Stella Dimoko Police Deny Viral Report That One Of It's Officer's Was Involved In The Kidnap And Killing Of Doc's Wife..


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Friday, February 14, 2020

Police Deny Viral Report That One Of It's Officer's Was Involved In The Kidnap And Killing Of Doc's Wife..

The viral news is that a Policeman is part of the team that kidnapped and killed the wife of the Medical Doctor even after ransom was paid .
It says the supposed Policeman visited the Family to sympathise with them and one of the kids recognised him.

The Police has put out a press release denying the allegations and labelled it fake news....


The statement reads:

 “The attention of the Kaduna State Command has been drawn to some Social Media publication alleging the involvement of a Police officer in the unfortunate kidnapping and killing of Dr. Philip Ataga’s wife.” READ ALSO: Police kill 3 armed robbery suspects in Onitsha ” The Command wishes to debunk the publication in its totality as fake, fictitious, maliciously fabricated to tarnish the image of the force. 

To set the record straight, there is no police officer from the command or anywhere in the country involved in the unfortunate incident that led to the killing of Mrs. Ataga. The public should also note that the Ataga Family has already decried the news going round in some quarters of social media and has labeled it as fake. ‘

 ” The Command on receipt of the fake news had immediately swung into action and investigated the purported allegation and found nothing more than malicious blackmail embarks upon by the writer whose motives are unknown. This unprofessional attitude is capable of causing distrust between the Police and members of the general public.

“The Commissioner of Police CP UM Muri is calling on the general public to disregard fake news and urged media outlets to verify any source of security report from the Command’s PPRO before publication as the command will not hesitate in dealing decisively with any person (s) who engaged in such malicious action according to the laws of the land.”


  1. I don't believe this. Police and Lies are like Lai and ???

  2. Whether it is true or not we know what you people can do.

    What about the case ongoing in pH where a mechanic was killed innocently. What have you got to say about that. Your image is gone already.
    We know that there a good and men of integrity amongst you. But we also know that there are very many bad eggs.

    Anini was a policeman.

  3. i was a phone yesterday with one of my friend in kaduna and she was giving me the gist how the little girl recognized the police man that killed her mother but the older brother didn't recognize him. The little girl started shouting daddy daddy see the uncle that killed my mummy from there everyone was looking. The police man the girl said killed her mum is someone the man has been dashing money, That little girl cannot lie or be saying a fake news. I saw on the doctor's page on fb where he wrote that people should disregard news going round that his daughter recognized any police man as his wife killer. I am sure they have forced him to say that, God will judge those that killed that woman.

    1. That man had better talk to his little girl again. Children don't make up things just like that.

    2. you are right EC.. they're my neighbor and yes d lil kid did recognized d police sure they're trying to play APC as usual but God pass them.

    3. same thing i said, is possible the man just want to cover up so that the police man will not harm them. I wish he can leave this country with his children, it will be he best way for them to recover fast.

    4. Please say what you know una go just de give fake news who told you the brother was kidnapped? Nothing like that happened the little girl didn't see anything please let's be guided with what we post online.. I leave in Kaduna not too far from the Doctors house the kidnappers went away with the wife and the girls...

  4. I believe the police,the military and para military are all involved in kidnapping and banditry.

  5. Nigeria is doom...they killed their mum and still collected 10 million to release the two daughters kidnap ..
    A police post was close to the doctor's residence,i nfact he gave that portion of land to the police so as to ssecure that environment, yet this woman and her kids were kidnap with police officers on duty...
    The little girl might be right,shes about 8years old and her little sister 3years old. The police have failed and they will do anything possible to deny this allegation.

    1. i think the reason why they killed their mother was because she recognized one of the people that kidnap her. I don't think they wanted to kill her but due to the face she saw i am sure that was why they killed her.

    2. When I was abducted
      There was a bullet proof police van opp where the ransome was paid ,
      They saw me running and didnt even come to our aid.

    3. @Chocolat For real I am sorry this happened to you

  6. Enter your comment...i don't doubt the girl, wen our rev fada was kidnapped, it was a police man dat was involved, and even wen they where taking the statement, the idiot came to parish house, bit he didn't say anything Becos of his life.

  7. What a Country we live in. I'm so happy to hear that the kids have been released.


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