Stella Dimoko Indicted 'Invictus' Tells Court He Did Not Commit Fraud On American Soil


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Monday, February 24, 2020

Indicted 'Invictus' Tells Court He Did Not Commit Fraud On American Soil

The 32 year old Nigerian, Obinwanne Okeke alias Invictus who was arrested in the US, August last year for cyber crimes has spoken through his lawyers that he didn't commit the internet fraud he was arrested for on American soil neither were any American companies or individuals swindled at the material time of his indictment.

The lawyers argued that Mr Okeke’s arrest should not have happened because he did not commit the offence on American soil and nothing in the indictment prepared by the prosecutors indicated that any American was defrauded by Mr Okeke.

The lawyers said the prosecutors only stated in the indictment that Mr Okeke swindled Unatrac, a subsidiary of American equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar, of $11 million dollars and that the F.B.I. should not have gotten involved.

His lawyers further stated that his fundamental human rights were violated when he was forced to open up his mobile devices and the evidences used to indict him were retrieved from there without reading him his Miranda rights to remain silent or get a lawyer before being interrogated.

The lawyers argued citing multiple previous authorities to back their argument.

In their response, the prosecutors asked the judge to dismiss the defence lawyers’ argument, saying Mr Okeke had travelled to the U.S. in the course of the fraud

The prosecutors also said Mr Okeke’s lawyers were wrong to argue that no American companies or individuals were scammed on the basis of the indictment, saying the indictment was only to show probable cause to secure an arrest warrant for Mr Okeke.

They said additional evidence would be introduced in the course of the trial, which may include more victims of American citizenship and residency.

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  1. Just imagine the defense an attorney came up with. Pasisi. Eweriso..

  2. Like defendant like Lawyer, crooks!!!!

  3. His lawyer will help him fast track his jail term with the nonsense up there.
    It's like he doesn't know the gravity of is offence. He will be going for a very long time.

  4. Well I like their judiciary system. When I watch judge Judy some cases I think are ridiculous actually win. These people respect fundamental human rights. He may not win but have a lighter sentence if Human Rights violation is established.

  5. Nice one. An attempt to repatriate him to Naija so he can come and be doing VIP in Nigerian prison

    1. If at all he will even go to prison in Nigeria.

    2. I guess that’s the plan, but I think if they eventually allow him be repatriated there’ll be agreements to a minimum time he must spend in jail.


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