Stella Dimoko SATURDAY Spontaneous Post


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Saturday, December 21, 2019

SATURDAY Spontaneous Post

#namaste #saturday #coundowntochristmas #itiswhatitis #karamknowsyouraddress #youwillreceivewhatyougiveandwithdoublemeasure #stellaisplaingsantatodayandthenthatsit....

Good Morning!

Christmas don dear finish ooh!!!

I Have something funny to share...while some are looking for money to buy food this period some are looking for money to buy Christmas clothes and shoes for their kids and they don't even have food......

You are mailing me to give you money to buy new shoes and clothes,have i bought for my kids?or myself?

So clothes is your problem?
If you don't have money to buy Christmas clothes for your kids,sit them down and tell them that they will wear what they have and if they have none,tell them they will get when you can afford it.

If you cannot afford rice,buy what you can and stop begging up and down for money to cook rice,haba!!!

Have  a Blessed Saturday......


  1. Good morning and a happy weekend to us all. Xmas is here and i got my alert from Santa Stella yesterday. Thank you Stella for all you do for me and everyone that comes in contact with you. Thank you for the blog, thank you for this space online, thank you for being you.
    May the Almighty reward you much more than you have sowed. Thank you so much. Long live SDKB. I stan for life.

    1. Congrats dear, thanks Stella

    2. Congratulations. God bless Stella

    3. Am I the only one who finds it annoying when someone you are not even close to uses "dear" when sending texts to you or someone younger?

    4. Amen and
      God Bless Stella and all the secret santas
      Compliments of the season family.

    5. I read yesterday night that Chick Felix is here and she changed i.d.babes, u no try at all o we were all worried on the blog that year we stopped seeing your comment and even Stella said your hubby didn't reply all of her mails and at a point she asked us all to move on because only God knows what has happened to you. Good to know you are alive and healthy i guess with an addition to your family 😘😘😘😘😘😘.

      And that reminds me, that other b.v with plenty adopted children I have forgotten her i.d I hope she's good too and chi exotic.

    6. Good morning y'all

      Happy weekend people of SDkville.

    7. It's a great day.
      I have been super busy, Lord I am grateful for strength.
      I can finally feel some Christmas spirit.

    8. Congratulations dear..
      Thanks Stella Nneora..

    9. I also received an alert from SDK last night. This festive period gonna be lit! Stells Mama Mia πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    10. Miss ESS I pray come next year you will also do giveaway like other entrepreneurs did this year. Since I've known you on this blog all you do is take and take and take more. You've never given back. Try and change that mentality come 2020.
      Congratulations on your Santa giveaway.

    11. Congratulations........Stella and the anonymous angels thank you ooo


      1. If you can't afford NEW CLOTHES, wear the ones you already have. It's JESUS' birthday and not yours. You mustn't 'out dress' the celebrant.

      2. If you can't afford the kind of FOOD you want, eat what you have and move on. If you don't tell people what you ate, no one knows. 'belle no get show glass'.

      3. If you don't have the means to TRAVEL, stay where you are. JESUS wasn't born in your village afterall. And your village isn't the appointed place for His birthday celebration either. Any villager who is desperately bent on seeing you, should come look for you where you are.

      Of all the things he said, "Do in remembrance of me", CHRISTMAS wasn't one of them.

      Take life easy and don't stress yourself.

      Just my advice... One love

      Good morning my good people

    13. Congratulations, Santa Stella to the rescue

    14. I don get alert... Na Godwin oh...

      Stella santarized me too yesterday oh. Your barns shall continue to overflow in Jesus name Amen. Thanks and God bless you yanfu yanfu...

      Seasons greetings to everyone.

    15. 08:19 I remember that chick that almost blinded us with her lies she was later exposed.I have forgotten her ID I think it has "nwa" in it

    16. Anon 10:30
      Its Nwa Amaka

  2. Rhapsody Today!!

    Supplanted, Not Supplemented!!
    2 Corinthians 5:17


    "The one who's born again does not have two lives or natures; he only has one, and that's the divine life"

    "When you come to this realization and understanding that what you have isn't a mix of the divine and human natures, you'll cease from the struggles to live right"


    Dear Father, thank you for my old life has been completely supplanted by the divine life, which is superior to sickness, disease, defeat and all depravities that affect the natural man. My divine nature has made me a master over circumstances, with dominion over the world's deplorable systems. The nature of righteousness causes me to walk in your perfect will today, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

    1. Amen, good morning Rhapsody.

      Stella, you were the first person that said those who has benefited from business give away should be given back and trust your bvs na go Dem hear Dem no hear come, they start dragging and calling them out and thank God God is touching the heart of some of them to santarise so I don't think it should be a problem.
      Biko, me sef I need Santa I my life, SDK look my side now my details are correct. God bless you.

  3. Good morning lovelies πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  4. Lemme be the first to wish you all Merry Christmas and happy new year in advanceπŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  5. So, I just read the post where a woman betrayed her best friend by marrying her husband. Things like this doesn't surprise me anymore. Some people are the devil incarnates themselves.

    I missed yesterday's sp, santa, me I'm here o. Remember me, Biko.

    1. Shebi you don finish school, when will you start giving?

    2. Are you not tired of begging year in year out?
      Have they forbidden you in another life to never give on the platform you continuously recieve.
      Some of you are beyond shameless. Disgusting,irritating entitled things.


    “I know that you can do anything, and no one can stop you” Job 42:2, NLT.

    Nothing could stop Jesus from bearing our sins on the cross. Nothing could stop Him from rising from the dead with all power in His hands. After He ascended into heaven, there was nothing that could stop the Holy Spirit from rushing in like a mighty wind on the day of Pentecost. God was determined to reside in the hearts of people rather than in temples made by hand, and there was nothing that could stop Him. If nothing could stop the plans of God then, nothing can stop His plans now.

    When we align our lives with the plans of God, God makes us unstoppable! When we are saying what He tells us to say, and doing what He tells us to do, there is no mountain that can stand in our way. There is no one that can hinder our progress. There is no opposition that can intimidate us from laying hold of God’s promises for our lives. If God is for us, then who can be against us? Because we’re on the Lord’s side, we can’t be sidetracked, derailed or delayed. He is unstoppable, and so are we in Christ!

    Prayer: Father God, You are truly unstoppable! Nothing can stand in Your way and hinder Your word from coming to pass. I align my life right now with Your plans. Help me to keep constant watch over my words to make sure they are aligned with what You have said. Help me to make sure I’m thinking on what You tell me to think on, and doing what You tell me to do. Make me unstoppable in You. Help me to keep myself properly aligned with Your plans. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
    Daughters of the King Devo

  7. Replies
    1. Real as day.

      Even though she tends to be selective...😁

    2. Very real. It might take time sometimes but it surely visits those whom he will visit

    3. I'll say YES!! I've seen it happen. And it has taught me to always please for God's Mercy.

    4. If you ask me i'd say 90% of the time its real, 10% of the time it forgets the returning address, then u get away with it...

    5. I doubt it
      I think the bad things that happen to some bad people most times are just coincidences and not karma.
      That my uncle is still walking free is a proof of this

    6. I'm still waiting for it to strike my ex husband.

    7. No karma anywhere. Especially that one that they say about dating and married men. I dated and slept with uncountable married men while single. Today my husband is faithful to a fault. Handsome, caring, hardworking, Godfearing, loving and faithful all in one package.

    8. to those of you saying karma isn't real, keep your hearts clean. the reason why we think karma isn't real is because we want/expect it to come the way we have it in mind i.e instant evil for evil and so on. God knows and sees everything, and he defines karma in different dimensions, wayyyyyyy beyond our human understanding and comprehension. for anonymous 8:42, it is because God's grace is upon your life, that is why you are probably sounding the way you are right now. but mark my words, if you have hurt an innocent person in the process, you must surely face the music (karma) way or the other!

    9. Stop deceiving yourselves. There is nothing Luke karma. Curses fight people if you curse an evil person who wronged you , but karma? Na lie. Asides curses, if evil befalls an evil person, its a coincidencebjust like evil happen to good people too

    10. Which mumu karma?
      My sister had several abortions before marriage. She had two kids now. My very decent virgin friend got disvirgined on wedding night, I was even giving her tips on how to bear the pain. She is childless after 5years now. Several hospitals and treatments, yet nothing

    11. I believe is real.What my uncle did to me has been done to her two girls.

  8. Good morning bvs and Stella,it's a beautiful morning and weekend, merry Christmas to us all.

    1. Abroadian bv where u dey comot come. When last you chop akpu?

    2. Hey stalker, I don't eat Akpu but I love Amala.

  9. Remember the guy who refused to send his gf a picture of him in Ibadan.
    She broke up with me,I refused to send the picture, and after that alot happened in my trip to Ibadan.
    She was supposed to come to see me Saturday I reached out to her she did not pick up.
    On Sunday morning I called her phone she did not pick just to tell her if we could see cos my instinct told me she was in lagos... Later on she called back and said what's up and hurriedly hung up.
    I was going through a lot because I lost the project I was to get in Ibadan and I was so depressed, my brother called and he came over with my cousin to stay with me.
    Around 5:30 in the evening I got a call from her and she said are you home and I responded I was then she said I should send the address of my place..
    I told her things are not done like I told her my brother and cousin are with me,immediately she heard that she hung up.
    I sent her a text on WhatsApp she ignored it.
    The following day my cousin offered to drop me on the island to see her I called her phone it was not going then it dawned on me she has blocked me from everywhere.
    I asked you a question that what reason would I have not to want you to come to my place?
    You doubted what I told you all thinking I don't want you to come around.
    I know I am at fault I have given you so many reasons to doubt me and that made you think I never wanted to see you.
    No it wasn't, you know how big the project I was pursuing was and losing it was a very big shock to me that got me into depression.
    Have I ever lied to you?
    No I haven't.
    Have I been honest with you?
    Yes I have.
    But the way I go about things and how I complicate issues made you have a lot of doubts.
    I always give you excuses when you ask for anything.
    I told you not to bother to come to my place if we aren't going to have sex.
    That was a very low statement to say,and you know I am really sorry for that.I have really really fucked up, and I know I can never see a beautiful soul like you.
    I know there are no words that can make up for the sadness and pain that I've caused you and while I pray for your forgiveness I do not and cannot expect it. I am prepared and willing to accept that you will not forgive me. I just wanted you to know the truth about how I feel. I have learned to effectively use the experiences of the past to help with my efforts in making myself and my life better.
    I'm sorry babe I know you will see this.

    Please bvs help me tell her that I'm sorry for the pain and sadness I caused her

    Take it easy with the bashing I'm not really in a good place please bvs

    1. This man again. You aren't mature at all.your girlfriend asked to come visit and you told her your brother and cousin are around? Girlfriend, you dogded a bullet. Stupid man.

    2. You are not serious aswear. You have made me come out of my hole. A very good manipulator is what you are. You see wonderful people, you joke with them, you see the unserious ones you do same. Who are you deceiving? My dear you need help. Get yourself a therapist before you put people through emotional trauma. What a pathetic epistle. I can bet with my cornflakes, you haven't changed. Shior! Okoto meow meow skrrrrrrrrr. I know how to put guys like you in their place. A Jo ma ma mu rawas naani. Aye O po. Abeg lemme save my battery for better things. mtcheeeeeeew!

  10. Good Morning Guys!!!!!

    I like TOYIN ABRAHAM, I think she's a good actress but whoever knows her should please tell her to either stop production of FATE OF ALAKADA or make sure it's a BLOCK BUSTER!!!!! I've not still gotten over the mess of ALAKADA reloaded that I watched and now she's doing another one to be released in April, packing actors in the movie..... She should please pity us😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    You see this God??? He's too good, he's too much, he's too faithful, he's an everlasting father, he's the master planner and master strategist, he's the God of the last minute!!!!! He has confirmed as usual that I'm one of his favorites and also a limited edition!!!! Thank You Jesus!!!

    1. That Alakada reloaded ehn, I reserve my comment. To think that I went to waste money to watch it ehn....

      I'm definitely not watching fate of whatever except maybe I get it for free

  11. All we do in life, we do for the love of it. Grant our heart desire oh Lord!!!..

  12. Stella pls preach.They want to show-off to their neighbours and friends. Suffering and smiling.mtcheeeew

  13. Good morning my lovelies,
    I started reading stuff on this blog In november 2019,
    I wanted to get an I.d but wow the fear of being bullied and trolled desuaded me plus I'm a natural skeptic ,
    Slutty Chic made me have an I.d and I'm glad I got one ,
    There's this sense of belonging that comes with having an I.d
    I love it here, too many wonderful people .

    😘😘😘 have a nice Saturday y'all
    I'm watching the two Popes on Netflix.

  14. Note to self:

    Stop expecting YOU from people.


    I can officially feel this Christmas now. Thank you Lord for your graciousness.

  15. Good morning everyone
    It's 4days to Christmas eeeeh!

  16. This Lagos harmattan is playing hide and seek. Just show yourself once and for all joor.

    Foggy out here this morning though.

    Good morning beautiful people

  17. Good morning everyone,join me in giving thanks Christmas came early for me. I gave birth to my baby girl on Monday.

  18. I woke up feeling joyful.Thank you Father for your endless love and grace upon my life and family.
    #December to remember.
    May God grant all those travelling journey mercies.
    Jesus is the only reason for the season.
    Good morning everyone.

  19. Good morning bvs
    It's 4 days to Christmas

  20. So some are thinking of rice, clothes and shoes yet I'm trying to balance funds so school fees can be paid by Jan. 2020.

    Pls if you can't afford a bag of rice, buy 1 or 2 baskets.

    I won something for my daughter early this week. A stranger played Santa through someone and I had to pick up.

  21. Sometimes, your deliverance hasn't physically manifested cos your person isn't ready yet, they have something they're dealing with, or they don't even know they're the one.

    Moses' natural instinct was to protect and deliver people, which is what he was called to do. But his anger was an issue. He killed a man and had to run away, because Pharaoh wanted to kill him (Ex 2: 11 - 15). There was a set time for the Israelites to be delivered from slavery, which cos of their tradition of oral storytelling, they knew was to last 400 years (Gen 15:13). Yet, God allowed 30 extra years; the deliverer was in the wilderness. And unfortunately, some assignments are so tailor-made, that they're just not transferrable - if a person was born for a reason, it waits for him/her no matter how many people suffer or die till the person is ready (Ex 2: 21 - 25; 3: 9 - 10).

    Your problem may be that the perfect record label, job, opportunity, etc doesn't exist yet - except in the spirit of the person who's supposed to create it. But s/he is still abroad and has refused to come (back) to Nigeria, Ghana or wherever you're based. Cold is not allowing them hear God. The ones who are hearing are misinterpreting the nudges of God cos burgers and Dollars won't let them see clearly. Some have night dreams of being where God wants them to be, but keep telling themselves that ancestral spirits are tormenting and calling them back home. They're arguing with God in "amma wanna ganna" and "h'innit"; meanwhile you and your village are dying cos your 400 has passed. You better pray that God does whatever it takes to PUSH your connect to where you need them to be, physically and mentally.

    You may not be married cos your future wife eye never clear and she never repent. Hanty is currently running from the wives of all the married men she jazzed, cos she refused to trust God and she must buy three cars in one year. And to release tension in her spare time, she's smoking shisha with yahoo boys. Ooh you think everyone born to be used by God is already speaking in tongues in a genuine, Bible-believing church? Rotfl. Wifey wey fit your future perfectly fit dey among babes now seeing visions and speaking in tongues under man wey no be you, weyrey-ing in the strip clubs, carrying gun, or showing intestines on the 'gram. Hunkle, do night vigil for the mercy of God to bring her quickly from wherever. If not, you fit remain single or marry a Saul-ess.

    Your change of story won't always be like that of Esther taken from the house of Mordecai (Esther 2: 5 - 7) to the care of a Hegai that's already in the palace (Esther 2:9) and will advise her (vs15) when her moment comes. Or cos you once met a butler who's now in the palace, that will automatically remember you because your time has come (Gen 41: 9 - 12).

    Remember those old Nollywood films where kingmakers and elders suddenly start searching high and low, consulting all the consult-ables to find and bring back the rightful, chosen king/queen - so their land can be healed? That's taken from real life. You can be in the right place at the right time and do all you're supposed to but nothing will change. Cos the person you need has to come out of some kinda wilderness - a Moses whose mistakes have put him where he's content cos he hasn't seen Horeb (Ex 3: 1 - 2), a David who is still too young (1 Sam 16: 11 - 12) or needs more experience even after he's anointed, or an Elijah whose identity you know but whom you cannot yet locate (1 Kings 18).

    1. Wow, I had never thought of this before, thank you

  22. I know a God who's merciful and kind, Faithful and gracious!!

    I'm the apple of his eyes, the thought that fills his heart, every morning noon and night

    He loved me when I didn't care and was patient till I came running back into his arms

    Look how he turned my life around, made me a shinning star, his glory to revealllllllllll

    I will worship him forever
    Love him forever, because.....
    This God is too good oooooooh!!!!!!!

    This song has been on my mind his last night!!!!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I don't know if I'm the only one that is not feeling this year's Christmas, don't know if it is because I'm away from home. The weather here in Lagos isn't helping, no harmattan, everywhere is just damn hot.

  25. Good morning bvs
    I am in serious search of an apartment, so I checked online and found some really nice ones, but a friend advised me not to go the online route cos the rent/ agent fee is always more expensive.
    What do you guys think?
    Please I need answers πŸ™

  26. Good morning my wonderful people ,wow Christmas is here already

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Able PA why do you like posting comments twice?

      Congratulations Mrs gee. you deserve it! and thank God for your life.

    2. I'm not sure u were supposed to mention the amount but what do I know???

  28. Good morning beautiful Bvs,xmas is almost here... Rhoda Rex karma is real even if it doesn't happen to you now it will surely come later... It's the irony of life.... Santa I dey here oh... God bless Stella

  29. Good morning Stella and bvs
    I am here to testify to the goodness of God on SDK blog. Abroad santa came earlier than expected. Thanks ma'am for the alert, may your pockets never run dry, may blessings always locate you wherever you are. Thank you Stella and PA, may God honour you.

  30. Beautiful Saturday morning house. Christmas Christmas Christmas just in few days to come all will be over and we all will rest. Whatever you can afford do buy, what you cannot afford lock because you don't own anyone reasons you didn't buy them.
    The little way you can celebrate your Christmas. Those not begging doesn't mean they have it all but they try to manage what they have instead of bugging people here and there.
    Christmas will come and go, life continues, spend wisely, do not stress yourself un necessary, I am sending you all warm kisses. Remember that after Christmas is.the long January where you have to pay school fees, do not travel just to show off. Cheers πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  31. I just finished reading the chronicle of yesterday now. @ poster pls don't follow the advice of people telling you to go ahead and marry your boo. The end is always catastrophic ooh. Even with CVS or whatever it is still not 100% guarantee. I know of a doctor that married another doctor both As genotype. They claim they've got money,wisdom and everything needed to avoid having SS kids. Hmmmmmm. Right there under our eyes God knows I'm not mocking them,they gave births to two children with SS genotype. My dear all their wisdom, money, knowledge,science failed them and love wasn't enough anymore. Their children were always very sick that they spend months on hospitalization. They flew them to Indian for bone marrow transplant still no improvement. They almost become wretched bcos the wife had to stop working to cater for their sick children while the man's earning was no longer enough to cater for the households. One day I heard the man got fed,relocated to another state got married to another Woman with AA genotype and started his life all over again. He left his wife and ran away when the shit hit the fan. You see the women will always have the shorter end of the stick in cases like this. Most men bails out once the suffering is becoming unbearable.

    1. Good write up @ black diamond but also note that not everybody suffers the same fate, if you must know their are living testimonies even with or without medical solutions, it depends on their destinies. we should all pray that our path does not cross with evil circles.

  32. Good morning my neighbours!!

    I love Christmas!!!

    The smell of new clothes, shoes, new hair, makeup,. Whewww.

    My tailor said I should come Tuesday evening.
    (Jehovah, let it not end in tears biko πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ)

    Thank you God for the gift of life!!!!

  33. If you have a good Mother you don't know what you have. Some mothers deserve to die barren. She has nagged us to death, always unhappy, always ungrateful. Good mothers die early while those disturbing the earth live 1000x longer. This woman has refused the earth having peace. I wonder what damaged her. She can nag for years with out end. Lord we have prayed, endured,advice. Chai! Drops mic, if you have a mother please thank God. You don't know how blessed you are.

  34. Instagram Vendors.

    Why are you always threatening your customers?

    "I won't be restocking! Place your orders now!"

    Who cares if you restock or not? Who are you doing?
    You are doing yourself Hanty.

    Still tommorow you will come with "Back by popular demand"



    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. I won't be restocking indeed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  35. Are Peppa Sparkie and Phoenix twins?
    Same personality, same way of writing.. same talk talk and almost likely profile pic. Are you twin...... or doppel...... 😁😁😊😊😍

    1. You have so much time on your hands, monitoring people's mode of writing. And what if it's one and same person? Mind your business.

    2. I beg to disagree. If they are not posting from the same server they are not same.

      I can tell you 3 other bvs who reason and write like me but No we are not same.

      It is called "sharing same thought processes".


    3. No we are not twins..
      Xhlrted P just answered u

  36. Good morning everyone, Merry Christmas in advance. A quick question please. Is it true that when a pregnant woman makes akara or moi moi, it won't come out well? I remembered sometimes ago, I made akara, it didn't come out fluffy, instead it spread out in the hot oil, but I ate it like that but was told it's because I'm pregnant.

    Right now, I'm craving akara and moi moi, is there anything I need to do to get it right? NB- I need moi moi recipe. Kamikaze please step aside(rme). Thanks everyone

    1. That's not true. I make moi moi plus plus and still comes out nice.

    2. There are pregnant women who fry akara for sell and it comes out nice.My tip for akara is to mix/stir very well with spatula.Wishing you a safe delivery

  37. Did you know?

    Bvgalri is pronounced bul-gaar-ee

    YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) is pronounced eve-san-lou-ron

    Moschino is pronounced mos-key-no

    Givenchy is - zhee-von-she

    Louis Vuitton - loo-ee-wee-tawn

    You are welcome. πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Don't complicate matters for me biko 🀯

    2. YSL when pronounced fast sounds like EvesandLouron🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

      Thanks for the lesson Silky

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      You are welcome Cookie.

  38. Sometimes is good to tell people lies about you so that when they gossip,they argue.
    Merry Christmas in advance Bvs.

    Biko I want to ask,those "small" vendors who close for the year even when they didn't travel,what is the color of their problem? I ain't closing anything Biko.

  39. All these long preachers on SP, do you mind not doing it every day?


    Or SDK make another post titled "Sermon of the day" then y'all can copy and paste the Bible there.

    No vex.

    1. If you don't like it sucre, doesn't mean another does not. If its not helpful to you, it is to others... Hearing the word of God is meant to be 24/7 darling

    2. Lady Diana, carry your Bible and read and stop deceiving yourself.
      24/7 indeed.

  40. Are Peppa Sparkie and Phoenix twins?
    Same personality, same way of writing.. same talk talk and almost likely profile pic. Are you twin...... or doppel...... 😁😁😊😊😍

  41. Christmas be staring me in the face.
    I want a new job as Christmas present. God help me

  42. Good morning house. Please something has been disturbing my mind for sometimes now. I've noticed that anytime I and my boyfriend are at loggerheads and at times I will ask God to speak to me. I'm very sure that night I must see him in my dream either running after me, begging me or proposing marriage to me.
    Can anyone explain to me what this means please. Help a sister

  43. I had terrible cramps yesterday, I'd give anything to never experience it again. Hi BV Prettiest Rose.. how're you guys holding up? God be with us all. My birthday is on Monday & I feel so indifferent. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ Everyone

  44. Time to get out of this bed.

    Y'all have a great day ahead!

    Much love from me to you!

    Yes, You.

  45. Good morning everyone,merry Christmas in advance to you all

  46. Good morning bvs and Stella,

    The year is drawing it's curtain small small...
    Count down to Christmas.
    I can smell Christmas already....

    Thank you Stella
    Thank you Everyone

    God bless all the Angel's in the House...

  47. I smell Christmas but I don't have rice or chicken and I don't mind. If it's indomie and egg, we will eat and be happy. Make gbedu just dey. God has been goooood. I remember how horrible things were for us last year. This year has been better. More miracles will happen. πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ

  48. So perxianus called some people maggots.slow down go about correcting people in a sarcastic manner.Yesterday the anon did not understand the post and instead of correcting her,you made a snide remark.nobody knows it all,stop it.

  49. #8daystogo
    Hello Wonderful Bvs
    Time to support our own!!!


    Kindly follow instructions below;
    Click on 'NOMINATE NOW'
    directly enter this link
    Under Nomination category,
    Enter your email address
    Enter nominee name 'STELLA DIMOKO KORKUS✔️
    Select category 'BLOGGER OF THE YEAR'✔️
    Enter your valid Instagram account then

    Thanks so much
    Let's do it the SDK way again ✔️

  50. Happy weekend all
    Cook what you can afford to, wear what you have this Christmas.
    Thank God for life, when there is life, there is hope.

    1. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    2. Mummy J preach it pls

  51. It's a beautiful and halcyon morning and I thank God that I can see it clearly.
    My aunt just got blind on Thursday and was taken to the hospital. The hospital confirm that it's a long caseries of diabetes that was not treated. So she's confirmed blind now. I'm still in shock. God's name be praised tho, he knows the best for us.

    Have a pleasant Saturday y'all.

    1. So sorry about that. May she see it as a way of God she trust will make her feel less pains.

      Am sure it is because of no money that kept her not knowing she has diabetes.

      May God console you all and try to help her feel loved

    2. Ehhh madam Yori you're sure it's because of no money???? How do you know? You must be a seer!

      TMN, sorry about your aunt. Let her get glucose-lowering drugs and change her lifestyle and diet. It is well with her.

    3. Oh Lord!so sorry about ur aunt's predicament,God help and be with her always..pls surround her with love and care

  52. Lagos is so dusty. My car is a mess. Na car wash get me this morning then take my nieces out.

    I'm cooking yam porridge on Christmas day. I've been craving it and no better day than that day to cook it. Nobody should come visit me biko. Stay your house all of us dey celebrate.

    1. Me I don't use to hear word.

      I will come and eat my own share of the porridge. I like plenty crayfish and dry fish plus uziza in it. Thank you.

    2. Hahaha! Pls send ur address oh,I need eat that yam porridge! Happy holidays dear..enjoy

  53. Please o, it is a matter of urgency. What first aid can someone with low BP take???

    We just found out that my daddy has Low BP this morning. He checked it last night and it was high and he was given some medication, now it is low. Is that even possible???

    1. Just go to the hospital because low blood pressure is scary

    2. The medications is to reduce it but how come it reduced it that low? Seek advice from a doctor.

    3. What medications did he take? Was it self-prescribed? Did he take an overdose? Please see a doctor.

    4. Please take him to the doctor. Low BP is dangerous and stop seeking online prescriptions. Your dad is healed in Jesus name, amen.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It is possible depending on the drug he took. Take him straight to the hospital. It is well

  55. My people, help me thank Stella ooo.
    She gave me a whooping 10k.
    Honestly, it came as a shock. I was with people and when I saw it, I screamed and they were all asking what happened.

    My prayer for you is that in this Christmas and beyond, May God keep giving you miracles that will make you dumbfounded and totally lost for words.
    May you and your family never suffer shame and may your story remain from glory to glory.
    Thank you ma and God bless you.

    Able PA thanks so much. I appreciate.

  56. XP, I read ur expose on Chick Felix yesterday and I'm like, wow! Wow! Wow!

    Why are people so vindictive???? Can't u just leave the blog in peace without drama. You leave then u decide to start attacking Stella either anonymously or with another ID.

    All of u that are always missing people that just up and disappeared, I hope u are not busy missing a wicked person

    1. I was surprised too!! People really have time on their hands!!


    2. Eka... They are numerous, I trampled on that post the way a trailer tramples on a pot hole only to see a bv's comment and I was like what? Had to scroll back. Stella miss Chick Felix bawo?

      She can decide to quarrel with Stella from now till the end of time, her business but she shouldn't drag innocent kids into it. Few years from now, they'll be on social media platforms and will have these things thrown back at them.

      If you don't mind, I'll forward you the pages where she did those and some screen shots. I sweated badly reading those comments then. I don't like drawing blood if not I will be forwarding such to Stella Kork but No. It's better she doesn't know. What I can't stand is missing them? Mbanu!

      Some of them actually think they are in anonymous mode. I laugh in Spanish jajajajaja.
      Their pubic hair is showing some where o. Help me tell them.

    3. XP, Biko send lemme read also, thanks!!!

    4. Which post pls?
      I need to see this

    5. Pls send oh cos I actually believe she and Stella were close

  57. Hey guys, its 4 days to christmas and if you do anything on or for that day that dosent bring glory to God, then you are wrong.
    Your aim should be to gladden the celebrant's heart.

  58. Good morning lovelies. On my way to work, after tomorrow we shut down till second Tuesday in January. My oyibo boss and his family has taken off. As there's no movement in Lagos anymore, he has dashed us his presents in advance and all the goodies at the end of year party tomorrow evening.

    I smelllllll fresh palmy from Afor Nnobi market morning rush. Kai. Wey my people at? Can't wait abeg.

    Nmasinachi... Congrats on your new baby. God bless and protect her. 5 more loading? Kikiki. Na question I ask o.

    Eka Joy/Martins Aboy...congrats on your wedding. God bless your new homes.
    Eka where are photos of the designer wedding gown na, your joy is our joy na, we looked forward to it together. Shior!

    The stress in my veins, only God knows how he will erase it. My cotton green hammock will be my resting buddy.

    Stella Kork...sorry about all the harassment and embarrassment from your so called friends and needy bvs, there is pressure, serious pressure in Nigeria. Do the ones you can and ignore the abuses and threats but know that next year will be worse. The inflation index just tripped and there are no tenable measures in sight.
    Let's pray that no one falls into depression or get overwhelmed by enemy forces.
    Jisie ike!
    My advice remains, FREEZE YOUR INNER CIRCLE. Refresh your buddy list.

    To all Akwa Ibomites, kisses to y'all, watching film clips from the Xmas Carol. You guys rock!


    1. Miss aboki oo. Thanks.
      If not for distance I for carry you go east for Xmas as a follow "sipper" that you is make you shayo with us till you start to sing like a canary.

      I looove xmas

  59. Good morning beautiful people
    It’s almost Christmas πŸŽ„πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ
    May you all have a lovely day

  60. This Xmas is all on God.because Bros J self no wan loud his birthday.everywhere dry.

  61. But Stella, the people you have given money to, do you know what they want to use it for? Did they say they don't have what to eat? People have different problems Sha. My opinion

  62. My mother in law came unannounced this morning and saw my hubby mopping the house, she was surprised nd asked her son y he was doing his wife's duty. So becos am a wife I should turn myself to slave abi I don't deserve the help. Marriage is to make each other life easier not stresss on person.

  63. Good morning and happy weekend
    Thanking God for a brand new day
    Compliments of d season y'all
    Thanks Darlings
    @ChocolΓ‘t Noir
    @Pretty Girlie
    @Mom Ella
    I'm much better today,thanks for ur care

  64. Good morning everyone, God bless us all.

  65. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
    You people should help me and thank bv Push Up ooo. A while back she said she had a gift for me, she was patient with me despite my replying her mails late. I got my gift his morning πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ. Thank you dear, God bless you.

  66. Where is Queen Arabella and German Juice?
    James with his long something. Where is Ghanaman and Money Makes Men....,.Emjay, etc
    XP, King XOXO Mystery, Queen and Boss, you all keep this blog lively. No more disappearing allowed.
    Merry Christmas to all blog visitors and the Best blogger Stella. Make l go sleep.

    1. I totally forgot about Emjay
      Where is she? Since she posted her beautiful new born daughter on IHN, she disappeared, did she get another blog id?

  67. I lost my boyfriend exactly one week ago...

    1. You will be fine .just forget and move on. I have been there. Has he been buried?
      On the day of the burial of my late bf back then, I saw two other girls he was dating, crying at his grave telling him they love him. Now I laugh at my stupidity back then. I met and married my sweet husband shortly after and had my princess. Life is good

    2. To another woman or death?
      Either way, I pray God comforts you.

  68. What of lolo Ideato?

  69. I am up this morning with a joyful heart, so grateful to Stella and her unending love and care towards me and my lil Angel... Christmas will be lit... Anyhow... so far we are in good health

  70. It's gonna be a boring Xmas for just so sad and lonely
    It's just too much weight on my medula oblangata
    I won't mind new friends


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