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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Wednesday In House News


How is your day going so far?
Well with me,it is so far,so good!!!


Today 29th is my brother's birthday and I would like you and blog visitors to help me celebrate him. He's the best brother anyone could ever ask for. He's selfless, disciplined and humble. 

May God honour and surprise you James and as you make us proud, God's grace will continue to be with you. We all love you my boy even though you are now a man.

Happy Birthday to you Dear...........



Gates,please send me a mail if you are interested...



The evil most of our parents have committed you will never believe they are the cause of our problems. My dad is a cultist he had an agreement with them when he became a member, he told them he wanted long life for his family like no matter what happens he doesnt want to lose his family and in exchange they told him non of his children and wife will make a head way in life. 

He did this because he lost all his siblings when growing up and he is was the only one remaining so he thought if anything happened to him and he died that will be the end of his family. We have been struggling with life all my sisters non is married and they are so beautiful while the guys are just struggling. 

No matter what you do even if he gives you money it will all crush and you will have no other choice to come back to his house. Right now I'm at a cross road and I need serious advise to solve this problem.

You are complaining about the devil and giving him an excuse for why he is tormenting dare your father sell your destiny and you all are cool with all should ambush and tie him up to look for a solution to this problem,dont come and ask us please...i am so angry.....look at how you all are wasted becos of persons wickedness...that is not love or sacrifice......
You all should decide on what to do to break the curse collectively...I dont think freeing yourself alone is the solution..By the time you guys flog him with peppered cane,he will tell you how to undo what he did....siddon dia dey pet am oh,you hear?



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  1. IHN is here. Goos sales to the buyers and sellers.

  2. You have the choice to focus on your blessings or your problems. Whichever you choose will either bring about contentment or worry & stress in your life. The more you focus on your blessings the more the Almighty will bestow upon you. He loves a grateful heart. So choose wisely!


  3. Chei. i remember those that i thought beautiful ladies no dey mess or shit knowing na them dey do am pass

  4. Hello from the city of jos plateau state.

    1. Thank you Stella for the advert. more blessings.

      Happy birthday James.

  5. All these adverts without location. It is a wah!

  6. Which kind thing be this?how can preek be rising anyhow inside market

    1. Because he saw pretty damsels walking around in the market but has no self control.

  7. Good day fellow housemates, hope ur day is going on smoothly?
    Happy birthday Oga James,God bless ur new age
    Poster with evil Father,better take him to a Bible believing Church that deals with deliverance so that u all can be free from d bondage
    Beautiful items,speedy sales I pray for u all

  8. Ihn is here,happy birthday to name and good customers to all selling

  9. Sluttychic i want to marry are a complete package.How can i contact you?

    1. Wow slutty babe na ur market dey sell now o..I'm Happy for u my realest babe..abeg no dull o cos u never can tell o.shooter gyal I pray u learn from dis o and stop being nasty and fake here.hope u don leave dat ur yeye guy wey dey use u play laliga.

    2. Learn how to give spacings after your full stops first. Then learn how to capitalise the letter "I" then you can contact her. Are you a wife beater because you never came to ask for her hand till that yesterday post came up?

    3. Finally. So that we can all rest

    4. No dating but straight to marriage? We have to get you first. I hope you are not looking for the one you will slap and she will kneel down and beg. Slutty ain’t that naive.

    5. 14:09, drop your email.

      You anons are funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Anon 15:11, have you been restless? Please get ready for more restlessness and headache πŸ”«

    6. Anon 14:58, you're very stupid. Learn from what? Did I tell you I'm looking for a man on here?
      I'm being me and not faking shit so go fuck yourself you compound fool.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Happy birthday James! Age gracefully..

    Those fried meat up there is making me to salivate, i feel like bitting up my phone screen to grab the meat...

    Fine items up there, may God brings customers your way...

  11. Daughter to the Cultist dad

    If Jesus shall set you free, you shall be free indeed...John 8:36

    Your dad made a covenant (with Satan) by sacrifice and this is the result.
    Why not make covenant WITH GOD by sacrifice and get your own results, you and your siblings. Let me show you the Scripture...
    Psalms 50: 5"Gather to me this consecrated people, who made a covenant with me by sacrifice."
    How is it done?
    Yes, ajuju
    Tell the Lord that on these days of the week, on these week of the year, on this month of the year etc. I will fast/pray/study your words for this number of days...and I do not want myself/my kids and any of my siblings to ever be limited in our aspirations again.
    Begin with at least 3-4 days in a week fasting morning till evening.

    It is well with you...


  12. Good afternoon.
    May the Lord continue protecting and providing for His own.
    Nice day all.

  13. yes oooo a lion will never tell you its a lion. happy birthday James. More beautiful years. Spiritually held captive lady, pls go for deliverance and every yoke will be broken. The Spiritual controls the physical. Only God Almighty can set your and siblings FREE

  14. IHN is here.

    Happy birthday James, may God bless your new age.

    Good patronage to all the sellers.

    Good afternoon everyone.

  15. Beautiful afternoon. James happy birthday to you.

    The lady with pipsy, you all needs to go to church where you all will be free from this. Good you all know where the problem is but I think there is more to it. God will help you all. I know how difficult to get aaway from the devil after you have dined with him. When I say many people are in bondage, people will think she talks too much. May God help you all to locate Gods prophet that will frer you all. Amen.

    Beauriful sales. Wishing you all good customers.

    May God help everyone of us. Amen.d

  16. IHN is here! The designer up there folabigrace where is your location? Can you make good styles for affordable rates! Am a size 16 ooo!

  17. happy plus one to you James, tall man many more years ahead.

  18. Slutty chic I'm the anon that's always saying I LOVE YOU SLUTTY baby girl you are real,honest,blunt and alladat! I love your personality but unfortunately these bvs are 2faced so when you say your mind they'd call you heathens whereas they are bashed in real life. I don't have much to say but girl😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Awwwwwww, I love you too and thank you for being sweet. Please get an ID so we can be rapping here. I appreciate you ♥️♥️πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  19. happy birthday to you.

  20. I have a colleague at work who was always being strangled by snakes in the dreams. Her life was in chaos. She on her own began a 21 days fast this January 6 to 6pm and by the 8th day, she had killed that snake with a knife in her dream. Right now, she is not having any of that anymore. She just told me that she is looking at her time table to know when she will go into 3 days stretch. I write this for the girl whose dad is a cultist. You've got to be in Christ. And you got to get to that point in your life where you decide not to take it anymore, both yourself and your siblings.

  21. Good afternoon Stella.. I was very surprised when I saw spontaneous post this morning and u said someone wants to be my angel..ha Stella I don't know how to show appreciation o.Im very very grateful o.
    When I sent that story I didn't know it will touch an angel o.i was only trying to tell my lil story so pple can learn.
    Stella my problem now is I don't no how to reach in this email thing.pls someone shld help me out.
    My angel thank u so very much.God will meet u at d point of ur every need.u will never lack.thank u.

    Bv osundi owendi

  22. Mahn, these diabolic stories be making me dizzy. May God come through for y'all. Amen

    Stella, this shady meme again..😏
    You tryna make Anon come for me again. πŸ˜ͺ🀣

    1. So my fellow anons do come for you perxian? Jisike we no dey carry come for person like that na when you misyarn we come for you buy still (let me speak for myself) I like you...... sometimes though.

    2. Sometimes is good enough. 😊

  23. y people there was a lady in 2017 that wrote to Stella how she was born with breast abnormality, she explained how one of her breast is bigger than one with so much difference and alot of people gave her advice on the kind of bra she can wear that will make the both beast look alike. Please someone should assist me with the link to that post or advice me as my breast one is bigger than one with so much difference. One looks like i am just developing beast while one looks like i have fully developed my breast completely. Help a sister and thank you all.

    1. Buy a foam bra, remove the foam of the one that covers the bigger breast,leave the other one and wear it like that.

    2. Queen, how is your little brothers health?
      Hope he is fully recovered now?

      How are you too?

  24. The signout meme shouldn't be taken seriously lions sometimes need to remind animals that he's still the king of the jungle if not see finish go enter.

  25. To the BV who claims the Father sold their destinies to the devil.

    Your Father's action even though inexcusable, beneath it lies the fear of losing his family like he did his siblings. However, its time to fight for your lives. Forgive him that is the passport to access God. All your family must repent and come to the saving knowledge of our Christ and Saviour Jesus Christ, turn the whole family over to God and embark on what is called Family deliverance. As the name implies, the whole family will be united in this prayer and fasting were this curse and spell will be lifted and destroyed from the fruit above to its root beneath and you all will be free; because in Christ Jesus the veil was lifted.

    A song writer said 'What can't You do Jesus' There is nothing God cannot change even faulty destinies can be restored. Was it not why Jesus was made manifest to destroy every work of darkness?

    Do this with all your hearts, God will forgive the sins of the Fathers, heal and restore your broken destinies. Do not give up!

  26. Stella pls mk this into a post.
    I have seen an American version of this movie , with Morgan freeman and a host of good actors Including Ben Afflick younger bros( I can’t remb d name again) but it was a Cinema Blockbuster
    Now the Nigerian version which looks like a true life story.
    U did a post about Bad parenting and all , should a mother who is not capable of taking care of there kid b left with that child? Shd we as humans play god and abduct kids from less privileged home and give to pple who will take proper care of them?
    The American version, freeman was a highly placed, respected police office who LOVED his wife to d moon and back, but she tried everything but cldnt conceive , I don’t know y Dey didn’t adopt. I don’t know , then he had this unit he was heading busting drug traffickers, the mother of d kidnapped child was a WASTE! She hardly feeds or care for d child because she was always stoned, somehow d report came to him and in exchange for something, him and some corrupt officers decided to abduct the child, made it look like she got killed in crossfire but he took d baby to his wife( he was very wealthy). They eventually busted the whole crime and him arrested .
    Nigeria version, very similar, in Aguda Surulere, a lady was asked to kidnap and mk 400 k or so, she said d reason y she did it was because Ebere’s mum couldn’t care for the 2yrs old child and another wealthy woman needed a child because she cld not procreate.
    The pain parents go through, poor or not can only b imagined but which wld u prefer? A child being given d best or left in a wretched home. Pls u can mk it a content let d bvs argue and let’s learn . By d way, Wrong is wrong by the way

  27. Watching up North and it made me realise how nice it is to have a good social media following. The way they were screaming about this movie, you'd think it'd be more than this.

    And just finished watching Lagos Real fake life and I think Mercy Aigbe should just stick to her yoruba movies.

    1. Lagos real fake life is one helluva boring movie.

    2. Gbam. What is paining about the movie up north is how one of my actor friend kept making noise about the movie while they were still shooting. I tot he would be giving a supporting role or even a lead role sef. Las las they din't even use any of his scene he in the movie. I had so much expectation only to end up being disappointed. Mtchewwwww upnorth was just over hyped mbok.

  28. the solution is not flogging their dad. This is a spiritual war and it is fought spiritually.
    that lady should gather her sisters and fast. That is the only way to do it. Do not run helter skelter before
    you complicate an already bad situation.

    1. Stella if they accidentally kill the man they would be in more trouble. As anon 14:37 says the answer is to be fought spiritually by prayer and fasting. Bible says we fight not against flesh and blood but principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. Also how did the poster confirm the dad is behind their predicament?

  29. In house news is here, good luck to all the sellers, customers fall on you

  30. Hello from IB city... So I got my first customer yesterday on this blog...I was so excited and scared at the same time and everything went smoothly...Even though it was within Ibadan but we are getting there.. God bless you customer dada... Looking forward to more patronage from you... Ibadan shopper...

  31. Good afternoon everyone,more sales to the sellers.

  32. Good afternoon house
    Beautiful things for sale

  33. Good day everyone!

    How y'all doing?

    Happy 2020!

    Greetings bedbreaker, Eka Joy, chikki baby, lippie and others too numerous to mention.

    SDK MAMA herself, hailings!


  34. The play suit seller, hope you're genuine. Hope it is "what I ordered for is what I got" ?

  35. Thanks for posting my advert Stella....God bless you.

  36. The lady that has an a cult dad. Why not invest your energy on thinking positive. Most times our mind is our greatest enemy. What you focus so much on has a way of looking real. Moreso, if God be for us, who can be against us. When things seems so difficult for me. I seat down and read Isaiah 40: 1 - end. This God is too big. There is nothing impossible for him

    1. shut up abeg. people will come to say their reality una go dey yarn rubbish...does she not know what she is saying? alot of spiritual stuff going on but u blind ones will be doubting every every.

    2. You don't have to insult me to say your mind. If what I said does not make sense by you. Why not read and move on. That is how you will bring curse upon yourself by insulting people you don't know.

  37. happy birthday James.
    A 10 years reputation can be destroyed by an 1hr action

  38. I will be 40 in April. No husband. No child. January, is almost gone. All I ask for is my own husband. Show me mercy dear lord. Forgive me if I have consciously or unconsciously offended you. break any hedge that might be speaking against my marriage. Please show me mercy lord. Give me the privilege of having my own husband and my own children. Dear lord, As you go around blessing women with children and husband this year. Please do not pass me by. Amen

    1. And so shall it be in Jesus might name. Amen

    2. Anon 15:26.Hello,pls try & attend the singles & bachelor's programme(mostly vigils) at any of their branches or kindly look for any good church where programmes for the singles are being held.Then arise every midnight & pray.There are several prayers on the internet for those looking for a spouse.pls,take any of them & use them in your midnight prayers repeat as necessary.

  39. Thank you Stella for the Advert....
    Poster with a Cultist Dad, You and your siblings should find a solution

  40. Happy birthday big brother, hero and greatest supporter, love 4eva!

  41. Please i need an advice,i want learn a skill but dont knoe the one to go for between tailoring and saloon/makeup.please which among the two is mire lucrative.tnx

  42. The BV whose dad is a cultist. There is no satanic yoke that cannot be broken. You just have to fight spiritually. First forgive your dad and ALL OF YOU SIBLINGS should embark on a 21 day fast with GODLY and biblical prayers of supplication and war fare. You can self deliver no need to run to any so called man of God who will further exploit you. Remember that the battle is the Lord's.

  43. Thank you SDK for the you

  44. Happy Birthday James.
    Wangaraufoods, your packaging makes sense. πŸ‘

  45. Happy birthday to you James, God will continue to lift you up

  46. Let her brag biko. She's the money bag and can buy 3 houses at banana island or any place of her choice which you and your generation put together can't do !
    You ugly chimpanzee looking, jealous bitch, always bitter about people's success. You gave bvs common akara change and was making noise up and down, bought a fake China Rolex watch which is the biggest thing in your life with a drunk and was making noise like you bought whitehouse.
    Goan siddon my friend, you're too fucking bitter to be human. Leave Linda alone so that her God may bless you too. Ugly disfigured challenged looking thing.

  47. Thank you Stella. God bless you for your support


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