Stella Dimoko Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated In Abuja Hospital - Photos


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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated In Abuja Hospital - Photos

The National Hospital, Abuja, on Tuesday, presented a set of conjoined twins who had been successfully operated on.

The twins had been born at the National Hospital in Nasarawa State but were transferred to Abuja as a result of their condition.

Consequently, they were kept at the hospital for 16 months, after which the operation to separate them was carried out in November 2019.
After the operation, they remained in the hospital where they were monitored to ensure that they were stable.

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  1. Replies
    1. Was it don't by Nigerian doctors or an imported doctor?Congratulations to them anyway

    2. National hospital has qualify doctors and enough equipment but its more expensive than private hospitals. Ordinary test sef na money.

  2. They did this in Nigeria? Amazing!!!

    Congratulations to the babies and their parents.

    Well done to the great medical team that carried out the operation.

    Praise be to God almighty!!!

  3. God be praised....I can imagine how the parents are over enjoyed.

  4. Thank God for the Gift of life for them...

  5. To God alone be all the Glory.
    Congratulations to the family.

  6. Thank God for the success of the surgery. The babies are cute.

    If only we can have good leaders with good head then the health sector will do greater exploits.
    But there's no National Hospital in Nasarawa state. The only National Hospital is in Abuja.

  7. Thank God the doctors were able to save both.

  8. This right here, is a miracle. Even God will be proud. The mind of man, the ability to humbly and successfully do exactly what God will do, using your talent & intellect, is a miracle. We are custodians of God's creation...from land to our fellow man. He put ADAM (MAN) in charge. Till the ground, take care of it till I return. Stop looking for magic from Pastors. Take care of the heaven God has given you (your environment, your talents, your job). Use it and see that these gifts are the miracle we need. This surgery was successful because the doctors did their job well, and used their talents wisely. They will make heaven.

  9. OH!!!!, I am so teary right now. God is amazing , a big congratulations to the parents. Nigeria is richly blessed both intellectually and otherwise just that we have not been blessed by a competent leader.

  10. thank you Jesus for making it a success.

  11. Thank you Lord for making the operation to be a successful one

  12. Thank God they didn't carry them to native doctor.

  13. This is wonderful. To God be all the glory.
    Well-done to the medical team. Wisdom will not fail you.
    Congratulations to the parents.
    Destiny fulfillment to those cuties.

  14. Thank you JESUS
    Awww!!!! Kudos and thanks to the medical team! 👍🙌🙌
    We are getting there!... Amen

  15. To God be all the glory. Thank you Jesus.

  16. God is awesome! We give God the glory.... Thanks to our amiable doctors may God reward you all...

  17. Audio separation. Pre amd post pictures or I dont believe it

  18. . Glory to God.


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