Stella Dimoko Adventures of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 3


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Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Adventures of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 3

"Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil, Amen"

I say this prayer daily as I set out to work. In the course of doing
this job as a taxi driver, you discover that you become some people's
favourite and/or preferred driver. They call you whenever they want to
go out, send you on errands and you sort of become their personal
driver. I got very close to a number of my clients, males and females
inclusive. Over the next few series, I'll tell of my experiences with
a number of them. Let's start with my encounter with Anita (not real

The first time I met her was when I picked her from the hotel early
one morning. She had requested for a cab and the receptionist gave her
my number. Anita is a tall and beautiful dark skinned lady, a bit
busty and would turn heads when she passes with her radiant smile.
Looking at her, I guessed she should not be more than 23 years old.

When we got to her residence, she told me she intended to store my
number and be calling me from time to time since she liked my service.
Subsequently, Anita called me regularly to pick her up whenever she
wanted to go out and return home. She was particularly good in
arranging her 'runs' such that these guys never ran into each other. We eventually got so close and she became the first and only person that I allowed to smoke in the car. How that happened still beats me.

There was a particular day she called me around 8pm to pick her up
from a location. As soon as she got into the car, I knew instantly
that she was not feeling well. She complained that she had a terrible
headache and I should take her home as fast as possible so that she
could rest. While driving, I noticed that she held her head. The next
thing was that she started hitting her head with her hands, banging
her head on the dash board vigorously, shouting and saying some
incoherent things. I was scared. I slowed down the car, pulled over
and held her. I asked her what was wrong and she said she can't find
her head, that her head is no longer on her neck, that I should help
her find it. 


I knew instantly that I was in trouble. I tried calming her down. What
if this girl passes out in my car or worse still she dies, what will
be my lot? I raced to a nearby shop, got water and poured on her head
and asked her questions. She then said she doesn't know what her
boyfriend gave her to smoke. I just put her back in the car and rushed her home as quickly as I could. No be my car she go die abeg. Luckily, she calmed down a little bit and got better after drinking some water.

I picked her up one night at about 11:30pm and while driving her home,
she told me she would love to stop at a particular club on the way to
her house to grab something to eat. When we got there, she beckoned on
me to accompany her inside. She then asked that I sit with her and
order for anything I wanted, that she'd love to spend some time with
me. In my mind, I was wondering....

After eating and still having our drinks, she then proceeded to tell
me that I should please not work anymore that night as she would love
to pour out her heart to me and discuss some issues that have been
bothering her.

She then told me she's 20 years old and has been living on the streets
for the past 4 years. That her father has disowned her, how she came
out with very good grades from secondary school, got into a higher
institution immediately but messed up and dropped out due to bad
company and how really bad her life is now.

 She started crying, came closer to me and held me. I was confused and didn't even know what to do. This was not what I bargained for and was not prepared for it. I held her back and told her to wipe her tears that everything will be
alright. She talked to me about a whole lot of other things and before
I knew it, it was already past 1am. She then told me she was feeling
sleepy and I should take her home.

We got to her house at 2am and she paid me for my service and gave me
extra 5k. As I proceeded to leave, she then asked what my plans were
for the rest of the night. I told her that I'll be driving straight to
the club since I needed to pick up some people from there by 4:30am,
work a little more before going home to rest. She then told me that
instead of staying in the car, why don't I rest in her room and leave
by 4am to go and pick up my clients. She insisted that I came inside
her apartment. I knew accepting to do that was a wrong move but
somehow, I fell for it.๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฟ

I got inside her apartment and she asked me to feel comfortable and
rest a bit before leaving by 4am. It was a nice 2 bedroom shared
apartment with her friend who had traveled for the weekend. She asked
me to lie down on the bed and make myself comfortable. A lot of
thoughts started running through my head as I sat on the bed. I then
looked up. Anita was still talking to me while undressing. 

She removed her top, which revealed her lace bra, then her skirt and bra.
 I tried to look away but she came closer to the bed to pick something and I
could see her rotund breasts in its entirety, much bigger than what I
thought. I instantly had an erection and knew that I was in trouble. I
then remembered the prayer I had said before I left the house... “Lead
me not into temptation but deliver me from evil, amen” and right in
front of me were both temptation and evil personified. She then wore
her negligee and told me I should lie down and rest while she goes to
ease herself before joining me. She lit her favourite Benson and Hedges
and finished a stick. I removed my shirt but still had my singlet and
trousers on. I then removed my sandals and lay on the bed.

I had a strong resolve never to get intimate with my clients but here
I am in a compromising situation. I quickly came up with a plan. I
sent a WhatsApp message to a friend who I knew was working that night
to call me and pretend that he's a client who needs me to pick him up.
She joined me on the bed and held me, stroked my chest, started
mumbling some words, how she really likes me and all that. I started
praying in my mind that this guy should quickly call. I stylishly
checked my phone and this guy had not read my messages yet. Here I am,
in the arms of a woman when I'm supposed to be working and earning
money. Another thought came....shebi she gave me 5k extra. What's the
big deal? These are some of the fringe benefits that come with this

I was gradually losing it even though I was still silently praying for
a miracle by way of receiving that call from my friend. I thought of
so many things that could go wrong if I yield to this temptation.
Another part of me was saying don see breasts finish nah,
wetin remain again? Abeg seal the job make you gbensh. I could
literarily hear my heart beating faster. The next thing was that she
changed her position and placed one of her legs on my already erect
d*ck and smiled at me. She then said, she's imagining many things in
her head. I knew already that the devil had almost got me.๐Ÿฟ

Just then, my phone rang and it was my friend that I had sent a
message to. That was the only chance I had to break loose and I took
advantage of it. After speaking with him, I told her I had to go since
a client was waiting for me. I quickly jumped up and reached out for
my shirt. A part of me was telling me that I was wasting a golden
opportunity to get laid. I immediately shoved off that idea and kept
moving. She was angry and spoke harshly to me that I have ruined what
was supposed to be a special night for her. I swiftly apologized and
told her that I'll make up for it.

I felt bad within me but at the same time, I was glad that I didn't go
all the way with her. I quickly made for the door, ran out very fast
to the car and zoomed off while panting heavily. As soon as I got to
the club, I got a text message from her. All she wrote was .... "Not


  1. This is interesting. Thank God she did not pass out in your car

    1. You just escaped HIV/AIDS and spiritual problems. I thank God for you!

    2. I smell TJAY handwriting all over! Weldone TJAY! You write beautifully! If it’s not TJAY then kudos to who write am oh! ๐Ÿ˜

    3. Very interesting series.
      Guy your problem is that you are not straight forward. You told her you would be back, so don't be surprised when it happens.
      Keep up your interesting writeups jare......

  2. God please arrest that lady...she's just wasting away.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank God she didn't die in your car,and thank God you didn't fall into temptation.
      So.e women posses some dangerous powers that can ruin a man in less than 5 mins.

    2. Thank God she didn't die in your car,and thank God you didn't fall into temptation.
      Some women possess some dangerous powers that can ruin a man in less than 5 mins.

  4. lol, but really not fair na

    Anything wey happen for her room you go count as customer service

    1. Hahahhahahahahah@customer service

    2. See me happily waiting for some things to happen ๐Ÿคฃ
      Its good you ran o, some punani are not worth the wahala

  5. U don Dey add maggi to this thing! Mscheeew don’t spoil the fun bro even tho we are brothers in Bwests! But please tone it down m8! Mustn’t always be sexual! I once drove on Bolt et al, and there are other fun and crazy stories! No be only otele and bwest stories Abeg! ๐Ÿ˜

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Best comment... all sugar coated... you prayed that God lead you not into temptation but you walked into temptation yourself... well that's if the story is true... smh

    2. We like it like that. Write your own story let's read

    3. Bitter much! Swerve abeg

    4. Narrate yours and allow him to tell his own experience.
      The most important thing is that there's a lesson to be learnt from the story.

    5. Exactly. Lesson learnt. One can be disciplined and focused. Stuffs like this happen, if you had an experience during bolt service, gist us then

    6. You guys ars insatiable.

      Kelvin you can start your own column too o, Stella will poat it. this one you are whining, I don't understand.

      Dude, keep it up, very entertaining, forget all these people jare, you write well.

  6. Nice one.
    You dont mix business with pleasure

  7. In some future, especially if her life gets better, she'd be grateful you did not take advantage when she was vulnerable. She was obviously in an emotional place. Her clients don't connect emotionally - that one na just business.

    She wanted to feel a connection, once that connection is made, regret will follow because it is incredibly difficult to keep it up under the prevailing circumstance of both parties.

    1. It's not that deep.

      She was horny and wanted to sleep with the poor guy.

      In fact, the guy is the victim here and he dodged a bullet. If he had slept with her, that's how he would have most likely lost a well paying customer cuz he'll be carrying her free of charge. She probably had it all figured out.

      Stop painting her as a damsel in distress.

  8. Hahahahan... U did is always better to draw a line between business and pleasure

  9. It is one thing to pray; "lead me not into temptation"
    But it is another thing to walk into it yourself.

  10. A twenty year old? Living a street life already? God have mercy.
    I pray she gets help cos that what she needs most now.

  11. I love this series, this guy writes so well and very very desciptive. E kuse sir

  12. Chai.... See as you just allow fringe benefits waste away. Oko Ashawo, you dull o. You fall my hand big time. I no dey waste that kind of opportunity at all

    1. He wasted opportunity? Opportunity to fork? As in FORK?
      Is it tohtoh that he had not lashed before or round bwests that he had not sucked before you are calling opportunity? Not opportunity to make money or connect with great people but opportunity to lash tohtoh is what you are lamenting, you need help my dear.

    2. Opportunity that will waste him tomorrow. Not considering any disease and other stuff involved.
      Opportunity kor, opportunity ni

  13. Lol... Not fair at all. Why did you leave her hanging?

    1. He shouldn't leave her hanging o... that's how he'll continue being an uber driver all his life..
      Y'all should keep allowing the devil toy with your destinies all in the name of pleasure... God have mercy

  14. That's very nice of you, its not easy to overcome such temptation that present itself on a platter of gold for you to browse for free.

  15. Replies
    1. Kelvin rest na. That they didn't find you appealing enough to pull bra for you doesn't make him a liar. Please rest!

  16. Poster please what do you think she invited you to her apartment for??
    .. to have an icecream... lead me not into temptation indeed... you choose to pick up oloshos at night and you say lead me not into temptation...
    Please if you truly want Him to lead you not into temptation you should be working during the day... even those that work during the day are not free from temptation not free from temptation..
    The blessings of God maketh rich and addeth no sorrow...

    All this your late night club to club jobs
    .. how many millions have you made?#justcurious

    1. Na wah o. You are curious about how many millions he has made because he drives at night hustling from club to club?
      My dear, you can never know. He works for his money the way he knows how to do it.

    2. Please rest, for all you know these may just be imaginative stories.
      It doesn't mean he is even a taxi driver.
      The whole idea is to entertain us, whether he is really a taxi driver or not should not be anyone's headache. If you don't like the column, keep it moving.

    3. Anon 14:50 you are a highly judge mental
      Person. Please check yourself you’ll find that you’re a big hypocrite. Tufia!!!

  17. why don't you advice her to go back to school, she should be useful to her self than wasting away.

  18. Interesting's never easy to flee from such strong temptation. But I have this feeling that you will eventually get laid with her one night... Consciously or unconsciously.
    Stay safe!

  19. I love this series ehn, more freeze to the writer

  20. It's never easy anywhere. As I was reading this story, I can see the genuine struggles that one goes through to make ends meet and the obstacles that often appear along the way.
    A lot of girls out there into prostitution or runs as some call it found themselves there due to different reasons and circumstances. I'm not one to judge anyone. I'd rather remove the log from my eyes than see the spec in another man's eyes. May God help us

  21. I'm glad you did not go all the way with her. It's very wrong to take advantage of people in their vulnerable state. I can connect with the story. May God give us wisdom in handling our daily affairs ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

  22. Cabbies that do night work, I raise hand for una o. No be small thing


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