Stella Dimoko Little Girl Reportedlly Has Shocking Vision Of Jesus In TB Joshua's Church


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Sunday, February 09, 2020

Little Girl Reportedlly Has Shocking Vision Of Jesus In TB Joshua's Church

The video of a 12-year-old girl who had a ‘vision’ of Jesus Christ during a midweek service at TB Joshua’s popular church in Lagos has gone viral.

uring a service known as the ‘Living Water Service’ at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in which congregants come forward to receive water they believe to be anointed, immediately after receiving her water, a young girl suddenly cried out and gesticulated wildly.

“There is a Man there; He is tall! He is wearing a white garment,” exclaims the girl who later identified herself as Gift from Anambra State.

According to her, He said, “Repent; I am coming soon. Bring people to My church; bring more souls.”

Gift then narrated how she witnessed angels and 24 elders “bowing down and singing, ‘Holy, Holy is the Lamb’."

Throughout this period, Gift’s eyes remained closed as she vividly expressed that “His face is shining” and “the light is too bright”.

Suddenly, the young girl crumpled to the floor and appeared to ‘awaken’ from the trance. Bemused at the attention surrounding her, Gift began crying as she recounted again what she had just witnessed.

“On His head was a big crown and He was sitting on a throne,” she recounted, adding that she saw smoke surrounding the Heavenly scene she witnessed.

The young girl was shocked that no-one else saw what she had seen so vividly.

“People are going on the wrong track; we should bring them back to the Church,” she emotionally pleaded, adding that she needed guidance from Pastor TB Joshua on why she would be the recipient of such a stunning revelation.

“There is no excuse for being surprised by the uncertainty of coming events,” Joshua stated on YouTube when posting the viral clip.

“The uncertainty of the hour of Christ’s return calls for vigilance and watchfulness. Let us not wait for another sign from Heaven to convince us of the paramount importance of making the most out of life today because only today is our own, tomorrow is not.”

The clip has been watched over 400,000 times since being published to YouTube and Facebook yesterday.

This is not the first time for someone to have had such a revelation as several months ago, a lady - who said she was a sceptic - also stated she had a vision of Jesus during a similar service at Joshua’s church.


  1. Lol.

    Tall and wearing white garment.


    You are a describing a man, sis but go on.

    1. Not that I believe this

      But Jesus Christ can take on any form or image he chooses to

  2. Replies
    1. Exactly! I don't believe that man one bit. Once you go there for deliverance, demons MUST manifest and speak. Odiegwu. Who gave him such powers? Even his pastors also make demons manifest.

    2. Since your whole life is fake, you would think so.

    3. Mz Lynn, why not say yours and leave unknown to his or her comment.
      We all can't be thinking the same way. I cant believe his too, if you believe, fine.
      Let people express themselves in peace.

    4. Fickle minded mugu, that is how they will be using to better their life. Ewu!!

    5. @Don ur hypocrisy is nauseating! Do u let people speak their mind in peace on this blog? Irritant!

  3. This one don drink akpe! What u saw wasn’t Jesus little one!

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  4. I remember when I was 12 or 13, pastor came to our house for prayers. When he left my elder sis who was in UNI then told me I was speaking in tongues all tru . Was perplexed because I couldn't remember Jack.

  5. Why is it only females are the ones to speak about seeing Jesus men why is happening to you guys?

  6. Na wa ooo, so Jesus has become an object of caricature for shamanism showmanship. Sometimes I wonder how literate people allow illiterates lead them.

  7. Scripted and Staged

    1. Wether scripted or not, Jesus is coming again. If you like don't prepare.

    2. Anon 13;18 thank you for telling them.
      There will always be skeptics.
      Jesus Christ was even called Belzebub by the Pharisees.

  8. Na dem sabi.I still wont change my reservations about this man and his church..

  9. I have not commented on this blog for a long time but forced to comment today. There is nothing that will make me change my perception about this man's church. He is demonic and diabolical. I lost two relatives that went for deliverance in his church same week. These relatives are from same parents. Their mother developed HBP due to their death and died after some years. Their father is an active worker in TB Joshua's church. Let me digress a bit, there was a time my mum was sick and couldn't walk. She was admitted in the hospital for a month and the doctor couldn't diagnose what the problem was. Our close relations stated that, it's spiritual and was mounting pressure on me to take her to Synagogue church. I refused and stood my ground, that nothing will take me to that church. I gathered my sisters and we did a 7 days vigil with our rosaries. My mum stood up after the 7th day and a long tiny rope was removed from the leg without consulting any man of God. That was when I realize, we can pray our way out of any problem. All we need is to have faith, believe in God and live a life that is pleasing to HIM. I don't consult all these charlatans because I believe God has given us all the grace and power to ask any thing in his name and He will do it. John 14:14

  10. Honestly I think this is fake. It's too bright to see, but not only can she see and name angels but she manages to spot 24 elders, oh really, you managed to count 24 heads in that time and also know they are elders, and you are totally not just using the description from revelation or anything like that. I might of believed it if she didn't say 24 elders. Shes also not acting shocked enough to have seen such a vision, this is another thing that makes it seem fake, if she wasn't acting at it would scream out from her body language, or if she was a better actor maybe you couldn't tell but she appears to be just an ok actor, and of course a camera and microphone are right there to capture this amazing thing. I really don't buy it.


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