Stella Dimoko Judge Orders Netflix To Remove Movie Depicting Jesus As Gay


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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Judge Orders Netflix To Remove Movie Depicting Jesus As Gay

A Brazilian judge Benedicto Abicai in Rio De Janeiro has ordered the online streaming service, Netflix to temporarily remove the movie the 'First Temptation of Christ that depicted Jesus as gay from their platform pending the final judgement from the court.

The movie caused an uproar among fervent Christians and led to the signing of over 2 million petitions by Christians to take down the movie and the production company attacked with Molotov cocktails last month.

The judge in his ruling against Netflix said: "The right to freedom of expression... is not absolute".
From BBC News.


  1. We buy bad inverter battery/081071051779 January 2020 at 11:33

    Nice one

    1. Netflix is going beyond their borders now. To think I just renewed my subscription.

  2. This is a good one by the court. why will they even think about such. Jesus a gay?? how??

  3. is not everything that people need to joke about.

  4. Your right ends
    Where another begins

    Sensational stupidity by Netflix

  5. Good news, I just signed and shared the petition this morning.

  6. This is to tell you that only Jesus can save this generation.

    Thats why tje devil is using this mrans, to turn The only hope of man kind to be ridiculed and turned into a joke.
    With this mindset the devil is using them to force on d masses, where and to whom will the sinner looking for salvation go?

    Yet again, Jesus reigns forever

  7. My faith in Christ may not be strong
    I might have been deceived through other means
    I have watched movies that as a Christian I'm not supposed to watch
    But this movie that depicts Jesus as gay is one that I will never watch
    Not even out of curiosity

  8. Dats really good.religion is not for play.


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