Stella Dimoko Italy Announces 3 Deaths From COVID-19 + 11 Towns Under Lockdown.


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Monday, February 24, 2020

Italy Announces 3 Deaths From COVID-19 + 11 Towns Under Lockdown.

An elderly cancer patient became the third person known to be infected with the coronavirus to die in Italy, health officials said on Sunday, as the number of people contracting the virus continued to mount.

The death of the woman in a hospital in the small city of Crema in Lombardy, the centre of Italy’s coronavirus scare, followed that of a 77-year-old woman on Saturday and a 78-year-old man on Friday, the first victim of coronavirus in Europe.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte urged people “not to give in to panic and follow the advice of health authorities”.

The head of Italy’s civil protection department, Angelo Borrelli, told a news conference that 152 people had now tested positive for the virus in the country, including the three deceased.

The deaths, and steadily rising number of cases of infected people, has prompted a series of security measures to try to check the spread of the contagion and eleven towns — 10 in Lombardy and 1 in neighbouring Veneto — are under lockdown, with some 50,000 residents prohibited from leaving. 

Regional authorities have ordered gathering spots, such as bars, restaurants and discos to close.

Schools throughout the affected areas are to remain closed next week.

Most of the cases in Italy are in Lombardy, a prosperous region in the country’s north, and can be traced back to a 38-year-old man whom authorities have called “patient one.”

The man, who is intensive care, dined last month with another man who had visited China in January. He exhibited flu-like symptoms at the time of the dinner, but has since tested negative for the virus, media reports said.

Health officials are still puzzled over certain cases with no obvious links with infected persons.
“The rapid increase in reported cases in Italy over the past two days is of concern,” the World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic said on Sunday.
What is also worrying is that not all reported cases seem to have clear epidemiological links, such as travel history to China or contact with a confirmed case,” 

Conte said on Saturday that residents could face weeks of lockdown, enough time for any potential infection to incubate.
from pm news...

*wahala dey oh.....What i also find worrying is that these cases have no link with travel history whatsoever...Does that mean someone is going from country to country spreading it or what?


  1. Obviously na SDK. This is sad. Please ooh what ever they do they should sha not bring it to Africa or Nigeria, If not hmmmm better wahala go dey, especially for cities like Lagos, kano, PH, Calabar and uyo. Those places are densely populated and the infection and death rate will be crazy. Especially for Lagos where lagosians too stubborn and Kano where illiterate and ignorant people yanfu yanfu for there.

  2. God have mercy. SDK I hope someone is not trying to depopulate the world using this virus.

  3. Hanky Panky going on. Let that Covid-19 jump and pass Africa especially Nigeria. Ordinary Lassa Fever, we can't contain let alone Coronavirus. Oluwa sanu mi. We can't be locked down as compliance will not be enforced

  4. This is disturbing, anyone attempting to enter this country with it should drop dead abeg.

  5. I think someone took that thing out of the lab and purposely infected people with it. How can someone who had no link with or to China still get infected in Italy?? They need to hold China accountable for this outbreak. They know the source and the sharing.

  6. I thought they said Chloroquine is the cure to this deadly virus?

    1. Really.. So chloroquine can cure this deadly virus??

  7. They said possibly two drugs Chloroquine being one and there is another. You bet the Uber rich are getting a hold of those two drugs for their home stash.


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