Stella Dimoko Judge Declares That ''Asawo Na Work''


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Friday, December 20, 2019

Judge Declares That ''Asawo Na Work''

This is a first and shows that all hustle na hustle..............


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    1. The judgement doesn’t mean that prostitution is legal in Nigeria. The tweets there are based on the context of a specific case, not prostitution as a profession. It still remains illegal in the country but cannot be passed as a criminal offence like stealing, fighting, robbery. Please Stella, whenever you copy something like this, include a broader context to it than a sided pointer.

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    1. Bah @Miliki. They should start paying tax o, after all they pay tiithe too.

  3. Of course, it's not a criminal offence. I don't know why the police usually harass them and sometimes rape them in the name of arrest. I heard they usually settle police weekly and I asked what for? I feel pity for those women, knowing the risk they are into. Going with a man you don't know. A good number of them would love to get a better life if given the opportunity and quit such line of hustling ....

    I will never judge a woman who indulges in such hustling, it's not easy for them as well.

    1. Give them capital of 100k to start something small, they'd refuse to start small.. its their decision, i dont ever pity them, so without toto they wouldnt feed abi?

    2. You this Benjamins, can you survive without toto?
      They don’t need your pity.

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    1. You took the line out of my mouth.

      I'm waiting for all them in support of prostituting πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  5. Federal High court supposedly said that?
    Heavenly impartial court says:
    1 Cor. 6:16Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one
    with her in body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.”
    17But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit.
    18Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits
    are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.

    Deut. 23:18 18You must not bring the wages of a prostitute,
    whether female or male, into the house of the LORD your God to
    fulfill any vow, because both are detestable to the LORD your God.

    Hebrews 13:4Marriage should be honored by all and the marriage bed kept
    undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers.

    Revelation 21:8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the
    murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts,
    the idolaters and all liars--they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death."

    1. You should leave this for judgement day. Has nothing to do with government law. Religious Fanatic!!!

    2. @Eka joy
      When someone quotes Scriptures, she becomes a "religious fanatic" really?
      When someone tells about her sexcapades here, she becomes your hero.
      Did you check your dictionary for the definition of a fanatic?
      I will remind you of this day when the time comes.

    3. Not everyone must have the bible as their standard. Less than half of mankind practice Christianity. Meanwhile, prostitution is the oldest trade. It is a necessity in any balance society accordingly to sociologists.

    4. Please leave these quotes till when you sit with God on the throne of judgement on the last day since you are Jesus Christ.

      The Nigerian constitution is what matters here. Even in the Bible you copiusly quoted in your characteristic hypocrisy, a woman was playing good girl and her husband and his brothers kept dying on her, leaving her childless. It was not until she took on the NOBLE profession of prostitution that she slept with her father-in-law and was blessed with a child. Even the man called her righteous when he found out and she was so good he gave her his staff and cloak. Another example is the prostitute Rahab who acted as a spy for the Israelites and was inducted into the bloodline of Jesus while the ANGs in that city perished.

      Go again to the story in Judges where the steady side chick of a Levite was taped and killed and that caused a war between the tribes of Israel because her daddy G.O. boyfriend sent her parts to all the tribes and they fought for justice for that woman according to the word of God.

      What of Esther- is it not through legalized prostitution that she became Queen and saved her race? What do you call a divorcee recruiting girls of a certain age across his kingdom and testing them in bed before choosing a winner? Abeg park one side, whatever you think about sex work, it is settled even in the heavens that ASHEWO NA WORK and both the service provider and the customer dada need protection. The will of God is now being done on earth with this court ruling. To God be the glory!!!

    5. Anon, sorry to break the news to you, but you're brainwashed!
      A woman does what she pleases with her body and you start quoting middle eastern history in the name of bible.
      While it may not be morally upright or even respectable, it is her body and she can do what she likes with it, as long as she's not intentionally inflicting physical pain e.g HIV, rape and other STDs on any one.
      Have you stopped to ask yourself, this woman prostituting, how exactly does it affect me? I know you'll say you don't want your kids to grow up with such values as they are young and still impressionable. The onus is on you to steer your kids away from such environments. We cannot govern with personal religious beliefs otherwise you would support the "police" in the north arresting people for eating during the Muslim fast.
      Your morals, ideals and beliefs are yours, do not foist them on anyone else or the state should you attain a position of power one day. Nigeria is a secular state keep your belief in your house.

      That said, a lot of times, these women were forced into this trade by misfortunes or circumstances beyond their control, some derive pleasure in it though. However, in your "righteousness" show some humanity, stop looking at one side of the equation.

    6. @Sapphire
      So "everybody" must practice sociology in balance [sic] society, but not everybody should have the bible as standard, really?
      You are so quick to quote sociology but nobody should quote the Scriptures, the Word of God where you are?
      Okay since "it is a necessity" for you to balance, are you an asawo, why the skewed defense and offense at the same time just because someone quoted Scriptures?
      Are you anti-God?
      What fraction of people in the world practice Sociology since you like to reduce the world to fractions?

    7. @16:25
      So to your "god" be the glory that you are a qualified asawo?
      Remember to write it as your profession in the next form you fill;
      Profession: Asawo
      Professional association: CCAN; Certified Chattered Asawo of Nigeria
      To your "god" be the glory for the court have ruled.

    8. @16:27
      Oh the Bible is "middle eastern history," really?
      And why are you typing on a tablet, laptop, phones that are
      European history and culture?
      Why don't you take local chalk and write on the ground what you wanted to say
      and tell the town crier to take the gong made by local blacksmiths and herald it?
      And remove those clothes you are putting on and use leaves for that is our history?

    9. One phrase: ad hominem. You can't counter their argument, hence you attack their persons.

    10. Because of your own intelligence level, you've ascribed intelligence and modernization to be 100% western culture. Like I said earlier, this is a personal belief, and like your religious beliefs, you need to keep it in your house.
      Intelligence is universal, the human race is constantly evolving and developing better ideas to live in a complex world, some individuals contribute more than the others, amongst these contributors are Europeans, Americans, Africans, Asians etc. However, you are free to return to the stone ages and believe just about anything you want to believe, like stoning adulterous women for example, since your own version of the middle eastern religion supported it earlier, the other middle eastern religion supports it still.

    11. @20:31
      Why are you even writing in English?
      Why not write in your ancient intelligent historical lithograph?
      And you have the audacity to tell us that Bible is mid-eastern history?

    12. Why all of una go anonymous? 😁😁😁

    13. Ang, your response is so weak!!! You are just playing to the gallery and arguing out of point.

    14. People like ANG may not make heaven.
      Too hypocritical... who made you judge over Israel???

  6. Prostitution is and has been the oldest profession in the world

  7. Na lie, Ashawo no be work, nah managementii o !

  8. Ashawo Nah Work If you are happy with selling ya gen gen Good for yaaaa... Once you are not force into it...

  9. ohyaa Ashawo make una carry dey go

  10. if that makes them happy, they should do it.

  11. I'm against sexual immorality but I think it's extremely unfair that prostitutes are arrested whereas nothing is done to their customers. If there were no customers, there'll be no prostitution.

  12. Take away prostitution, some families may collapse. No be everyman get money for sidechicks. With just N2k, you collect one round and clean mouth. No texts. No calls. Data, cream, soap finish for asewo hand o? E no concern you. You are happy. Asewo is happy. Madam is happy. Life goes on. It is a reality of time. They are playing important roles in the society which is why it has lasted forever. The demand is high. We need quality supply.

    1. see one of them here Annon 15:03,she even take style dey hype them self,ashawo nobi work ooo. be warned.

  13. No be until you put colour bulb and tie curtain, na im be say u be asewo. Runz na asewo work. Without runs, many of you wouldn't have graduated from the higher institution. Na whom dey catch be asewo.

  14. In as much as I don't support prostitution, whoever patronize them should pay whatever they agreed on. Imagine after breaking someone daughter's waist on every corner of the room and not wanting to pay...

  15. Na wah oh! Small time they will say fraud is no longer a crime too

    1. There is no consent in fraud. Come on, you are literate now. If you are a Christian, do you want to be arrested for eating during Ramadan in Sokoto? Should people be arrested for having sex outside marriage?

      Legality is what is on the books and morality is what you decide personally. Your personal choices may be seen as devil-prescribed to someone else so would you like to be jailed when they have power? Imagine a situation where you are jailed or killed for not converting to a certain religion. Should wives who use sex to reconcile with their spouses or request for money from him be jailed or let us even broaden it to daughters who cook their parents favourite meal when they need pocket money- should we call that bribery?

      Two adults decide to sleep with each other on the agreement that one person is paid afterward. Unless their ringing tones are preventing you from doing your own thing, you don't have a right to meddle.

  16. 2 kinds of men: The ones with sidechicks and the ones that sleep with asewo. Dumb ones have sidechicks that cause problems in their marriages. The intelligent and smart ones use asewo. The pretenders prefer ashawo because of the anonymity especially if carried out of location. Your husband is only lovey dovey because he has not been caught. Don't vouch for anyone no matter how pretentious or religious may seem to be. Yes! My dear. Oya oga dey chop something else. But it is always good to live in denial because it makes us sleep better. I am yet to see a man who will not chop something if the opportunity presents and the likelihood of getting caught is nil.


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