Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 279


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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Labour Room Drama 279

No place like the labour room......

Which of the favor of Allah can I deny? None at all. I say Alhamdullilah for the success of my nine months journey after so many drama.

I miscarried twice between 2018/2019 before I fell pregnant again May 2019, less than 3months into it my bump already gave me out, it wasn't a smooth journey as I was always in and out of the hospital, from severe headache to low b.p, to dizziness, vomiting non -stop.

Series of test were carried out all came out fine so I was advised to ensure enough rest, eat well with lots of fruits but at a time I couldn't even stand any fruit so I made do with enough water. We started eating out on days hubby couldn't make it early to prepare the dish, I feared for the life of my baby and I was always checking his heart beat Subhanallah! it was a different experience from my first, the way I asked questions at ANC they thought I'm a FTM, I almost resigned at a point thank God for my colleagues who always got my back and an understanding boss, I lost touch with almost everything and everyone because I was just in my own world and I got tired of people asking if I have put to bed haha you will hear when I do stop asking me pls.

Finally, the big day came went into labor and I progressed well 6 hours of active labor with a lot of drama and I was fully dilated, I entered the labor room pushed severally baby wasn't forth coming hubby came in to check on me and asked if we should opt for C.S I told him no let's try a little bit, he came back the second time held my hands and said ' it doesn't matter how you have this child, I just want you two to be fine, delay is dangerous' and I replied him that the Dr hasn't said anything otherwise so I'm good( I have nothing against C.S, I had my first via surgery when my dilation wasn't progressing, but this time I was assured I can try VBAC and I was looking forward to it) he just went away, little did I know he has gone to conclude with the Dr to have the C.S done, minutes later I just saw the Dr came in giving instructions and he had changed his cloth to the theater own, I was asking questions the nurses Oh they were wonderful God bless them all they we're just calling me down, I was asking to see my husband when I was wheeled to the theater and the rest is a success story. 

It's a month already and it feels so fresh.

May God grant the TTC pious children that will be the coolness of their eyes, Ameen.
We love you all with the love of God.


  1. Congrats,your hubby did a good job by telling the doctor to carry out the cs God bless your home real good.

  2. Thank God for save delivery, God bless all mothers.

  3. Enter your comment...congratulations my baby will be 3 weeks tomorrow despite that she is the third child the labor drama was still the same I wish I av the strength to mine but in all I give God the praise

  4. I love your prayer and I say a big AMEN to it..

  5. God bless your husband.

  6. Congrats. Thank God it ended with praise but pls next time, opt for CS straight if u can afford it

  7. Congratulations dear. I will type and send mine soon

  8. Congratulations. My baby girl is 4 weeks and I can't get over her. As a first time mum I must admit it's not easy but the joy of motherhood overwhelms all. I love you baby Chukwukiama.....

  9. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'11 February 2020 at 15:48

    Thank God madame,God protect your new born.

  10. Congratulations Madam! May God bless your family...
    Amen to your prayers...

  11. Alhamdulillah,may Almighty Allah guide n bless the baby.

  12. Ma Shaa Allah. Congrats on the birth of your baby. God's blessings to you and your family

  13. Congrats sis God bless your baby

  14. Congratulations
    Wow. After dilating fully


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