Stella Dimoko Singer Burna Boy Explains Why He Prefers International Awards To Local Awards


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Friday, January 17, 2020

Singer Burna Boy Explains Why He Prefers International Awards To Local Awards

Nigerian Afrobeat sensation, Burna Boy, In an interview with serial host Ebuka Obi- Uchendu revealed that he prefers international awards to local awards.

When asked why he prefers international awards to local ones, he said international awards strive on recognition and hard work and that those awards are given only when the artist deserves it. He also said international awards are more realistic and prestigious noting that it’s very difficult bribing them for an award which is not the case in the local countries.

Speaking on the local awards, he said most of them are not given on merit and hard work adding that he actually does not care what others think about his thoughts on both award systems and that it is what it is.

Burna Boy, came to the limelight in 2012 when he released his single ‘Like To Party’. The singer has over the years won several awards both international and local in recognition of his works and contribution to the Nigerian music industry.


  1. Oluwaburna, Ye......dude speaks without a flying F in the world

  2. He said the truth. I agree with him

  3. I love his bluntness. He’s always said it d way he feels & d way it is.

  4. Local music awards that don jazzy has bought finish?

  5. Comment on local award "that it is what it is" as in ehh this ppl really showed you shege.
    But international automatically attracts local award by force.
    Naija and curroption.

  6. Gbam!.You said nothing but the truth Burnafire

  7. True words spoken here.

  8. he is spewing all these because he signed an international masonic contract.
    And does it mean he has been bribing to receive awards?

    1. 11:28, go to school, you said no.
      now simple english you can't comprehend.

    2. @11:53
      Did you also join the Freemason international?
      You that went to school should interpret the hard English for us.
      And see as you used small letter "e" to spell English with all the school you went to?

  9. The same corruption available with some local awards is at international level, too. Corruption doesn't go away cos of the colour of the organiser's skin or because of where they're based. Or did Gwyneth Paltrow not win her Oscar after Harvey Weinstein's whatever he did to her? There are even "international artistes" who refuse to attend or perform at the Grammys UNLESS they're assured beforehand that they'll win a particular category.

    That something happens abroad doesn't make it less tainted than at local level - which is why I pity anyone constantly looking to an abroad-based organisation or individual for validation or as proof of rightness. Some of these people have their own agenda, and some just wake up and talk nonsense. Who would believe that shows like XFactor are FIXED? But they are. Even in "serious" areas like business and finance, the fact that an organisation like IMF released info doesn't make it accurate. Just like the fact that someone appears on a Forbes cover doesn't mean what they want you to believe.

    International awards just seem to give the recipient, credibility that they might really deserve or not.

  10. Give Alexreporters N15k, they will knack you an award sharp sharp

  11. I believe you Burnaboy.
    That end time 'kickboxing senator' from Adamawa readily came to my mind.


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