Stella Dimoko Spontaneous Wednesday Post...


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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Spontaneous Wednesday Post...

#namastetoeveryone #clearbrightbeautifulday #goodnews #wednesday #womancrushday #talowambe #wishesarehorses

Hallo People!

Una well done oh....

Wetin dey happen for yard?
Who else thinks there is too much bad news going on in the media all over the World these days?it just makes me so sad that these are signs of the end times.....Yeah?

My woman crush Wednesday today goes to all the strong women out there who play the roles of Father in their Children's lives..

To every woman out there who hustles to put food on the table....
May God bless you all....

May today be a good day for everyone!

E go be! ✌✌



  1. My addiction for coffee is getting out of hand and i am worried. Good morning everyone.

    1. Been there long time passing, and no regrets. πŸ˜‹☕πŸ₯Ÿ

    2. Google side effects and understand how it affects the body

      Start easing off
      Expect to deal with withdrawal

      Get resources online to battle it

    3. i'm not the only one who loves coffee

    4. It darkens the teeth.

    5. Just because you’ve been having one disappointment after another, doesn’t mean things won’t get better. Trust the Almighty. The beauty of letting Him take over is that He knows us better than we know ourselves. Believe that whatever it is will arrive in His perfect timing!

    6. How do you do it..Always first to comment here

  2. Crushing on all the beautiful ladies here. More win to usπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    Good morning lovelies 😍😍😍😍

  3. Rhapsody Today!!

    Self-Sufficient I'm Him!!
    John 16:15


    "Remember, you're created in His image; therefore, whatever you require will reproduce from within you; not from outside"

    Today's Confession!!

    I'm created in God's image and likeness; therefore, I'm self-sufficient, for as He is, so I my in this world! Everything I require for the life of absolute success, victory, dominion, glory and righteousness are inside me. I live triumphantly today, and always, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

  4. I BELIEVE...........

    I believe...
    that we don't have to change friends
    if we understand that friends change.

    I believe...
    that no matter how good a friend is,
    they're going to hurt you every
    once in a while and you must forgive
    them for that.

    I believe...
    that true friendship continues to grow,
    even over the longest distance.
    Same goes for true love.

    I believe...
    that you can do something in an instant
    that will give you heartache for life.

    I believe...
    that you should always leave loved ones
    with loving words. It may be the last
    time you see them.

    I believe...
    that you can keep going
    long after you can't.

    I believe...
    that we are responsible for what we do,
    no matter how we feel.

    I believe...
    that either you control your attitude
    or it controls you.

    I believe...
    that regardless of how hot and
    steamy a relationship is at first,
    the passion fades and there had
    better be something else to take
    its place.

    I believe...
    that heroes are the people
    who do what has to be done
    when it needs to be done,
    regardless of the consequences.

    I believe...
    that sometimes the people you expect
    to kick you when you're down,
    will be the ones to help you get back up.

    I believe...
    that sometimes when I'm angry
    I have the right to be angry,
    but that doesn't give me
    the right to be cruel.

    I believe...
    that just because someone doesn't love
    you the way you want them to doesn't
    mean they don't love you with all they have.

    I believe...
    that maturity has more to do with
    what types of experiences you've had
    and what you've learned from them
    and less to do with how many
    birthdays you've celebrated.

    I believe...
    that it isn't always enough to be
    forgiven by others. Sometimes you
    have to learn to forgive yourself.

    1. Thank you!!
      I believe we should show kindness to each other, by our words and actions, not just to our closest family members and friends but to everyone we come across.

    2. Na real wa!😎😎😎😎😎😎

    3. One guy (oga of nepa) wake up one day come talk sey he has a dream that there will be 24hrs light for Naija. Hmmmmmm people come dey hala, some dey laf, some dey do mtchew mtchew upandan........ Me I just come dey dream about Martin Luther King. That man na real correct oga. RIP sir.


    “Jesus looked at them and said, “Then what does this Scripture mean? ‘The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.’ Luke 20:17

    Everyone has experienced rejection in their lifetime. Let an employer tell you they don’t need you anymore after you’ve worked so many years helping to make the company rich, or let someone tell you they don’t love you anymore after you’ve invested so much into the relationship. This can cause even the best of us to turn into a completely different person. Rejection can make us do things we never thought we’d do, say things we never thought we’d say, all because we’re hurt that someone slammed the door in our faces.

    Jesus was fully acquainted with this feeling. The Bible says, He was the stone the builders rejected, but He became the chief cornerstone. Jesus was rejected, but He became. Instead of letting the rejection of man bring out the worst in Him, He chose to become who He was sent here to become—the chief cornerstone. He focused on His purpose instead of His pain.

    How was this possible? We all know the damaging affect rejection can have on us. However, we must also know the powerful healing affects of receiving God’s love and acceptance. When rejection is at its highest peak in your life, that’s when you must receive God’s love and acceptance the most. Find everywhere in Scripture where God declares His unconditional love for you and what He thinks of you. You could ask any woman of God who has bounced back from rejection how did she do it. She would tell you the only way she was able to heal and move on with her life was because of the love and acceptance of Jesus. He promises when we come to Him, He will in no wise cast us out (see John 6:37).

    I challenge you to receive God’s love. Receive God’s acceptance. Receive God’s purpose. Receive the loving people He sends into your life. You may have been rejected, but you can still become everything He predestined for you to become. Let God bring out the best in you, instead of letting people bring out the worst in you. You are healed in Jesus name from the hurt and you will go on and will live a wonderful and blessed life!
    Daughters of the King Devo

  6. ISAIAH 49:26
    And I will feed them that oppress thee with THEIR OWN FLESH; and they shall be drunken with THEIR OWN BLOOD, as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I the LORD am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.


    This year 2020 people will GO OUT of THEIR WAYS to FIGHT for you in the name of JESUS.


  7. Good morning beautiful bvs,glad i made it here today,school runs no allow me see road.Mothers are really trying.More strength to us
    Up and thankful.

    1. Must it be mothers to do school runs,marriage should be flexible😎😎😎😎😎

    2. As in eh
      I tire
      Don't know how it got to be women's job

    3. Pele. You people are trying oh, motherhood is not easy.

    4. If the husband leaves for work as early as 6am or 7am and the wife is still at home, what stops her from taking her kids to school? Same also applies to the men.

      If your kids are old enough to walk to school or take the bus to school themselves and you decide to not let them,then stop complaining.

      We should stop complaining about everything, especially the little time we sacrifice for our children.

      If you know you can't sacrifice selflessly your time, energy, mind, money etc for children, please don't have kids.

    5. Senseless comment Ms. A. Learn to think before typing..not everything you must comment on. How does complaining amount to all the rubbish you typed up there now?

    6. Yes, I must comment on everything. I am a mother, you fool
      Stupid anonymous venom...

    7. You are the bigger fool!!

  8. #clearbrightbeautifulday# #Goodnews# #wednesday# #womancrushday# The Lord is good our 2020 baby has arrived my sis has just put to birth a bouncing princess

  9. Woman crush wednesday is micheal obama. That woman inspires the hell outter me. Epitom of a strong willed woman. Folorunsho Alakija, Wimfry Oprah. God bless you all. Beautiful wednesday to us all and God bless our hustle

    1. Chilove ogini this morning, only you Michael Obama and wimfry....

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 Igbo man Michael and Wimfry..Oriegwu!!

    3. They inspire you but you can't spell their names?

    4. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    5. Thanks anon 8:47. See her mocking the president in her comment below but cannot spell Winfrey and Michelle Obama.

    6. Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey.

  10. crushing on my very own self.

    wishing you all a very productive day.

  11. Where is your president Nigeria?
    Who is crushing on him today biko?

  12. (Day 3 of 5 Programme for Unemployed & Small Business Owners: Getting Qualified -1)

    Joseph was thirty years old when he went to work for Pharaoh the king of Egypt. As soon as Joseph left Pharaoh's presence, he began his work in Egypt. (Genesis 41: 46 MSB)

    He had another dream and told this one also to his brothers: "I dreamed another dream--the sun and moon and eleven stars bowed down to me!" When he told it to his father and brothers, his father reprimanded him: "What's with all this dreaming? Am I and your mother and your brothers all supposed to bow down to you?" (Genesis 37: 9 - 10 MSB)

    So Israel's sons joined everyone else that was going to Egypt to buy food, for Canaan, too, was hit hard by the famine. Joseph was running the country; he was the one who gave out rations to all the people. When Joseph's brothers arrived, they treated him with honor, bowing to him. (Genesis 42: 5 - 6 MSB)

    GOD addressed Samuel: "So, how long are you going to mope over Saul? You know I've rejected him as king over Israel. Fill your flask with anointing oil and get going. I'm sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem. I've spotted the very king I want among his sons. But GOD told Samuel, "Looks aren't everything. Don't be impressed with his looks and stature. I've already eliminated him. GOD judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; GOD looks into the heart." Samuel took his flask of oil and anointed him, with his brothers standing around watching. The Spirit of GOD entered David like a rush of wind, God vitally empowering him for the rest of his life. Samuel left and went home to Ramah. (1 Samuel 16: 1, 7, 13 MSB)

    After all this, David prayed. He asked God, "Shall I move to one of the cities of Judah?" GOD said, "Yes, move.And to which city?To Hebron." David's men, along with their families, also went with him and made their home in and around Hebron. The citizens of Judah came to Hebron, and then and there made David king over the clans of Judah. A report was brought to David that the men of Jabesh Gilead had given Saul a decent burial. (2 Samuel 2: 1, 3, 4 MSB)

    Before long all the tribes of Israel approached David in Hebron and said, "Look at us--your own flesh and blood! In time past when Saul was our king, you're the one who really ran the country. Even then GOD said to you, "You will shepherd my people Israel and you'll be the prince.'" All the leaders of Israel met with King David at Hebron, and the king made a treaty with them in the presence of GOD. And so they anointed David king over Israel. David was thirty years old when he became king, and ruled for forty years. (2 Samuel 5: 1 - 4 MSB)

    Contrary to what a lot of us have heard before today, God does NOT give you what you're not qualified for. That is irresponsibility, not grace.

    1. (Day 3 of 5 Programme for Unemployed & Small Business Owners: Getting Qualified -2)

      As a sane and loving parent, you don't give the keys to your car to your 7yo son just because he's your heir - no matter how much you love him. In fact, because he's your heir you don't let certain things happen. He's too young and inexperienced.

      If you're the best neurosurgeon in the country, you don't allow your 10yo daughter diagnose patients, even if you hope that she will take over from you someday. She's too young and inexperienced.

      So, why do you let yourself believe that God will be different? A lot of churches talk about how Joseph was elevated overnight and you should tap into that. Joseph spent 13 years training in his father's house, Potiphar's house and the prison before he accessed the palace. In that time, he had to learn to manage people, resources and time - because Egypt and Israel would be depending on him to know how.

      David was anointed so young that Goliath was offended when he was presented to fight him. Then, he spent time shepherding, living in the bush, fighting battles, caring for renegades and running from Saul. He was crowned at 30, but even that wasn't complete. He had to wait a bit longer for the entire kingdom.

      So, why are you believing lies about how God will elevate you overnight and you don't need to be qualified? If you go to a hospital and see a church member you know is a mechanic wearing a lab coat claiming to be a doctor of humans, won't you run away? But you think God will mismanage the lives and futures of people - including His children - by releasing you as soon as He anoints you? Let us stop fostering irresponsibility and crime, please.

      You don't know how to manage one saucy salesgirl or one dissatisfied customer. But you want God to place you right now in a job or business where 300 staff on 3 continents will be reporting to you. How and why please? Who told you that when you get there, you're not going to meet issues? Why do you think you're going there?

      By the time David and his men entered the village, it had been burned to the ground, and their wives, sons, and daughters all taken prisoner. David and his men burst out in loud wails--wept and wept until they were exhausted with weeping. David's two wives, Ahinoam of Jezreel and Abigail widow of Nabal of Carmel, had been taken prisoner along with the rest. And suddenly David was in even worse trouble. There was talk among the men, bitter over the loss of their families, of stoning him. David strengthened himself with trust in his GOD. He ordered Abiathar the priest, son of Ahimelech, "Bring me the Ephod so I can consult God." Abiathar brought it to David. Then David prayed to GOD, "Shall I go after these raiders? Can I catch them?" The answer came, "Go after them! Yes, you'll catch them! Yes, you'll make the rescue!" (1 Samuel 30: 3 - 8 MSB)

      When the famine spread throughout Egypt, the people called out in distress to Pharaoh, calling for bread. He told the Egyptians, "Go to Joseph. Do what he tells you." (Genesis 41:55 MSB)

    2. (Day 3 of 5 Programme for Unemployed & Small Business Owners: Getting Qualified -3)

      It's one thing for human beings to say you're not qualified based on whatever they're using to judge you. It's another thing for the God that made you to say that; He wouldn't have rejected Eliab if He promotes the unqualified.

      This thing some people call grace is just what thieves do when they want to celebrate their irresponsibility and foolishness with impunity. Because for you to get what God hasn't qualified you for, you'll have to kill and/or steal. When David wasn't quite ready for the throne, he was tempted to kill Saul to steal the crown - and his men were pushing him, telling him things God didn't say. And God was just watching him quietly.

      You know you failed an exam cos you didn't study. But instead of sitting down to study to retake it, you look for a mercenary to write it or you find who to bribe. When it works, you call it grace. Now, you're unable to get or stay in a job because after sorting your way through school, you you don't know what a 200Level student of the subject you say you have a 2:1 in, should know.

      There is always a process that even God won't bypass. Anyone who tells you that anointing = instant commissioning is a liar that wants to turn you into a thief. Even folk with a genuine prophetic gift or calling, can get timing and the method wrong IF they're too impatient or presumptuous to wait to hear God completely. People who can see into the spirit will often see something so clearly, it's easy to assume that it will happen in the physical immediately. Yet, it's not always the case.

      You cannot build a business conglomerate overnight. You won't be able to handle it. No sane parent will bequeath you an empire they know you are not equipped to manage. Even now, you don't have a business plan - so how you wan take do am?

      You don't graduate from Medical School two years after you enrol. If you leave, you're a dropout and a danger to people - even if you were making straight A's before you left.

      That God tells you something or you think you have a passion for something now, doesn't mean it'll happen when or how you think. You need to constantly confer with Him, so you won't enter an avoidable pit and lengthen your journey. If God has told you about "healing His people", it doesn't mean He sent you to go and enrol in Medical School. Apart from the fact that people need different kinds of healing, you might not even be Science-inclined. You will flunk out or keep cheating, oh! And there are things you do and you should know, "This is no longer God!"

      He tells you about preaching His Word and serving Him, you go and resign your job to open a church He didn't tell you to - only to start taxing His people and doing all kinds of crazy rituals to keep afloat. As if that's the only way to preach His Word or serve Him.

      God told you'll go abroad, so you go and look for visa, fall into the hands of a crooked agent and start crying that God lied. And you think your head is correct so? Or He talks about serving people and making a change, so you go and register (in) a political party. Till they drag you on Twitter or send assassins after you, you won't ask God how far. Yes, He told you what - did He tell you how and when? So, why did you expect Him to follow you where He didn't send you? God is the One that leads and you follow, not the other way around.

      Please, prayerfully get qualified for the job or business God has for you - before you reach there and destroy people and/or yourself.

    3. Prayer Points & Declarations (@ noon & midnight)
      1) My Father & My God, please help me to stay where You want me to prepare for the future You have for me, in Jesus' Name.
      2) Father, I make a commitment to allow You lead me. From now henceforth, I will not rush ahead of You.

      Scriptures for the day:
      - Psalm 75:6 - 7
      - Deuteronomy 8:18
      - Genesis 2:15
      - Genesis 41
      - 1 Samuel 16
      - 1 Samuel 24
      - John 10:10
      - Ecclesiastes 9:11
      - Habakkuk 2:3
      - John 10:10
      - Numbers 9:18 - 23

      Song of the day:
      - Abide With Me (Sonnie Badu)
      - My Faith Is Built On Nothing Less

      Homework/Activity for the day
      1) Do practical things where you are now for where you are going - do your CV (don't lie, oh!), write your business plan (make it short and simple), clean your house, work on your wardrobe, take an online marketing class, do some light research on the business or career you're trying to enter, etc.

    4. PS:
      1) Fast to be broken at noon in your timezone. Break with CRACKERS and WATER that you bless by yourself and use as communion. Buy crackers you can afford. Bottled, satchet or dispenser water is fine. DON'T take the water to or from any church, prophet or pastor.

      2) If you're ill, on medication, breastfeeding or have a medical condition that prevents you from fasting - please eat and take your medicine at the times your doctor said. But stay keyed in throughout - read and meditate on the Scriptures and song(s) for the day, do the day's homework/activity, take communion and pray at noon, repeat the prayer points at midnight. Let's be guided.

      3) You need to be genuinely bornagain to be on this programme. You can't come and be trying to get a God you don't know or haven't given permission to run your life, to release a job to you that will give Him glory.

      4) If you're currently doing juju, engaged in witchcraft or involved in the New Age (love and light, energies, angels, etc) or any other occultic thing that you have refused to leave - please don't do this programme. We're praying to God in the Name of Jesus Christ. We're not putting our intentions out into the "Universe", manifesting our desires or mixing any other New Age practice (love and light, energies, cards, astral/soul travel, etc) into this.

      5) Please, do NOT spread the word that you're on this programme and be very careful whom you talk to about ideas and instructions, or where you get them. EVERY idea and instruction I've ever had that turned out to be of God - from where to school, to whom to marry, to what to do with my life - was greatly resisted by people who should have known better. EACH time I listened to people who were not revealing or repeating the mind of God, I paid dearly for it. Use discernment cos not everything that you hear or that happens to come your way at this time (even from your pastor) will be a) from God or b) for you.

      6) Some are tripping cos I don't sound like a motivational speaker who is "talking to all who are under the sound of my voice" - someone can be a real wo/man of God but lead you out of the Will of God for your life & you're the one that will suffer (1 Kings 13:11 - 26). I cannot lie or rhyme to excite anyone cos what happens when it doesn't come to pass cos God didn't say it? Are y'all not tired of folk 'prophesizing' and you remain the same?

      7) I'm passionate about you developing a personal relationship with God and knowing how to gauge His voice to you cos if you're bornagain, you're not a b*st*rd - so you have a right to hear your Father. Yes, there are genuine pastors, prophets, etc that He speaks through and uses cos nobody is an island. But God NEVER intended for His servants to take His place. A lot of you are in trouble cos you see a real or fake servant of God and treat him/her like a juju priest who is the only one who can hear their god(s). Seriously, why? These programmes are not magic.

    5. God Bless you real good @Real OA.
      You have diligently used a lot of time to do all this.
      I pray that God waters you abundantly.

    6. God bless you exceedingly Real OA.pls i,m partaking in this fast for a job. had a dream after my midnite prayers this morn, where i was removing little silver pins from my legs down to my feet, really don't know what it means.

    7. Pls Real OA should one abstain from sex from one's hubby while partaking in this fast.

      I just had a round this morning with hubby although he did not know I was fasting as I did not tell him.

      What do I do pls? Do I start the fasting all over from day 1 or do I ask for mercy and continue?

      We are both currently without jobs.

      Waiting for your reply pls.

    8. Anon 9:10 In addition to today's part of the programme, repeat yesterday's prayer points and declarations.

    9. Both currently without jobs, instead of you to take this fast seriously, you are busy fucking.

    10. Anon 9:28 How have you been doing the midnight prayers if your husband isn't aware of what you're doing and you're in the same house?

      Please, read and meditate on 1 Corinthians 7: 4-6.

    11. Anon 10.18
      You won't understand.

      Thanks Real OA
      Guess I have to start all over.
      Thanks a lot.
      May God answer our prayers

    12. The Real OA, THANK YOU SO MUCH. That part of people not seeing what God's been revealing to me and always opposing them is so heartbreaking. I have stopped telling about my revelations and i have been steadfastly praying and i'll KEEP TRUSTING HIM that has revealed them to me. God bless you The Real OA.

    13. Hello Real OA....just seen this post am I too late for the fasting and prayer and for how long? Thanks

    14. Real OA,

      This was written very well.

      Keep up the Good Work,

      Thank You!

  13. Hmm the owner of fireman generator death is so painful. How wicked can human being be. God have mercy ooo.

    Thank God for another day. Thank u Jesus.

    1. Very Very!!
      It's so sad😎😎😎😎

    2. Very painful. It's very sad

    3. The heart of man is desperately wicked ,
      Why take life you cannot give ??
      Oh dear it's so disheartening.

  14. Thanking God for d priceless gift of life
    New mercies
    God bless our hustle today
    Crushing on all d beautiful Queens on here
    Fruitful day y'all

    Good morning darlings

    1. Goodmorning Peppa dear, crushing on you too. Have a blessed day.

    2. Crushing on you. Good morning

    3. Good morning all my beautiful damsels
      Wishing ya'll a wonderful wednesday

  15. Good morning everyone.

    Have a blessed day.

  16. So much bad news in the land. The CAN chairman’s execution got to me badly. That’s people’s father, husband. Imagine getting home to hear your father had been kidnapped. Sleepless nights, the trauma, that goes with it. I just can’t imagine it.
    Then the other man whose body parts were scattered all over the place. Imagine packing his remains in a sack... oh God, it’s heartbreaking πŸ˜–
    How about the new borns abandoned in the cold to die? Why wait to have those beautiful babies and abandon them? So much wickedness that I pray for the world to end already.
    There’s churches in every corner, yet the wickedness is not even going down. For how long will this go on?
    God protect our families, loved ones in Jesus names.

    1. It's so sad this is happening though religion is on the increase.

    2. People fail to see that religion has done more harm than good in this world... and its still doing harm.

    3. Many are in church but is the church in them?

      How many truly FEAR GOD, SERVE GOD AND OBEY GOD?

  17. Good morning.This kids will not kill me or give me phone screen that got changed on Wednesday is broken again 😭😭😭. I don die

    1. You have to be hiding your phone or buy cheaper phones if you can't successfully hide them.

    2. Why are you giving your phone to your kids?

      Stop giving your phone to your kids, your phone is not a toy.

    3. My kids don't touch my phones unless i ask them to take my call. PS I have 5 boys.

  18. My respect to all pregnant women that works and do school runs. Pls BVS any advice on how to stop, avoid or minimize mouth full of saliva during first trimester? this is really embarrassing. Have a great day my lovelies.

    1. Chew gum😎😎😎😎😎

    2. Tiny fresh ginger in the mouth can help

    3. Try ginger....have bits on your mouth and kip biting at intervals. It worked for me at a point and stopped working 4 me later. Gum dint help neither did bitter kola. Thank God It stopped at 1st trim. I hate it d tym u wakeup in d morning saliva on d pillowcase.

    4. I heard gum worsen it...
      I have no idea what you can take to stop the saliva or vomitting, I took all the takeable, but it never stop during my time.

      I vomited until the very last day that I gave birth. I don't even pray that for my worse enemy.

    5. Mrs A you are just like me we have same symptoms I pour saliva till I give birth I even carry a small container to collect saliva in my bag. My husband calls it my baby bottle. Lol

  19. We should not lose our humanity. Such sad news all around. Stay safe out there...have a blessed day!

  20. Good morning bvs,The CAN execution was really painful... How do we get to this,how can someone kill a human being just like that... For what gain exactly... May the man soul rest in peace 😭😭😭😭

  21. Morning to you all beautiful people hehehe 😊😊
    Just came back from swimming class, now I want to cook cos, its my off day 😊😊😊

    I'm crushing on myself hehehe, did something I thought I would never be able to do; God gave me strength and courage and enthusiasm. With a grateful heart I say thank You my creator.

    Anonymous venom, how e dey do you today? Nor let my matter cause you cancer πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    1. Wow I admire people that can swim...I swim like a lizard in water..

    2. Goodmorning Ms A.... Thank God for helping you do what you weren't able to do before

    3. Phoenix, you can swim then... Learn to paddle your feets like the dogs when they are in water or like the swan, you're good to go.

  22. sweetlurlacollections Lagos(bags,shoe&more)0708972144922 January 2020 at 08:53

    Amen to your prayers ma'am....
    Good morning gbogbo ile,may our hustle pay today and forever!!!!Amen

  23. Good morning bvs,is only a fool that says there is no God,the amount of attack I encountered last year alone,is just God that kept me alive, November last year I started having dreams of death or I will see my late aunt in the dream and I will tell her let's go,in that period I was very weak and it was as if I want to faint, I even had to go to the hospital and the doctor thought maybe is pregnancy but I told him I am on family planning and the other little test I did showed my blood level is okay and I don't have malaria,that was how I will leave the hospital without any drugs, I went to the ATM one day and when I was leaving a man followed me behind and said be very prayerful I was just nodding my head and saying yes,but I did not engage him in asking further because I don't know if he is into 419,but the main message have been passed, that was how I began praying every 12 midnight and I told God to show me a sign of who might be the attacker for the person to call me that month, that was how one night I started feeling as if my spirit is leaving my body and immediately I stood up and started praising God despite the weakness, the next morning when I was still sleeping my Auntie that don't usually call me gave me a missed call,when I called her back she started saying how are we doing ,hope we are fine that if she see someone she would have sent the person to bring garri for me,I told her not to bother that I have enough,my spirit told me to send her money during December period, I sent it through my mum and till now she didn't call if she had received it,since then till now I haven't been able to reach her ,anytime I call her number it will show no network connection,when I told my mum she said there do have network in my Auntie place. I told myself to leave a prayerful life from now on because that is the only defense I have over them.

    1. I thank God for you that your spirit is very sensitive to God and spiritual things. God is your victory! Rejoice.

  24. Goodmorning everyone may your day be fruitful.

  25. I crave fried turkey stew ooo, Ibadan peeps come to my rescue😁😁...chai this 2nd trim and all these my cravings ehn. Thats how I was craving jollof rice and garri on sunday😒. As I was eating rice I was sipping my garri egbà without sugar. My husband was just shaking his head for me.

    1. Hahahahahahahahah. It's well

    2. Be careful alot of garri is contaminated,if really need to soak garri re-fry using a non- frying pan.

  26. Good morning beautiful bvs

    All Mothers are blessed
    We are referred to as the weaker partner but we are actually the strongest.

  27. The heart of man is desperately wicked...on top money,you cut ur fellow brother into pieces...

  28. Please, how much does a basket of Tomatoes cost in your area. Good morning my people.

  29. Namaste πŸ™πŸΌ Stella baiby 😘
    My WCW are my mum and sister.
    I just feel somehow today. Not just feeling my self sha.
    Perxi baiby, ole way 😘. Hope you doing well, hun!

  30. Martin, please come to my rescue. I can't download, update and like. Please, what can I do? Thanks

    1. just buy Nokia touch.
      no downloading,updating or liking.

  31. Ladies be your own competition, living fake life to impress people that don’t care about you doesn’t make sense.
    A girl planned her wedding for almost one year,sold asoebi for 20k, her husband came back and insisted on only registry, nobody was invited.
    After marriage she updated her Facebook “relocated to Japan “ only for Aunty to be seen in Nigeria, AUDIO JAPAN.

  32. God bless my hustle today and forever. It isn't easy Stella but I'm happy there's God.

  33. We are living in perilous times.

  34. Pexie, where are you at???
    That annon that her crush professed love to, how market???
    My WCW goes out to me and all my fellow women. God bless your good hearts πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  35. Good day to everyone! May your hustles pay today and always...


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