Stella Dimoko Adventures of Oko Asawo The Uber Driver -7


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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Adventures of Oko Asawo The Uber Driver -7

Enjoyment inside work!!!

 I try as much as possible to be on time and advice my clients appropriately on the best time to set out especially as regards international flights. 

The traffic is always unpredictable hence it's safer to arrive on time and wait instead of being frantic and desperate on the road. 

One of such days was when Gideon had a 9pm international flight to catch and i  advised him on the need leave for the airport by 3pm even though it was less than 2 hours drive to the airport from where he stayed. 

I got to his house on time but was directed to a lounge nearby where he
was having drinks with some friends. He asked me to join them and I declined politely reminding him that I was on duty and the need to leave on time for the airport. He told me to relax and not to worry and that he would soon be ready.

 I sat down and ordered for Lunch and watched him chat away with his friends  After a while, I warned about traffic build up and the need to leave immediately
and he reluctantly joined me in the car,we picked up his luggage and headed to the airport.

Alas it was as i had predicted and we stayed in traffic until 7pm and he
 he became panicky and came down to look for a bike after realizing that he might miss his flight. He took one of his two boxes with him on the bike and asked me to continue with the drive to the airport to meet up with him. 

He called after a while that the check-in counter had closed and that he had missed the flight.

After picking him up from the airport, he decided it was a bad idea to
go back home. He suggested that we lodge in a hotel not far from the airport because he was leaving the next day on a rescheduled flight.

After the check-in procedures at the hotel, he said we should go out
that night to catch some fun and we drove down to a place I thought was a
lounge ....

He signaled me to follow him inside and to my astonishment, I saw lots
of girls clad in scanty clothing dancing with loud music blaring at the background. My eyes were transfixed on a particular one dancing on
a pole and removing her top.

 Haaa... We were in a strip club.

 This was my first time even though I'd been hearing about them.

People were drinking and smoking, some were dancing and we looked for a place to sit in the crowded room. He ordered for drinks while I carefully surveyed the environment. I watched in amazement how these girls climbed the pole one after the other and wondered why some of these girls couldn’t represent the country in gymnastics. One particular girl was so funny with the way she climbed so expertly with displays like a monkey in a circus.

I was still transfixed by these ladies when two of them came over to meet us. The one that came to me was particularly busty and asked to do a lap dance for me. She wearing just a bra and g-string.

Immediately, I had a bulge and tried to conceal it. Gideon saw that I was not relaxed and realized also that it was my first time in a strip club. He whispered to me that I should be free, enjoy myself and he'd pay for the lap dance. I didn't even know what to do. 

The girl teased me, removed her bra first, and rubbed her bare breasts on my
face down to my chest. After teasing me for a while, she removed her pant and was stark naked. Haaaa.....mogbe.

 She was fully in control and also noticed that I was novice. She sat on my laps facing me and rocked me for what seemed to last for like 5 minutes while asking me to hold her on her bum and touch her in other ways. After that, she
whispered to me that she hoped I liked it,and  that she was done and I
should pay her so that she can go and ‘service’ another client.

 Gideon paid for that session and urged me to go ahead and have more lap
dances if I wanted but i had had enough for the night. All I wanted was to look around, watch the girls on the pole dancing, the different guys who these girls were teasing with lap dances, the strip tease and all. 

There was a particular guy who sat beside me that I kept stealing glances at while he was having a lap dance from one of the girls. He wore a long face
and didn’t seem to be enjoying whatever the girl was doing to him. The way he gave me a stern look made me not to look in that direction again.

Shortly afterwards, a girl that climbed up lost grip of the pole and
fell to the ground. People screamed while some others laughed. She was
quickly aided by a bouncer and 2 other girls to an inner room. It
looked like she was badly injured .....

The show continued and I was all hard and imagined so many things. I went to the toilet to quickly adjust my bulge and 'parked well'. It was such a crazy experience that night.

On our way out, Gideon picked up a one of the girls loitering around and urged me to do the same that he would pay for it. I courteously declined that offer and told him that I was fine. 

We got to the hotel and went to our separate rooms.

While in the room, I kept on imagining many things in my head. I couldn't keep away the images I had seen that night from my head. I also regretted not taking Gideon's offer as I rolled from side to side on the bed. 

The next day,after dropping Gideon at the airport, I still kept replaying the scenario of the strip club in my head.

Oh what an experience!

I would not have minded visiting again to have look but who has that kind of money to waste?


  1. Oko asewo sounds like a voyeur. Please stay away from such establishments biko. The money some men waste there can set up their generations for life but it's all their insatiable appetite for sex and cheap thrills.

    1. I had to consult the dictionary to check for the meaning of Voyeur.

      a person who gains sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.
      "he stood transfixed, a voyeur feasting on the swell of her buttocks"

      I've learnt a new word today 🀭

    2. Anon 13:17,,the word voyeur is also in a criminal code

      it is a crime watching people through the window or watching coupkes having sex in order to satisfy ur own sexual pleasure,this alone can lead u to jail

    3. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… pinky you sef

  2. Chai... Wetin Oko Ashawo no go see for work 😝

  3. Very interesting read. I just dey imagine things for my head too. Very descriptive I must say 😁😁😁😁😁

  4. All this one that people have been teasing and tempting you, one day you go sha fall! and make you no hide am from us oooo, before you go dey form everytime like sey you be resistance army.

    1. You dey mind am? Truly, it takes a lot of self discipline to resist temptation. I've been to a strip club before. I just wonder how our young girls have become sex objects all because of money. Why should I punish myself and waste such money? I no fit abeg

  5. lolz why u no collect that offer, better enjoy jare.


  6. oko ashiiiii is this work not risky for you like this

  7. "who has that kinda money to waste?".. Welllll, Gideon!.

  8. you try aha... It takes only discipline to let go of such free opportunity/adverts...

    And those girls are someone's children....

  9. I pictured it all and I had a good laugh...

  10. This is a descripitive essay and sincerely i had to picture evwry of ur description in order to enjoy the essay

    1. I even pictured myself in the club ordering 2 shits of tequilaπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    2. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'17 March 2020 at 16:28

      Looooool The poster don leave us with Imaginary essay, after his descriptive essay.

    3. Ola, 2 shits kwa😳

  11. The things of the world seem sweet but they lead to destruction. Mr Uber better watch what you do and the kind of associations you make while you are on your job.

  12. More of the oko asawo story πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
    I really enjoyed it and had a good laugh... Hope say one day, the Uber Driver go knack shaaa.... All this resistance forming 😏😏😏

  13. Nice read, I imagined every scenario while reading

  14. I love this series. Bring it on Stella

  15. Please be careful. The devil wants to destroy your destiny with wrong associations.


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