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Monday, December 02, 2019


Just here Observing things from my corner........


In today spontaneous post someone asked if BV's Eka Joy and Martins Aboy married each other....
LMAO......No they are not married to each other oooooh..I am sorry i did not explain well...Eka Joy got married on Wednesday last week and Martins got married on Sunday December 1st......

They married other people and not each other......

I have this explanation is enough?Cos some people read but don't Understand immediately and go on to comment.

That said eh,I love you all here -Including those that don't like me or cant stand me.



I just found out that my dear husband has some other side attractions , no wonder he doesnt communicate with me the way he used to. We have been married for just 1 year and I am nursing twins while working. I had to snoop through his phone to know why no s#x since I gave birth. Imagine! While I am planning our future, this man is creeping on me...smh... 

Madam you posted this in a wrong political post and i didnt want to delete...Abeg take am easy,some men are like this and dont know what they got going until they lose it...



Can someone tell me when to tell Emeka that I am a divorcee. My mom forced me to marry when I was 17 which I came back 3 years ago without a child although I had miscarriages. This guy is very serious and the only son..he doesnt want to waste time before coming to see my parents in December when he comes back for Christmas. I will like to tell him my past but dont how, when and how he will react. 

It doesnt matter how he reacts..Please tell him as soon as he comes back and you can get a private moment with him....Dont have any intimacy with him whilst this is on...
Now let me ask you...Why didnt you tell him this even before he got serious?You run a great risk of losing him now,so brace yourself!!!


Please contact me so that i can forward your contact to the person that wants to help you...Thanks



I need info regarding making a school choice for my daughter.

she will be writing common entrance next year, but someone told me that some private schools are already selling their entrance forms. now the issue is i don't know the right school to choose for her. we live in Abuja and i also want her to school here in Abuja. 

I don't know if it is okay to enrol her in a mixed school but must live in the hostel. or just only girls school, hostel too. in fact i need ideas and suggestions on good schools in Abuja that are affordable from 250,000k down apart from first time registration.



My company is in dire need of a driver for immediate
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I am a mum of 3 ,I live in Virginia,USA . I need a house help or nanny to take care of my children while I work.
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Please my sister is in need of a live in Nanny in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA for her new born twins for some months. Preferably a Nigerian elderly lady. Pay is good and negotiable. Kindly WhatsApp ONLY on 08077711147. Thanks. 



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In the spirit of the season we are glad to inform you that we are going on a Bake sale for the season can have this special made Rich Fruit Cake as a gift , or as a snack , or comes in handy for breakfast has a crunchy and tasty feel

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Dear Fellow BV's.

Please I'm searching for a self contained apartment or a BBQ with kitchen( this is not priority), toilet and bathroom en-suite. My budget is five hundred thousand naira (500,000) for annual rent or six hundred naira (600,000) for total package. 

 My areas of concentration are Victoria island, Ikoyi, Lekki phase 1 or its environment. I'm female and a have 1-2 years experience in consulting. Please consider me as a potential tenant or refer me to your friends and family who have unoccupied BBQ's. I have good interpersonal skills and will try not to be of any inconvenience to you. I promise it won't end in tears



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  1. Welcome IHN........Good afternoon everyone, i greet us all.

    1. Goodafternoon bvs
      It's a hot sunny afternoon

    2. Congrats to Eka Joy and Martins ABoy.

    3. Congratulations Martins Aboy & Eka joy.God bless your Marriage with Beautiful things.Blessed Union.

    4. 500k-600k for VI or Ikoyi? Please don't fall for fraud because that amount won't get you self con in those areas, not even in Lekki phase 1. I pray someone that has accommodation they are not using decides to give it to you because of the blog. Look around surulere, Yaba, or after Lekki Phase 1. If you can stand flatmate wahala, get flatmates and look for a 3 bed flat all ensuite around Lekki axis. This isn't the best option especially if you don't know the character of the people you would be living with but you would get a more decent apartment. All the best.

    5. Thanks for your advice.
      However, I know colleagues who were lucky enough to get self contains in V.I at 6ook, (without agent or service charge)
      I'm just being hopeful and positive.


  2. Was reluctant to watch Rambo: Last Blood, I sha dragged my eyes to watch, and I was impressed! Gory movie, but worth the watch!

    Kevin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  3. Good afternoon everyone, so I was clearing out my shoe rack over the weekend and realized I have same shoes in two and three pairs of different colors.(for the love of shoes) Am I alone in this?

    1. No, you're not alone

  4. Good afternoon everyone, so I was clearing out my shoe rack over the weekend and realized I have same shoes in two and three pairs of different colors.(for the love of shoes) Am I alone in this?

  5. Hello Wonderful Bvs
    Time to support our own!!!


    Kindly follow instructions below;
    Click on 'NOMINATE NOW'
    directly enter this link
    Under Nomination category,
    Enter your email address
    Enter nominee name 'STELLA DIMOKO KORKUS✔️
    Select category 'BLOGGER OF THE YEAR'✔️
    Enter your valid Instagram account then

    Thanks so much dearies ❤️
    Let's do it the SDK way again ✔️

  6. Ndi uta I dey salute una oo 😊😊😊
    How many bush meat una don shoot kill eh? 😊😊

  7. Replies
    1. Congratulations Martins and Joy.

      BVs please who knows how one can manage kerarosis pilaris on the skin.
      My skin is so rough and bumpy. Tried a lot of things yet.
      It doesn't itch. Just unpleasant to see and feel. Always conscious around my partner too.

  8. Pheeeew! Finally, these people have written my exams, I can now rest.

    Congratulations to the latest couples in SDKB. God bless your new homes. Happy New month people. I don miss this blog nor be small.

  9. Good afternoon good people of SDK.How are y'all.
    Hot afternoon it is.

    May buyers flood sellers.
    Congrats Martin's,may God bless your union.

    Santa stella,kindly remember me
    Grateful for the gift of life.

  10. Those cakes looks yummyπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
    More sales to y'all

  11. Congratulations to a very good and hardworking BV who is always ready to assist and help others 😊

    Happy married life MARTINS-A-HUSBAND formerly MARTINSABOY😁, your wife is beautiful and you also looked very happy and excited as well from the photo of the occasion, may unlimited favour and grace locate your household bro πŸ™πŸ½, super happy for you πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

    Happy new month everyone, may December be the best month this 2019 has to offer us all in all our endeavors amen

    Also BVs do not forget to vote for SDK on the link our new blog PA dropped on SP this morning...have a lovely day guys 😘😘😘

    1. We will bring the award home here. SDk for the win πŸ’―✊πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Έ

  12. Happy married life to Eka Joy and Martins!
    Woman with twins,please take it easy,combining twins with house chores and job isn't easy, I do hope you have a maid so you won't stress your life out looking older than your age.
    December is here again,may this month favour us oooh
    Good day all

  13. Welcome Ihn ,those Ankara looks very good

  14. hi bvs. My younger sister got admission in Oct this year and was given 3weeks to do clearance and pay school fees(clearance 40k,school fee 160k).i asked a neighbor who is a lecturer there and he said I should ignore the 3weeks time frame given on the school website... My issue is, I don't have the complete school fee to pay now(im her sponsor) I'm looking at this month ending, pls will it be too late and can the school withdraw the admission and give her slot to someone else? Pls I need u people to help clear me on this as I no go school to know how dem dey do

    1. You just said you have a neighbor who is a lecturer there. What else do you want to know from Bvs? Ask the lecturer or are you warming up for the Santa give away with your coded begging?

    2. You just said you have a neighbor who is a lecturer there. What else do you want to know from Bvs? Ask the lecturer or are you warming up for the Santa give away with your coded begging?

    3. Omo this na the highest coded begging ever recorded on this blog... Shuu, who be this person sef??? Your begging tactics na another level o, abeg go ask the lecturer you hear? We sef no go skool, we no sabi as dem dey do for DIA...

    4. If you even mentioned the name of the school, maybe you would have gotten more clarification. Now you have a lecturer telling you yet you want "BVS" help

    5. These Anons though.. She just wanted clarification that's all. Please talk to your sister and ask her to confirm from people in school, sorry we couldn't be of more help.

  15. I love the sign out quote. So true.

  16. Halleluyah!! first IHN for the 1st day in December..God bless all sellers and buyers here...May your market sell..Ahia oma!!!

  17. @school choice please allow her write the common entrance examinations first,get her a good lesson teacher who can teach her after school or weekends. That is what I did for my son. I choose FGC kwali first choice then KC Lagos, eventually he passed and got admission in FGC kwali Abuja. Anglican girls grammar school in Apo is expensive the school fees is over 300k if am not mistaken. Check FGGC Bwari,GGSSS Kuje,GGSS Abaji. Good luck!

    1. Word of faith secondary school Around Area 3,Abuja

    2. Madam, please send your child to a mixed school. Na beg I dey beg. Say NO to single schools please. I don't live in Abuja so I won't be able to provide the best suggestion apart from fleeing from same sex schools. Girls that attend all girls school act as though their body is doing gigigi around boys unlike their counterparts that attend mixed schools and see them as just friends and normal beings. Same for boys.

    3. anonymous 7:02...very very stupid comment...i went to a single sexed school and i am not in any way spoilt, so with others i know...stupid stereotypes that have no meaning...soall girls that went to mixed schools are more disciplined?

  18. Good afternoon my town people,

    1. Dear poster you made a big mistake. You should have told him earlier. As soon as you meet someone and it's getting serious, you need to tell them so they can decide if to stay or leave and that way you are not too emotionally involved. Now you have to tell him as soon as you can. Pray to God and then tell him. If he is yours he will stay and if not o well move on. All the best. Congratulations BV Martins and Eka Joy. I have been away in the Jungle of M.Sc Exams. Good to be back.

  19. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Oh Lord! Grant Us Marriage Without Divorce, A Spouse Without Untimely Death And Healthy Children Without Illness

  21. In House News is here...
    cake advert poster, omg, your cakes are beautiful, i had to save the first picture because i like it.
    The poster with Christmas themed clothes for babies Jesus! you got me rubbing my tummy like a preggo mum to be, i love those babies wears.
    Congratulations to BV Martins, your home is super abundantly blessed in Jesus name.
    Speedy sales to all advert poster.

  22. Happy new month people. Feels so good to see the last month of the year. May we all cross over to the good year alive, healthy & sound. Amen.πŸ˜™

  23. Good afternoon everyone

    Mama Ibeji whose husband is cheating, bvs say that all men cheat (side eyes @ Blackberry) but I don't believe it. It's unfortunate that many of them cheat.
    Confront him with your discovery. Make sure you use condom anytime he decides to come near you until he has been tested and proven to be clean.

  24. How folks think life is a competition with anyone amazes me. Every one to his/her destiny.

    God loves us all. Fact it's working out for you now does not translate God hates the other person.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. So the lady that wrote about doing scrunge work for her hubby’s company ( I think on Friday’s SP) took me down memory lane..

    So this is how I helped my husband build a company. I did all the heavy lifting, the proposals, the ideas, the numbers, the contacts everything. He was the face of it cos you know, I wanted him to feel like the man and besides after we got married and I got pregnant, it was just easier to step back and focus on the kids.. as we agreed zzz

    But even as I was supposed to focus on the kids, I was still doing all of the above. I would groom him before he left for appointments, put him through, everything. We started together with nothing and after a few years, money began to roll in, the contacts were bearing fruits, we were becoming a name. That’s when guy man started changing on me oh. I began to notice he wasn’t so open anymore, he would go out without notice and stay out without notice, he was spending and enjoying life, friends were popping up here and there and he would carry face so he wouldn’t have to explain things. Worse still, he wasn’t open about the money coming in anymore. To even drop substantial sum for house wahala. I tried talking to him, he turned Lord of the Manor on him. I begged, he carried face up and down without cause...I knew there were other women, I thought we had the kid of relationship where we could talk about anything and resolve but this man changed on me.

    I was so heartbroken. We were a pair. I thought we were a good pair. I was so so so deeply hurt and I’m the kid of person that if You shenk me, I’ll shenk you too. So I gathered myself, registered company and started working from home. This man was so far gone, he didn’t even notice. I promised myself that shakara he was doing for me was never going to be forever. I put my whole brain into my business...and stopped helping him . Yes oh, since you are doing your thing is your thing, no problem.

    Now, he is going round the two families talking, I am not even answering them. They say I’m a wicked wife and proud. I’m not answering them. All the hurt you have caused me, you have not said it oh. I don’t even have energy. Now, he’s forming false love and claiming it was the devil.Dude you changed on me so unbelievably 😳

    So madam, your husband is a good man. Build with him. It is a Thing of pride to build with your man especially in this your case where he’s a good man!

    1. Wow some men Sha

      I love the fact that you channeled your energy into building your own company
      Nice one

    2. Wow! Some women were born with correct brain and you're one of them lucky ones.

      I like the way you're not making any noise, no fighting but, your action is speaking louder πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’–

    3. He is trying to deceive you, stick to your plan and never help him again, I hate ungrateful people.

    4. Madam thumbs up for you.

    5. Well done Eunice, well done. You channelled your energy to the right source

    6. Hello Eunice please what kind of business did u do with your company?

    7. Please can u send me your email address

    8. Abeg, leave the lady alone. I am sure she wants to remain anonymous. No need for all thesw enquiries.

  27. Good afternoon everyone much love

  28. Good afternoon all,ihn is here, enjoy the rest of your day

  29. You can go to the school's admission section and confirm from them.

  30. Leave that man alone. Face your twins for now once they start going to school madam you can start your own cheating. Uwa bu ofu mbia.

  31. That cake looks yummy!
    Happy selling guys

  32. Good afternoon everyone, do have a lovely afternoon and drive safely too because Lagos na wa for drivers. πŸƒ‍♀️πŸƒ‍♀️

  33. Bv with twins, please don't allow what you saw break you down, concentrate on taking care of yourself and twins. BTW have you confronted him about this?
    Bv with Emeka as a suitor, I believe you should have opened up about your past before it got to this stage, but it is never late.If he is yours, nothing can stop it. I wish you well.
    Sign out post is so true.

  34. Stella,thank you for advert. I really appreciate Ma.

    Happy married life to our Martins and his Iyawo.
    May customers locate us all.

  35. Congrats to bvs Martins and Eka, like fine wine may union get sweeter and better as the years goes by.

  36. congrats Martin Aboy and Eka Joy...May God bless ur home with plenty money and children

  37. That cake looks so yummy, wish i can get one but not celebrating anything at the moment.

  38. That cake looks so yummy, wish i can get one but not celebrating anything at the moment.

  39. Good afternoon all. Happy married life eka joy and martins.

  40. Congratulations Martins and Eka Joy.

    BV with twins...Just be strong and confront your hubby. I know your heart is really broken. Sending you e-hugs

  41. Congratulations Martin and Joy. May God bless ur union.

  42. Congrats Martins Aboy and Eka Joy.. Wishing both of you a happy married life.

  43. Woman with twins, concentrate on your kids for now, once they grow you can find a sweet boy too to be banging. No time oh! My husband knows this, he knows two can play the game, so he respects himself. No time to check time.

  44. Bv mummy twins, start saving for the rainy day, those our Nigeria cannot be trusted.....

  45. Congrat to the new couples, God your union.

  46. just here thinking of last night with hubby and laughing. we had a cold war going on for like a week cos he annoyed me. i told him what he was doing wrong but he kept on justifying himself so me i was keeping partial malice i give him his food when due and greet but on the bed, every body face their side and make my body no touch yours. hubby didnt reach out to me and me too strong yesterday he reached out to me and i refused saying shebi na as sex hungry you you wan hold me with no i dey tired and not in the mood...he tried touching me all over but i pushed him off, he sha withdrew and for my mind i just say this yeye man no fit beg me well sef. I still refused to reach out still but for my mind i just said conji will finish me 5 mimuites later again guy man reached out and now my mind i just said your fada....i sha agreed and the love making no be here oh. remain make e carry my leg hang for has one foreplay technique with his fingers that sends me to cloud 9..last last the cold war is over for now and life goes on..marriage sha can have drama...15 years and still counting but in all am grateful to God


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