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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



I am a married woman.Been married to the best(though naughty at times)
husband for eight years now and we have got four lovely and
intelligent kids.So,why the chronicles baa?this is it........
My husband is the second guy I would ever date.My first boyfriend was
so rough in bed as in all the strength that Samson had can't be
compared to his when he is in action*winks*.............
Anyway,I left him for
some reasons and got hooked up to my husband later.My husband happens
to be brave,intelligent,handsome and witty but guess what I found


Ain't funny right;but I got used to it.(After foreplay,he comes in and voila he is out after 1min,25 seconds,he kisses me,and then we cuddle to sleep).I knew it
was a problem but I didn't know how to tell him because I didn't want
to bring down his ego.So,you know what I did?I endured.I usually enjoy
it sha!but its just that the Ecstasy doesn't last long.Through this
format;we had our four kids.

Fast forward to three weeks ago,we had a major quarrel that gave me an
opportunity to say nasty things to him.Though we have been quarrelling
in time past,this one was exceptional because it involved the use of
vulgar words.Trust women,I became a chatterbox.I abused him to the
point of saying he doesn't last long in bed.

Let me quote myself"Look at you,I have been pretending I enjoy you for the past eight years,you don't last long in bed.I don't even orgasm.In all men,you are suffering from premature ejaculation".B.v's you needed to see his
face,that actually touched him because his countenance changed to that
of a baby who wants to cry.

He stormed out immediately........Heheheeeeeeeee;I
felt like the boss.Two days later;we settled.Night time came and it
was time to bond again.He started the caressing and then penetration
followed.There I laid knowing that after two minutes,it would be
over.Lo and behold,the thrusting continued sotey he asked for another
style,then another,then another,another again,then he came.I couldn't
move.The whole show lasted about 15minutes and Two hours later;second
round begin.Gosh,after he came,I left him to sleep in the living room
scared that third round would follow.

Una mehn,from then till date,my husband would texted me in the evening
or afternoon to prepare for the night session(that is what he calls
it).And when the supposed night session begins,the event no be here at
all as Na from one style to another before the overcharged P would
look innocent.

Abeg,Stella,I guess I have got to re brand myself for this my husband's
new status right.I want to be ready for him(he has now been
transformed from two mins to 20mins).So,what is the ideal thing to do
or what is the ideal drugs to use?Abeg helep me ooooo!

SMH at the Chronicle........Madam abeg enjoy yourself and beg your hubby not to take Viagra oooooo.
I dont know what advice to give you inside the enjoyment you dey


  1. My fear is, what's he taking that makes him last long in bed now compared to before? Yes, there are men who are naturally active that can long 20-30 minutes without Viagra, but this was not before for your husband, you should be worried about his health and discuss this with him

    *Larry was here*

    1. Hmmmm I hope he is not into hard drugs to please you in bed? When he overdose and die while pleasing you in bed, hope you will remember you pushed him into doing it. Because you knew he was a one minute man and you married him like that. I can't imagine how a man will translate from one minute man to a 20 minute man within 24hours. Just talk to him to avoid being a widow soon.

    2. she want to get new moves to win the challenge with her husband instead of becoming worried of his health.

    3. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'9 January 2020 at 15:41

      I feel like slapping this wicked woman walahi, when you finally kill that man I go see who ll please your selfish desire, unrepentant selfish mother after four kids. You still dey shine teeth dey ask us how to prepare for the next activity abi. Tell his people what really happen when his health goes south.goodluck to you Madame kaikai a.k.a.'ogogoro mistress'

    4. Madagm I beg u, go and learn CPR o. Na cardiac arrest b the next thing! Always keep a bottle of water b4 action. I hope u have an ambulance nos handy

    5. Lol @ he stormed out and I felt like the boss. Women our mouth too bad.

    6. Stella like you know.......if he is taking viagra consistently, poster it is more of a problem than enjoyment. I am sure you want him to live long.

    7. I don't know the advise I will give you Inside this enjoyment you dey so" Stella eee ������������ hahahahahahahahaahahah

    8. Your husband is taking something.
      You ought to be scared than happy.
      Please have a talk with him and try to prevent him from the "magic" that keeps happening to his John thomas.

  2. Greedy woman, you are not worried your husband might be taking something that might not be good for his health right?

    1. The man will just die of heart attack right on top of you.

    2. Poster your husband don obviously go meet those aboki to give am man power medicine. wow.

      my dear better ask him. stella is so correct. na wa.

      Stella we have teenagers on this blog. 18plus should be put on post like this biko. hian .

  3. Foolish woman!!! So you don't know that these drugs have very nasty side effects? So long he can last on you for over 20 mins, you are good, you don't care how the drugs affect his health?
    Telling your husband how you have never enjoyed sex with him in all the years you have been married was so insensitive of you. "hehehehehehehehehehe you felt like a boss" can you hear yourself?
    You hurt your husband terribly and made him feel so small that he had to go out to do stuff to become a champ in bed. Mtchewwwwwwwwww.




    2. The man will soon slump and die of heart attack on top of her while having sex.
      Stupid woman..

    3. She's so heartless! You don't bring a man down like that. Smh

  4. this poster is so funny,I was laughing hard while reading through ...for your husband to come back hard , those words must have really hit him..madam, please talk to your hubby and ask him the secret of his "new status"...your hubby might be taking something just to please you... ask him now before it's too late

  5. Not all premature ejaculation is because the man's penis us no good, sometimes the man is so turned on or so in love with his partner that he just ejaculates spontaneously. In your case there was never anything wrong with him physiologically, seem to be he either had a mental block or got so used to quick ejaculation.

    1. You have a point here.
      In retrospect... i had a college girl with the sweetest pussy ever, i dont know if she puts Onga in there after bathe, but i cant exceeed 5mins with her, i can struggle to the finish line of 10mins only if im wearing a condom, ofcourse she tagged me a 1min man, i didnt care... as long as it was beyond my control, her boobs were so upright & pointing, u can use them to scratch recharge card or assume theyre warning you "Be careful"...
      Just as i was almost losing sleep to the believe i cant last in bed, i crossed path with another, cute looks tho but didnt turn my blood red & hot at nude sight, i found myself pushing 20-30mins.

    2. What do we call a man who doesn't cum after 5 to 10 minutes of first round?

    3. We don't bother to do second round in my house because my husband's 1st round is minimum of 15 minutes, and that's all. There was a time I jokingly asked for second round, he told me he's tired and I should allow him rest, na so he slept, me sef can't stand it. So anonymous 15:33 some men are naturally talented

    4. Fifteen minutes sex and she's tired?!
      Where una dey see all these weak men. If a man can bang for straight thirty minutes without enancher, for first round, throw him away.. πŸ˜‚

    5. Don, that's all you can offer! Sex sex sex!! Yeye!!

    6. Anon 15.08 and Macbeth. I learnt something today from you guys. Got married as a virgin, hubby dont really last like that, but I'm not concerned cos I still feel pleasured within that short time. My point is he says I'm so tight and sweet that he cant control himself to stop ejaculation. He says he doesn't know why, cos he stayed long with the girls he banged in the past, and he never experienced premature ejaculation with them. And He is not lying about that, I read all most of his messages with his exes, so I know.

      Thanks once again for sharing.

  6. You wanted big dick energy, now you have it. Get yourself a lubricant and ointment for the sores because you MUST collect. ☻☻

  7. You've pushed him to resort to a sex enhancing drug for sexual performance... disregarding the endless risks involved, all to win his macho ego back, which you put in a blender, lady, that was below the belt punch and u should be disqualified if a referee was present.
    Lets hope he doesnt pass out on you, while pumping to china.

  8. Madam, with your caustic mouth you've pushed your husband to viagra and co!
    And you know the side effects -at least you should be familiar with cardiac problems e.g. heart attack (in layman's terms). So when he "kpeme" (God forbid and not a wish) know that you share in the guilt.
    And you had the gut to say "trust women..."
    Mbanu nne -"trust vain Naija girls.." who lacks discipline and christ-likeness to cuss their husbands and think that all women do same. By the Grace of God, I have lived for more than a decade with my husband and through the times of dating and marriage, we never quarreled or used bad words on each other. I had to say it here to let you know that not every marriage has a woman with a caustic , acidic tongue. It is a deformity, a defect of the sinful nature which is only taken away when one imbibes the teachings of Christ to discipline the flesh.
    Nne change your ways, repent and let the Spirit of Christ lead you to life in abundance.
    Ekwuchakwa m -ndi uta are free to shoot (not shoot off o).

    1. It's just bad upbringing. It's not normal to curse out people let alone someone you say you love. No matter the disagreement in my house, I have never called my sibling stupid, idiot or cursed them out because of something. So, I can't do same in my marriage. It's a character deformity.

      See people thinking it's normal.

  9. Your husband dn upgrade, he had to look for solutions to it... Abeg enjoy your husband joor

  10. You have a bad mouth and you are stupid to tell your husband that. Just know that he is patronizing something and when the thing will show, remember to write another chronicle.
    Foolish woman. You've started the destruction of your marriage.

  11. Lolzz obviously taking Odeku and Baby Oku Manpower..All of a sudden change...Enjoy offer while stock lasts..Jisike

  12. Careful what you wish

  13. What a transformation.... Allahu Akbar

  14. Madam !mental stress can cause a man not to last long or even get erected for sex.. according to studies after foreplay (1st roumd)its normal for men to cum interval of 2mimts then other rounds he will surely last longer (15)( me on the 3rd round I don't even cum again till the lady do ...........) but its crazy our women of these days talk their husband into taking Viagra or using spray to enhance their sex life. will you be happy to see your spouse hit by strokes as a result of taking those substances?

    stop Shaming men who doesn't last longer I think is better you both set the bar higher for "foreplay" & seek your docts. sometimes too

  15. Madam your husband is taking viagra hope you have the strength to train your kids alone where the viagra will give him heart attack which might cause death to him or serious stroke

  16. Madam please you should be worried. Obviously your husband is taking some thing.

  17. you should have handled this i a lovely way but you took it far. The way you told him made him to change. You both should have a heart to heart talk on this and see possible ways to help each other.
    stop complaining and enjoy what you have been pretending to enjoy for a whole 8 years.

  18. mama tripletπŸ•΄πŸ•΄πŸ•΄9 January 2020 at 15:41

    Madam u better enjoy ur 2mins husband and allow him 2 live long and take care of u nd ur kids or enjoy 20mins sex now nd turn 2 a widow very soon

  19. Madam your husband has found burantashi and God have mercy on your p. That thing g hear wen. Enjoy!

  20. This reminds me of myself. Have a big phallum, but the sensation of thrusting tends to be out of this world to me.

    So I channeled my energy to some other way of pleasuring women: Giving head. And I've come to be confident in my skin

    I have been able to take female partners on long journeys. By the time thrusting comes up on the menu, the female is halfway through satisfaction.

    My fellow umu nwoke, mek una take am easy with all these orijin, gbajin'otu, adonko, action, 1960 and so. vagina hole no get end o so why you wan kill yourself??

  21. loooooooool!! you asked for it;! on a more serious note, you should be worried at the sudden transformation, make your findings before somebody,s son will arrest over you at night!!hottie mum

  22. Poster ur husband is taking Viagra or something to enhance una sex life and that should get u worried..better talk to him so he stop it before it damages his health

    1. Is better you guys sit and talk, before you kill some one son,your husband is on drug,u should be worry of his sudden change oh.

  23. Poster pls have a talk with him immediately and never use that word again to wow him

  24. You are married for god's sake.if you are NOT enjoying him you open up,
    Why the pretence till quarrel ensued after four kids.
    Open up and tell him so that you both go medical together.
    Now you don't even know the length he is going just to please u.
    Don't give him HBP

  25. Poster, go on ur knees, beg him, to know what he takes and to desist from it.

    You will not mourn your hubby in Jesus name

  26. Madam better be worried about this change. In the long run the consequence might not be palatable for you.

  27. Madam, you have been married for eight years to this Man. You guys are blessed with four kids. You were wrong to curse him out the way you did. I hope you know that your husband has turned to some kind of sex enhancing drug to boost his performance, all to make you happy.
    If you care so much about this Man, you need to sit him down and apologize for everything you said yo him. You need to right your wrong. I hope you want him to be alive and watch his kids grow.

    1. In addition to worrying about his health as has been stated above by Stella and BVs, I think you should apologise to your husband and let him know the love you have for him is unconditional.

  28. Go and apologise to your hubby for the terrible things you said to him and then after some days,ask him the secret of his enhanced performance.
    If he is taking anything that could jeopardise his health,please discourage him and assure him that you love him,not sex.
    Don't push this man to his death for selfish reasons o!

  29. This is why God is against premarital sex. The first experience created a standard for you and it became an issue when your husband couldn't meet up with your own standard. If your ex had been a 45mins guy, naso ur husband won't still meet up.
    God's way still remains the best no matter how much we try to alter it.
    Same is applicable to submission and love in our various homes. Eph 5: 22 - 25.
    We can't keep obeying God when it soothes us and disobey Him when His commands do not soothe us.
    Please let us raise our children in a Godly way. A lot of us were not raised well. No morals at all.
    Please let us guide our children against our past mistakes.

  30. Don't turn ya self to widow because of preek

  31. Don't apologize I beg. If na the man, will he apologize? He won't die IJN!

  32. @ Pinklady, very sound advice. Your head dey there

  33. Poster please remember to come back and give us an update or feedback.

  34. Pls let's advice her with luv.insults won't solve anything.d way she told him was hurtful but for 8years she managed bad sex and smiled about it haba cut her some slack.y are all of u behaving as if u won't complain if it was u.sister be more humane next time but pls wat do we do about men who are 2minute men?

  35. Hmm,you guys dey enjoy abeg.
    My hubby stays max of 3mins and we have never had a second round..please let me continue managing my thing like this before he will turn something else.

  36. Don,I really hope you're not just a talker oh! All dis one ur priding.I fit find u now and ur case go worse pass.people wey sabi do,no dey yarn anyhow.

  37. Women!!! When they speak their foolish words and feel like a boss, when the men react they will start running from pillar to post. Stupid woman.

  38. Jesus: this is serious, madam you are on your way to becoming a widow, beg ur husband, even lie join ask him why he's punishing you that the sex is too long, lie that you no longer enjoy him tell him he leaves ur p... sore all the time, that you hav even hearing people say it as a way to insult men that you were very angry with him and decided to annoy him with that. That he should go back to how he used to be. My husband lasts approximately 2mins but he can go 3 times b4 day breaks ,most times I dont orgasm but I love how he loves and always wants me. So I am fine and like you I have been married for 8 yrs going to 9.
    So many men force themselves to touch their wives once a week. Cool down, if you are not satisfied at all, then gently tell him, most men are very sensitive their, then you can both go meet a sex therapist ( certifiedooo) that will check that everything is ok. Do all you can to stop him from an early death with sex enhancers

  39. Madam appologise to your hubby and discourage him from taking any form of man power, the consequence is bad.

  40. @Poster, you actually over-reacted. This is why communication is very vital in EVERY relationship. You should have discussed this issue with him and together devised a means of managing it than shame him when you guys are quarreling.

    I'm really shocked that you are not concerned about his drug use, HOW ON EARTH DID HE CHANGE AFTER EIGHT YEARS OF 1-MINUTE MAN?

    Pls, have a talk with him, apologize for pushing him too far unless you are getting ready to become a widow. Pls, you guys can settle for other forms of satisfaction not necessarily penetrative love-making.


  41. Enter your comment...He must be taking sex enhancement drugs.


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