Stella Dimoko Actress Beverly Naya Complains About Interview Headlines Given To Women In Nigeria...


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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Actress Beverly Naya Complains About Interview Headlines Given To Women In Nigeria...

Actress Beverly Naya is complaining about Interview headlines given to women in Nigeria......This is more like taking panadol when its not your headache...............

These headlines are like PR for some and they are not complaining.......Or are they?

 Oh well,if you dont like the Narrative,then change it and stop answering these questions!
Celebs should use their social media handles to grant themselves good interviews and we will pick it up....


  1. My sister chose to answer them or not....

  2. My friend go marry and stop snatching other women boyfriend.

  3. Abi! "Change begins with me" - NOA.

  4. Beverly, you can actually choose not to answer certain questions. And nobody will beat you. As in keep mum, not "no comment" or "I don't wanna talk about it" or uncomfortable laughter.

    Or you choose not to grant interviews at all with the media outlets you know are fond of focusing on such questions. Fact is platforms who are consumed with details of your marital status are not interested in your work anyway, their purveyors are not your audience so it's not like you'd be hurting your career if you don't grant their interview requests. It's like doing an interview with Playboy and being outraged that they want you to take your kit off and they're not focusing on what you've got upstairs. Anyone who hears will be like, "But didn't you know anything about them before you agreed?"

    I know you're going to read this - have the foresight to do your research, so you know what kind of person (individual) or platform (brand) you're dealing with. Cos if you see some of their past and even recent work/interviews, you have an idea of what they're going to ask. Don't leave it to your PR person(s) else you'll be caught offguard. PR folk generally don't care as long as you're in the news, but you know the kinda news you want to be in.

    1. I don't know if they do this in nollywood but I know in Hollywood the celeb can choose QUESTIONS specifically to NOT be asked by the interviewer.

    2. It can be done but a lot of Nollywood practitioners are desperate and unschooled. Some think it's about getting a piece of paper from a fancy acting school & having a passable face. So, they feel like they have to be everywhere and answer every question in order not to be seen as rude or uncooperative. And some of their PR/management come from journalism or broadcasting backgrounds, but don't actually know how to manage/promote human beings.

      I read some interviews and my heart actually skips beats cos I'm like, "What on earth is s/he doing on that platform?" It's almost as bad as those agents who kept sending the actresses they managed, to Harvey Weinstein - despite the fact that his ways weren't a secret.

      It doesn't take a lot to see what platform stands for what, so it should be easier to know which one aligns with whose image and goals. For instance, Rubbin' Minds (Ebuka) - serious, career-oriented but light-hearted. Linda Ikeji Media - tacky, salacious yet strangely forgettable content, morbidly unprofessional, anything goes as long as it's rave of the moment. Azuka O - interviews well as long as you can't see her (she sucks at screen interviews but), understands photographs that work best to fit a specific narrative in print. SDK - more investigative than lifestyle for human piece interviews. Sun News (especially the Entertainment on weekends) - clearly trying to model themselves after a UK red top rag. ThisDay & Tribune - not accessible everywhere. Premium Times - veering into Daily Mail UK territory by publishing sensational stories that "stop time" but they can't always back up. And so on and so forth. If you send the same actress to all of the above in the name of "all publicity is good publicity", it'll be a disaster.

      There's also the fact that social media now exists, so some of the talent have anything from tantrums to brain freezes and meltdowns (and probably some demonic manipulations) while they just happen to be holding their phones...

  5. Replies
    1. Stella, why i dey show like unknown? i used my email to comment.

  6. Hahaha
    Stella Kork have vex, biko pardon her she does not have Lagos sense and was used to Mainstream Media the British tabloids adopt.
    It is different over here.

    Love Beverly a lot especially her tongue wrap when speaking Spanish, 'esta rico'

    1. What has she said that sounds like taking Panadol for another person headache?

  7. She's right and she does have to answer such questions. But making it the headline is just so cheap and ridiculous.

    Journalists need to do better

  8. If we ladies want to be truthful, the marital issues occupy 90% of the feminine mind and times. Check out the chronicles we read here. There is no pretense about it. Why should we care about the questions you are given for interviews?
    You were a woman first before you became a "celeb". And being a celeb does not in anyway diminish the woman in you.
    Simply put, tell them "those are my private life and we are here to talk about my career".😏😏😏

    1. it occupies the feminine mind because the SOCIETY makes it so! once they see ur not married, they start disrespecting you or still see you as a little girl. if u wnt respect just borrow ring or lie that you have a husband, they will back off. spinsterhood is also used as an insult or means of mocking women when they can't find any weak points about her

    2. I don't think we know our rights in this country or maybe no human rights are recognized or mandated. in america you have right as a hollywood celeb to tell them which questions you don't want asked. if they ask you anyway, you have a right to walk out! people just wanna be seen as nice and humble and allow themselves to be stepped on and walked all over all in the name of being nice. not saying you have to be mean but when time comes to stand up for yourself, be strong and do so.

    3. @11:17
      You decided to come in truth. But when a lot of you get married, you disrespect the man and the institution of marriage.
      Walking out for a celeb is to create negative press and it is a career suicide. Everything mustn't be war. There is a polite
      way to say things and it will stick; "Could you kindly ask me questions about my career and leave my private life?"
      The problem is that the one you call "spinster" posts everything including her cough on social media. That will only attract
      the swam of press bees. They know every engagement that broke, every vacation she attended and with whom, every marriage that was called off.
      These are not acting incidents and you do not think that people who are paid according to the amount of news they gather will overlook those in questioning her. When even you that are not a celeb posts everything on social media, do not blame the press for wanting to know more.

    4. 11:17. Thanks. I can't tell you a lot of people who address me like they are talking to a child simply because I am single. One young lady that obviously got out of the university and recently married even said while pointing at me" look at this girl ooo". While describing me to someone. This was someone even a blind man can tell you I am older than her. Most of my friend's children are already in the university and this same lady won't address them that way if she met them.

      When abroad I don't feel this kind of unnecessary pressure and disrespect except in Nigeria.

    5. 🤣🤣had an argument with one not too long ago and she said "we don't even know if she is single or married" I just started laughing. Because I honestly didn't understand the correlation between our argument and her bringing up the issue of me being single. And to think I know her husband and he no prize at all. Well according to her anything is better than no husband at all🚶‍♂️

      Women are the ones shaming women and if you see some of their husbands ehn🤦‍♀️

    6. 14:22 You cannot do anything about people's stupidity; that struggle has been picked for you. If someone has to reduce every argument with you to an attempt to shame you about marital status, they're too stupid to be in your life. Why are you putting up with people if you don't have to?

      And let me tell you from personal experience - some are hungry for gossip! IRL, I bear my maiden name cos a) work b) personal reasons, and there were some people who used to try to shame me for their perception of my marital status. When I started replying, "You mean there are men who are hopeless enough to marry things like you that bring nothing but private parts to the table? See whose Mrs you are, whose lineage you're extending cos no decent man would have you but you think you should even talk when other married females are talking" some backed off.

      Then a few found out I've actually been married a while and who I'm actually married to & would try to get me to publicly release that info. Like dangling a man validates my existence or something. I'm like, "I will release info about my personal life when and to whom my relevant other and I choose when and how we want. In the meantime, I dare you to leak what you think you know!" Apparently, people get terrified and confused about what they actually know if a) you don't care for their validation b) your husband is of the "Upset my wife and your entire lineage will suffer for it" variety. So there's been some chatter but no actual leaks except of what I want people to believe - cos even stupid folk have to be useful for something.

  9. It’s called clickbait. They’ll publish headlines that they think will guarantee the most clicks. You want a PR headline, pay for one.

  10. She is telling the gospel truth. Real journalism is hard to find in Africa. It's an all continent problem.

    1. Worldwide dropping of standards and watering down

      General dumbing down


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