Stella Dimoko Nigerian Dauda Onoruoiza Among 176 Victims Of Plane Shot Down By Iran....


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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Nigerian Dauda Onoruoiza Among 176 Victims Of Plane Shot Down By Iran....

A Nigerian,identified as Dauda Onoruoiza is reportedly among the 176 victims of the Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 brought down in Iran on Wednesday.....

According to reports, Onoruoiza was working with Boeing on three months training in Ukraine; and attached to the Boeing 737-800 to fly with and study the mechanical noise; as well as report back to the company.

According to report, the nationality of passengers and crew aboard the plane included as 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians; also, 11 Ukranians, 10 people from Sweden; as well as four from Afghanistan and three from the United Kingdom and Germany respectively.

But, no certainty showing what passport Onoruoiza had before the accident.

Boeing had yet to officially acknowledge that it had an employee on the crashed plane

The US aircraft manufacturer, however, posted a condolence message on its website; to commiserate with the victims’ families, after the news of the incident broke on January 8.

The statement read in part, “This is a tragic event and our heartfelt thoughts are with the crew, passengers; and their families.

“We are in contact with our airline customers; and stand by them in this difficult time. We are ready to assist in any way needed.”

The Iranian government had admitted that it shot down the commercial aircraft unintentionally
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  1. Such a great mind and such a loss. My prayers go to his family!

  2. Such a great mind and such a loss. My prayers go to his family!

  3. Adieu
    that name does not sound Nigeria
    Can't just place him on any tribe here.

    1. Sounds like a name from Ebira tribe in Kogi state.

      RIP young man.

    2. He's probably from Kogi state. RIP to him and others who lost their lives.

    3. It is an Ebira name. From kogi state.

    4. My own is that he was not even on the flight. The names of the crew and passengers were published on the airlines website, this name didn’t appear there. Where did he die abeg?

    5. Anon 11:46 speaking as if you know the names of people of all ethnic groups in Nigeria. Can you tell us names of Bassa, Chori, Ogori and Angas people?

  4. What a loss!! My condolences to his family and other departed souls. This one touch my bone.

  5. This is sad. There will always be casualties in situations like this. RIP Dauda.

  6. It is either the flight manifest for passengers and crew is lying or someone is gaining something by making Nigerians believe/think this dude was on that flight. His name was not on the manifest and there is no mention of a dual citizen Nigerian/another country being on that flight. FAKE NEWS but I am wondering who started the fake news and why??
    Everything about the crew and passengers are easily verifiable, why claim someone who wasn’t on the flight was there.

  7. This plane was carrying a host of highly educated and high value citizens. The countries will feel the loss. May their souls rip.

  8. Iran will pay heavy compensations to the families involved. See how they just wasted lives for nothing

  9. I honestly thanked God for sparing us this time , only to hear this?


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