Stella Dimoko President Donald Trump Commends Creative Artist Who Drew A Portrait Of Him


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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

President Donald Trump Commends Creative Artist Who Drew A Portrait Of Him

A young Nigerian creative artist has been commended by Donald Trump the President of the United States of America......



  1. C'mon Pres. Don.
    Your words are encouraging but how bout a little pat on the back? Lol

  2. Replies
    1. Why must Nigerians always beg.
      He wanted the president to see it and he has seen it.

  3. Very nice. And being recognized by president trump, he'll go places.
    May God help him to grow.


  4. Such recognition is hugeeeeeee..

  5. Some people are indeed talented

  6. hmm creative indeed..even Trump's vex face came out very fine

  7. Beautiful!
    I am so impressed by his creativity and talent.May he continue to excel and make us proud!
    I love Donald Trump!😍

  8. May His talent open great doors for him. They guy knows his onions

  9. When a Nigerian is saying "he must see it, he must see it"
    What he means is "he must bring money, he must bring money"
    The comments here are already confirming that -"craving money like Nigerians"
    This is sad!

  10. his acknowledgement alone will open doors for him.

  11. He is indeed talented. I pray he succeeds!

  12. Hahah Naijarians. You think it's Naija where politicians will throw tax payers money on the streets and nobody questions them. Donald cannot do that. Every penny is accounted for. And there are consequences for every action. He is currently undergoing impeachment hearings which shows how they hold their politicians, including a President, accountable. Especially the President, accountable.

    But the guy is quite talented and that is a lovely painting. The acknowledgement by Trump is enough. He can start a go-fund-me for funds to go to art school. And I hope all you badgering Trump to 'dash him something' will donate to this noble course. No? Why? Why wait for Trump to save him? Why can't we save him ourselves? Why can't we save ourselves?

    1. What y’all don’t understand with your limited mindset is the fact that the president’s acknowledgment alone, is the greatest. Anyone of trump’s family, associates, etc. can pick it up, someone who wants a favor from the president can also pay it up, someone might also give him GOOD job to do, etc. too many opportunities will now open up for him.

      But. He jones my guy John legend for trump. All because of this?

    2. Thank ypu dear. We forget that atmospheres differ across countries. In western countries it is not about money all the time. The greatest thing the President does for young minds is invite them to the white house for a 'handshake' and 'photo' with the President. That photo is the honor. Nobody begs the President for money. Trump sef expects your government to provide you with all you need to be great. He called us shithole..which is true cos instead of drawing our President, here we are drawing him. That tells a lot.

  13. Nice one... like Tunde said he can make it to the top with just that Trump comment.

  14. he think say dem go give am free visa. he think say them go invite am come white House, come United States chop dinner. Tor, but oga presido doesn't like ur black ass, truth be told.

  15. The guy is talented. He will surely go places with this acknowledgement he got.


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