Stella Dimoko Former Senate President Saraki Say Kwara Gov Abdulrazaq Is Out For Revenge Against His Family But Will Not Win


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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Former Senate President Saraki Say Kwara Gov Abdulrazaq Is Out For Revenge Against His Family But Will Not Win

Former Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has claimed that Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, is out for vengeance against his family.

Saraki stated this on Saturday, while reacting to the governor’s decision to revoke a land occupied by his family in Ilorin, the state capital.

In a statement on Friday, Abdulrazaq’s Chief Press Secretary, Rafiu Ajakaiye, claimed the land was originally meant for government secretariat and parking space of a clinic.

But in a statement he personally signed, Saraki who once governed the state, insisted the land was duly allocated and a Right of Occupancy title issued on it.

“It should be noted that the excuse given by Abdulrazaq in his revocation order holds no water since it is clear that this is the height of his vengeance against my father, Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki and I.

“This action is clearly a manifestation of vengeance … in his narrow-mindedness, he believes his victory at the polls is an empowerment, entitlement and enablement to settle scores, provoke and pursue inter-family rivalry. They expected development and fulfillment of promises.

“Seven months down the line, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has shown that its cardinal Programme is to wage war against my late father and I. He has demonstrated that his only competence and astuteness is in the area of viciously assailing the late Oloye Saraki and I. Definitely, he is a man with no sense of history. Enough is enough. Now, he has crossed the line.

“Perhaps, I should let it be known that if Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq thinks he is taking all these actions to get at me, he is only deceiving himself. There is no basis for competition between us. Our paths cannot cross because the status that he is struggling to attain, Almighty Allah has given it to me many years before now.

“With all his subterranean and open moves against my family, person and property, I remain unmoved.

“However, his open antagonism against my late father and his legacies is unwarranted and will not be tolerated. He has definitely gone beyond bounds as he cannot be allowed to ride roughshod on the deceased. In this war against my late father, he will not win,” the statement read.
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  1. power corrupts... moral of the story... table turns

  2. When two elephants fights, who suffers?
    These guys need to stop all this and focus on leading their state. All these are nothing but distractions.
    I wish we can go back to the era of, “One Man. One plot” all these thievery would not have been necessary. If the land was meant for a government run clinic, Saraki did not do well. But, what do we know?

    1. You fall hand with what you said.
      The guy should leave him and focus on leading the states and you are one of those who want this country to be better.. Someone acquire government properties for his own good you are saying he should leave home alone... Na wa oooo

    2. Bigbanty, forget about failing hand oh. Them two will continue to go at it and leave pressing matters. All of our past rulers, Governors, Ministers, Perm Secs, etc all took government property and converted to their personal use. Look at Tinubu and Lagos State for instance. It will be nice if Saraki lets go but it will end up in court. When Saraki decamps to APC, all wrongs will become right.

    3. @Banty. Do yov process people's comments (especially dis Cinamon's) before you reply/attack. Or you reply bcos e resemble wetin you think say e be. Comprehension is key.

  3. Saraki is my guy but I support Abdulrahman 100% on this. How can 1 family have all the lands in a state. Yes your father may have bought them but did he follow due process? Imagine buying a 500m worth of land at 5m. Abdulrahman is even trying development wise,at least he's showing signs of being better than Ahmed the puppet. Ride on Sir! Saraki,I still love you o

    1. They didn't buy any land. The lands were taken when their father was lord and master of the state.

    2. They bought some e.g the recreational park. The lands should be collected from them

  4. I don't believe this. You guys were best friends maybe until he decided not to be a yes boy again.

    1. They were never best friends. Do your research on the two of them

  5. How can anyone feel sorry for this wicked thief?


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