Stella Dimoko NFF Explains Its Role In The Burial Of Later Player Isaac Promise + Says Family At War With His Wife And Kids.


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Sunday, January 12, 2020

NFF Explains Its Role In The Burial Of Later Player Isaac Promise + Says Family At War With His Wife And Kids.

The Nigeria Football Federation, NFF has responded to media reports accusing the body of failing to attend the burial of late international Isaac Promise.

The Olympics silver medalist died in October aged 31 in the United States where he played for Austin Bold. He was buried on Thursday in the south-eastern town of Umudim, Ohekelem, Imo State. 

NFF’s Director of Communications, Ademola Olajire reiterated on Friday that the Federation as always, is presently and will always show concern on issues that affect Nigerian players (active, retired or departed), and has without recourse to noise and grandstanding, doing its part for the immediate family of late Isaac Promise.

“However, some of his siblings outrightly expected the NFF to foot the entire bill of his burial, which we told them was not possible. The NFF offered to foot part of the bill for the burial but from that moment, they were not happy with the Federation.” 

Olajire disclosed that the NFF President, Amaju Melvin Pinnick, was also in contact with the Executive Chairman of the Imo State Sports Commission, Fan Ndubuoke and the Chairman of the Imo State Football Association, Mazi Amanze Uchegbulam to help make peace in the late player’s family as the siblings were at daggers drawn with his wife and children.

“We know what we have done and still ready to do for the immediate family without joining in the debate going on in sections of the media. “The NFF President has approved a sum of money to be paid to the immediate family and that money will be sent to his wife in the next few days.” 
from Footmob

*This money they want to give her now that they have announced will cause more problems for the late players Immediate family...May God give his wife enough strength to withstand whatever she and the kids are going through.


  1. I read the wife's pathetic interview on AIT. So bad

  2. Na so, God please preserve our husbands biko.
    In law wahala no be beans.

  3. It's a pity Isaac left this way. What caused his death at such a young age. I remember he was part of the 2009 Olympic team under Samson Siasia.
    Men cause these things. How do you work, earn and your wife and kids do not have access or control (in case of events like death) on your accounts and investments?
    I taya for that kin messup o. if that kind of arrangement is in place, the brothers and sisters can take over every landed property in Nigeria all they like but at least your widow and orphans have what to fall back on without struggling to anybody.
    You reading this, do you have you wives, husband/kids on your accounts?
    Ajuju n'ese okwu oo 😮😮😮

    1. Without struggling to [sic] anybody. 😊
      Without struggling WITH anybody 😂😂

  4. May the dead rest in peace. Men please leave all this I'm will not die Young talk and write your will when you start acquiring wealth. because if anything happened to you without a will, your children are on their own. All your wealth will be dragged by your siblings and nothing for your immediate family. Look at this one now. NFF wouldn't have announced this money to avoid further problems for the widow.

  5. I don't understand why siblings drag their deceased brother's estate with his widow and orphaned children.
    Are those siblings incapacitated?!
    Men as well as women, write your will and include a monthly allowance for aged parents and health insurance. Set up education trust fund for your children while you are in active service/business..

    Siblings go and earn a living!

  6. While this can happen in any tribe, I urge Igbo men to please please make your wife your next of kin and beneficiary. Let her know where your assets are and the documents. Igbo women, don't be a housewife if you don't have assess to his accounts. I once heard a newly married Igbo guy say that he would always use his brother as his next of kin because women can't manage money. I couldn't believe any educated young man in this age would think like that.

  7. african men start upping your game. writing a will is not saying you want to die young but just wisdom. you will be amazed the reason some foolish men give and still leave brothers as next of kin when they have wives and kids. my organisation has had to deal with a few issues bothering on this and we had a series of lectures for all staff to educate them. most african homes are cruel to widows so men should secure their wives and kids. i have a 3 bedroom apartment in abuja my hubby is aware of. i put my husband and daughters names as next of kins. on the property we have together we have his name and my full name on the document.

  8. i have a house and am also building a 3 self contained apartment all for rent. if anything happens to my husband then i know i wont have to go begging in laws cap in hand even if they decided to snatch all our properties from me. our kids are well represented in those documents too. dont know if hubby has a will and am not ready to broach the subject yet before e go think say i dey plan to kill am, but am aware of property he has and my name on some...women get something doing and plan for your future too. anything can happen

  9. Smh this boy's death sha keeps hurting. This same family of his that he gave over 7 million each and they all couldn't account for it. Abi is it the other monies he doled out. Boom!!!!!! news about his death filtered out what did they do? They raided his Nigerian home and carted away landed property documents. still it wasn't enough and they were harassing the poor wife abroad for more property documents and funds. This man in question has growing kids ohhhhh. See whatever you do in this life, pray not to have useless relatives. These lots are a whole bunch of losers and if you ask me they killed their brother. May his soul rest in perfect peace sha.


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