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Monday, February 24, 2020


Some have food but cannot eat.......
Some can eat but have no food........

Are you OK?

Enjoy the rest of your day.....


Good day Stellz, I'm Joan and I want to be the face of IHN today.
May this week bring us nothing but blessings and open doors. Amen.

I took one look at Joans photo and mailed her back asking her how old she is because she looks like a 15 year old in this photo..She replied and I am delighted to say that she is old enough...



''Hi Stella and Beevees,This is to thank you and all the Beevees that prayed for me when i embarked on the journey of My Master's Degree programme at Sydney,Australia. Thank God for making this studies come to completion.Thanks you Stella for your love,(your emojis na die),Mr Pincher,Sandy Yo,and Castle for checking up on me''.

Congrats on your graduation.......



Stella and BVs,Now You guys are making me feel SO Bad.
HONEST it was Harmless Dinner Date,
I was Shocked,I was Scared,I just Felt Guilty ,Why I Honestly cant say,Yes I should have Introduced Hubby to the Boss,I was Simply Scared,All i wanted to do was Disappear and Keeping Quiet was my Best Option.I didn't Think i will see Hubby there,

I have been Married for 15 years and I HAVE never looked @ any Man Sexually.
For Why The Boss Invited Us,He is A new Boss and He has been inviting each Staff( Family) for Dinner/ when i said Uptight( He said " You are different tonight from the Uptight Person I normally see in the Office)

I Love and Respect my Husband.I was like" a Deer caught in a Speeding Car Headlight" I was Confused.
If People that do not Know me can Judge me wrongly,Now i have an idea Why my Husband is Upset.

I am not a Saint but I can Beat my Chest and Say I am not A CHEAT. I HONESTLY didn't have any intention to Cheat with my Boss or any Man,
Haven't anyOne been in a Very Confused State Before???
My Husband's Phones are still Switched off,i have called HR to get Permission to stay Home for a Week:

This Incidence and Reading Comments has Made me Sworn never to Assume,judge or talk about things i have no ideas about.
PS!! When i said should i move out,it is because i am Scared of whatever outcome and to think that I am an Introvert, i like my own Company and the 1st time i decided to come out of my Shell, My world feeling like its Crashing.

For the Love of God,i feel like i'm Drowning. Many thots are going through my Head,i am Innocent,Why is No one Listening to Me,Why am i been Judged for A single Mistake of going out Alone after 15 years of been Married??
Pls guys Life has White,Black and shade of Grey.

I Wish with all My Heart that i didn't go out,I wish I can Turn back the Hands of Time. I wish My Husband will come Home,so we can talk. I wish this Incidence is a Dream that i can Wake up from.

Kiaaaaaaa if Someone had told me that on Friday 21st of February 2020,My Life that i had Known will change,i would have Rejected It and Called the Person a Witch.
I made a Mistake but The Mistake wasn't Cheating or Intention of Cheating!!!!!!

Sunday chronicles here


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  1. Replies
    1. Sunday chronicles sender, I will never judge you. You brought your case to the public and people have different opinions. It is your life, your marriage and your story. If you believe yourself that you went without an intention to cheat, then be your self. When your husband declined the invitation, did he forbid you from going? Did you go without his knowledge? Did you chat him up when you got to your destination? Was he aware where the dinner was happening? Yes or no answers to any of the questions has an lead to what went wrong. For your husband to keep silent, he must be really hurt, embarrassed or feeling inadequate. Little things bruise men's ego. A jealous man will get jealous with a HI from a man to his woman and you coming out laughing and hosting with this man may have injured your man. 15yrs is short but also a very long time to be married, the sparks might have dimmed a little and him seeing you lighten up with another man is enough to thrown him off the cliff.
      Are you sure your husband is okay? Where does he sleep? Anyone that can check him up for you? Can you go in search of me? If he is not picking up his phone, can you send him a sincere letter through a cab (assuming you know where he is). Find a way to talk to him but not through third person as you bruise him the more. Find him and talk with him. It is a lesson for you and for everyone that read your story, always say the truth and do that when you are call upon suddenly to say what you are doing, you will answer without hesitation. Find your husband and make up. Let your conscience help you to make the right decision.

    2. Someone please help me with a brand of smoothie maker to buy. I bought Rite tec and it was a disaster

    3. Don! I just finished reading your posts on yesterday's Chronicle, walahi! The thing pain you. Sad to say you are right. Madam Chronicle poster, you made no sense to me and am a woman. Something is not adding up here. You just kept on freezing and never unfroze. It's well with you o. Beautiful FOIHN.

    4. Don! I just finished reading your posts on yesterday's Chronicle, walahi! The thing pain you. Sad to say you are right. Madam Chronicle poster, you made no sense to me and am a woman. Something is not adding up here. You just kept on freezing and never unfroze. It's well with you o. Beautiful FOIHN.

    5. Sunday chronicle poster, I believe you wholeheartedly. Since you're innocent leave everything to God. Your husband will come by the special grace of God. Just pray and put your mind to rest. Clear conscience fears no accusations.๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’ž

    6. What's done is done. As much as it looks like she wants to slam the boss, it might not necessarily be so. What's next is how to help her out. Her hubby is obviously angry and hasn't come home. Pls keep reaching out to him. Don't involve any of your or his family members on this issue. If there is a close friend of his, just tell them to beg him to come home. Pour out your heart and apologize sincerely. If possible plead with him so that you can host your boss your home. I once told a guy l was dating that my friend wanted us to hang out. He told me to go and l did. With nothing in mind. I came back to meet fire. So its possible that she went thinking she had her husband blessing. The mistake she made was not acknowledging him. Abeg bv with upside mind. Were nwanyo

    7. My dear, I use to be like you as in eh, something I don't like will be happening to me and I'll be like a zombie. Inside me I'll be telling myself to talk but for where!!! I started praying about it oh and I joined the military and everything changed. I think your hubby was hurt that you didn't even introduce him to your boss and that you sat there in front of him and let another man admire you to his hearing and you were just quiet. Now check the manner with which you and your boss were laughing when he came to pick you up, then the admiration that followed and don't forget that the devil is a movie producer who could have played a lot of evil films in his head. My dear, just send your chat of what happened and you might then keep praying that God would touch his heart. Don't worry about the sdk judges, focus on what you you want to achieve. I believe you. Don't worry ALL WILL BE WELL JUST LEARN YOUR LESSON OK? Sending God's mercy and peace to you my dear.

    8. Eya. I feel for you ma'am. Nay God fix it.

    9. She made a mistake by going without her husband in the first place.

      She should have reschedule to when hubby will be available.

      After all that she now saw her husband and could not acknowledge him.

      The deed have been done ,just keep praying to God and also look for your husband and sincerely apologize to him.

      And what is the motive of the boss self?going out with people's wife at night.Can he allow his wife to do so?all in
      the name of meeting his employees.

      The thing" wokeness" will cause self.

      No Boss will invite me for such and I will now carry myself and go.I will politely decline.

    10. Madam Sunday poster, your horseband has got a side chicken. He has seen an opportunity to stay with her.
      That is the plain truth.

    11. All those saying the husband's ego was bruised prolly cant fathom the depth of his pain, I think the right word is agony.
      DH didn't just feel embarrassed or humiliated, he certainly cried in his closet.
      Wives, you don't understand. For a man, most likely a qualified graduate to take up Uber driving to enable him meet up with family needs (tears dropping), then you can try to figure out how responsible he is. From the little money he makes, he gives darling wife money for food, her make-up and family upkeep. Of course the money is not up to 20% of the family needs, but he is just giving his best, his all.
      And what is the encouragement he gets: wife denies him, undermines him, rejects him, etc. 15 years, and yet wife cannot appreciate what her man does for a living. For her to still be acting innocent shows the extent of deceit, pretence, etc she is willing to go.

      She is not proud of her man's hustle, so why are we all acting as marriage counsellors?
      For the sanity of all parties, this sham of a marriage should be called off.

  2. The winds, the storms, the challenges, have done all they could to stop you, but you’re still standing. Things are about to change in your favor; negative situations are about to turn around. What you’ve been praying about is on the way._JoelOsteen

  3. Congrats BV Lucile. Keep winning

  4. In house news is here٫ my people does grandma h***s on Instagram work for blocked fallopian tubes ٫ i want to order it٫ i intentionally coded it so it won't look like an advert

  5. @Sunday Chronicle poster
    YOu are so naive and stupid. harmless dinner? Are you for real? Your first mistake and folly was going to that dinner in the first place. Which married woman goes out at night to a dinner without her husband? And you couldn't introduce your husband to your boss?
    I hoped to read that you had told your boss the truth that his Uber driver is your husband -the good man., or else, tell us the truth -that you are serving your boss some office cookies.

    1. Stop being mean and leave her alone if you've not got anything comforting to say..

    2. @14:22
      In your vitriolic posturing, you couldn't see the new thing there; tell your boss that his driver is your husband and that
      you were just shocked to know and made the mistake of not introducing them. She actually is the one not leaving us alone with
      her story.

    3. Anon 14:04
      "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

    4. No matter what that poster says,this is your story and you are staunchly sticking to it.
      I hope one day the poster attains your level of perfection.

    5. Why call her stupid? She made a bad decision though without a wrong motive. Lets learn to correct in love please.

    6. Anon14:04 pls shut da fuck up with your judgemental self. Your type can drive one into suicide or depression while hiding the dirty linens in your cupboard.

    7. Go and sit down. Show me who has never made a mistake before. After she has come to explain herself you are still vibrating!!

    8. It is ok oh, she is sorry. We abused her yesterday, give it a rest 'wise one'. Most of you don't have sense and don't know when to stop.

    9. Why are you tagging her stupid?
      Are you above mistake?
      Keyboard warrior.

      Why can't you pass your message without being so mean and cruel with words.
      Even after she sent a followup.

    10. most of u judging here are worst off so pls keep quiet. you cant change wat has been done. poster u hv to inform a friend or any of the family u are close to. dnt park out, dnt.. it will look like all the act was intentional. is part of marriage. all will be well ok ...

  6. Chronicle poster I feel so sorry fot you.
    Just try and calm down, look for a way to talk to him. Check friends and family I hope this doesn't lead to your marriage ending.

    1. I am pregnant after 2 miscarriages
      Praise the lord with me
      This will stay to term, Amen

    2. Congratulations @ Anonymous 14:31,you will carry to full term and deliver safely in Jesus name. Amen...

    3. Amen o. You will carry the pregnancy to term by the special grace of God.

    4. Anon14:31,you will carry to term in good health in Jesus name, congratulations!!

    5. Congrats anon
      I pray for safety all the way .

  7. I am so heartbroken right now, my fiancee impregnated another girl, I don't know what to say, I feel so shattered, pained and alone. I am 33 already and I feel so unlucky with men despite being a good lady, not jobless. Lord I need you more than before. I am very tired

    1. It is well dear.
      May you be strengthen.

    2. God will come through for you,it's painful but you'll be fine...Pele dear

    3. Oh dear!I can't even imagine the pain you are going through. Please be strong.There is better ahead for you.๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

    4. Awww! Sending u loads of hugs babe..stop saying you're unlucky pls,you're God's masterpiece okay..He will see u thru

    5. Anon it is well with you. God will make everything to fall into place for you.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    6. OMG! OMG!! I'm so sorry sis. This is so heartbreaking. For your sanity sake, please leave that triangle., It never ends well.
      Sending you lots of hugs.

    7. You need the lord for what? The brain he gave you isnt that more than enough???

    8. My dear, please take heart. I don't know if I can advise you to continue with him. Was it a 1-time thing or has he been cheating and you overlooked it. What he has done can have lifetime consequences and are you ready for the drama. Wait, what is he saying, as men use this trick when they want to marry the pregnant one. I would advise you to walk away, 33 might seem old but if you continue on this journey with that man it might cost more. Cry if you must but in the end the right decision you must take. E-hugs.

    9. Sorry about this .
      There are good men out there , stay positive.
      All would be alright.

    10. It is well with you. You can cry all you want but pls don't be entangled in that triangle. E hugs.

    11. Darling i understand you perfectly, you know that pain when you seem to be a good woman but not lucky to get good guys huh. yes cry it out if u want to. and move on, that relationship with him is dead. cheating already wen u guys are not married?? u dnt have to settle for less. forget age.


    12. Though, it's painful but wipe your tears. Yours will come. Forget that slang, you aren't unlucky with men.

    13. You were never his fiance sis,he was YOUR fiance and obviously not meant for you,the road might be bleak rightnow but be assured its for your own good!!

    14. Get on your kneels and thank God, he is not for u, that's why he could cheat on u

  8. Sunday chronicle poster should stop whining. Call your boss and tell him that your husband is his driver and that you were shocked because you did not know.
    Go and look for your husband and get your boss to talk to him if he refuses to listen to you. Your boss promise of respecting your marriage will go a long way to calm things.

    1. Hi Chronicle Poster,

      I read your rejoinder up there & felt so much pity for you. I pray this misunderstanding ends without leaving a permanent dent on your marriage. I would also suggest you go with this advise. Let your boss act as the mediator in this case. I pray it would end in praise. #Ehugs

  9. Joan is just like me, I can pass for a 15 year old..

    1. Jojo
      You're beautiful ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

      Ah Emerald please send in your picture during the contest.

    2. @Chocolate Noir, I contested the last though I didn't win, will try again

  10. Baby face're pretty

    Congrats Lucille

    @Phoenix ,hope ur exams went well? I know u will make us proud babe..congrats in advance

    Customers fall on you all

    Abeg when is IHN face competition again? make I dey ready my pics..hahaha

    1. ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ

    2. Hey Parisien ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    3. Good afternoon Mon Cherie Paris Thanks dear..I have written na God go crown my efforts with success..

  11. Yimu @Joan
    Stella didn't you see the filter on her head?
    That is the secret to her 'youthfulness'

  12. Poster of chronicle if all you stated up there is the nothing but the truth from the bottom of your hearth, God will see you through this mess. Dont forget to forgive your self and make peace with your self as well... May God restore your home. But dont tell anyone about this before they will add salt to your injury.
    If you know your husband office, go to his Office during working hours to beg him. Relate what what happend to your Boss so that he can confess his own side of the story to your husband since his is more of a friend to your husband...
    I wish you good luck ma..

    1. That's it! Poster you need to look for your husband by all means. Cry, beg, do whatever it will take for him to forgive you. He's ego is seriously bruised and he may have the perception of you cheating. If this marriage means anything to you, then you have to do all it takes to solve this mess. I pray God comes through for you both at this trying time. Pele

  13. Fine gal Joan. Chronicle poster, just take a deep breath. I pray for peace in your home.. All will be well. What is important is for your husband to come home safe and sound and for you to have a heart to heart. I commit it to God's hands. E-hugs.

  14. Hello IHN ๐Ÿ™Œ

    Congrats BV Lucille coconut oil

    Enjoy the rest of the day ya'll

  15. Yes ooh...
    You are you
    I am I...

    Thanks Stella
    Congratulations Lucile

  16. This chronicle writer hasn't yet come to terms with the fact that she humiliated her husband beyond measure.
    Did you expect the man's "driver" to tell "his boss" that the lady he was with is his wife?
    Don't you see that you were the one that did not do the intro you were supposed to do?
    Don't you see that you are the one that still needs to do that intro?
    Stop this "I was scared?" Scared of what, your boss sacking you because he cannot share you with your husband?
    Tell us the truth lady, do the right thing and stop this pity songs.
    You came here expecting a pat on the back? Wow!

    1. Shut the hell up, enough already. I wonder the kind of Christianity some of you practice. Imagine If you were the husband, wicked lots.

    2. @16:20
      Supposing the man was the one with a side chick and the wife drove them in uber, what do you think
      the wife would have done and what will have been your comments??
      The husband was very wise to have been calm. The wife was the one that missed doing that introduction and
      she is the one sulking and writing chronicles.

    3. Should we whip her, kill her or tie her to a stake?
      Which of these do you think will suffice 'holy nweje'?

  17. Madam Eko hotel dinner, it is well with you. Even if people don't believe you, you have spoken your truth, I pray that God helps your husband to come around and gives you the strength this trying times.
    Meanwhile kindly find out where your husband is and what he has been up to. Hope he doesn't hurt himself.

  18. A lot of us ladies do not know how vital to our lives our marriages are until we lose it.
    If this chronicle writers marriage crashes because of this, she owns all the blame. She isn't
    going out of that marriage with one child, not even one. The man will marry another wife in a jiffy and
    this woman's kids become servants in their dad's house. Can you even tell this story to your parents;that your
    husband was the driver to you and your boss and you could not introduce them?
    Supposing the table were turned and drove your husband and side chick home, will you not crash that car and kill
    everybody, that's if you do not fight that woman and tear all her clothes?๐ŸŒช๐ŸŒช๐ŸŒช๐ŸŒช
    Ladies let's be real and take corrections. That is why the Scripture says that ...a foolish woman with her own hands tear
    down her home. Odiegwu oo ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    1. Jeez shut up already and stop sounding like a broken record.
      You will not rest till you hear she has taken sniper.
      She made a mistake, I am sure if it was her husband that made this mistake she would have long forgiven him. Stop crying more than the bereaved and let us heard word.
      Ndi witches and wizards every where.

    2. A real man would not run away from his problems instead he will stand and face his problem. Why in God's name will the man run away from home?why not talk it out with your wife.Nonsense

    3. Hear I mean, Mstchew.

  19. Baby face Joan๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    Congrats Lucille...... Thanks ma'am for posting my advert,I appreciate it,God bless you more.

  20. My heart is just broken, after suffering with my hubby for years, there are night we go to bed without even garri to drink even while pregnant, but now things are getting better there's money now, my kids are not enjoying I saw a chat he had with a lady in his office saying she's the only woman he's ever loved. I couldn't even cry or react. Poor mem are only loyal when they are broke

    1. Oh my goodness! But why are some men like this ehn? Some men are not worth suffering with aswear. I'm sorry about what you're going through. Pls try to face God and start building yourself up. The earlier the better, things will get okay for you and your kids okay? Pls cheer up and don't think about it. I wish you all the best

    2. Madam reason u dnt have to pity him. save up and do like he does not exist

  21. Madam chronicle poster, sitting at home won't bring solution, go to your hubby's place of work preferably towards closing hour & seek audience with him, how about having your boss explaining the situation to him, worst still, go to your pastor if he'll listen. You have a lot of work & convincing to do ma'am.
    Goodluck, because you need it.

  22. Joan, you're beautiful. Essa, your beddings are beautiful too.

    Just got news that majority of my ex colleagues got sacked from our previous place of work. Sometimes, it's best to leave when the ovation is loudest. Grateful I left when I did.


  23. Madam chronicle poster, what "people who have never met you" think should be less important to you than what the man you are married to, believes. We are not the ones you should be sending rejoinder and explanation in parts to, to convince. Even if anyone here screams that they believe you, how does that benefit you if your husband doesn't believe you? What you have done, has broken your husband's trust.

    There are jobs I've had to do where I travel and nobody is supposed to know cos security. I always made it a point to tell whomever that if my partner (cos I didn't tell them I'm married) can't know exactly where I'm going, when, how, with whom and for what plus official paperwork - they can carry their job and be going. Cos 1) Nigeria where a) we don't even have database, b) people can get kidnapped, raped and killed before anybody even realises that you are missing, c) e no dey hard for an innocent spouse to get accused of what they don't know - isn't where I can try things I never even contemplated in the abroad. And 2) say something happens in the future, someone bumps into my husband and even innocently mentions that they saw me somewhere that I never told him I would go, he will look like a fool. Even if I didn't do anything bad on the trip, he will be deeply hurt and Jesus knows I don't have energy to find answer to "Why didn't you tell me? If you lied to me about this, what else are you lying about?"

    FTR, there is NO sane man who is ok with his wife going out on a dinner date with her boss - unless husband and wife have planned something that involves the wife's boss like blackmail, scam, etc. You're saying you went out alone; when your husband is telling this story, it will be that you went out "to meet another man". Under no circumstance should another man be putting his hands on you anyhow, deer in headlights or not.

    Madam, if you know your husband's friends or anyone he respects, start prayerfully looking for them and hoping he hasn't done something drastic.

  24. Hello Madam Chronicle, have you gotten in touch with your husband's office or the Uber office to help track your husband? Please also report to the police station after 48hrs. The last time I heard someone's (my sister) husband phone was off he turned up dead by suicide. that won"t be your portion in Jesus Name...AMen

  25. Congratulations @ Lucille.

    @ Joan you are beautiful with a baby face.

    Customers fall on the sellers here..

    @ Chronicle writer kpeleeee oooo..

    You are you
    I am i๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

  26. Congratulations Lucille coconut oil...

    Beautiful Joan...

    Lovely cakes...

    Colorful Ankaras...

  27. Sunday Chronicle poster- I think what you can do now is to pursue your own Peace- For your peace of mind... let everyone know the truth... you may feel ashamed for the first few days. That’s the only way I see forward.... tell your boss what happened and maybe one of your husband’s relatives.... for this matter to be settled, you may have to involve third parties.... Which is not advisable in marriages but may become necessary in a tangled event like this.

  28. Madam poster,

    I felt pity for you. You have to involve the architect of this whole issue (your boss). Your husband will come around eventually but you have to show him that you're truly sorry. Good luck.

  29. Mommy and me turbans, how much will it cost to post to lagos / UK?
    Where can I get satin bonnet for babies and adults?

  30. Sunday chronicles if it were to be your brother doing uber would you have been shocked to silence? Or are you ashamed of your husband
    I pray God touches your husband's heart

  31. Beautiful baby face Joan
    Congratulations bv lucile.

  32. Congrats Lucile.... God bless you Stella for the advert.

  33. Sunday Chronicle said:
    1. She was about leaving and wanted to book an Uber, her boss said no?
    2. OK, your Boss offered to book an Uber for you and he decided to enter thesame Uber with you are you guys leaving in thesame axis, why didn't he enter his and you yours.

    3. He got to your gate, he was hugging you, married woman, in front of your husband's house, you and that your boss has no regard for your husband, and it's the hand you have your boss that made him do that.

    4. He got to your gate and he came down, to open the door for you and hug you, he didn't ask of your husband again, you too didn't say come in let's meet my husband. Lol

    Bottom line you and your Boss are falling for each other. Congratulations, truth is bitter.

    How come, of all the Uber drivers in the world, it was your husband your boss booked. Is it that you and your husband don't communicate at home, like he knows your itinerary and you know his? Does he not know your office, name of your boss, were you not aware of the dinner venue b4 that night or that day? Why didn't you tell your hubby via text or call, off to dinner, he said.... Is the venue. So, you guys don't gist at home or what. Hian, biko both of you should work on your communication. Why did he decline the invite? Why didn't he Uber you to the venue if he was so busy or say, baby, when you are done, I will come and pick you. Biko, answer all these questions and send us part 2 of your chronicles.
    Your Boss and husband just set you up. Since you said he permitted you to go for the dinner, he got what he was looking fo and you equally got what you are looking for. 50/50 equation balance. Both of you have questions to answer.

  34. Congrats Lucile. To the Chronicles, your story isn't complete. A trap was set up and you fell for it.


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