Stella Dimoko Man Who Held Stepdaughter Prisoner For 19 Years And Fathered Her 9 Children Has Been Jailed For Life.....


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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Man Who Held Stepdaughter Prisoner For 19 Years And Fathered Her 9 Children Has Been Jailed For Life.....

What a horrible story!!!

A man convicted of kidnapping and traveling with a minor to engage in a s#xual act was sentenced to life in prison on Feb. 20, according to a statement released by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Henri Michelle Piette, 65, was sentenced to life for kidnapping, 360 months for traveling with intent to engage in s#xual acts with a juvenile, a $50,000 fine and ordered to pay $50,067 restitution.

During the 2019 trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Piette kidnapped his stepdaughter Rosalynn McGinnis, who was 12 at the time, from Poteau, Okla., where he had been living with McGinnis’ mother.

“Over the course of the nearly 20 years that followed, the defendant repeatedly raped and inflicted additional physical and emotional abuse upon the victim,” the department stated. “The victim gave birth to nine children, the first being born in 2000 when she was 15 years-old.”

In June 2016, McGinnis managed to flee — with eight of the nine children she had with Piette — from a remote village in Mexico where she had been held. (Her eldest child, a son, ran away before her escape; they have since been reunited.)

Upon her return to the U.S., the FBI began an investigation in search of Piette. In 2017, McGinnis sat down with PEOPLE and told her story while still living in fear of her abductor.

On Sept. 7, 2017, according to a federal complaint, there was a development in the case: An FBI special agent was notified that Piette, who had resided in Central America and Mexico for a lengthy period of time, “visited the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City attempting to obtain a U.S. Passport.”

A month later, Piette was arrested in Dallas.

At the time of his arrest, McGinnis gave an exclusive statement to PEOPLE.

“Relief is such a small word in comparison to how I feel about the capture of Henri Piette. However, it is the closest I am able to come to describing my overall demeanor at this time,”she said. “Knowing that the man who physically took 22 years from me, leaving me with a lifetime of painful challenges, has been captured makes today one of the most pivotal times of my life.”


  1. Serves him right. wacko.
    This kind happened round 2010 when a man built a bunker with a secret e trance in the same house he lived with his wife and daughter.
    He hid her for more than 10yrs and gathered 3/5 kids with her. To think that the stupid man helped in the search for his daughter. He was all those years living with the wife . Until the girl was reduced. The children were seeing the sun for their first time.and were behaving somehow. He was jailed.
    Such men, God forbid bad thing!

  2. Some people have experienced true horror in their lives. Wishing her strength to heal from such a harrowing ordeal.

  3. She was held for 24yrs.
    The "Elisabeth Fritz story".
    She was held in a windowless cell and had seven children by her father and they never saw daylight until their rescue
    It was a horror.
    Google Elisabeth Fritz

    1. Wao!!tanx, I googled Elisabeth Fritzl, I can't believe I read the whole story, the world is wicked. Imprisoned in a basement for 24yrs!!!!

  4. There are some news i just cant read.

  5. What surprises me is how some of their fellow men will find a way to blame those poor girls. Some men are just twisted and sick to the core of their very being. God help us.


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