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Saturday, January 04, 2020

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 1552

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you..


  1. Replies
    1. Fact 2- really? Wow,and I'm thinking of giving my son a phone.
      Damn,I ain't doing that till he is old enough.

  2. Not for most Nigerian parents.

  3. Fact 1,is that what the spider told them? That it was pretending to be an ant?

  4. Fact 2. They wont hear. Forming rich kid till u see ur kids having access to po*n sites with same phones. Checking out nude pics on Instagram.

    1. Almost every kid during my time 90's watched blue film..YHs or CDs carelessly dropped by parents or uncles or didn't spoil can lock up some sites if you dont want your child to access some things.

  5. 1. The kid becomes addicted and withdrawn from everyone.
    Loses more millimeters of the gray matter in his brain from over concentration and eats less.

    2. The spider is mischievous.

    1. My 20 months old will not let me do anything unless I give her my phone to watch kiddies rhymes. so you mean I am harming my child?

    2. Invin...yes you are. Watch his excitement when you handover the device to him
      and the irrational behavior when you take it back from him. Then watch a cocaine addict, it's same reactions.
      There's something about the grabbing and the sole commitment while using it.
      He's going to be stubborn, lazy, suicidal,an introvert and more likely a recluse.
      2. The kid will always have headache and be poor sighted later in life.

      Solution; get a phone with screen mirroring app, let him watch baby rhymes through the monitor on the wall instead of holding onto a gadget and staring into it. TV should be enough.

      Worse off, he may likely start viewing sex scenes or too many violent scenes when you're not looking.
      Lady, you are raising a sex maniac and a social misfit. Stop it now.

      There are church seminars detailing the effects of social media on infants. Attend one and be glad you did.

  6. My twin girls both had ipads when they were just Teo. We downloaded kiddies app, sesame street n Co... Yes they are 5 now and honestly very well spoken for their age. Their vocabulary is good and they spell a good number of words. The downside is that they always want to have a phone or iPad to watch. It's now a struggle to get them to sit on the dinning table and just eat without wanting to bring a phone or iPad. I have age restrictions and they have only YouTube for kids but am constantly checking what they are watching online..i know we are guilty of using all that to keep them in one place but yes it can be addictive. I teach them to pray, talk to them about things not to watch, how not to let anyone touch them etc. I pray they turn out grounded and never get to those kind of sites or have friends that will influence them negatively. I won't give them phones for a long time to come as we let them use ours sometimes.

  7. Let children have their childhood please. I learned this a long time ago from a family who are b
    HNI shareholders of telecom companies yet their kids had no phone. And if they need one, are carefully supervised by an adult always. I surmoned courage to ask why and since then, have imbibed that culture. That you can afford it does not mean they must own one.


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