Stella Dimoko Police Officer, Dolapo Badmos Advises Against Giving Out Account Numbers For Uncertain Transactions


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Monday, December 23, 2019

Police Officer, Dolapo Badmos Advises Against Giving Out Account Numbers For Uncertain Transactions

This should serve as an eye opener for us all................


  1. This is very sad... Now the man will pay for a crime is knows nothing about and benefited nothing from..

  2. One of my husband's evil friend wanted to use his account details for fraudulent activity. Told hubby he has issues with his bank and someone needs to send 5mill to him urgently and he'll give hubby something. Thank God he mentioned it, the way I dragged his ears and installed fear in him , else he would have given him without blinking. Someone everyone knows is not a straightforward person.Told hubby if he wants to end up in jail, OYO is his name. One can never be too careful cos the heart of man is wicked.

  3. They always do that at ATM gallery...the person will lie that his ATM has expired and let the victim pay into your account so you could help him withdraw. Could remember the day I went to withdraw cash,a man was with up to 30atm cards...he had a paper he wrote down the passwords.A man behind him complained he was wasting time,he went to sit at a place to wait for the queue to reduce.I guest I was the only one that noticed he is fraudulent cos I get sharp eyes.I jejely withdrew mine and left cos I was scared of alerting the security ..he might have had his members around the vicinity. If I die,who go take care of my kids????
    This Christmas is hot in terms of criminality

  4. Thanks for d info!her last line is dope

  5. Good info... anything concerning banking I don't 'help'anybody. Help me withdraw from ATM,I can't use ATM help me to punch in the details (even if u are as old as my granny), I won't help you.

  6. what she is saying is not new. How can you borrow someone your account number when the person can visit any bank of their choice and in less than 2 hours you have your account number. I cannot borrow anyone my account number no matter who you are.

  7. Na waooo this is serious... That was how one guy said he should transfer money in my Account that he Forgot his ATM at home.. i Ask him what Bank does he use The Mumu said Zenite Bank i said Zenite bank is not far from he ooo the Thief now said dnt i trust him i just walker leave am there....


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