Stella Dimoko Young Man Ends His Life After Encouraging Others Not To Give Up!


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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Young Man Ends His Life After Encouraging Others Not To Give Up!

Enudi Maxwell Lucky,a graduate of the University of Calabar, who was to Convocate by March, 2020 was found dead in his room after he had alegedly consumed the poisonous sniper.

The young man who was the class representative of his set was known as unrelenting and always encouraging others to never give up, so the news of his death came as a shock to his friends and former classmates.

*Has the government not yet banned the production of Sniper???


  1. Replies
    1. Nos 1 sign of a struggling soul; over greeting 2) they talk about there many achievements in d past( they r not aware they r bragging, that plenty plenty talks calms them, or better still relives them 3. Always appear happy at all times .
      Pay attention to this signs in friends and family, those pple r fighting demons, the worst thing to do to a person struggling is to gossip about them, reject them or try to compete with them.
      Those souls r in constant pain, if u can’t stand d talks, find a way to calm there spirits. A lot of pple r struggling

    2. I don’t think sniper should be banned because it’s very good for fumigation. Banning it doesn’t mean people won’t look for other means to commit suicide. May his soul Rest In Peace, so sad that the country keeps failing us🙂

    3. Anon 13.07
      You’re spot on with this comment.

  2. Sad.
    As long as sniper does not affect their loot, how does it concern them?

  3. So sad. And his name talks about life.

  4. I have a friend, I see through his huge smiles and laughter. People see him as a jolly good fellow; always happy, but I always know when he's faking it. Sometimes I wonder if those he calls his friends really know he's struggling. Most times when we meet, I just let him talk and i listen, before the many voices in his head consumes him and when's he's done talking, he laughs genuinely.

    A lot of people are just like him. Always pay attention.

    1. I love is good u see tru him. Constantly ask him “ How r u doing today “. With time he will let the walls down and open up 2 u

    2. @ I love My Rhapsody, Thank you for listening to him. Often times these people need someone to listen to them. In professional counselling we are told that counselling is 90% listening.

      Let's pay closer attention to our friends and the people around us. Show them love. When you stop and ask someone, "How are you?" be genuinely interested in knowing how he/she is and determined to help if you can.

      Often times we bug people with our issues and forget they too are human and may have their own issues too. We always want people to listen to us and forget we should actually also be interested in knowing what's going on in their lives as well.

      Always wear a smile.
      Always leave an encouraging word.
      Always listen (Don't be in a hurry to advise, just listen actively).
      Always be genuinely concerned.
      Always pay attention.
      Always truly love (It makes them feel safe and make them want to open up to you).
      Always be determined to help where you can.
      And yes, pray for them.

      Let's make these a lifestyle. Let's love people with the love of God.

  5. People that commit suicide really posses extraordinary "mind (guts)
    May his soul find rest.

  6. Most people who sell happiness don’t have happiness ... may His soul Rest In Peace

    1. ✅✅✅✅

    2. Yep, they hope they can convince themselves by selling it to others.

  7. Most motivational speakers are depressed

  8. Sniper is in my house Stella,
    Bribe them and they will keep quiet

  9. Sad sad sad
    A lot of people are depressed but suicide isn't d's a selfish act and d devil is behind it

  10. May God help us

  11. No condition is permanent.. Why killing yourself because of what? This sweet Life.. RIP lucky

    1. That you find sweetness in life is just your fate
      so many ppl young to very old, are struggling to get it together, very very depressed

      if a popular god of man announces that 'suicide is holy' you will be surprised at the number of ppl that wil jump on it

  12. Enter your comment...Stella it is "convoke" not convocate,there is nothing like convocate in English language

  13. Sniper is a victimless killer. If you are fed up, you drink it and out you go. You are not hurting anyone. It beats going on shooting spree. Family members mourning? They will get over it. As a matter of fact I will donate a free bottle of sniper to all the gullible fellas who fell for 4+4 and are now living in despair after the N10k tradermoni finished in less than a week. I think Buhari is not being devilish enough.


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