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Monday, December 23, 2019

Monday In House News

Christmas Morning is almost here,OMG! OMG!! OMGGGGG!!!!!....+side eyes*


There is no in house news on Tuesday and on Wednesday......
Tomorrow Tuesday December 24th,the in house news segment will be replaced with a post for buying and selling......Thank you!



Being admired by everyone in the vicinity for his simplicity and always smiling. Mothers pointed out to their sons his kind of personality and how lovely it's worthy of emulation. Steve, not only did he won the affections of people around him, he was also seen as an embodiment of handsomeness, vibrant and energetic young man.

He has lived here over five years and not for a day has it been said he had issues with anyone. Young ladies in the neighborhood cherish his presence, for he's neatly dressed at all time and most especially on suit. Being single, he kept no friends and mostly stay indoor after the day's work.

One evening, shortly after he came back from work, we heard a bang from his house 'gboaaa'!!!! It was a gun shot. As neighbours rushed to know what happened, his door was locked inside. Forcefully, the door was broken and there lies Steve on the pool of his own blood. Suicide? That's what it seems to be. Why would he take his own life? What could have troubled him this much? So many questions but no answers to it.

People go through challenges in life and most times hide it from their loved ones not because they don't need help, they just don't want to be a burden to anyone anymore. Most times, we mask our weakness, heart cry, and pains with smiles and show of strength not because we are happy with what we are going through. Truth is that, most families and friends will travel miles to come bury you but won't cross a street to help you when you need it the most.

Life is a battle field and a good number of persons are not having it rosy. Some have given in into depression, and some as well ended it all. The man or woman you admire so much and wish to be like could be battling a stronger demon. We may not know exactly what people are going through in life, the very reason kindness and being nice shouldn't be far from us.

Envy to one in life, for you may not be able to contend with what they are going through in life. You don't know how they started, what they have been through, sacrifices they have made and the possible end of their journey. Remember, the rich also cry. Strong willed people are sometimes broken by life....

Be the very best version of yourself....



1. If you can't afford NEW CLOTHES, wear the ones you already have. It's Jesus'' birthday and not yours. You mustn't 'out dress' or outshine the celebrant.

2. If you can't afford the kind of FOOD you want, eat what you have and move on. If you don't tell people what you ate, no one knows. 'belle no get show glass'.

3. If you don't have the means to TRAVEL, stay where you are. Jesus Christ wasn't born in your village after all. And your village isn't the appointed place for His birthday celebration either. Any villager who is desperately bent on seeing you, should come look for you where you are.

Of all the things he said, "Do in remembrance of me", Christmas wasn't one of them.
Take life easy and don't stress yourself abeg🤶



Please I want you to ask my fellow BVs where I can do this program, International Vocational Qualification for Care Givers in Lagos and if its available in Lagos state University.



 I want to give 2 pairs of Okrika Shoes to 2 bvs staying in Port Harcourt.

Contact no. 09072300391
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100% quality Shoes @6500 with real pictures as seen.
All available for pickup.
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I Need a Pharmist to run a pharmacy from January/2020. The time is 7am -9pm , from Monday to Saturday, while on Sundays from 2pm-9pm. The location is Lagos Mainland and the person should also live on the Mainland. interested Pharmist should forward CV to



Good day Stella
I want to gift any bv of your choice a 6x7 cotton bedsheets with its pillowcases.
This is in appreciation of all your adverts and contacts I got from your amazing blog.

The bed sheet is in port Harcourt. If receiver is outside Port Harcourt, he/she will pay for the waybill.

The person can contact me via 09072300391.
Thank you and God bless you.


Shoes for sale

Step out in style and elegance with these classy, quality, trendy yet affordable shoes...
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Pest Management and Sanitation
Fumigation: exclusive control and extermination of all kinds of pests.

Evacuation: removal and office cleaning and maintenance of Estates and corporate organizations

Post-construction Cleaning: Evacuation of debris from new and renovated buildings.

Choose wisely
Call: 07050960005
Location: Lagos, Nigeria



Cake your imaginations with SBC, by putting a smile on the faces of your loved ones on their special day as we have different flavours and types ranging from strawberry,vanilla,chocolate,fruit,velvet,and even marble cakes which can be in buttercream, fondant or whipped cream based on your heart desires. Contact us via call or what's app on 08051162411 Location is Lagos as BV get a dozen cupcakes for 5k orders which means for 20k order that 4 dozen of cupcakes


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I am in need of a two or three bedroom flat to rent around Ogba, Oregun, ojota or Agege.
Please, I don't have money for agent fee and other fees.
I want to deal with the Landlord directly.
I can be reached via this email address



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Seasons greetings bvs, I hope you all had a great weekend ... Don’t forget to look good this December,we are here to make sure of that .. Book for your glam now and enjoy this season .

Our studio is at Festac town , Amuwo Odofin,Lagos
Detty December is not complete without a clean beat for that party / event you are going for ...

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send a message or call 08165840821 for more details ...
pictures below



  1. God knows what you’re going to need, when you’re going to need it, and how to get it to you. The problem you’re worried about, God has the answer already in route. The vindication, the healing, the breakthrough, it’s already set up.@JoelOsteen

    1. That Bv with the pharmacy,I hope the money is worth it,shay the pharmacist no go rest???

    2. @ Bbjac, I weak. You want a human being to work 7 days a week? As in every blessed day? Not even one day off? Please how did you expect this pharmacist to be productive?? To put in their best? Haa please fear God and review the hours.
      You can hire 2 pharmacists to run shifts.

    3. Help me ask o. No day off for the pharmacist. People can be wicked Sha. No matter the money, person will work Monday to Sunday? Hmmm

    4. I tire, 7am to 9am monday to Saturday, 2pm to 9am on Sundays. For how much biko?????? This one is slavery.

    5. Hahahaha the 7am weak me aswear. Pls extend your resumption time and also an off day . Who dey work dey rest, even engine of car rests to when the car is parked at a spot.

    6. Isn't it obvious you need 2 pharmacists? Modern slavery at it's peak! Any pharmacist that considers this offer needs to start thinking of leaving 9ja because it means he/she is undervalued.

  2. Compliments of the season to everyone. Ọdún yin a yabo ó.

  3. Welcome IHN
    Harmattan finally in Lagos

    1. Are we still on this.I will go back to Kano o

  4. How can you employ someone to work 7am to 9pm mondays to saturdays and the person will work on sundays too? Some Nigerians are really heartless. And of course, no remuneration was mentioned. If you ask him/her, she will tell you 30k.
    Please think if this person you want to employ is your brother, sister or son/daughter. Do to others as you will like them to do to you.


    1. Real heartless, the pharmacy should have two people that run shifts for that long hours. Wants to use the pharmacist finish.

    2. some people are heartless, if the person is married when will that person spend time with their family. Haba.

    3. I saw that advert there.
      you think Nigerian entrepreneurs have conscience.
      Before you know it, they will convert that Pharmacist to houseboy or driver.

    4. Same thing on my mind,mondays to Sundays na wa....o

    5. No mind himm...he wants a Pharmacist for enslavement, not for employment.

    6. Anonymous are you the one employing them? Please discourage people that want to work,that money you mentioned might be tripled or more. Abeg no spoil show for people wey ready o.

    7. @14:57
      So if you are paid 100k as a pharmacist to work 7am to 9pm mon-sun in Lagos, you consider that employment?
      Your kind is the reason for Nigeria remaining a lame duck

    8. Anon 14:57 go and work and die na! That is why your type will never think out of the box! Kee yourself with work o

    9. This advertizer is just looking for a slave,period!7am ko,7pm ni

    10. @ 14:57 ,it's because of people like you some of these employers get away with evil. People like you would rather keep quiet than speak out when you see someone being maltreated. So to you, because the salary might be tripled (which brings it to a ridiculous 90k) it's enough reason to make someone work for 7 days a week with no break, no time for other things, no work-life balance, nothing! Ah, na wah o! It's not just by getting a job, please pray to work for employers that have empathy and basic common sense. Any employer worth his onions would know a position that runs for 7 days a week ought to be divided between atleast two people working shifts. It's only in Nigeria people get away with this trash because they know no matter the working conditions, human beings who reason like you would jump at it. Mtshew!

    11. Anonymous 14:57, even if he is paying the person 500k a month, the work hours is crazy and only a wicked person can enslave someone like that. Can you imagine, working Monday to Sunday...

    12. It's just unfair. No rest for the employee. I wonder how he/she will be productive. Ma/Sir Employer, kindly review your working hours.

  5. Goodday.everybody.please Martin's how can I open this blog with Glo line.please help me.i am using my sisters phone to send this.thank you.

    1. Hello Anon 14:07;kindly Go to your playstore and download "Touch VPN" OR "Betternet VPN" then open the app and switch to another country like "Canada" etc,then MINIMIZE THE APP so it can be running at the background..

      Open any browser of your choice and you can easily access the blog with GLO..

      You can download "PUFFIN" Browser or "OPERAMINI" or "MICROSOFT EDGE WEB"..

      Also note that puffin browser opens the Blog with or without the VPN;so you can check it out..

      Hope this helps..


  6. I Need a Pharmist to run a pharmacy from January/2020. The time is 7am -9pm , from Monday to Saturday, while on Sundays from 2pm-9pm.

    You sef! When will that person have time for him/herself? Na human being dey work and not robot abeg. Make it a rota between 2 people biko

    1. Sorry but I had to laugh 😂😂😂 @ you sef lmao

    2. She will tell you she is on a budget.

    3. You never vex o.

      When you hear salary, na when you go vex well well.

    4. Some people can be very wicked, all in the name of employment. One employer asked me to be working from 8am to 10pm daily and 10am to 10pm on Sunday. I asked him any shift, he said he doesn't like shift. I asked him so one person will work from Monday to Sunday? He said yes, yet he complained that they steal from him. On how much? 20k per month, I told him sir, I need a job but not slavery. I told him no wonder they steal from you because you are a very wicked person. I left him there in the middle of the interview. Wicked people every where

  7. ihn la hot!!!!!!
    Ho HO Ho!!!🗣🗣🗣 its Christmas in two days time!!

    safe journey to those traveling🙏

    Merry Christmas in advance y'all...

    1. madam u show face today? as dat anon fire u na so u pick race.if all of us dey disappear to appear only during Xmas giveaway how this place for be.
      Giveaway jump and pass u dis time.

  8. #6daystogo
    Hello Wonderful Bvs
    Time to support our own!!!


    Kindly follow instructions below;
    Click on 'NOMINATE NOW'
    directly enter this link
    Under Nomination category,
    Enter your email address
    Enter nominee name 'STELLA DIMOKO KORKUS✔️
    Select category 'BLOGGER OF THE YEAR'✔️
    Enter your valid Instagram account then

    Thanks so much
    Let's do it the SDK way again ✔️

  9. The person looking for pharmacist, is that not slavery? For how much? Your work hours translate to no time for the pharmacist. It's not as if you're paying in dollars. Good luck to the would be pharmacist.
    Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

    1. Don't mind d greedy person, he wants to become a billionaire overnight via overworking someone in a pharmacy.

  10. Good day to us all.
    Merry Xmas to us all in advance,may we celebrate more Xmas on mother earth....Amen

    But as Santa no remember me this year,even data I no get,I know God's grace is sufficient for me. I give the little I have to people especially children but people hardly give me too. I will start praying for God's favour and mercy on me and my family...Amen

  11. Good afternoon bvs. Customers fall on the sellers. Blessings fall on the givers.

    Please, was anyone lucky to win the setee posted on one of the ihn last week? Just an innocent question, biko

  12. Hello bvs,lovely day,I smell Christmas.

  13. Replies
    1. Danny I pray 2020 go be ur yr so u go make money and dos babes wey run from u go look ur side.

  14. Conji Na bastard .how can preeq be answering every question by ladies in the office .nawa o

  15. Thank you very much Ola wealth for the Ankara God bless you. Nkechi

    1. who be this one again..hope say no be ola dey thank himself.sdk bvs nothing wey una no dey do.

    2. Lol @ anon 15:06

  16. Another beautiful day it is. Merry Christmas to everyone. Be happy and enjoy the celebrations.

  17. Good afternoon fellow housemates
    Sunny day as usual in Lagos
    Good sales fall on all sellers

  18. 7am to 9pm Mon to Sat. Then on Sunday that the person suppose rest small 2 - 9pm... This kind of work suppose to be on shift, not for one person.. The worst part is that the salary might not be up to 50k.. People that do these kinds of work are really trying, but remember say body no be firewood..

    1. Don't mind them. And that 9pm closing hour will enter 10 or 11pm eventually . Shebi na chemist? Why don't you do the work yourself? Nonsense

  19. Good afternoon everyone. Market sellers may God bless una hustle. BVs wey collect Santa abeg make una invite me on Wednesday make I fellow una chop Christmas rice. #onelove#

    1. Good afternoon darling
      I just got back home for christmas
      Can't wait to see the surprise on my parents face 🤫💃🤭🤭

    2. If they invite you, will you go? cos i would have loved to invite you

  20. Ekajoy please no carry your bitterness Enter marriage. Your husband looks gentle.thank you

  21. Cakes cakes everywhere, how I wish I could afford one this season

  22. Stella, I am grateful for the cash gift I got from you. Thank you so much. God bless you and yours. May your days and years be beautiful.

    Thank you for all you do for us here. God bless you much more.

    For all the amazing angels on here. God bless y'all so much. Thank you.

    Compliments of the season everyone. Have an amazing celebration.

  23. Yes Good afternoon my beautiful BVs..God bless the givers and receivers..Those travelling I wish you a safe journey...Please be rest assured that Jesus got your back no matter what...Dont borrow to celebrate this christmas, spend within your means..2020 christmas will be better than 2019 own..Can I hear an AMEN and HALLELUJAH?

    1. I arrived safely
      Flight was delayed But thank God for safety .

    2. @Chocolát Noir thank God u arrived safely,enjoy ur stay boo

  24. Good afternoon good people...
    May customers fall on all sellers.

  25. Make I go buy fish and orisirisi for my Christmas asaro

  26. that sign out meme is all i want to be. So help me God

  27. Have been in a funk since Friday after i was debited 49,400 which i thought was fraudulent cos i couldn't get hold of my AO.

    Happens that i credited someone 1.9m since September during my wedding period and i wasn't charged vat until now, at least that's what my AO explained to me today. Now i'm worried of more subsequent charges.

    1. Wow.. Why would d bank take so long to charge for VAT.. Na WA o... This Banks sef

  28. Clear road.. This Christmas is gonna be lit! ��������

    Thank you very much santa Stella for santarizing me. May you never lack.infact, you're blessed already. Thank you, I really really appreciate. And to your P.A, God bless you too.

    1. Yayy! Happy for you Rhoda Baibay, have a merry Christmas.

    2. Amen 🙏
      You're welcome BV Rhoda Rex

  29. Bvs pls can someone point me to where I can get cute baby girls bows and bands for my baby girl's new born photo shoot. I stay in Abuja. Thanks.

  30. This pharmacist job, the boss can get 2 persons so they can run shift. The work schedule nor be here oh😯😯😯

  31. Beautiful shoes up there but my bank account is telling me just look and pass while my mind is telling me pick one.

    The three commandments of Christmas is very correct no need to stress people or begging people cos of Christmas. Everyone has there own problems already. What you cannot afford just manage what you have at the moment, i don't even think i will be cooking rice on Christmas day, what i have i will eat and have enough sleep. It is when you tell someone your problem that they will know, no need to announce your challenge to anyone.

  32. please I'll like to get something straight..I mean no harm..I think when someone clocks another year, for instance as tacha clocks 24, I think it's the start of her 25 years old journey . so should it be goodbye 24...the next 12 months till next year birth date is a journey to 25 years(pls am.i wrong, cos I'll like to know).
    for instance a baby at 0 month old completes 12 month to mark a year old birthday and it ends . the next date is the beginning of another cycle for 2 years until its completed 12 month...
    dont even know if I'm making sense...sometimes I think these things in my quiet moment

  33. 7am to 9pm Monday to Saturday you are very wicked.

  34. I'm just here to thank Castle Windsor for the 8 delicious bottles of zobo she gifted me absolutely FREE.

    I can't thank you enough for your generosity.

    God bless you.

    In the spirit of the season, I'll be giving away some size 8 clothes as well.

    There is such joy in giving!

    1. Awww nice..enjoy dear
      God bless u @Castle Windsor

    2. You're welcome dear. God bless you!

  35. Hi house, how do i connect to this IHN


    1. At the bottom end of this post, you will see sdks email address

  36. Oga Pharmacist;my neighbour said i should tell you that Jesus Christ has already died for our sins..

    Or do you want the person to give their life to you??


    1. I wonder. It means the only time the person will have for him/herself is just a little time to sleep. And maybe go to Church on Sunday morning. Other times will just be for work. The person cannot even function properly at work because of the very long hours. And this is a health related job. Is the employer even considering the employee's well being and his or her ability to give prescriptions and drugs to customers without mistakes?

  37. Bv looking for pharmacist,fear God

  38. Omo that Pharmacy work na die. Why are some Nigerians heartless like this.7am -9pm. That is 12hours of work everyday!!! The person will also go to work on Sunday.Kilode, that is slavery.

  39. See me here complaining of my 12 hour's job which is:6-6,7-7,9-9.
    And I still have off days 2-3 time's per week,and another person is been offered a job of 14 hour's and the person will still resume per Sunday if I am mistaken,haba is too much oh.
    How will the person wash his/her clothes,how will the person have time to rest or hang out with loved one's or even cook na wa oh.

  40. Beautiful shoes!

    Lovely Cakes!

    Seasons greetings to everyone...

  41. Person advertising for the Pharmacy job. How come you didn’t put the amount you want to pay. The hours are long too. You should put the pay out. If someone likes to work long hours, they will then apply. You should consider making it a two man post. They should overlap. That way, they both don’t have to work seven days a week and almost all day. One person can do three twelve hour shifts while the other person does four. I wish you luck.

  42. The person looking for a “pharmist” will get a “pharmist” and definitely not a pharmacist. So with the way most pharmacists are relocating to Canada, you think any reasonable person will take that kind of job from you. They are relocating despite the fact that there’s are even better jobs, now read that your post to yourself again and think about what you advertised.
    You are not ready for business. Go and learn and then come back to advertise. It is a slave you are looking for which you can’t get.


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