Stella Dimoko Film Maker Mary Remmy Njoku Talks About Nice People Having Their Limits


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Friday, January 24, 2020

Film Maker Mary Remmy Njoku Talks About Nice People Having Their Limits

Film maker, Mary Remmy Njoku says Nigerians are capable of bringing out the worst in you and still turn around to accuse you of changing.


  1. 😕😕😕
    Which kind yarns be this one bikonu?
    Which kind glasses she wear so?
    I confuse o.

    1. Please anon, what is your native language so that we can break it down for you since this one is too complex for you to decipher.

      Mary's PA

    2. No mind Anon 14:34. Yhe kind of glasses your brain needs to comprehend

  2. True.

    The average Nigerian sees humility and being nice/gentle as stupidity

  3. Well said Mary..there's always a limit to everyone threshold

  4. But what is with you people and "Nigerians?" For Godsakes these things do not happen in Nigeria alone!!

  5. When you overlook their shenanigans, they'll think you're a fool.

    I look at some people and all I do is smile and shake my beautiful good head.

  6. Story of my life.... It can be so depressing but with God on my side I will be fine

  7. Mary Mary... some people have tendencies to push, push and keep pushing yet when you react they accuse you of changing or as some will say..."your true colours are shining through"

  8. Trust GOD and Do good
    Haven done all but to stand!

    Leave the words & actions of imperfect and fickle humans

    Be true to your principles and pattern of living

    Learn & grow


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