Stella Dimoko Greece Gets First Female President...


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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Greece Gets First Female President...

Senior judge, Katerina Sakellerapoulou, 63, has been unanimously elected as the president of Greece, and has also become the first female to be president of the country.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis nominated Sakellaropoulou as a non-partisan candidate who would enjoy broad support from across the political spectrum. All major parties voted in favor of the nomination, with Sakellaropoulou being elected to the largely ceremonial post in a 261-33 vote, well above the 200 votes required.

This is not the first of major feats she has achieved. In October 2018, she became the first woman to head the country's highest court.

In her first comments as president-elect, the judge noted the "difficult conditions and challenges of the 21st century, including the financial crisis, climate change, the mass movement of populations and the consequent humanitarian crisis, the erosion of the rule of law and all manner of inequalities and exclusions."

She promised to aim for the broadest possible consensus in the course of carrying out her duties.

from The Guardian (UK)


  1. Very good news. Congratulations to her.
    Every country electing female presidents except........ Nigeria will have a female President in twenty years or less. Will Okonji Iweala ever run for President?? Time will tell.

    1. The females in Nigeria are on and on about how to use blue eye and win male billonaires

      It is well

    2. Where is the every country electing female presidents? You all talk nonsense just because you only see negative things about Nigeria.

    3. @0806. I am optimistic about Nigeria electing a female President in twenty years or less. When l wrote every country electing females, l was referring to the US. Is it possible for a person to say they are optimistic and still be negative at the same time? Allow me make my opinion. You make yours and move on.

    4. The United States might have one soon.

    5. The president in Greece is not the presiding officer, the prime minister is.

      The president is a ceremonial position and it is members of the parliament that either approves or disapproves the appointment. The position is five years.

      Do you know that Greek women only started having voting rights some few decades ago?

      Do you know that the German women only started having voting rights some 102years ago!

      Nigerian women have always had all the freedom in the world. We have never been banned from voting or not talking where men are talking, but we use our hands to relegate ourselves.

      While many Nigerian women were top business women, already building their own houses, (my paternal grandmother included) women in the US and in Europe were still battling for rights to seat by their own husband.

      Respect Nigerian women mostly of old.

    6. 8:06 y not shut up and read to understand? Suddenly everybody wants to jump into the bandwagon of don't attack Nigeria. How about Nigerians should do better?

      In this 21st century after all the school y'all went to, it's only man matter y'all know.

      The anon is right. Females are breaking bigger grounds in other countries; patriarchal mindset won't let Nigerian females soar like their counterparts in other countries

      Worse off is that it's the so called females that are seeking men's acceptance by attacking their fellow females who are fighting for them to be given a chance up there.

      God help y'all

  2. That's a good one
    Congratulations to her

  3. I doubt Nigerian men will allow it. They will just form an opposition till she gets frustrated and resign. I remember invite a bf then to my church guy man did he won't come to my church again because it was a woman that preached the day he came and a woman us not suppose to preach. Wetin I suffer for that boy hand ehn.... Any small thing "I am your man I am your man"

    1. Oh dear!
      you sure suffered in his hands, don't mind him, he's just shallow minded.
      😂 @your last sentence.

      Congratulations to the latest President of Greece.

  4. women need to be regarded in this country and we women need to know our rights, a male foreigner cant obtain a nigerian residence permit when he gets married to a nigerian lady, only a female foreigner can obtain a nigerian pr when married to a nigerian man


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