Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 277


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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Labour Room Drama 277

Labour drama!!!

Good day Stella,

I gave birth to my prince charming August 2019 so I decided to send in my LRD,it goes thus.....

I got married Nov 2014 n ttc for a while before God answered my prayers finally in Nov 2018,I experienced early morning sickness n lost of appetite in my 1st trimester but after that the rest of the journey was smooth.
I registered in a general hospital so my antenatal process was ok my bp,urine n weight were fine.

Fast forward to when I was 40 weeks, I was eager to see my baby but labour refused to come so I told my doctor that I want induction but I was told I can't be induced yet because I can still fall into labour that was on Wednesday my clinic day I was sent back home.

On Friday I woke up feeling kind of funny so I woke hubby up I told him it's time to go to the hospital n he said you are not in labour yet what if they send you back home,I said they can't cos am over 40weeks,so we let for the hospital with my hospital bag(in my mind I was thinking if I form for them that m feeling somehow they will admit me n do the induction)on getting to the labour ward with my file the nurses on duty were just laughing at me but I was allowed to see the doctor n after he examined me n went through my file he said I should go back home that I still have the grace of falling into labour any time hmmm Stella I was angry ehhhhh but I went back home with my bag.

Fast forward to the following week Wednesday which was my clinic day,immediately I entered the doctor's office n saw me he just checked my file n pick up two request form n started writing on it without asking me any question,I said in my mind gengen the day i have been waiting for all this is finally here.

I went to the diagnostic centre to do a test(I can't remember the name)but it is to check Maybe my baby is strong enough to withstand the labour inducement process,after the process n the doctor saw the result he said everything is fine so I was asked to buy inducement pack and go to the pre natal ward to be admitted for the inducement process later in the day.

Fast forward to Wednesday night the inserted a thing into my private part,after like 2hours I went to ease my self immediately I sat down on the toilet set the just came out I was scared I quickly went to tell the nurse on duty,she told me not to panic that everything is fine that it is meant to ripen my cervix that once its out that means the ripening is done.

The next day morning(that's Thursday)I wad taken to the labour way n the doctor on duty did the inducement process around 10am,I was just busy gisting,browsing n telling other people who are already in labour sorry,hmmmm Stella the real show stared around 1pm when the doctor came n broke my water,the contraction first started bit by bit if it start I will just keep quiet n be breathing with my cos I don't want to shout but when it got to a stage I started shouting calling all the nurses n doctor to come n check me but trust general hospital they did not even answer me but they were coming to check me from time to time.

All this while my husband,my mum n my mum were calling but I didn't pick anyone's call,it was around 7pm n the doctor checked I was 8cm dilated so I was taken to the delivery ward by then i was just pooing anyhow n the nurse with me will clean me up n change my nightingale,all the while the was checking my bp and the heart beat of my baby,the doctor came round 10pm he checked n Said am still 8cm that he will examine for 1hour more if it's still 8cm he will have to do caeserean section for me,I was even begging him not to wait for 1hour that he should go head with it immediately lol when he came back to check me he told to call my hubby to come n see him.

He signed the consent form n went to get the CS pack I was taken into the theatre around 12midnight n my prince was delivered after 1am Friday morning,mom n son are doing fine n to the glory of God my Sunshine is already five months old.

Thanks madam Stella for this platform.



  1. God bless and keep him for you

  2. Congratulations. May the cry of a baby be heard in all homes today and always.
    I can't wait to have my own baby

  3. Congratulations on your prince...he is blessed. Thank God you and your family are not one the people that say no way to cs.

  4. That is great. But why go through so much labour pain only to be operated on? Is there no way to know this before putting someone through such pain?. Congratulations

    1. My thought exactly...why go through so much pain only to be operated on...

    2. Exactly. Medical experts pls comman enlighten us.

  5. Congrats !!! May God keep u and your prince charming!!!!

  6. Chai,CS after all the suffering.God bless the little one

  7. I don’t understand why someone has to go through labour pain only to later be operated on

  8. I’m in your hand oh lord all this labour room story scares me, just entering my second trimester

  9. What women go through in the process of child bearing is not to be understood by anyone else... i can't believe you were in labour for over 12hrs and still had to undergo CS. It is well!

    1. Mine ! I was induced Monday night and it ended up in cs around 1am on Wednesday. I already told myself that I am not doing the whole labour thing o. Once it is 38 weeks! I'm going to the hospital for elective CS. The suffering no be here at all.

  10. Exactly my story. To God be all the Glory. Congratulations!

  11. The most important thing is that mom and baby are fine.... Congratulations

  12. Mine was emergency Cs straight @38 weeks .I can't imagine going through labour pain and ended up with Cs ..

    It took less than 20mins for baby to come out .today makes it 11days and the pain is still unbearable .

    Congrats madam ....

    1. Were u actually a surrogate or you just used that as an ID?
      I'm asking out of personal interest not to offend you in any way.

  13. Congratulations!CS all the way,can’t go through all the pains and still end up with a scar so...

  14. Your story is very similar to mine.. My boy is 5 months old today too .
    God bless all the mothers

  15. Me too ny baby turns 5months on the 30th,i have sent my lrd...kudos to all mothers in the house...e no easy

  16. Congratulations dear. I enjoyed reading your story. Your story is almost as mine.

  17. Ok so I am in the health sector and I have a bit of advice for women.
    The first is once u have reached 40 weeks,there are some options u can try before induction.
    No 1;membrane stripping.a gynaecologist can do this on ur request at the Hosp.this is to Hasten labour naturally(as nothing beats the natural process!
    No 2;u can take castor oil.also discuss with ur doctor on how best u can take it.But I think taking it twice daily(10-20ml) is ok.u can even go into labour with just the first dosing.Ensure u don't take the second dose too for signs that ur labour have started.
    Prolonged labour and cs is not such a nice thing one would want
    *also* please please and please my fellow Nigerian women,learn to opt for or ask for epidural!!!is pain free labour.and I have used it and is wonderful!!
    Pardon any typos.

  18. That was what happened to me, I had a Caesarian section and lost the baby 2 months later. She had a birth defect and was not growing. May nobody experience that form of pain. I’m grateful that God blesses me with 3kids, boys and a girl.


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