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Friday, January 24, 2020

Mrs Dee's Corner . Mobile Prayer Warriors .....

No one is more prayerful than the average Nigerian embarking on a long journey.

This period, you'll see everyone in the bus come together in unity and commit their journey into the hands of God. Some have even discovered how lucrative prayer business can be and become 'prayerterpreneurs'

I don't even know how they do it, but a seat is sometimes reserved for them in the bus and they begin the journey with others but about an hour or two into the journey or perhaps when they are done with preaching, prayers and asking for money aka 'Seed' ,they alight and head back to their 'office'

I remember one time when I was returning to school, I don't know if we planned it together, but the particular preacher who joined us, preached, prayed and everyone responded just fine. Time for 'offering for the work of God' came and everybody just 'locked up'.
The man 'gingered' us,quoted scriptural blessings for givers, but no one gave him a dime.

At a point, he had to call the driver's attention for him to stop and he alighted. I just felt kinda sad on his behalf because his hustle didn't


  1. I do give them my widow's mite as offering and i respond to their prayers very well. What i dont do is buy any book they sell even if it is 100naira.

  2. I think those people work with the transport company, am not sure, because I come as soon as the vehicle is ready to move

  3. I no give anything. They only do that to get money. Not because they love God or anything. They were everywhere during Christmas, where are all o them now?

  4. It is not compulsory to give. If these mobile preachers do give, same will be given to them.

    You can't reap what you did not sow. Ekpele to him

  5. i respond to their prayers but do not give anything. Most of them are doing it for business.

  6. I have also read on this blog where some girls get fingered and outrightly had sex on night journeys; with total strange men o.

  7. I respond to their prayers. I bought their book one time but realised reading the bible is way better Not that thief book was bad but I couldn't connect. There after I decided not to buy their book again. I recently entered a bus and the same scenario occurred. The preacher particularly told passengers to pass d book to me asking for seed too. I returned it back to him. Be was now saying it is not compulsory to give us seed. I still didn't bother. God have mercy on us all

  8. if you shake this table one more time, Peace Mass will fall brakata..

  9. 😂
    Certainly his hustle didn't pay at all, as una don turn aka gum!

    You are very correct Mrs. Dee, me I don't subscribe to any form of emotional blackmail, I give because I wanna give not cos of some of these hustlers.

    Nice write up Mrs. Dee.

  10. I no dey respond most times. I don't even give them a dime.

  11. During the Christmas season i was travelling to another state, the mobile preacher in the bus I entered prayed and prayed like there was no tomorrow, after the prayer we started our journey. Unfortunately, we had and accident with a trailer, many of us sustained very serious injuries. Right now, I am still on the sick bed with a broken leg and hand. So I keep asking myself everyday, what was the purpose of the prayers he was firing. We need to start getting things right in this country and stop using religion to deceive ourselves. Even after praying and praying, the roads are still death traps.


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