good Afternoon Everyone,
    Sign out quote, very apt!

  18. Good afternoon all. Pregnant woman keep your baby.

  19. Please do not kill that baby
    Show your husband this comment section
    and reason with him.
    You can watch this YouTube video: "Ex-abortion doctor tells the shocking truth
    about abortion"

    Just type it on YouTube and watch with him. Maybe it will re-set his reasoning.

  20. At the mention of giveaway some/most dormant/passive/hibernating id comes awake.

    This is Nigeria,,,Buhari is the president.

  21. that sign up post is about me...I've lost friends because they think I dont have time after marriage and having kids. I'm always stressed out from morning till night , one of my friend came to spend a whole day with me and she told me she understands everything even without an explanation from me.. she told me took pain relieve the next day

    1. People always think u boycott them because u are married and they are not. Things has changed! Sometimes, u can't even take care of ur self as u would want to.
      I have a colicky baby and my friend called to tell me she too will get married o. Lol. If she had known how stressed I am she would be singing I have forgiven all d friends that I thought aabandoned me wen dey got married.

  22. Please leave the baby. I believe he will calm down with time. Your life is far more important than his ego. Na wa!

    I salute una jare....

  23. goodaffernoon everyone God bless the sellers and the buyers

  24. Where's Olori Orente? It's been long I saw her ccomment here.

    Things are happening in this Nigeria, I visited my SIL's neighbor with my SIL in one private hospital and I saw a lady with a very beautiful baby girl of nothing less than 2 months at the reception. It was when we left my SIL was telling me that didn't I noticed her loads there that she must have given birth through CS and couldn't pay her bills. Was speechless because I can't believe they will refused to discharge her since over 2 months, it's only God that will help us in Nigeria, there should be provision for people like that, I'm heart broken because I even noticed the lady doesn't have like 3 fingers maybe due to accident

    *Larry was here*

    1. Please which hospital. I would like to help. But be anonymous.

    2. Larry is it CKC egbeda? If yes my hubby and his friends visited d hospital for charity and God used them to answer d woman's prayer. Am glad to u that she has been discharged since Sunday.

  25. Don't abort your baby, do family planning after birth.

  26. pleasant surprises27 November 2019 at 14:27

    Good afternoon everyone, IHN is bar, have a nice day

  27. Do NOT touch that baby!! i repeat do NOT touch that baby. Tell your hubby you WONT touch your pregnancy. This life na wa ooooo.... What people are dying for, another don't even blink an eye to say "remove". It is well.

    Stella i am consistent here please

  28. Stella your sign out meme is πŸ”₯.
    I was like that for sometime but people thought I was ignoring them.

    Christmas and dust in the air.
    My mind is telling me to go to Dubai this season but my akant balance is directing me to my village.

    Good afternoon Stella and bvs

    1. hehe..better go where your akant balance is directing you to

    2. Hahahahahahahahhahahaa...

  29. My pple my pple.. how una dey.
    As e dey hot..I don come again with another me yarn una story of aunty wey want giving head scatter her home.
    my pple I hear another story wey make my mouth hang again o.y is it dat gaysm is taking over this newly ordained pastor was ripped off of my pastor position for my area.this guy got married in May this yr.apparently he saw d babe in Villa lst yr and insisted on no sex till wedding.after wedding pastor still doesn't gbensh his wife.wife became suspicious.boom she caught pastor knacking a boy in their house.wife go report to pastor has been unpastored and wife is staying with Bishop until they arrange how to send her back to her pple.marriage of 6months.

    1. What a world we live in. Why marry in the first place. Pasitor for that matter. A lot of pastors just messed up with these devilish gayism

  30. Good afternoon Blog visitors, Buyers and sellers, boys and girls..It is a beautiful day in Lagos..Please have fun all and stay out of trouble...God bless all givers and receivers..Amen..

  31. Stella please an inhouse memo should be put up for those putting up items for sale as either relocation sale or sell-off. This is the second time i am experiencing this on this blog. The lady that put up fridge for sale yesterday later said she has changed her mind to sell it after finishing my airtime on calls just to get the item because i really needed it. Why will someone put up an item to sell off when she is not sure of disposing it yet? stella please i think relocation sales people should be properly scrutinized before bringing their items here.
    I was so pissed this morning after agreeing on her price only for her to message me that she has changed her mind.
    Nonsense people!!!

    1. She didn't change her mind, she got a better deal. Sorry about that.

    2. Don't mind them. I wonder why you people take them serious

  32. Please don't kill the child , whatever it will take, make sure to stand your ground.

  33. Poster that needs a writer, you didn't indicate discipline and level (undergraduate or postgraduate).

    Thank you for posting my ad Stella 😘.
    Hello BVs, how is the week going?

  34. Please madam dont kill the innocent only think of themselves,so b wise.

  35. Pregnant BV, pls have your baby.

    @bv in need of writer, in what discipline?

    Let me mail you

  36. pregenant woman, if you and your husband knows you don't need a child why can'tt you both go for family planning to avoid getting pregnant and saying annoying things like i want to take it off? Imagine thousands of people are praying to God to give them just one child yet you and your husband are wishing to take an iinocent child out.

    Did the child asked for it abi you and your husband called that baby. Do not take that child off except you are done with giving birth. Did you both not know that you could fall pregnant at any time. If you take that child away God will not allow you take in again, do not take it off. Show your husband the comments from this blog.

    God why are you giving children to those who do not need it while you allow those in need of children to be crying, suffering. God look at those in need of a baby and give them, those who are not in need put them on hold. I am very angry with that poster

  37. Pregnant BV, Please do not listen to your husband. Like you mentioned, you people are comfortable so you are capable of taking care of the child.
    The sun is very hot over here.
    Good afternoon everyone.

  38. pregnant poster, congrats please do not abort the baby. Try to explain that you will start family planning as soon as you birth the baby.may God touch his heart.

  39. The lady selling earrings,they all look lovely..have a blessed day

  40. Madam don't abort please. No matter the pressure please don't. Let him that that the child is God's gift to you.

  41. God bless the givers...
    The pregnant house wife pls i beg you in the name of God to keep that baby. Dont mind your husband pls.

  42. God bless the givers...
    The pregnant house wife pls i beg you in the name of God to keep that baby. Dont mind your husband pls.

  43. More sales to the sellers.
    God bless all givers!

    God please show us mercy, this sun is roasting our skin. Please ignore the we said the rain was too much then. Thanks Dear Father for answers to my prayers.

    Welcome sweet the pregnant BV.


  44. Madam, pease dont abort your baby. 3 kids aint too many na.
    Tell your husband you were warned never to have an abortion even as a young girl, so you cant do it.
    BTW, what was he expecting after gbenshing raw?

    1. @your last line..bags of foreign rice unto border closure

  45. Am not surprise about what that woman wrote up there. My husband asked me to abort 7months pregnant. Some men are wicked walahi

  46. Story of my friend. Her husband even left the house for a week not until his friends intervened. Sadly, she lost the pregnancy because of the emotional stress she went through.

    1. I will write to Stella one day. My hubby too left house and later won some huge amount of money that's when he returned ooo God being so kind I gave birth in peace and me and my baby are ok. It been months.

  47. Let me Rant small here 😫😫πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ😫

    The way I hate being embarrassed is next to None.

    A Nurse embarrassed me today in front of the whole Antenatal clinic and tears just started flowing down my eyes...OMG...And then hubby later came I was telling him what happened...i started crying again 😭😭😭😭...The man wanted to bring down the hospital with the shout...even the Nurses kept quiet. He kept asking me who did it I refused to point the woman. it was drama. I was now begging him to calm down ooooo.

    This Govt Matrons should take it easy oh. I May have been wrong but the way she was shouting at me was something else.

  48. Pregnant poster, don't play yourself. Abort wetin? Your husband has mind.

    My husband arrived after his parents said they had finished having children. They definitely didn't have four cars or a personal house. My father-in-law was an incredible man who died when my husband was barely a teenager. It saddens me that I didn't get to meet him. I'd have liked to thank him for the choice he made to keep the baby that grew into my husband.

  49. Please madam do not abort!

    To the sellers afia oma nu!


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