Stella Dimoko US Based Journalist Sends A Memo To Buhari's Media Aide Femi Adesina Over His Piece On The Murder Of CAN Chairman..


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Sunday, January 26, 2020

US Based Journalist Sends A Memo To Buhari's Media Aide Femi Adesina Over His Piece On The Murder Of CAN Chairman..

President Buhari's media aide Femi Adesina is being slammed left,right and centre for a piece he did on Friday on the beheading of CAN Chairman by Boko haram......

In This memo US based Journalist Azuka Jebose tells Femi that the power which intoxicates him now will not last forever........


  1. The Christians faith has done little or will I say not good enough to address and challenge the killings of it members over the last decade. When US killed an Iranian terrorist and a commander, the Muslims protested here in Nigeria burning American flag.

    Just last week, CAN chairman was gruesomely killed by the Boko Haram terrorist and up till this moment no protest has been made rather we read an insensitive trash from one Femi Adesina that called himself a spoke man. How long do we pretend or feign ignorance and watch our brothers and sisters being killed on the daily? It could be anyone tomorrow.

    Christians in the north are living in fear. There are media sabotage on the realities on ground, for a lot of Christians are being killed daily in the northern part of Nigeria even inside the church. This isn't a time of prayers and fasting alone, rather a time of self defence. You don't see a man coming inside the church with a cutlass or gun to kill you and you kneel down to cast and bind him. Wisdom demand you defend yourself or run away if you want to stay alive. We must rise up NOW before it will be too late.

    Christians WAKE UP!!! There's a grand plot to instill fear on Christians in the whole of northern Nigeria as to make the north a total Islamic state.

    1. You're right TJ. Christians should start defending themselves against all these infidels. Femi is the biggest idiot of this century. I pray he suffers the same fate as that CAN chairman.

    2. Well said TJ,imagine if an imam was murdered like that

    3. TJ, I understand what you have written up there. But let me make some corrections.

      The Bible tells us that in the last days men will kill us because of our faith thinking they are doing God a favour. The killing of the CAN chairman was wrong. But we accept it.

      We are not afraid however, like you wrote. Jesus told us not to be afraid of those who can only kill the body. But to be afraid of the one who can kill both the body and the soul.

      Don't be deceived their day is coming. Certainly it is coming without fail.

  2. Indeed "bubbles burst and mingle with the traveling breeze" c: Azuka.
    Let the wise hear and get wiser. πŸ‘

    Good morning and happy Sunday allπŸ™‹

  3. I used him in church every Sunday sitting on the front row like a saint, with his wife and two children behind them. I stopped going to that branch the day they called him as one of the ministers serving the Holy communion. Femi Adesina? No way! I carried my daughter and 'ranned'.

    1. Castle,you will not kee me with laughter,but Femi cannot make me leave a branch I attend,I will simple walk up to another person serving.On a lighter note Castle,what if he repents and is among the ministers to welcome you to heaven on the last day,what will you do?remember,there is no other branch o

    2. Honestly, We Christian brought all this upon ourselves, even when the church gets petition about their elder,they won't do anything as long as the person has money,speaks good English, 3/4 suits,colourful ties.

  4. He should take a cue from Reuben Abati...


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