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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wednesday In House News

It is mid week already...What a leap month!!!

It is a very cold day but i dont

Enjoy your day...


Hello Stells, good morning day and happy new year.
I have been a silent bv since 2015, its my birthday today.
BV Nwando

Happy birthday dearie.......



Hello Stella and fellow BVs.. I am Ose Faith. I would love for my picture to grace the In House news. Your blog is a life saver. Thanks for all the good work you do Stella. I love you.

Woman Crush Wednesday for the week......
Your beauty is so natural!!!



People cannot stop living because thieves exist:::

Let this person continue oooooh,every dog has its day to be served!!!

Singles Mingles post will be up after i make another update post......



What can i do, my husband wants to use disgrace and finish me. This man is always fighting for money. We are not the most broke people, but somethings are just too much. If you dare owe him change, wait for quarell. 

Now in my compound our pumping machine spoilt and landlord said he is broke and can't fix it. The landlord is a terrible person though because from day one he didn't do that machine well and we paid for it before it spoilt. When members of the compound kept disturbing and he refused to repair, they agreed to donate 3000 each room for it. 

My husband said he won't do that. 

I offered my money he said i should not try it. They repaired the machine and blocked our water. Every morning he will go 5 trips to fetch double gallon to fill our drum. I cry watching him do this because of just 3000. He doesn't mind.

 I keep praying he doesn't fall sick because I can't do that. It's been 6 months now and he still doesn't care. They will bring nepa bill, if it is 1680, he will be going about looking for change to pay it on the dot. I get he fights for his right, but i feel he over stresses things sometimes. People look at us like stingy rats. 

Meanwhile i am nowhere close to stingy. He does it in the house too, the only difference which i enjoy is that he goes to market to buy all we need even clothes. He knows quality and buys well so i don't mind. But his behaviour makes me so ashamed publicly. I have tried talking and he keeps saying no wonder my friends use my head, simple smart i can't be. 

How him the smart one wakes up 5am to fetch almost 10plus gallons every morning because of ordinary 3000 is what i don't get. Has anyone experienced this before?

Look at what you are complaining about!!!

The man says he does not mind and you are taking panadol and complaining of should be proud of him instead of being ashamed!!!

Just dont support him openly so that he doesnt over do it....



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  1. Welcome IHN.....good afternoon everyone, enjoy the rest of your day.

    1. Go and pay the 3k and let your husband do his worst. How annoying. All for 3k ??? Very embarrassing and ridiculous. All these suffering to what end? I don't know if this is stinginess, stubbornness or extreme case of poverty.

    2. ABv it could be all 3 combined. The husband is trying but he is overdoing it, which suggests underlying issues.

    3. Abroadian you got the combination very well, you are even angry on her behalf. What nonsense is that one just for 3k haba nah. May I never be married to such a man in my life.

  2. The peace of the lord be with you

  3. Are you on the verge of giving up? Don’t! Stay patient for a while longer. The Almighty wants you to know that the battle is almost over. Remember, it’s darkest before dawn. He works miracles. Trust Him because He has not stopped working in your favour._muftimenk

  4. HBD Nwando wey fine no be small oo

    Mmmmhhh this one you dey smile like me early morning after legitimate...did you...oops... 🀐🀐🀐
    did you
    chop okpa di oku?

    1. Lolz... you are very funny! Thanks for the birthday wish.... i no dey chop okpa bikoπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

    2. @Nwando
      So wetin you dey chop, pizza, burger, taco, omelette, abi na indomie?
      YOu dey miss plenty nutrients for okpa di oku o πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. @ Sapio jules, you said to take out carbs completely from one's diet. Is that possible? Do you have healthy food ideas you can share for weight loss? Thank you and any other person who is happy to share o.

    1. Anonymous 14:08, yes it is possible, but very difficult especially with our Naija foods. It is almost impossible to do that eating Naija food, but what you can do is very low carb diet it would be expensive though.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Its possible dear. You can start with a 1 to 3 days detox (raw fruits and veggies only with lots of water), then carry on with the zero carbs diet. Just soups, fruits and veggies for a month. Alternately, instead of eliminating carbs completely, you can minimize it to a great extent. Fruits for breakfast, a small portion of swallow ( for instance) with lots of soups for lunch, vegetables for dinner. Don't forget to exercise as well so your body can be well toned. Don't forget to stay hydrated( very important as it helped to boost your metabolism and in shedding water weight.) You can spice things up by infusing your water with fruits and veggies like strawberry, lemon, cucumber, Apple... This adds to the flavour and makes it more appealing to your taste buds.

      Instead of beef, pork, etc, go for Goat meat, Chicken/Turkey, Fish, Ponmo...

      You can also prepare your soups and stews without oil or a little at most

      You can totally eliminate salt or reduce it to the nearest minimum.

      Try to stay active even if its strolling, brisk walking, dancing, jogging... Whatever you enjoy doing can be a calorie losing venture.

      Drink a litre of water first thing in the morning( you can take it as early as 4 A.M)

      Instead of coffee, you can settle for green tea instead.

      I wish you all the best and feel free to send me a mail if you need more details, I would be more than happy to help

    4. How you take out fat completely from your diet?? Make una take am easy ooooh!!!

    5. Sorry Carbs*..... Best weightloss advice I've been given is portion control, you can't go wrong doing it!!

    6. Regarding, the meal plan, I don't think I am in the position to suggest that for you ( I can be very extreme with my diet.) However, I can make some suggestions with your choice of swallow: you can prepare your swallow using unripe plantain flour, oatmeal, fonio, etc
      You can enjoy this with a bowl of nicely made vegetable or draw soup. Inasmuch as there is little to no oil, little to no salt, one or two cubes of bouillon and you have just a piece or two of Goat Meat or Fish or are good to go.

      Ofada rice to replace processed rice and to be consumed in small portion at most twice a week. Do not eat your rice alone, combine it with Beans. Dietitians are of the opinion that this combo inhibits the carbs ( I think) in the rice.

      Eliminate bread and all junks

      Oatmeal, cornflakes with schemed milk, boiled sweet potato (which is a vegetable) and vegetable sauce,a bowl of fruit salad( not a large portion o)...any of these with a cup of green tea is perfect for breakfast

      You can have fun with smoothies too (perfect for breakfast and dinner)

      Note that smoothies are healthier than juiced fruits and vegetables because the former is rich in fibre which helps you feel full. Your smoothie blend should be 70 percent veggies and 30 percent fruits. E.g cucumber + lettuce/spinach/ + soursoup or watermelon or pineapple(just a slice) OR Beetroot +Banana+ lettuce....

      Note that portion control is key

    7. @cookie, its a crash diet that works for people who want quick results (e.g brides who want to look good on their big day). Its not a diet that one carries on with for life, a month max is just fine.

    8. @ Sapiojules, you are a darling. I have noted everything you wrote down. Thank you for taking your time to break this down. We have wonderful bvs here.

  6. This meat sharing business makes sense. It will relief one of shopping all the time.

    1. I love it too but will there be consistent power supply to keep it fresh?

  7. Seller of car. #600k. Wow.
    Nice price.

    Chaii!! Someone should please sow seed of car in my trekking under sun life oooo..πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  8. Fine Faith, I hail o. 😊😊
    Make you put ya faith in Jesus inugo?

    Make una tell Kevin make im commot eyes for that chest.

  9. The person who's husband goes out to fetch water don't mind Stella o, there's nothing to be proud of in that. If possible pay for it by giving a fellow trusted neighbor money and let him or her claim making the payments for you guys to avoid him braking down. Your husband is stingy and having that mindset is wrong on all levels, please keep talking to him and praying about it, one day he will change. Happy birthday Nwando...More sales Martians nwoke oma.

    1. The way Stella sees things sometimes leaves me in shock. Why go tru that sort of stress for just 3k. Mbok its so embarrassing. Especially if he quarrels over small small change in public. Me I will just kuku enter the car and drive home leaving him there to be arguing like a tout. What rubbish!!!

    2. Me sef open mouth for Stella advice 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    3. As in ehn. It's so bad. Don't mind Stella o. One day if that man slumps and dies now, you'll say it's cos of 3k. He's wearing himself out too much and if care is not taken he won't be alive to reap whatever he thinks he's sowing. Poster do all you can to stop this cos you need your husband alive. Na small thing dey kill people these days O.

    4. I was just laughing here i dont know why i find the narrative funny. I started figuring out in my head how the man will be dragging his feet and sweating with gallons of water every day.

      Poster this is weird of him and so disrespectful to you as his wife. Find a way to pay the money without his awareness....

    5. I don't know her, but shame catch me on her behalf. Just imagine the stress just for 3,000 naira

    6. I agree with Stella on this one. My husband is stingy and stubborn. Now years later i am somehow grateful as even if i overcompensate to people he does not pay well we are very comfortable. He saves money that can take care of our monthly bills for 3 years comfortably. Its very embarrassing and irritating but we have gone far in life with his stinginess.

    7. I don't agree with Stella. Anyway na abroadian people's ways. They that share bills with their own children, what do you expect?. Sorry oo Stella, it's not our way here in Nigeria. We're not that tight fisted. What the man is doing is really shameful and suggests more underlying issues.

      Poster, this kind of trait, didn't grow overnight. You must have ignored it earlier in the relationship.

      However, how you people get married to men you cannot collect what you want from baffles me? Why can't you use women's tactics to influence his behavior? Ranging from love, to threat, to blackmail to... whatever it takes.

  10. Bleaching can cause kidney failure
    Bleaching can cause skin cancer
    Bleaching can cause skin infections
    Bleaching can permanently discolour the skin
    Bleaching makes it difficult for wounds to heal
    Bleaching can cause stretch marks
    Bleaching can harm your unborn baby!!!

  11. Proud of what?
    Your husband is extremely stingy and weird.
    What point is he making going through all that stress for 3k or is it a form of exercise for him? @ the expense of his comfort and convenience.
    If he falls sick or needs to travel, who will fetch it? Doesn't make sense.

  12. So many thoughts on my mind today.

    To do or not to do, that is the question.

    I want to do ehn but but

  13. Happy birthday Nwando. You're beautiful.

  14. Happy birthday beautiful Nwando

    Faith, you're a beautiful lady

  15. an afternoon lecture is annoying and waste of time

  16. Pls poster that the husbands fetches water, pls pray for him ooo, I can't imagine how the compound people will be laughing at him each time he is fetching the water, that is a very big disgrace, bcos of common 3k that everybody paid, you can only be happy if their is no water in the compound and he is fetching it, whereby its bcos of his stinginess its calls for prayer abeg.

  17. Beautiful afternoon. Poster with stingy horseband, please if you have the money, pay but don't let him know. Pretend you did not know about it and if you can see a trusted person, do so. Your horseband no well at all.

    Faith you are beautiful.

    Lovely sales to all. All passing through difficulties, just know God has not forgotten you, it may tarry but it will surely come Amen. Keep your faith up and never cease to pray always.g

  18. Stella, proud of what? The man is stingy abeg. Madam please find a way to pay and let them make it look like they just decide to open it for you people.

    1. It doesn't make sense at all. This can make a woman feel so ashamed abeg. It's a no no.

  19. I have been home and angry since morning as a result of Hubby's attitude, we decided i join the business fully after recovering like one third of the money our boys stole from him, i have never been the business type and have always preferred civil service work but is willing to give up all that because of him, now the problem is that he is refusing to pay me stating that he has never failed to provide all that I need and even gets me surprise random gifts sometimes and not even remembering himself, sometimes when we are in a heated argument he reminds me that it's business and refuses to take advice from me stating that i like controlling him. This morning we started again and i undressed and told him that i quit but pride won't let him apologize, i know he needs help to manage the business cos I'm the only one he can trust when it comes to his finance but how can i stay in this 21st century and not have my own money, yes he loves me to bits and have never made me lack but what if something bad happens tomorrow? I'm scared of what the future holds, or am i wrong in wanting to quit or do i stay and be paying myself without his knowledge ie is that not stealing from him?
    Bvs biko help me out, what i see going on these days, it makes not to trust anyman including my DH, i need to prepare for the future.

    1. You need a different approach to address this issue..... Quarrelling or fighting or quitting on him won't solve the problem!!

      Make God help you guys resolve this peacefully to the benefit of you both ❤️

    2. When both of you are calm, talk to him about your concerns. Pray about this before talking to him. It is well with both of you.

    3. Try to take things easy. Fighting or quarrelling won't help matters. Try to talk to him very early in the morning or when he is a good mood and explain things to him calmly. Of course you need your own money but quarrelling is not way . I pray God helps you

    4. Dont quit, remember It is your business as well. If it fails It also affects you.

      Leave the issue for now, give it time and discuss it with him again.

      If he says no, you can be setting something aside for yourself from the general upkeep of the house. If he gives you allowance for hair etc you can save out of that. Stealing from the business will be shooting yourself in the leg.

    5. Your concerns ae valid but you need to approach things calmly. Don't quit nor take money off the business without your hhusband's knowledge, remember his success is your success. Get him in a good mood and thrash things out.

  20. Poster that the husband fetches water, let your hubby know that 3k cannot operate hernia when it comes. Him going and coming fetching water is shameful. Men and being stubborn!

    Find a way to pay the money and claim anonymous did it.

  21. Beautiful Nwando, happy birthday. Have a great day.

    Ose Faith, you are beautiful.

  22. Happy birthday beautiful lady..

    Thank you Stellz❣❣

    Bvsss buy wristwatch for yourself and loved ones... #kisses#

  23. Some men sha. Thank God he is not subjecting you to fetch the water. But find a way and pay so that he won't break down. you may tell him that you begged them and they opened the water because you were crying so much.

  24. Good afternoon,

    Side eyes to Stella lol. Proud of what kwanu hehehhehe, please poster your husband's stinginess is on another level. Some people like stress oooooo. Please give them the money anonymously.

    Happy birthday Nwa...I love your smile😘😘.

  25. Wife with the "prudent" husband. Please be concerned o! That level of stress and load-bearing can harm his back or vertebral column and can affect his ability to walk, poop, pee and rumble in the sheets as time goes on. Back pain is no joke and if the damage is much, even expensive pain medication cannot solve it. This is why so many educated middle class people end up addicts of prescribed pain medication, leading to opiod addiction. Is all that poverty and pain worth 3k?

    Because he didn't pay the money, you guys will be cut off water supply for as long as you're in that apartment- where is the sense in that? Imagine lifting that weight with his back for a year or two. Na chronicle dey load o. Just the needed MRI can cost about 100k before even speaking of surgery and physio so please be very careful. In about 50 percent of patients, surgery has side effects including chronic pain and limited mobility. I am assuming that is quite a lot of money for you guys and the limitations it would have on your growth and finances in the long run because of N3,000. Let us not be penny wise pound foolish. Recharge card money is not the reason why you should spend millions on a bad back.

  26. Hello IHN..

    Happy birthday BV Nwando.. age gracefully

  27. Happy birthday Nwando. I forgot the name only faith came into my mind. You are gorgeous. Keep the beauty well.

    Lovely day again

  28. Happy birthday bv Nwando.

    Bv faith, you are beautiful.

    Happy sales to all the sellers.

    My people una doh.

  29. Happy birthday beautiful Nwando
    God bless your new age

  30. Happy birthday Nwando, God increase you on every side and bless the works of your hands.
    Faith, you are a queen😍

  31. Pls, poster pay the Anonymously to avoid the story that touches. your hubby is very stingy. I just they imagine wat the whole compound would be saying about him.

  32. Madam that her husband has refused to pay 3k why are you complaining since you are not the one fetching water allow him to suffer small since he likes suffer head. You should use the water Anyhow, allow him to keep fetching and never you say anything again about the whole thing. If he travel or falls sick quickly go and pay the 3k before you will wound yourself with fetching water.

  33. 320k just to buy a phone, me that will use that money to buy a small land abi use it to deposit for that car up there

  34. Madam that said her husband refused to pay 3k, your husband is extra stingy. Like what?? So you can't even go to the market by yourself to buy stuff? I'm in shock


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