Stella Dimoko US Ambassador To Nigeria Gives Conditions To Reverse Visa Ban


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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

US Ambassador To Nigeria Gives Conditions To Reverse Visa Ban

Mary Beth Leonard, the United States of America ambassador to Nigeria, has said the recent visa ban to Nigerians will be reviewed, if certain conditions are met.

She stated this while speaking during a courtesy visit to the Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, in Abuja, on Tuesday.

Leonard explained that the US wants Nigeria to sort out problems with information sharing.

“I need to clarify something for you here. The immigrant visa ban does not affect people who are currently resident in the United States. It does not cancel the status of anyone who currently lives in the United States.

“What Secretary Pompey said was that it was meant to be temporary. And it is about problems with information sharing which are investigable, achievable and resolvable and we look forward to Nigeria in a very short time being able to meet those information sharing goal so that the decision can be reviewed,” she said.

US president, Donald Trump,imposed a visa ban that ensures immigration from Nigeria is no longer possible.



  1. Replies
    1. Info problem in Naija nor be today.......
      Only God knows when it will be resolved

    2. Really??? I thought most Nigerians were happy with the ban. I read comments applauding the ban. No, let them not reverse it. Make una stay for una country.

    3. The Nigerians who are happy about the ban are some of those who cannot afford to travel out and don't have the hope to do so. They delight in seeing others suffer the way they are currently

    4. 10:58 you are wrong. I like that Nigeria was banned on immigration visa.
      Let our leaders and citizens sit up. Such a lawless country and people yet when Nigerians want visas they behave well.

      Build up your country and enforce laws. You want to run off to a better country.

      I have travelled to most parts of the world and recently renewed my visa to the US.

    5. Please, they should reverse it, just as the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA is important to us,same way NIGERIA is important to them.

  2. What kind of information do you need to share. Corruption, no go area, Insecurity, gagged, Certificates, Oluwole stamped, and so on and so forth. Ordinary citizens are affected by what the Elephants do

  3. Let the BAN only be on Buhari & associates. They're the ONES hoarding information from the outside world.

  4. Information is power, the U.S. needs to give something substantial. Nigeria cannot just share Nigerians' info with them without our consent for nothing. What is the U.S. paying for this info?
    ( we are not obligated to share info, and they are not obligated to give us visas) . Though I would argue, the stress of the visa process is almost enough justification to grant them.

  5. Their official reason is valid. But we all know that some of the unofficial reasons include visa overstay. Please, Nigerians stop overstaying your visiting visas, we had the highest percentage overstay for 2 years in a row. We too do abeg, and they see these things. Y'all doing and supporting this are spoiling chances for those who wanna do everything legit.

    1. Even you will overstay , so why beg others not to , y,all are hypocrites, just that you haven't gotten the visa .

    2. No I will not. I live in the states and there are legal ways to come in. I discourage people who call me to ask how to come in illegally. It sounds sweet when you hear it from Nigeria but their ordeal is not easy. Many of them are trapped and live in fear. Relatives turn away. Depends on what you value though. I value my freedom and transparency, can't imagine living in fear of being caught by the cops.

    3. NIB you just contradicted yourself in your response.
      You can hardly get immigrant visa illegitimately, so the few who are granted the PR got it the right way. If we go with what you're saying about people not overstaying, then the visa that should be banned is NON immigrant!. Those are the ones more likely to go and not return to their countries.
      Beneath all these their information sharing excuses lie the truth that they are not willing to divulge.
      Info sharing my left arse.

    4. This is how to get immigrant visa illegitimately- come in legally via visitors visa, overstay, then seek a US citizen to marry and get PR. So yes they get the PR but the process is fraudulent and when caught they lose the PR and get deported. Some do not make it and spend years trapped cos their fake spouse turned on them or they failed at the interview. Some are ill-advised and when they realize all they have to do, they don't have the balls to go through with it. Regardless, it takes years to get the PR. I don't advice that.
      Yes, you have a point that the visa that should be banned is NON immigrant (that's what I thought initially) but my dear these people are smart, they are out-thinking us. With the immigrant ban, overstaying your visiting visa will make you an illegal forever. You will never be able to convert to PR even if you marry a citizen.. so the number of overstays will reduce when people realize there is NO way out. They cannot ban non-immigrant visas from a country unless that country poses an immediate threat, which Nigeria doesn't. These are my thought but you're right, there may be underlying reasons they still wouldn't divulge.

  6. Please does this mean that if you marry an American Citizen you can't enter US now because I am about marrying one by August, let me know

    1. Yes ma/sir. You cannot. Unless you get a visitors visa, come to the US and then your spouse petitions for you and you adjust status from visitor to PR. Even in that situation, you are only granted a conditional PR for two years (since you'll be newly married) and then you can apply 90 days before expiration to remove the conditions. And upon being in the US for 3 years from your PR date, you can apply for your citizenship.

      Now, in your case, since you're still in 9ja, you may have to forget being with your spouse for now unless they waive the immigration restriction for your sake. Nothing is impossible with God. H/V with the spate of 9ja men marrying elderly American women (hello 90 days fiancee!), they may be reluctant to waive. Another option you may want to consider is relocating to Ghana and applying from there but then you'll have a Nigerian passport, so maybe that won't work either.

      In any case, fret not, the ban is not forever, it will be lifted after they contain those who partake in fraudulent marriages for PR and those who overstay on visitor's visa.


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