Stella Dimoko Chicken Kills Its Owner While Trying To Escape...


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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Chicken Kills Its Owner While Trying To Escape...

Well,actually it is a Rooster.....

50-year-old man in India was killed when he was sliced in the neck by his own rooster while on the way to a cockfight......

Saripalli Chanavenkateshwaram Rao — a father of three — died of a stroke after being transported to a hospital when he suffered the cut from a razor tied to the animal’s claw on Jan. 15, officer Kranti Kumar said in a statement CNN.

The fatal injury occurred when the rooster tried to escape, Kumar added.

Rao was from a village in Andhra Pradesh, a state located in south-eastern India, and frequently attended cockfights in the area.

A centuries-old practice, cockfighting involves placing roosters in an enclosed pit and having them fight to the death, according to the Humane Society.

The animals who survive suffer excruciating injuries, such as punctured lungs, broken bones and pierced eyes.
Because handlers attach sharp steel blades to their rooster’s legs, some have been killed when the bird inadvertently cuts them, the group said.

Many countries have moved to outlaw the inhumane event, including in the United States, where it is a felony to participate in cockfights in 42 states, the ASPCA said.


  1. Serves him right. He wanted the rooster to go fight to the death but the cock had other plans.

  2. The story dikwa somehow.
    Weird weird things na-happen kwa na India. Na wao!

  3. The chicken came home to roost.

  4. Looks like some species of living things ain’t taking things lightly anymore. The Rooster got tired of those cuts he gave his fellows. He decided he will teach its owner how it feels to turn the blade on him.
    Na so fish sef jumped out of the water and pierced the young boy right in his neck. Be vigilant people! Some animals don de vex.


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