Stella Dimoko Actress Shan George Slams Her Fake Friend


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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Actress Shan George Slams Her Fake Friend

Social media is a place to let out steam and be or do anything you want to and thats exactly what Nollywood actress Shan George did....She let out steam and called out her fake friend.......

According to her;

'Hmmm, that's how they are calling me mummy, sister, sis bla bla bla, when I want to do things I will be pay you for those things, when I don't pay you, you don't bother like I don't exist, you don't help but I see you doing that same thing that you put me through if I don't pay you, you don't do anything but I see you doing it for free, free for a lot of people

You gladly do it in fact my presence, not like you're hiding but if I don't pay you, you don't do anything
Which kind of big sis or mummy or whatever it is, e don do for you , e don do for you'


  1. Replies
    1. I get where she's coming from.

      You see this thing called friends, hmmmmm. Worse off is amongst women.

      The envy, jealousy and competition is crazy! When you have sad news they are happy so they'll be sending pity quotes

      Manage and have one breakthrough, oyo is your case. In fact they will be praying for other people to see it negatively so you don't get celebrated.

      Funniest part is when you now see them hustling to be noticed by someone they trash talked that don't send them. Going above and beyond to please the person just to be accepted by the person as househelp o, u will shiver.


  2. Year 2020 is not for fake friends.

    1. Shan George is always so entitled. You attract your kind. It's a cycle.

    2. Shan George is always so entitled. You attract your kind. It's a cycle.

  3. Abeg, make we hear word. Why not talk to the person and tell him/her what they are doing that you don’t like.

  4. I hate posts complaining of fake friends. When una dey do suuusu una no kukuma call us ooo.

    If you are a grown person especially a woman take Cookoe Lyons advise and CHOOSE THOSE WHO CHOOSE YOU. If theybfuck up, just take off quietly like a Boss

  5. Just like we have seasons that come and go after their time so we too have in human beings (friends,colleagues even family). Nothing lasts forever in this life.
    This 2020 always quietly sing this song- bye bye to yeye friends oo😂😂😂

  6. Madam your entitlement mentality is too much . No one owes you nothing. You whine a lot.

  7. I learnt something on Season 3 eps 16 of Madam Secretary, where they brought a ailing Dalai Lama and other bhudist monks to the white house. I learnt about "Fluidity", not holding on to anything too hard in this life,that way you can move easily. Only God deserves that total devotion. The way they took their time in making that colorful sand design on the table/board, and in the end mix it all together!!!



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