Stella Dimoko Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 11


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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 11

With Uber drivers,not everyday is a good day..........

It was a nice sunny morning and I parked my car under the shade of a tree waiting for requests.

My next request came from a man and I called him immediately and he described his pickup location. Truecaller brought out his name as Apostle Adam (not real name) and I was kinda curious to meet him.

Apostle Adam needed to move around town for a few hours and he negotiated with me for an offline service which I obliged to. I chose not to engage him in any conversation but only observed as I worked with him. He looked like a man in his late forties and was almost completely bald. There was something weird about him but I couldn't place it.

After that day's work with him, he said he didn't have cash on him but will make a transfer. While initiating a transfer from his online banking platform, he told me he was experiencing network issues but I should trust him to send the money later in the day. I trust easily more so having seen his name as Apostle Adams on Truecaller, I let go.

Later that evening, I got an alert from him while he also sent a text message confirming that he had sent me the money. This was how I started rendering services to Apostle on a regular basis.

A few other times when he needed my service, he called with 3 other numbers. Truecaller showed these names as Bishop Adams and Apostle Dr Adams while the last number didn't bring up any name. I just felt the last one was a newly registered line and I also wondered why he had so many numbers.

In the course of working with him, he got used to me and started telling me many things about himself, his Ministry and other personal things. He talked about his association with different politicians in the Southwest and how they come to him for prayers. He told some to go ahead after hearing from God while he told some others not to waste their monies. He claimed that those who didn't listen to him but went ahead with electioneering campaigns eventually lost.

He also mentioned a particular Governor in the West he also associated with and how he even gave him a prophecy that he would win his election, which eventually came to pass.

He talked about so many other things that had happened in his life and shared testimonies too. Of particular note was a time he was traveling for missions and while going through a particular village, it was late and he was running out of fuel in his car. He said God spoke to him to go to a particular house and demand for petrol. He said the owner of the house was shocked because no one knew he stored petrol at the back of his house.

In all of these, I never got to know his church. He presented himself as an evangelist who goes around to different churches. I also wondered why a so called big man of God depended on cabs for movement.

There was a day I took him on a journey to a remote location. When I asked him for payment, he used poor network as an excuse for not being able to pay at that moment. This was a 20 thousand naira trip and I used my money for fuel. He promised to send money to my account later in the day and that was the beginning of excuses and endless stories.

1 week became 2 weeks, which later became a month after he had promised to pay. It was one excuse or the other. The excuses became so ridiculous that at a point, he stopped picking my calls. There was a time he kept rejection my calls only to get a text message from him that he was in Senegal and could only transfer money to me when he got back to the country in 2 weeks time.

I called again in 2 weeks and he gave another excuse that he was in the police station at the moment. He claimed his housekeeper wiped out all the money in his account and he got her arrested and I should give him some time to sort things out.

I called again after a while and he didn't pick but sent a message on WhatsApp. This time, he said he was in the United States of America and there was no way he could send money to me until he returned to the country.

A few months later, Apostle had stopped picking my calls. I got frustrated. All these just because of 20 thousand naira? I then came up with a plan that I would surprise him by going to his house very early in the morning, which was very far away in the outskirts of town. 

I surprised myself instead.

When I got to his apartment, I met an empty house. I inquired from the neighbours and no one was willing to talk. As I went outside, I saw a woman who sold things in a kiosk by the house. The information she gave to me was that he moved from there just a week ago, which wasn't even useful for me anyway.

Why are some people so mean? Why would someone not pay for his services? Why would you use God's name to lie and deceive people? I still have Apostle's number and I call him from time to time but he doesn't pick my calls anymore.

 I have my plans. He won't believe what will befall him the day I set my eyes on him.

*Hahahahahahaahhaha as i was reading the story and saw he paid you the first time,i knew he wouldn't pay the second time..this kinda trick is not new nau...You sef shine your eyes,you be mugu!!!


  1. He easily gained your trust with all those stories of God said he should approach an unknown house for fuel, and also the fact you kept accepting his ordeals and fabricated he is unto the next unsuspecting uber driver, till he meets his match he won’t stop

  2. As this one is not fornication and seduction stories, not expecting so many comments.

    1. I agree with you. All these BVs too like fuck fuck stories

  3. At the point he said"I surprised myself instead "got me.
    People can be cunny you know.

    1. 😁😁😁😁😁😷😷😷😷
      Me too

    2. The so called man of god duped you.
      Anyway, next time be wise.

    3. Honestly,it was funny and distatseful at the same time, an Apostle indeed.

      One day he will jam fire,very mean crook like him.

  4. Eyah Pele, just debit your account to bad and doubtful irrecoverable debt ...

  5. hahaha Oko leave him for God to handle. From all indication,that money has been deposited in a fixed deposit account on mount sanai

  6. One day na one day for this god of men dem

  7. Na wah. All these fake people abound everywhere. I'm sure many people here too have experienced something similar.

  8. Stella, why you dey call Oko Ashawo mugu nah? Do you want to say you've not been a mugu at any point in your life before? πŸ™„
    Be there forming champion 🀭😁😁😁

  9. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ surprised yourself
    It's so sad how people breach promise and trust.

  10. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    So sorry uncle
    Next time ignore title and shine your eyes

  11. His picture should have been published.

  12. These people with questionable activities and characters. That's what I keep telling my husband. He never listens until he is badly bitten.

  13. What of his numbers, make I call him small.... Ndi mmadu sef.

  14. I knew he was a scam when u said he told you all those stories lmao

  15. Don't judge people by their titles but character.

    This your job you need discernment of spirit. Don't always allow yourself to be carried away.


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