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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....

Na wah oh..........


Hi Stella,

Please I need your Bvs opinion on this issue, especially those who have been in similar situation directly and I will be sending the responses to my siblings as well.

My father raised us all alone while my mother is still alive but living like a single lady in a big city. Finally after 20 years of separation, the divorce has now gone through. He was hoping she will change her ways and come back but she never did.

She will poison our mind against our father eg. Saying we should never let him have peace, the boys should ask for their share of property, she wishes him dead, he is generous to strangers and widows which pains her soul, etc. 

She never visited us at secondary school or university mind you. She watched us from afar. Now my brothers have been insulting our dad and telling him it's better he dies now than remarry. One if them said they will follow him to anywhere he goes and kill him. 

Mind you 2 of them lives in the family house. One of them who is married with kids can't even open mouth to tell them that marriage is beyond se#x and property because of greed and Selfishness.

5 of us the children from this marriage are all graduates and some married with kids, others finding their career path and fulfillment. My father trained us all 100% emotionally, financially, morally. 

She gives some money to any of the kids who come across her way to find her or visit her as expected.

The question now is : Is it wrong for my father to want to remarry again? Are there any bad consequences that follows after he remarry?
He is scared for his life as the children threaten him always.

When do children start threatening their father not to remarry and threatening him with death? This world is sad.
NB : He said he will only marry an older woman when we are grown up till this stage. A woman who also needs companion and love as he does. Dad is in his 60's age.

I don't know why my brothers don't want him to remarry for fear that the new wife he will find will take their father's property and cause dis-unity in the home. 

I know mother has planted that rebellion spirit in them all this while.
For me, I support whatever it is that will make my father happy. He is an adult and my father too. He deserves all the good things of life after sacrificing for us to be someone fulfilled.
Bvs in similar situation, how did you manage?

Men threatening their father not to re-marry?for what nau!!!


  1. This story is not complete.
    They cant just rise up and say he cant remarry.

    1. It is possible so that the man will not will his properties to another woman and his children

    2. He gave those boys way too much power!

      He should sell off ALL known properties, acquire a few and settle them (even if it's 1million each)

      Then warn them to stay away that he wants to reorganize his life for old age.

      He can get the law involved

      Lastly, he can marry after this.

      Why does he even fear them? For what na?

      He should also go close to God; he's really acting like he's inside bottle in bar beach.

      God help him

    3. Ungrateful and entitled lot. He cared enough to not marry till you were all adults. He should just sell off all his property and enjoy the money as the fruit of his Labour since those 2 are so entitled.

    4. Let your dad put his properties into a trust abeg.

  2. Just negodu. Pls pray for your Dad and siblings. They should move on with their lives. Even though the Bible iIs very clear on not remarrying after a divorce

    1. Very foolish stand. So it's better to be commiting adultery upandan bah? Poster,let him remarry pls.

    2. Stop reading the bible upside down

    3. Who's this one with an up side down thinking and interpretation..

  3. The man should be allow to remarry. He's really tried his best waiting this long

    1. Poster, advice your dad to sell ALL his properties or better still, use them as bank collateral, collect the money and see himself to a luxury retirement as well deserved.
      He can choose to travel on vacations and enjoy life experiences he denied himself raising you entitled and ungrateful lots. Now while alive, let him start donating to charity and helping the needy.

      I personally have no plans of leaving inheritance to my children. All I owe them is dual citizenship, sound education, sound parenting and prayers.

  4. Your siblings are lazy and damn entitled. I feel so sorry for your father but the truth is your mother will still reap from the seed of discord she has planted. Instead of them to pray to have a family that they can care for, they are busy fighting for what they think belongs to them. This is why most people don’t delay in remarrying after a divorce or death of a spouse. Since you are in support of your father taking a new wife, then have a talk with your brothers and let them know that your father has done right by them by giving them an education.

    Most men would have remarried and not cared for them. Also, call your mother and perhaps talk to her if she has a conscience she’d call them to order as well. What else do they want from your dad? Well you dad is a softie because if a child I gave birth to threatens me for trying to create new memories, they’d see the four walls of a cell and sign an undertaken that if anything happens to me they’d be held responsible. Sometimes, gbas gbos is the only way.

    1. Poster don't take lightly what your brothers said to your father..Convince your father to report this to the police and ask for a restraining order..Imagine a mother planting the seeds of discord amongst her children..To what end please?? You guys should learn to live your lives and leave your father alone..Yes he needs companionship as he is human that needs love and nuturing..It is well with your family..All the best..

    2. I was going to say the same thing, your siblings are LAZY!!! Person wey get money no dey fight for this nonsense . May we not meet unfortunate people in our lives IJN

    3. Doppleganger God bless you, the poster's siblings are indeed shameless, in this age and time where young folks are working hard to put their lives in order and leave something tangible for their children they are harrassing the poor old man, he should involve a lawyer sell off his properties, share them some meagre amount and rock life with a new wife till he dies, nonsense!

  5. Na wa o. Things dey happen. He should file a report of threat to life at the police station,nonsense!

  6. The boys were instigated by their mother even though she abandoned them, that is women for you, after they would flood the internet with cryptic posts.The man should consider his comfort and remarry, everyone will be alright las las

  7. Sorry, your mother is manipulative and your brothers are pussies.

    That is the summary of my advice.

    Do what you can for your father, when time comes to stand before any judge be it in heaven or on earth, you can beat your chest

  8. Your sibs just want to send that man to his early grave. Lack of companionship kills people at that age, from over thinking they start having HBP.

  9. If your dad wants peace, he should pursue those two idiots staying in the family house.

    Let him report to the police about threat to his life and also tell his umunna the happenings around him.

    Your mum is carrying out a wicked vendetta and really poisoned her boys.

    Are they Christian? Do they hear the word of God. I don't think your brothers are believers in Christ. They are just Christian who don't allow Gods word work in them.

    Your dad is very free to marry. Wished he marries a woman that will put your brothers and others in their place. I will pray for him to see such woman

  10. They men abi boys should hustle and make their own money and leave their father's money and properties.

    Your dad seem to be like a good and quiet man. If it were to be a rugged man, I don't think those boys who have refused to be men will have the liver to threaten him.

  11. When you marry wrongly,it eats so deep.
    The boys are scared of Ur dad marrying a gold digger
    He should set them up and send them away

    1. So you see nothing wrong with grown men threatening their father's life over the man's own properties? Just negodu.

      What do you mean by "set them up"? The father owes them nothing!!! He has trained them to adulthood.

  12. What a shame!!!
    Your father waited way too long to think of remarrying. Haba!! Being with such a terrible woman is draining and to think your father waited so many years thinking she would change. I really don't get what your father did to warrant such treatment. How about her kids, did you offend her too?
    Your mother is a wicked woman and I reject her type for our brothers.
    As for your brothers, they have no shame....behaving like women. Mtchewwwwwwwwww.
    How dare they threaten your dad?
    After everything your dad did for you guys, is this how they repay him? Whatever it is your mum did to turn their faces against your father, soon it will expire and she will be shamed.
    Responsible mothers are doing everything they can to make the home front stable, instead she's scattering hers. She Will reap what she has sown.
    Your father should go ahead and remarry and enjoy life.
    He's wasted some enjoyment time already. Why must he suffer and deprive himself of the good life cos of some selfish wayward woman?
    First, your dad should go to the police station and make a report about the threats on his life by your brothers. Secondly, he should kick your brothers out of his house. Grown men like your brothers, what are they still doing living with your dad? Lazy ass men ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿšถ


    1. Slutty, you don't know that the mother is a wicked woman because we don;'t have all the gist and what led to her leaving the marriage. Some men will rather die than for you to take their kids when leaving them.

    2. We also do not know that she is truly the one manipulating the boys and if she is, what is her reason. with one sided gist it is always better to give objective advice rather than getting emotional and judgemental. I come in peace and love.

    3. Tell your dad to sell off some of properties and relocate to another country even if it is Ghana

    4. Anons, we don't need to know the gist to know that she is a very wicked woman. What on earth did that poor man do to her that is unforgivable? Did her own kids offend her too?
      Of course she is manipulating the boys. She hasn't been around for them, the least she can do is tell her kids to allow their dad remarry. That man is such a wonderful man to have stayed 20 years without remarrying. He did that out of love and respect for his family. Trained the kids just so they can be better people.
      Those boys are lazy, selfish and wicked. Their dad should sell off his properties and relocate.
      No responsible kid waits around to inherit parents properties. They want their own,parentz own should be like a bonus.
      Their father has his own life to live, they should let him be. Wicked sons and mother. Mtchewwwwwwwwww. I go in peace and love too ๐Ÿšถ


    5. SluttyChick, you are right. Mum is wicked and manipulative without mixing words.
      If they want their father to share his properties while alive, what will he lean back on?
      That's their main fear not to want Dad to remarry, Bcis of their selfish interest, themselves. I have spoken to them, but all my brothers think of is one directional schemes for their personal benefit.
      I will make sure the threats are reported to the police just in case.
      Thanks everyone for your opinion.

    6. Anon 22:27, please do that ASAP. God bless you.

    7. Which gist are you waiting for? The woman didht contribute to their education AHD e father did everything 100% AHD you're asking for aside of the story, are you thinking deep at all @ anon.

  13. Can't the boy reason like men. Why allow you mother to poison and keep poisoning you. They should grow up already. I wish their father would remarry even the mother if she so desires. Loneliness is not good and should never be encouraged.

  14. Well, if he's scared, he can always have a concubine.

  15. Poster, you are a darling ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—
    Your mother is a typical Naija girl ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ scatter, scatter woman
    Your brothers are greedy and deviant money grubbers ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    This is what happens when a Naija girl sow seeds, it will germinate,
    grow, mature, become bitter and defile many.
    The way to go is to get your brothers into dialogue and find a common
    ground ...e.g. transfer whatever property they crave and leave the new wife
    out of it (with liquid cash in joint accounts in banks with you poster as the next of kin perhaps -that is when they marry).
    Let the brothers understand that all he needs is happiness and to live his life in peace.
    Naija girls bikonu jirinu nwayoo -make una carry softly o. This life is like a vapor.

  16. One word: greed. They want their father's property for themselves and if he remarries, it means their expected share will reduce.

    Your father should cut them off. How can children be threatening their father's life!

  17. How come they talk to your mom who abandoned u guys? Pls reply

    1. They quickly rushed to her side because they dint want anyone to share their father’s properties with them. They dont want him to remarry. A man trains his children single handedly and the boys think this is how to repay him? Well, thank God they are men too. Whatever you sow, you shall reap.
      Your dad should do whats best for him. He has really tried. I dont think he needs his sons’ opinion again.
      Your mother should continue o

    2. Poster : because they want to and they're senseless.

  18. Let your father do what he wishes to do, nothing will happen.

    In case of doubt, let him go update his will.

    For those brothers, let them be.

    The child that says he/she will not let his/her parent sleep, the child will not sleep also.

    Fear no one..!!

  19. Your brothers are fools. Entitled fools who won't work but will depend on their father's property. They will miserable later in life.

  20. Your mom has really poisoned your brothers mind against your poor dad.. What a mother from heel..

  21. Poster I can't begin to imagine the kind of trouble your father must be receiving from your brothers.
    This is what happens when you harbour grown men in your house when they ought to be living on their own and fending for their immediate families.

    If I were you I would suggest that your tell your father to distance himself from them for a while, meaning he should stop discussing his immediate plans with them and also TELL THEM TO MOVE OUT OF HIS HOUSE THEY ARE FCUKING GROWN MEN FIGHTING OVER THEIR FATHERS HOUSE.

    Keep praying for your dad and ensure that all your elderly relatives areally aware of their treat to harm your dad because you never know how serious they truely are and as for your mother warn strictly about her plans to destroy your family and how she will be held accountable should anything happen to your father.

    LEP ☺

  22. Poster ur Dad is a good man judging by ur chronicles, for him to stay this long without remarrying says a lot..he wanted u all to be well grown before bringing another woman home
    Your Mom have successfully poisoned d minds of ur brothers hence there outrage! Pls and pls keep praying for ur Dad,at this stage of his life he needs companion, someone to talk,laugh and walk with,trust me it keeps them young..
    Your brothers are just scared cos of ur Dad's properties,pray to God to turn their heart of stone and give them d heart of flesh
    Wish ur Dad well

  23. Poster, your mother is an evil woman and has poisoned the heart of your siblings against the man that raised them and that is bad.

    As for your siblings, they have the sense of entitlement, they should be ashamed of themselves for not working hard to also own numerous properties, they are instead waiting to inherit their father's properties.

    Tell your father to get married, will his properties to the children that is giving him peace of mind and leave a portion for his wife too.

    As for your mother, she will reap her rewards very soon. The evil that men do lives with them.

  24. Its normal to object to a new wife for your dad by your brothers but the motive and the way they are going about it is WRONG,threaten him with death??too far!!!
    Assuming your mom was in the picture and baba just dey find young blood ni ehnehnn.....

    1. It's not normal to object to the mans wishes, they are not kids.
      Try and let's be logical, the m has done nothing wrong by trying to get a wife.

  25. Your father should sell all his properties and ensure he enjoys his money himself. Let your useless brothers go and work

  26. Your brothers have heaped curses on their head by threatening to kill your dad. It will only take the grace if God for them to get to your dad's age.
    Poster please tell your dad to report your brothers to the police.

  27. Unfortunately your siblings are lazy and they're trying to bring curse upon themselves. They want to become wayward in life. Your father has done his own part as a father without their mother, I think they should appreciate him and let him be. If you ask me, i will say they should take their mind off their father's properties and fight for their own and be responsible rather than going after their father's property and his decisions. He's their father, they should accord him that respect.

  28. If your brothers are afriad that your dad may will everything to his new wife is normal, all your dad need to do is to explain things to his children, I guess he trained you all and helped you get something tangible doing. If he has done that then your brothers will are so selfish that they don't want your father to be happy. They should allow him marry another woman that will give him joy, he should not marry a young woman that will birth more children for him. If you make it in life what is the big deal on your father's property? They should free the old man to marry another wife since your mum is not ready to be his wife, are they saying they are not sleeping outside with different kind of girls? Is better your dad get married than go outside and sleeping around.

    1. They should go AHD hustle and leave the man with his properties, he has trained them, they should go and fend for themselves.

      My father shared all his landed property with the girls only, he never give guys anything and no one complained about it till date.
      I shared his thoughts, he want the men to fend for themselves.Probably he believed the girls might not be entitled to their husbands properties.

  29. I know one very rich man that didn’t acquire any property, just one old house and one old model car, his reason is that he doesn’t want his children to start war over his properties that all he owe them is good education and good parenting and it’s all starting to make sense now
    Poster tell your dad to sell all the properties , give them their shares and bid them bye bye he can even rent an apartment he will live with the new wife

  30. It's sad that this is what your father is facing... We dont know why your mom left and refused to come back but you dad deserves a better life and happiness. Your brothers are naive to treat him in such a way and they shouldnt forget that one day they might find themselves in such a situation. Your father can as well settle them if that will calm them down and move on with his life. What goes around comes around!

  31. Your brothers are too ungrateful. Your dad gave them so much leverage. My dad and my mum separated and two years later he was married without permission. The woman just started living with us. Your brothers want a woman who they will live with and be happy. Why can't they allow your dad to be Happy? Do they know how lonely it can be when you don't have a companion? Your dad is a wonderful man. Unlike most men that run away from responsibilities, he trained you all. He deserves an award. His type is rare

  32. Poster, I don't know how to pray for you here but in my heart, I'm praying for you, you shall obtain favors from God aad every Human beings that cross your path..
    Support your father, that's why God planted in that family as a girl to be a pillar for your dad.
    Stand with him always

    I pray God should give me children, girls that's a deep thinker like you.

    1. Poster: thanks Don. AMENN to your prayer. *Deeper thinker* truly that's what I am.

  33. please your dad should make a formal report to the relevant authority(police) those bunch of boys must sign and undertaking, please let it be on record.
    He's your father and your brothers are family but one need to protect himself biko.
    Continue being wonderful and supportive to your dad.

  34. Your Dad is the calm type, make them come try am with some Dads, them go go prison. Let him remarry well, his property is for him alone.Let everyone go and hustle. Let him call family meeting with a lawyer and security operatives. Tell everyone that he i selling off his properties and everyone shud go and hustle for themselves afterall he has given you all education. Let him relocate to another area and marry again, he deserves to be happy.


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