Stella Dimoko How Ladies Jump Into Conclusion


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Monday, February 24, 2020

How Ladies Jump Into Conclusion

The Situation in the attached meme looks suspicious but may not be.......
Some women would tear down the event asking for explanation from anyone who tries this....

Or are some men so bold as to invite both wife and side piece to same event and have both sit near him?


  1. That's the height of disrespect!!
    Side chic I am sure knows wifey, but she just wanted to get on wifey's nerve.
    My reaction...I won't even respond to side chic, I'll face my husband and deal with him for being stupid.
    As a side chic, know your place, don't compete with wifey.


    1. Your last line is pure truth ๐Ÿ‘Œ

    2. I went to a friend's party and he brought his sideschic , even as a guy i was really disgusted , how can you bring a sidechic to your naming ceremony in this age and time , . It was that day i decided i was gonna break them up , and that i did eventually .

    3. As spoken by a professional side chick. God will judge all adulterers and breakers of homes. ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ

    4. I have also witnessed such in a child dedication in Abuja. Meanwhile it's the guy's wife that has been supporting the family and bore the cost of the dedication. The man invited his side chic, as usual,the side chics always come with one or two of their friends. This one came with her two friends and as usua, the babes looked totally different from the crowd there. Three young babes with flat tummies, hairs nails on point! Above all they came on their own and didn't know or mingle with anyone...they stood out in looks and poise. The man of the occasion quickly moved towards them and was even personally bringing them food! The occasion had food servers. When the girls came in people were wondering who they were, as soon as the man went there people didn't even need a prophet to reveal who they were. The man's football playing friends were also there and you can see the look of surprise and displeasure on their faces because they all came with their wives and they know the side chic because she comes to their football arena to check the guy. Omo! Immediately the wife sighted her husband fooling and falling over himself serving the babes. She asked her people around who those girls were and nobody could answer. Even her sister in-law doesn't even know the girls so being family is ruled out. The madam marched up to them and asked them whose guests they were, one of the pointed at the man. The wife went to the man to "understand" him better on the people he invited, the man started stammering! Immediately people knew it was game over for Oga. The woman hooked him and gave him a heavy slap and asking him why he always make a fool out of her, another slap and pulling on the man's shirt. all eyes were now on them. The man'sfootball club President went to unhook the woman's hand, he was telling butt woman that they can solve it that he is the President of the Makarina club, I think that even angered the woman more because she has heard how the girl goes to their arena to visit her husband and none of the group of friends ever deemed it fit to caution her husband. The President also got part of the push and shove and embarrassment. The President quickly left the occasion but not without telling the man "Guy put your house in order". In the melee the side chics and friends disappeared and the woman was still jejely tackling her husband and after much pleading, they all went inside house and ofcourse staying will now be at your own risk as the occasion was indirectly declared ENDED!

    5. Your consciousness part cracked me up so much,keep it up.

  2. By the way ma’am how did u know that r u his mum sister niece or aunt. Better shash up before u knock ur mouth with this spoon. This man is ma horseband n I know him more than u idiot!!! That’s what am gonna tell herrrr

  3. If you the lady fumes like petrol and lit matches, it means that there has been bottled anger exported from home. There has been cat and mouse suspicion very thick in the air at home.
    You are just a nagging woman looking for work and found one.
    And the Scriptures says that that man is better living in the desert or rooftop than with you in same house.

  4. Hahahha which one come be the woman own na?
    Well in the spirit of not jumping into conclusions, I will ask her if she is the owner of the canteen at his work place.
    Only way she can know that.
    If she isn't his food seller at the office, I will carry the food I brought to serve him and eat it myself.
    She should sort him out. Since she has been doi g it before.

  5. Abeg, How do you know ? that would be thew first question and she must answer

  6. It is possible. Nothing is impossible with philandering Dicks.They fit invite side piece join,madam go come dey serve both of them,you won't even know.

  7. During my company's 20th anniversary event in PH, we hosted our clients to dinner strictly by invitation. Here you have managers, CEO, Project leads etc of top oil companies and servicing companies. The ushers were instructed to take attendance so the attendees can be mailed later.

    So one of my bosses asked me to help him get his guest in as he was billed to give a speech. I got to the door and met a lady who was half dressed (its a corporate event, so you have people in tuxedos and corporate dinner wears) but the babe was dressed like she was going to a club, in a dress that barely covered her bum.

    So i asked the lady at the reception why she wasnt letting her in, she said she is unable to provide her invite, she also asked her which company she works for and he said none. Well those are mandatory info for registration and access control. Make them no come kiddnap or drug a company MD..

    I had a chat with the girl and it was obvious she was a side chick, because she kept blabbing about how they won't let her in when her man invited her. This man had his wife at the event. Well, i got her in and kept her beside me, bcos i can't have Oga's wife tearing someone's skin. The shameless man after his speech was passing and winking at the girl with his wife right there.

    Well, if she were a family friend, madam would have known her and come around to say hi..

    Some men are scum.. by the way Mrs. is way finer than the tramp he was carrying about..

    1. Sad! Some men are insatiable and often times their wives are always finer than the girls they carry around.

  8. Does he buy food from her that she knows?

  9. Stella my bestie invited me to her in-laws burial and I suspect the lady we first sat with is the hubbys side chick.
    I noticed the hubby kept coming to check on her. She came alone and she was acting somehow. Anyway my friend came and they didn't even greet; my friend then got food for my hubby and I along with my sister inlaw. Food was quite scarce cos we came late. The waiter now mistakinly gave food meant for my hubby to the lady. See how my friend snatched the food from her,hubby even said it's okay. She said no o,this is her own food she specifically prepared for her guest. I wasn't even noticing things,it's my sis inlaw dat brought my attention. That can't I see there is tension btw my friend and her hubby; that there's smthn going on..and true true my friend was low'key beefing with her hubby.
    Anyway she later moved us from that table to hers. So I didn't see the lady in question again and offcourse I will never ask my friend. I mind my business when it comes to ppls marriage except you bring the issue to me seeking for advice.

  10. Is it not men that carry their side chics to their family events & social gathering their wives belong to? ๐Ÿ™„

  11. I will slowly ask her how does she know. Anything wey want happen make e happen.

  12. Some men dont respect their wives

  13. I love how everyone jumped to the conclusion that 'another woman' is always a side chick or hen. What if another woman here was his mom, sister, female relative, etc.? My answer is it depends on whom the other woman is.


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