Stella Dimoko Wednesday In House News..


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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Wednesday In House News..

The music is nothing, if the audience is deaf.......#2020vision

Somto and Neche Cover In House News

Good Day Stella, these are my girls and I hope they qualify for the face of ihn. I have learnt so much from this blog. Thanks so much Stella, you are a blessing to so many people. To my follow bvs, this year will be a beautiful year for all of us.

Wow ,your daughters look so good....Happy New year to them and you!!!!



Pls can someone help me to interpret this dream i had?

 it goes thus;i met someone who deals on bitcoin and he's very successful in it. He encouraged me to invest in it, i had this on 1st of January. Then this night I met him again and i invested some money, initially i wanted to invest 3k dollars but he advised me to invest in a new type of bitcoin, so i decided to reduce the amount. (In reality i don't have such amount)

Second part;i saw my self in my secondary school compound, it was decorated with lots of mango trees.i looked up and saw lots of ripe mango i plucked one,infact i was overly excited to have such a beautiful ripe mango.

Third part;i saw my self traveling with my husband and kids, shopping in a mall
In reality most of my dreams comes to pass, for example, i knew when I conceived and know their gender before i go hospital check if i am pregnant. All the deaths that occurred in my family i dreamt of them all.

Well if all your dreams come true then you already know that your first dreams means financial freedom...
The second dream refers to runny stomach from the financial freedom and the third part refers to going shopping with your family nau....I think its a good dream but please note that i dont know how to Interpret dreams ooooh.



Please house i need your opinion on this. My boyfriend sent me a message stating that he no longer wants commitment, no deep feelings, no entitlement, no questions Your life is your life and mine is mine. He said we have trust issues cuz i snooped and saw hes been sleeping around which he said he fucked up but we can move to another level. I am confused and don't know what to do.

Despite apologising that he effed up,he is no longer interested in the relatiosnhip because he has issues trusting that you will not snoop on his phone again....So in clea r terms he is telling you that if it is just gbenshing you can offer him without a relationship he will take that....
what are you confused about?put on your running shoes and start walking out of whatever you both had.....

Good luck!



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Please dont put address of hospital otherwise i will delete the comment...thank you



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  1. TIP OF THE DAY; When you look back on 2019, don't think of it as a year of pain but a year of growth. You made it through each day. You should be proud of yourself. You are a better you, despite all the hardships. Take a deep breath and enter 2020 with hope and confidence 😊. _Motiversity

    1. Beautiful Neche and Somto, love your outfits.

    2. Pls someone shd Explain my dream 2 nah
      I told a potential toaster to do something that can touch my heart b4 i date him, the guy searched my whole house and found my baby pix! I dont have a baby pix in real life, all where destroyed by water, as i stared at dat pix,my heart was filled with joy until my baby gal called out'Mummy' that made me wake up .

  2. Someone shared some pictures where US Armies bidding their families goodbye as they departed for Middle East, I can't control my tears, those pictures were too emotional. Father in heaven, please let there be peace throughout the world

    *Larry was here*

    1. In as much as I would support US fight against global terrorism, war is never a good thing. I just hope there will be a peaceful resolution.

    2. One Nollywood actress recently joined US Army. She was among those girls that acted one boy like Bachelor. Ruth was in d movie 2. She also acted one movie Esoro found a diary in a new house. Sweet fair lady like this , she looks wonderful on her Us Army uniform. I PITY HER O. I PITY HER

  3. Please I need a detailed explanation on how "Dropshipping" works. Goggle has tried her best. Thank you.

    1. Forget the Big-Big English..

      In simple terms;I sell phone Accessories,you have an interest In the business but don't have enough fund to start up..

      You chat me up;I send you pictures/videos of the products available,you then market it for example on your WhatsApp,Facebook,Instagram etc and add your own profit..
      Example,I sell charger for #2000,i give it to you wholesale price of #1500;you then resell for same #2000 or even more..

      Now when a prospective customer sees your advert,you get the shipping details and send to your dealer(Martins) and your dealer then use their logistics to deliver to YOUR client..
      Dealer gets paid and gives you your own share...

      To avoid trust issues or untrusted dealer stealing your customers;you get the goods and deliver by yourself(probably pay the dealer with your own cash or soo depending on your agreement)...

      In summary,you sold a product without having the product;rather you have a dealer or source..

      It's called "Γ­gba Γ³sΓ³ ahia" where I come from..

      You understand now??


    2. Awwwh Martins, what would we have done on this blog without your intelligent inputs & willingness to help? You just gave me a crash-course on dropshipping. Thanks Bro. God bless you.

    3. Well explained and detailed @Martins.

    4. Oh! That's cool. Many thanks Martins.

    5. lmao...iweta hin mean...martins i had a good laugh abeg. u be real teacher chike

    6. Awww;You all are always welcome..

      We are one family here..


    7. Good question at anon 14:57. Martins,your input to this blog is second to none. Thank you very much.

    8. God bless you so much @BV martins for this breakdown. I wish we had the ability to like a comment on here, I woulda don that a thousand times. You did so well.

    9. @Martins
      You be confirm igbo boy.

    10. Martins. God bless

  4. Pls,apart from ox standing fan,which other fan can befit a sitting room. The money for ox standing fan is too much for me .Thanks for your replies.

    1. ORL been using it for close to 6yrs without issues

    2. Try Qasa,it is very nice and blows well

    3. I have no idea but run away from binatone. E no dey blow better breeze.

  5. Somto and Neche gorgeous young ladies πŸ’–πŸ’–

    This twenny twenny, I see its all about dreams and interpretation for some BVs.

    Poster with the randy boyfriend, he just sidelined you. The relationship is over, pack your bags and go.

    On to the next

    1. Ms AπŸ™† don't kill me.lols
      Awon pastors and deaconesses fighting for data giveaways

  6. sign out meme on point. Beautiful ladies on FOIHN. God bless y'all

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I don't wish to have your type as a neighbor. Tufiakwa

    2. @anonymous...u dont wish to have my type as a neighbor as In what??? did u read to understand what I wrote or u just want to join the bad wagon of those who insults other without processing what they read....please mind ur business..YOU DO NOT HAVE TO INSULT ME...TUFIAKWA FOR YOU TOO
      I deleted the post because of people like you who take things south

    3. Ruby y u come delete ur comment ur mouth sharp for ur above reply u for leave ur comment gidigba na.i don't like babes wey dey shake with fear if like this o

  8. Those Ankara are beautiful and colourful

  9. Poster with goitre,if you are from the Eastern part, there is a particular hospital in isiala ngwa, they are good with that surgery. Two years back my elder sister removed her own there.

  10. Good day fellow housemates
    Somto and Neche,beautiful girls
    Good sales fall on u d sellers

  11. Neche and Somto are beautiful..Stella after interpreting the dream
    you still declared you're not an interpreter. Poster my brother will always tell me that dreams are not literally what they appear to mean most times

  12. Your daughters are beautiful πŸ’πŸ’

    Poster, your boyfriend is an idiot. Leave him alone. He cheated on you, now he's blackmailing you with having trust issues? What happened to working on it? In as much as I frown at snooping, he should own his fuck up and do better. Since he says he's no longer committing to you, drop him. This is twenny twenny πŸ˜‰ where you no longer beg a man to remain with you even for his own fuck up.
    You deserve better sis. And oh, remember it's the season of silent peppering, make sure you do that before walking away πŸ˜‚


  13. For the goiter person. You can use Eko Hospital. They are good. You may not even require surgery, they can do radioactive iodine therapy depending on your test results. Wish you quick recovery.

  14. Good afternoon all
    Beautiful girls up there. I can imagine the hard work put into raising them to this stage. May they give you joy and honour.

  15. My boyfriend wrote

    Sorry nne inugo?
    Girl move on wiser with the lessons learned.
    This is how Naija fork dudes discard girls that spread legs wide asunder for them.
    If you are still opening legs to "trap him or appease him for marriage" this 2020,
    close it o. Before ijiji the fly go enter am o.
    Will Naija girls learn?
    Ajuju ooo 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  16. Please help this is why am not in any relationship , I have treated hpv virus in the past and I don't know when to tell a new date that I have it so as not to infect that person.. good guys have been coming my way but this virus is making me push them away

    1. This is really dicey. But you said you have treated it in the past, is it reoccurring? People are scared and if the person is not an enlightened person, telling them might scare them off. Why not look for a solution. Wait let me go check with Google.

    2. If you are in Abuja, Go to National Hospital....

    3. It's does not reoccure but it's can only be treated but the virus is still within ,they say it's has no cure

  17. Dreaming BV I think it's malaria symptoms, BV whose boyfriend told you no commitment, he has told you in very clear terms that he does not want the relationship. So my advice is walk away. Before I forget to the useless anonymous who came spewing rubbish under my comment yesterday, fuck you! You are very stupid. I have a right to my comment and to agree or disagree on any point. I dare you to creep out of your anonymous zone so that I can use u to gwo la abacha this afternoon. I don't look for people's trouble on the blog but I want to use you to set the pace.

  18. Beautiful Somto and Neche.Happy new year to your family.

  19. That dream up there

    The main question here is; do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ?
    God reveals to save. That issue of seeing "all the deaths in your family and they happen" is not
    God's way of revelations. Usually, he gives you such and what to do to AVERT it.
    John 10:10 The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus has come to give you life in abundance. (quoted)
    Jesus does not come to bring death, Satan comes to bring death.
    That bitcoin thing there or shopping in a mall isn't what will give you the needed direction or eternal life. Neither will
    it prevent your seeing more deaths and they happening as you saw them including your dearest. Be as wise as the Serpent...
    So, foremost, make Jesus your Lord. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Ndi arrow shooters, refute the Scriptures quoted before you shoot arrows at God's Word.

  20. Now I'm scared for the world with this US and Iran bullshit.

    Some people have wickedness running through their veins sha. How do u bring down a plane with innocent people in retaliation, like how???

    1. That's war for you, it's really scary

    2. Shit is getting serious.

    3. That’s a propaganda. Did you confirm that? There is no proof to that yet. Don’t forget it left from Iran, not outside of Iran.

  21. Good day my people.
    I'm on transit, goodbye Abuja!!

    So I downloaded one book app(Bambooks) and I'm required to provide my ATM card details(card number and pin) in order to get membership. I'm scared ooo maka na the small change in my acct. Will my money be safe?

    1. I use the app as well. The first month is free. subsequently, you pay 900 naira a month for subscription. it is deducted from your account when it is due.

      it is a very good app. lots of novels most of which are 200 pages and above.

    2. Don't dare release or divulge such sensitive info to anyone.
      PLS DON TRY IT,!!
      It's a snare.
      Safe tip dear. πŸ™‹

  22. 950k for that disrespectful jalopy? The hell..

  23. sis with boyfriend. just move on with your life. he just wants a fuckmate. HE HAS TOLD YOU HIS MIND ABOUT NO COMMITMENT believe him. he is angry he was caught and knows he will still continue to cheat and you will still continue to snoop. he wants a peaceful fuckmate wey e go dey nack other girls in peace and you no go dey find dear wake up and smell the coffee.

  24. To the dreamer,

    Could your dream mean that mango season is near?? I no chop mango last year o, I go try to chop this year

    Please, now that you're awake, do your own research about cryptocurrencies (bitcoin is just one of them, the grandfather if you like but this "new type of bitcoin" me no know that one unless the dream figure meant bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold, which are not "kinds" per se)...DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH: Cryptocurrencies are volatile so don't invest just because someone told you in the dream even if na Bill Gates or because someone you know 8s doing it.

    1. Ohhh I love love love mango.

      I cant wait!
      Its probably my best fruit of all time.
      Chai, see how my mouth is just watering thinking of those sweet juicy ripe red mangoes with their delicious scent.

    2. @16:37 you probably haven't had those hairy mangoes wey dey entangle teeth

  25. Beautiful girls u have poster.May God keep them in good health for you.

  26. A good and reliable hospital(AB10)very close to my house.God's really using them to heal and deliver people from any kinds of illness.

  27. Those teenagers are so lovely... God will continue to bless you and your parents

  28. Poster with her cheating boyfriend, just do what that makes you happy

  29. Good afternoon bvs.

    May buyers flood sellers. Somto and Neche are beautiful girls. The heat is gradually coming back, Oh harmattan! How I miss you so much.
    Lest I forget, Eka Joy the Lord be with you and your hubby,I'm genuinely happy for you..

    Grateful for the gift of life

  30. The craving for banga and starch no be here.
    I'm almost dizzy.
    Please someone direct me to where I can get in Abuja. Tankiu every much.

  31. Beautiful ladies, Somto and Neche.
    Big dough bread, you no show us pictures.

    1. I was almost asking the same about the bread.....

    2. How're you doing Castle? I trust you're fine.

    3. I tire ooo! Advert without picturesπŸ™„

  32. beautiful ladies up there...I go marry oh........

  33. Somto and Neche are both very pretty.. You must be a proud Momma!

    Lady with boyfriend ish. Guy man wants an open relationship.. Do what you like,he does what he likes. No questions, no answers..
    I hope you love yourself enough to walk away without looking back.

  34. Good day beevees.. How can I send my ad to stella for In house news? Help a sister abeg


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